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Instruction for the use of the RGB SMD LED Disc Lights Kit (BarLighting.

com) Model: Light Enhancing Designs Brand 4 Disc Color Kit with Remote
Contents This kit of lights include the following parts: 4 pcs of round disc lights (2 meter connecting cable), 8 pcs of mounting screws, 4 pcs of double self-adhesive tapes, 1 pcs of mini screw driver 1pcs of LED wall plug-in power supply (1.5 meter cable) and Infra Red (IR03) remote color controller with the connection box. Electrical Specs 1. Lamp Working Voltage: DC12V 2. Rated Lamp Power: 5.76W 3. LED Power Supply Input power: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Output power: DC12V 1.25A 15W

Brightness rise total of eight grading) Static red Static orange


Brightness fall(a total of eight grading) Static green Static light green Static cyan Static light blue Static sky blue Increase green Decrease green DIY key2 DIY key5 7 color jumpy change

Pause/Run Static blue Static dark blue Static royal purple Static purple Static brown Increase blue Decrease blue DIY key3 DIY key6 3 color fade

On/Off Static white Static milk white Static white pink Static green-white Static blue white Speed up Speed-down Automatic change Flash on and off 7 color fade

Static dark yellow Static yellow Static light yellow Increase red Decrease red DIY key1 DIY key4

Infra Red (IR) colour controller: DC12V 6A 72W

3 color jumpy change Features 1. The series of lights can be applied in kitchen, cabinets, shop windows, bar, etc. as the decoration lighting and mood lighting. 2. The series of lights work by 12V DC, powered by a LED power supply and an Infra Red (IR03) remote color controller. 3. Installed with RGB (Red,Green,Blue) LED light sources, this series of lights are more energy saving and much longer in lifetime compared to the traditional light sources. 4. The IR03 remote color controller has the following functions: Control Mode: It adopts the advanced mico-control unit and 44 keys infrared control modes, it has the unique function, you could adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effect through infrared remote control. Besides, you also could adjust random color by yourself freely. Please see the following form with correspondent colors shown on the remoter keypad. 1/3



Instructions on the use of some keys: Keys of Brightness Increase, Brightness Decrease : Increasing and Decreasing of the brightness is only possible for the static color keys, as well as the keys of 3 Colors Jumpy Change and 7 Colors Jumpy Change. DIY (Do It Yourself) keys for static colors: On the control panel, there are 3 groups of Increase and Decrease arrows for Red, Green, Blue colors, and 6 DIY color storing keys from DIY1 to DIY6. The 6 DIY keys are preset with standard mixed white color, end users can manual control its color of Red, Green, Blue, and store the desired color effect. Operation steps: First of all, choose the DIY key, for example DIY2, that needs to be changed. Press the key DIY2 to get its mixed lights on, adjust the brightness of its color Red, Green, Blue by pressing the

relative arrows of Up and Down until the desired new mixed colors or single color are realized. Then press the key DIY2 again, the selected new light effect is stored there. Key of Auto: By pressing Auto key, except the DIY color modes and Flash mode, the other color modes will be running continuously in a recycle way. Key of Flash: Press this key, the standard mixed white color will be flashing on and off continuously Installation Steps on Solution A Key of JUMP3 (3 Colors Jumpy Changing): 3 colors (Red, Green, Blue) jumpy changing Key of JUMP7 (7 Colors Jumpy Changing): 7 colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, White) jumpy changing Key of FADE3 (3 Colors Fade Changing): 3 colors (Red, Green, Blue) fade changing Key of FADE7 (7 Colors Fade Changing): 7 colors (Red, White, Cyan, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue) fade changing Key of QUICK and SLOW: Valid only for increasing or reducing the color change speed of JUMP3, JUMP7, FADE3, FADE7 or Way b.): Lamp cables concealed behind the lamp and the mounting board. Observe the lamp cables locations on the lamp body, dril l a proper hole on the mounting board to pass the lamp cable and connector through. Decide the lamp cables going way to locate the cables.Customer can choose one way as below: Way a.): Lamp cable going outside of the light frame. Fixing the lamps by double-sideded self-adhesive tapes Tear off the protection paper from the self-adhesive tape, stick the tape onto the bottom of the light frame. Solution BFixing the lamps by screws Solution AFixing the lamps by double-sideded self-adhesive tapes

Put the lamp body onto the mounting board, press the light frame hard to stick it firmly on , Installation There are two mounting solutions of fixing the lamps, customer can choose a desired solution according to the mounting surface conditions. 2/3 the board.

or Insert the lamp cable connector into the socket of the connection box.

In this case, observe the lamp cables locations on the lamp body, drill a proper hole on the mounting board to pass the lamp cable and connector through. Fix the light frame with screws on the mounting place you chosen (see picture d)

Connect the power supply and color controller system to power source. d Install the lamp diffuser backLet the grooves of the lamp diffuser target the buckles and square holes on the light frame, then press down the lamp diffuser to let it install completely Mounting Steps on Solution B Fixing the lamps with two screws Tool needs to use-Mini screwdriver into the light frame (see picture e).

e Put the mini screw driver (or other tools ) in one of the square holes on the light frame (see Insert the female connector from disc light into the junction box (see picture f), connect with power supply (see picture g). picture a), pick up the lamp diffuser at the side, and take it off from the light frame (see

picture b).

Decide the lamp cables going way to locate the cables.Customer can choose one way as below: Way a.) : Lamp cable going outside of the light frame. Cautions: 1. This series of disc lights are the extra low voltage lighting, and should be working by constant voltage 12V DC power. 2. Before commencing installation, the mains power should be closed down. Note: Kits do not plug into each other and a maximum of 4 discs can be run off 1 controller. Put multiple complete kits side by side to make the kit appear to be more discs when set to a solid color. Please order at http://www.BarLighting.com

In this case, on the back side of the cable exit, cut a right hole according to the size of the lamp cable, let the cable pass through the hole (see picture c)

c Way b.) :

or Light Enhancing Designs LLC 3/3

Lamp cables concealed behind the lamp and the mounting board.