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Marketing Plan Nicole Ligeza

MISSION STATEMENT: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. "If you have a body, you are an athlete." Nike aims to lead in corporate citizenship through proactive programs that reflect caring for the world family of Nike, our teammates, our consumers, and those who provide services to Nike. GOAL: To be the worlds leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories.


NIKE PRODUCTS NIKE Soccer NIKE Women NIKE Sportswear NIKE PRO Training NIKE Basketball NIKE Football NIKE Running NIKE Tennis NIKE Golf NIKE ID

NIKE Soccer: With the FIFA World Cup just a year away, NIKE soccer products are on the rise. Offering products such as shoes; NIKEid, CTR360, Mercurial, Tiempo, Indoor, and training, NIKE is innovating what is called NIKEs Deadliest Weapons. NIKE also offers jerseys, hoodies, jackets, shirts, shorts, and pants and with advanced gear such as; balls, gloves and mitts, and the NIKEFUEL band you will be equipped with what you need to play like a champion on the field. NIKE Women: NIKE offers products for women designed to strengthen the body and activate the core and works cohesively with the Companys strongest ever apparel which drives both growth in revenue and innovation among fashion trends. With nearly $740 million in sales and the number one position in womens training footwear in the U.S., NIKE knows how to deliver in products such as shirts, pants, sport bras, shorts, bags, backpacks, and NIKE+ accessories. NIKE Sportswear : At about $5 billion, this is the companys largest category. NIKE supplies for men, women, and children in areas such as shoes, clothing and gear in six sports categories as well as franchise products like the NIKE+, NIKE id, and Air Force (which sells 15 million pairs a year 25 years after its debut). NIKE PROTraining : Nike is currently sponsoring almost 100 Universities all across the United States. This segment of the company started more than 20 years ago with the advent of NIKE cross training. This business, estimated at $1.4 billion, continues to redefine performance. By using the most advanced technology, NIKE uses ultra-lightweight, breathable and flexible fabrics and designs which are built to the exact specifications of elite athletes. Basketball As demonstrated in The March Madness NCAA Playoffs, NIKE is changing their approach to apparel as players were wearing custom designed shoes

labeled with names and numbers, as well as uniforms that were both exclusive and unique. Led by the strength of the Jordan Brand and excellent opportunities in the United States and China, NIKEs basketball business is currently at approximately $2 billion in revenue and growing Football This part of the NIKE product line offers; shoes, clothing, equipment/gear, NFL fan collection, NIKE PRO combat, and Game Day gear. NIKE also offers an app which allows you to connect with your favorite pros where you can get all of the answers to your football questions. The NIKE Brand Football revenue of approximately $1.7 billion. Running: With approximately $2.1 billion in revenue, NIKEs original category continues to be the source for key innovations including Flywire, Lunar Cushioning, and Nike+ enabled footwear. Nikeplus.com is the worlds largest running club with close to 3 million registered members and Lunar Glide continues to expand the categorys growth opportunities. NIKE ID: The NIKE ID is a classification of NIKE footwear which allows the consumer to custom design their own shoes. NIKE offers a variety of features; from mix-matching colors, to meeting your lifestyle and training, to the comfort and fit that you need to support you, the NIKE ID is personalized to fit you and only you. NIKE ID is also located in stores such as; New York City,USA, The UK, France, Japan, and Germany or you can visit www.NIKEid.com. POLITICAL/LEGAL ANALYSIS:


SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ANALYSIS: Healthy lifestyles in the form of diet and exercise have become world-wide phenomena. More and more people each day are making changes to lose weight. One of the most popular ways is fitness. In regards to Cultural differences in the Nike market, one thing much be kept in mind; the different views on what is acceptable to wear. Nike must always keep in mind what might not be considered risqu in one culture may be completely unacceptable in another. TECHNOLOGICAL ANALYSIS: With the advancement in technologies, Nike has been able to make some of the most cutting edge products on the market, but what kind of technology is used in athletic wear? What makes a pair of shoes lighter than the first? What makes an outfit more streamlined? The answer is technology. The machinery and computer technology that produce the lighter shoes and more streamlined clothes are what makes the

difference. As Nike is a multimillion dollar company, it is able to take advantage of these advancements in production technologies. NEEDS ASSESSMENT: 1. Surveys: Provides constructive consumer feedback that will allow NIKE to implement new strategies to innovate products and assess preferences. Surveys will be available to everyone and distributed among Nike stores, Nike Factory Outlets, and online on our Nike website for a limited time only. 2. Product/Services Evaluations: After purchasing our products either in store or online, customers will be asked to fill out an evaluation. The information to access the evaluation will be located at the bottom of their receipt for a chance to win $100 in Nike in-store or online credit. This will give NIKE the criticism necessary to raise growth and development in areas such as customer satisfaction, product characteristics, and future needs. 3. Forums/ Conferences: Through formal NIKE conferences, we can determine from the data collected such as; purchase patterns, history, consumer responses, and target markets, we can construct a approach that would allow us to modify our marketing strategy. Questions 1. Please indicate your gender 2. Which age range includes your age? Single-select what applies Single-select what applies Additional Suggestions Male / Female Younger than 18 18 - 24 25 - 34 35 - 44 45 - 54 55 - 64 65 or older Prefer not to answer Apparel Shoes Gear/Equipment Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neutral Somewhat Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied 1 2 3 4 5 Yes / No

3. Which of our products are you most likely to purchase? 4. How satisfied are you with NIKE products being fashion innovative?

Single-select what applies

Rate one item on the scale

5. How important is a healthy lifestyle to you?

Rate on a scale of 1-5 (1 being least important-5 being most important)

6. Are you or have you ever

Single-select answer

been an athlete? 7. Are you willing to spend a little more money on high quality products in order to meet your fitness and health needs? 8. Do you have any suggestions for improving our products?

Rate on a scale of 1-5 (1 being least important-5 being most important)

1 2 3 4 5


1 2 3 4 5 10. Where are you most Single-select which applies Nike Online likely to shop for Nike Nike Factory Outlet products? Nike Store 11. Please indicate your Rate one item on the scale Very Satisfied overall level of satisfaction Somewhat Satisfied with Nike. (customer Neutral service, advertisements, Somewhat Dissatisfied products, price, and quality) Very Dissatisfied 12. Based upon what you Rank 1-5 Adidas have seen, heard, and (1 being most reliable-5 being Puma experienced, please rank the least reliable) Nike following sports brands Asics according to their reliability. Sketchers 13. How likely is it that you Rank on a scale of 1-5 1 will recommend Nike to a (1 being very unlikely-5 being 2 friend/colleague? very likely) 3 4 5 **Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey, we appreciate any comments and feedback that our customers may have to improve the quality of our service to you. If you havent already please like us on Facebook If you twitter, follow us on Twitter @NIKESTORE Or visit our website at www.NIKE.com/usa 9. How important is an ecofriendly business to you? Rate on a scale of 1-5 (1 being least important-5 being most important)

Give us your e-mail address and upon completing this survey at one of our fine Nike stores, Factory Outlets, or Online Websites, and Nike will instantly send you a 20% off your next purchase coupon and you will be subscribed to our deals and promotions via e-mailing list!

COMPETITION: ADIDAS Founded: Position: Largest Segments: Products: STATISTICS 1948, Germany -2nd largest sportswear manufacturer in the World -Parent to Reebok Footwear and Apparel -Sells products through 2,446 stores; -1,353 Adidas -363 Reebok -730 factory outlet In 2011; -245 million shoes worldwide -321 million units of apparel In 2011; 13.34 billion Euros 40,168 STATISTICS 1948, Germany Ranked 7th in athletic apparel In 2012; -Footwear generated 1.6 billion of total sales worldwide or 47.1% -Sells products through stores, factory outlets, and online

Global Net Sales: Employees: PUMA Founded: Position: Largest Segments: Products:

Global Net Sales: Employees:

-Sports lifestyle footwear, apparel, and accessories for men, women and children In 2012; 3.45 billion Euros 11,290

UNDER ARMOUR Founded: Position: Largest Segments: Products:

Global Net Sales: Employees:

STATISTICS 1996, USA Number 1 growing sports apparel -High-tech sportswear for professional athletes -Football -Specialty stores and factory outlets in 34 states -First store outside USA in Scotland -Designed revolutionary apparel to keep athletes cool, dry, and light 1.83 billion US dollars 1,900

In addition to Nikes footwear competitors, the company also competes with other makers of outdoor apparel, such as V.F Corporation, Columbia Sportswear, and Quicksilver.

Marketing Audit- citations History 1962Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Nike Inc. as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) Partner ship started at University of Oregon where Bowerman was Knights track and field coach While studying at Stanford University, Knight theorized about breaking German engineering dominance with the U.S. athletic show industry with low-priced Japanese shoes. Knight visited Japan and engineered an agreement with the Onitsuka Tiger Company, a manufacturer of quality athletic shoes, to be their sole distributer in the United States.

1966 1971

Knight received first shipment of 200 pairs of Tiger shoes to his parents garage in Oregon (the shoes were bought by Blue Ribbon Sports with only $1,000 capital) Knight sold Tiger shoes at local track meets and grossed $8,000 in their first year Bowerman worked with Tiger to design the Cortez running shoe The shoe was a world wide success for Onitsuka Tiger Company and was sold at the first BRS store

BRS started manufacturing their own line of shoes 1972 1973 The first BRS shoe was introduced. It was a soccer shoe that bore the Nike name, referring to the Greek Goddess of Victory, and the Swoosh trade mark, symbolizing the wing of the Greek Goddess BRS and Onitsuka Tiger Company parted ways BRS changed its name to the current name of Nike Ink. And debuted itself at the 1972 Olympic Trials for Track and Field

Steve Prefontaine was the first prominent track star to wear Nike shoes 1979 Nike popularity grew so much that they claimed 50% of the U.S. running market 1980s 1990 With 2,700 employees, Nike went public, selling 2 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange 1984: Michael Jordan became a spokesperson 1986: Revenues were in excess of $1 billion 1988: The Nike International Ltd. And the just Do It campaign formed Nike expanded product to include specialty apparel for a variety of sports

Nike surpassed the $2 billion mark in consolidated revenue with 5,200 employees worldwide Opened Nike World Campus in Beaverton, Oregon 1991- 1999 Revenue pushed up to $3 billion Shoe technology improvements and successful marketing campaigns grew the company each year International revenues fueled a great proportion of the growth

1992: international revenues topped $1 billion for the first time and accounted for more than 1/3 of total revenues 1993: Nike introduces an innovative sustainability program, Reuse-A-Shoe Focus on marketing major sporting events, like the World Cup, and new celebrity endorsers, like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and players of the WNBA took revenues in 1999 to $8.8 billion 1999: Bill Bowerman dies on December 24 at the age of 88 2000-2013 2000: Athletic technology continues to grow with Nike Shox 2003: Nike buys Converse Shoes for $305 million 2004: Annual Revenues exceed $13 billion 2008: Annual Revenues exceed $18 billion 2012: Annual Revenues exceed $24 billion

Philosophy Mission: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Vision: To carry on the legacy of innovative thinking, whether to develop products that help athletes of every level of ability reach their potential, or to create business opportunities that set Nike from the competition and provide value for our shareholders. Values: (Maxims)-citations 1. Its our nature to innovate. The company sees innovation as one of its core organizational competencies. 2. Nike is a company. 3. Nike is a brand. The swoosh logo is instantly recognizable around the world. Nike sees this as the symbol of its global leadership. It will enter only those markets that it thinks it can dominate. It says: If we cant lead it, we dont need it. 4. "Simplify and go." Nike products have short life cycles in terms both of technology and fashion. The company believes that making quick yet skillful decisions is key to its success. This aspect of Nikes vision, together with the seventh maxim, is particularly powerful in articulating the companys hugely successful use of emergent strategy. 5. "The consumer decides." The company is keenly aware of the sophistication of its customers and it treats them as its key stakeholder. 6. "Be a sponge." Employees at Nike are encouraged to be curious and open to new ideas, whatever their source. 7. "Evolve immediately." Nike sees itself as being in perpetual motion viewing change as a key source of innovation. This attitude can easily be observed in the wide range of products that Nike offers its consumers. It is another example of the companys use of emergent strategy to good effect.

8. "Do the right thing." Nike thinks of itself as a responsible global citizen, embracing the stakeholder view of corporate social responsibility. It encourages its people to be honest and transparent and to promote diversity and sustainability. 9. "Master the fundamentals." All the innovation in the world is useless if you cant put it into action. A crucial part of Nikes success is its ability to refine its performance the recent growth in profits suggests that its achieving this. 10. "We are on the offense always." To stay ahead in an extremely competitive environment, Nike urges its people to act like leaders in their field to achieve victory. 11. "Remember the Man." The late Bill Bowerman is still held in high esteem throughout Nike, both for his understanding of athletes" needs and for his innovative spirit. (Nike 11 Maxims) Who is Nike? Nike is an innovative athletic apparel companies whose sole purpose is helping the athlete attain their highest performance level. With their array of sports apparel for each sport, Nike assists people all over the world in training, competition, and even fun. Nike employs over 44,000 people worldwide and is the worlds leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Nike has a wide range of products from running shoes and apparel to high performance technology swimming suits to skateboarding shoes and apparel. Nike has teamed up with Apple, to produce one of the most innovative ideas in athletic history, the Nike + line. These Nike+ products connect with an Ipod to show training stats like distance ran, calories burned, run time, GPS, pace tracker, music player and more.

Nike Organizational Chart:

Various Stakeholders: Nike Inc. is a member of Business of Social Responsibility (BSR). BSR is a nonprofit that advises its 250 member companies on corporate responsibility strategies and practices since 1992.BSR jointly selects stakeholders with Nike, coordinates the overall process, leads stakeholder discussions and consolidates overall feedback. Some of the stakeholders in Nike brand and company are Nikes suppliers of materials, like rubber, cloth, and other synthetic materials used in by Nike. Also, the many celebrity faces of the Nike Brand, like Michael Jordan once was and Tiger Woods is now. Because Woods represents Nike, if Nike were to be accused of using child labor in their factories, Woods reputation could be affected. One stakeholder that isnt as obvious as others are college athletic programs that are sponsored by Nike. These schools depend on Nike to produce top of the line products for their sport to keep them competitive. If Nike fails to do so, the athletic program could suffer. Strategic Objectives and Sustainability Strategy: In order to become a more environmentally sound company, Nike introduced the use of Environmentally Preferred Materials in 2006. Environmentally Preferred Materials (EMP) are materials that have significantly lower impacts on the environment in one or more categories; chemistry, energy, water, and waste. With the Material Analysis Tool

(MAT), Nike can quantitatively evaluate and rank the material choices. Every type of material used is given a numerical value that relates to a sustainability scorecard. The scorecard is based in the four categories of environmental impact. Some examples of environmentally healthy materials are: organic cotton recycled polyester, leather, environmentally preferred rubber, and PCV and Phthalates. Materials like retail packaging and shipping manufacturing make up 64% of Nikes waste footprint. In an attempt to reduce this footprint, Nike reduces waste at the design stage rather than use resources to manage unneeded materials downstream in the supply chain. Sustainability is one of the key drivers of success for any forward-thinking company. Nike is constantly exploring new sustainable business models. The goal is to build a sustainable business and create value for Nike and the stakeholders. Financial Status and Goals Nike has been steadily growing in terms of Net Worth and Sales Revenues since they began in 1962. Since the 2003 alone, Nikes sales revenue has increased from $13 billion to over $24 Billion in 2012. The goal for the end of the 2015 fiscal year is about $35 to $40 billion. With the new Sustainability Plan and increasing technological advances, Nike should continually grow as a company. The following graphs show the past growth of the company from 1990 to 1999 in both Net Income and Sales.

History of Marketing: Spokespersons like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer, Steve Prefontaine, and LeBron James just to name a few. Television ads started running in 1982 The Just Do It tagline and campaign Development of Nike+ products in marriage with Apple Spend on TV and print is down by 40%. Its total marketing budget hit a record $2.4 billion last year. Nike has decided to target 17-year-olds who spend 20% more on shoes than their adult counterparts. It spent nearly $800 million on nontraditional advertising in 2010. Gone is the reliance on big budget top-down brand campaigns celebrating a single hit. Marketing & Advertising campaigns are increasingly split between Wieden + Kennedy and a host of other agencies that specialize in social media and new technologies. The biggest audience Nike had on any given day was when 200 million tuned into the Super Bowl. Now, across all its sites and social media communities, it can hit that figure any day.

Nike Image: Nikes average customer ratings, for all products, are about a 4.2 out of 5 stars. The image of Nike in the eyes of consumers is one to be values. Nike has a high level of customer loyalty. Once Nike has hooked a customer, they rarely lose their future business. Here are some highlights of Nikes image according to customers on a few national review websites: Reviews.Nike.com I absolutely love them [Nike shoes]! I bought these shoes for a 5K that I'm doing and they are so comfortable! My feet are a little wider than average and they fit me perfectly! I love my Free 3+ shoes. At 70 yrs +, my knees had been bothering me a lot. Bought a pair Free 3+ Nikes and have had no knee pain since I love my lavender Nike running shoes. They are as light as a feather, fit perfectly, and look very feminine. Couldn't ask for anything more! Amazon.com After using this product [Nike Fuel Band] every day for over 4 months now, I can say that it really does work. this is one of the most accurate and advanced product of its kind to date. MY SON LOVES THIS SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strengths 1. One of the most renowned sportswear brands among consumers 2. Sportswear for people ages 15-35 who enjoy active lifestyles and high quality products 3. Constantly innovating products and breaking new barriers in fashion trends 4. Robust marketing tactics that increases brand familiarity and consumer interest 5. Wide assortment of products from our NIKE Womens line such as; shirts, pants, sport bras, shorts, bags, backpacks, and NIKE+ accessories 8. Employ over 30,000 people across the world; 50% being men and the other 50% being women Opportunities 1. Constructing a line of sports sunglasses/contacts, and jewelry 2. Encouraging sustainability and constructing products by using energy efficient methods 3. Product reconstruction as soon as fashion trends sway 4. Driven appeal to target young kids in the health and fitness market

Weaknesses 1. Due to child labor and working conditions violations, people do not want to support NIKE by purchasing their products 2. Consumers are purchasing branded shoes, while other categories of sales are weak thus sales are essentially reliant on footwear

Threats 1. Competition is becoming more forceful and producing high quality merchandise that is comparable to NIKE 2. People value the matter of sustainability and NIKE is struggling to maintain the impression of being an eco-friendly corporation 3. The recession is making it difficult to uphold fiscal expectations 4. Athletes with depraved reputations are being held to contract, creating a controversial image and displays NIKE as having poor standards

Based on our needs assessment analysis, we discovered that a large segment of our target market were generally younger women and men from the ages of 15-35 who were either athletes or purely valued the importance of an active lifestyle. From this

data, we can now conclude that Nikes target market predominantly consists of healthy people who are willing to pay for high quality sportswear (especially footwear being a part of their highest sales).

For athletes and people alike who engage in either competitive sports or healthy lifestyles, Nike provides sportswear that offers style, comfort, and performance to satisfy your fitness goals. That is because Nike is the number one sportswear provider in the world and based upon product advancements, brand leadership, and an elevated retail experience we deliver a premium consumer experience.

LEGEND: = Competition = Nike Co. = Target Market

Nike Pricing Strategy The current pricing strategy is cost based. For a cost based strategy, many companies, specifically retail stores, use it to insure they cover production costs and wholesale values of the product. Although it is an old fashioned strategy, it works the well in Nikes situation. Nike owns and runs its production factories and provides to their own retail stores throughout the world with their numerous products. This benefits Nike by lowering the production cost and increasing the profit margin. Most retail stores buy their products from an array of companies at a wholesale price. After purchasing their products they do a price mark up of generally 2.4 times the wholesale price and put the product on the shelf. Most companies use this strategy with a preconceived idea of about how much they want to make off of a product per unit. One thing Nike could add to their pricing strategy is a competitor driven factor. For a competitor driven pricing strategy, companies use their competitions pricing as a basis for their own prices. This type of strategy forces the consumer to buy products based on the brand name, quality, and personal preference towards a particular company. This is a strategy where loyalty customers come into play. Customers who know and trust a particular brand will buy that product over the competing companys product when the prices are too close to be the ultimate factor. Together, these two strategies will help Nike reach the highest profit margin possible. Products Currently Nike stands as the worlds largest and most successful sportswear supplier, with our global revenue reaching 24.13 billion U.S dollars last year alone. We pride ourselves in serving the consumer through our innovation and customization that can relate to all areas in life that goes beyond the focus of just competitive sport and encourage healthy lifestyles. We understand the consumer better than our competition and based on our analysis we were pleased to learn that a vast majority of our customers were very satisfied with Nike overall; our helpful and responsive customer service, inspiring advertisements, relatively reasonable pricing, and high quality products were also among some of the positive feedback we received from. Our versatility in the products we offer ranging from sports footwear, apparel, accessories, to ice skates, skate blades, protective gear, athletic bags, accessory items and branded equipment, with sales facilities in nearly 200 countries worldwide. To our surprise, we became well-informed in that an outstanding 71% of people reported that the environment is either important or very important to them. Our survey also concluded that Nike is appropriate for everyone; men, women, and children. From casual wear to the professional athletes on the field and on the courts that inspire us, we are here to provide for the customers needs. Furthermore, we determined that women were very satisfied in regards to Nikes fashion innovation, however women were also more likely to shop online, especially when purchasing shoes; in fact more than one third purchased their running or training shoes through www.Nike.com. Thus we recommend that through trialability and the completion of our surveys, consumers who subscribed

to our e-mailing list and received an e-mail with a 20% off next purchase coupon, indeed purchased a product either online or in-stores. Throughout the evaluations, consumers praised the fact that they were able to customize their own footwear using Nikeid. We would just like to say that we know just how special our customers are and that there is no one else like them on this earth. As an athlete, they are in control of their excellence and their future and as a company we are here to supply our consumer with only the best products to meet their fitness and health needs. In our mission, we believe that in retrospect, everyone is an athlete and Nike continuously stride to deliver support to our consumer's standards. This data simply attests that people trust in Nike's products and we would not make any changes to do anything differently. Based on the quality of our services, the ability to produce better products than our competition, and customer satisfaction, there were no major suggestions offered by our consumers to change our products. With that being said, we will continue to maintain our position as the number-one selling sportswear company in the world. Distribution/ Place: Nike is rooted in retail distribution all over the world. They are seen promotionally and represented by professional athletes near and far. They sell their products throughout the United States as well as 200 surrounding countries. It can be found in department stores, malls, individual stores and outlet shopping centers. Nike can further their distribution by making community partners. They can couple with schools to be their brand name for their athletic wear. Possible new distribution places: Childrens stores/boutiques Womens boutiques College campus stores Pharmacies Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Costco, K-mart Sephora, Ulta Jewelry stores Untapped sporting stores


Based on our analysis, we chose to place a Park City, Utah Tanger Outlets Billboard for the Nike Factory Store near State Street, Salt Lake City, and right off of Salt Lake Citys International Airport. Park City is located approximately 32 miles southeast of downtown Salt Lake City and 20 miles from Salt Lake City's Sugar House area. We recommend this because the Park City tourist population significantly surpasses the number of permanent residents and the city currently brings in a yearly average of $529,800,000 to the Utah Economy making it a tourist hot spot. On top of hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics, the city also has three major ski resorts such as Park City Mountain Resorts, The Canyons, and Deer Valley. Park City also hosts a very exclusive event every year called the Sundance Film Festival where celebrities and more than 50,000 people attend screenings in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah. Because of their widespread history, Park City has rightfully claimed itself to being one of the wealthiest and exceedingly reputable sports affiliated cities in the entire U.S. For all intents and purposes, this billboard is worth the investment, it is going to be seen by thousands daily and will only cost about $2,500 a month to lease per ad and according to the Utah Census bureau; Salt Lake Citys population is roughly at about 190,000 people. Based on our analysis we concluded that people who shopped at Nike engaged in active lifestyles and did not mind spending more money for high quality products. The billboard design itself speaks to our target market, featuring an inspiring quote and a photograph of someone running alongside nature and the mountains, and Utahans are spending about 8% of their annual income on recreational purposes alone. By placing the ad

in the Salt Lake City area, this will specifically reach out to our target market of women and men between the ages 15-35 such as; surrounding college students and high school students, and people who commute to work every day. This billboard will also be placed near the Salt Lake City International airport, so that we are not only targeting the local community but drawing in visiting tourists as well. We are confident that by marketing this billboard in Salt Lake City, we are essentially reaching out to our target market and then some.

Another Nike ad idea is the small picture above. This picture would be posted in the margins of online websites. Ads like these are fairly inexpensive to run but have a high margin of revenue. When a customer is on another site, all they have to do is click the picture and it will be an automatic link to the Nike.com website. One this website they can purchase all of Nikes products. After completing their online purchase, with their email receipt, they will be asked to fill out a 3 question survey. This survey will ask for the customers age, sex, and how they were directed to the

website. With the information gathered by the survey, Nike will be able to determine the effectiveness of the ad. Some of the more popular websites for the Nike target market, like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, yahoo, youtube.com, and Wikipedia will be the main focus for the placement of our ads.

Works Cited "Nikes 11 Maxims." ArticleSnatch Article Directory. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013.