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Major accomplishments:

Coaborated and executed the producton contro roes and responsbtes

Impemented contros for work pace organzaton Kttng area and SSB
Coaborated and mpemented a shop foor nventory system Parts Lst Kts
Coaborated and managed a Lne of Baance fe desgned for work oad constrants
and pro|ectons
Created, mpemented, and managed the cabraton program for Confg-3
Created and mpemented a process fow for MEI and Matera movement
throughout the RSADF base
Schedued the workoad for 5 factes; CARC 1 and 3, AMG, Sheters, Launchers
Created and managed the BMC4I modfcaton Kt tracker for sx ma|or
Subassembes DLTM, AMGs, ICC, CRG, CRG-LCS, ECS
Asssted the warehouse wth fufng Matera Request Orders
Expedted parts from the warehouse to shops n order to mtgate producton hats
Heped deveop and mantan a matera resource st for CARC operatons
Coaborated and coordnated dfferent departments (ISC, Engneerng, and
Operatons) regardng procurement and matera dstrbuton to meet operatona
ob|ectves (SICO 1 and SICO 2)
Created hgh eve and detaed reports for Senor and Executve Management
Created and managed Kt Leve ITRs n order to compy wth poces set forth and
provde nter-departmenta transparency
Learned/became famar wth a ma|or subcomponents of Patrot System, how they
nterface and the dfferent shops that support them and how.
Managed and drove communcaton between shops to factate and organze
movements/utzng of resources.
Improved management and decson makng sks pertanng to
coordnatng/executng movements and utzng mted resources.
Improved Exce profcency (.e. VLOOKUP, Pvot Tabes, Dupcate search, etc.)
Managed shop foor needs not on LOB by documentng n spreadsheet, notfyng
engneerng and coordnatng wth PC team/statesde ISC.
Learned how to use ALCS to pace requests for/ssue materas, request matera
movement and check nventory/matera requests.
Conducted varous nforma ALCS tranng sessons wth shop eads/shop foor
personne n order to encourage use of ALCS.
Fgured out means to determne whch ALCS requests were reated to ITRs and
whch are for producton (.e. shop toos, consumabes and hardware).
Lead Sx Sgma pro|ect that streamned matera requestng process and organzed
communcaton between shop eads, PC and warehouse.
Created spreadsheet that statuses materas requested by shop, request date and
need date n order to hep warehouse prortze and be aware of part requests as
we as to be abe to do PC foow up/statusng.
Created and managed coor coded spreadsheet that shows LOB parts ssued to shop
foor and what component they beong to per top eve MEI.
Constanty supported and frequenty oversaw Launcher Mechanc and Vehce shop
Managed and contnuousy updated MOD Kts Reeased to shop foor spreadsheet
for Launcher shop.
Deveoped and mantaned matera needs st for Launcher Mechanc and Vehce
shop operatons and communcated to PC/ISC.
Managed and oversaw producton contro/matera reated ITRs
Created a spreadsheet documentng Aternate Part numbers for parts n ALCS.
Fnazed Day Movements spreadsheet to prortze and factate moves.
Current 6 sgma pro|ects ncude: Sheter Re-furb Kttng (Compete), Matera
Request pro|ect (Competed), Sheter Mod Kts (Actve), Cabraton (Actve), ALCS
Automaton for Re-orderng Matera (Actve)
Created and managed a matera shorts for Hardware, Chemca-Consumabes-
Toos-Spares, ITRs, and Mod Kts