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Career Objective:


Seeking for a challenging position in Quality Assurance an !esting" #here $ can use my analytical skills couple #ith my e%pertise in various environments an play a key role in ensuring the Quality of Soft#are systems.

Professional summary:
1 2 3) 4 0 &aving 4+ 'ears of e%perience in Soft#are !esting. (roficient kno#le ge in Manual Testing an utomation testing. having goo *no#le ge in !TP an !uality Centre ".#. +ell ac,uainte #ith Soft#are -evelopment .ife /ycle" !esting .ife /ycle an /oncepts of testing. (roficient kno#le ge in +riting test cases" 1%ecution" 2ug 3eporting an tracking.

4. (rofessional e%pertise in $lac% bo& testing 56unctional testing" System tests" 3egression testing. '. 1%cellent !eam 7em8er possessing 9oo /ommunication an $nterpersonal Skills. 8. &ave e%perience in -omains relate to &ealth care" 2anking" 6inance an Sales. Professional (&perience: :. +orke as a Senior Soft#are !est 1ngineer at ;%%%%< /hennai from %%%% 3. +orking as a Soft#are !est 1ngineer at ;&&&&&< /hennai from %%%% to %%%%. Onsite (&perience: +orke on !esting -ivision of %%%<" %%% in %%% ()ucational !ualifications: MC *Master of Computer pplications+ from &&& ,niversity- %%%" An hra (ra esh. .%ill .et: .anguages =perating System !esting !ools !est 7anagement !ool Scripts -ata 8ase Project (&posure: Project 89 : /ava- C- C++ : 0in)o1s "234###35P : !TP ".6 : !uality Center ".# : V$ .cript : .!7 .erver- Oracle 2i. to %%%%.

2. +orke as a Senior Soft#are !est 1ngineer at ;%%%%< /hennai from %%%% to %%%.

Project Title !eam Si>e /lient -uration 1nvironment !ools :escription

: C7,(. ?0 ? 2ank of America ? 7arch520:: to !ill ate ? @2.net" SQ."A7. ? 7anual !esting" Q/

/.B1S is an acronym that stan s for /ountry#i eCs .oan Bn er#riting 1%pert System. $t is an automate un er#riting system that can evaluate an un er#rite loans" #hich makes the un er#riting process more efficient. Bn er#riting a mortgage loan is the process in #hich the Bn er#riter follo#s esta8lishe re,uirements" 8asic cre it gui elines" specific loan program gui elines" an recommen ations pertaining to the un er#riting process" in or er to analy>e the various aspects of a 8orro#erDs a8ility to repay the loan" as #ell as to etermine the cre it#orthiness of the 8orro#er. ;esponsibilities: 3evie# Specification ocuments. /lient interactions on various forums to iscuss the issues of the proEects. -esign an revie# !est plan" !est cases F !est ata" uploa in -igite. (repare aily task sheet an +eekly status report. 3esponsi8le for 6unctional an 3egression testing. 3eporting" .ogging an !racking of -efect using Q/ e%tensively.

Project 8 4 Project Title !eam Si>e /lient -uration 1nvironment !ools : Morvision ?3 ? $S9G ? 7ay 04 H till ate ? @2" 7S SQ. server ? 7anual !esting"Q/

:escription $S9GDs 7=3vision is an a vance loan origination system that automates everything from point5of5sale an +e8 origination through processing" un er#riting" closing" secon ary tracking" an elivery. .en ers can o everything in one system" inclu ing access the (lug5$n (artner Get#ork" #hich ramatically enhances efficiency an profita8ility 8y ena8ling seamless connections to o>ens of service provi ers. ;esponsibilities: Bn erstan ing the re,uirements in the form of /hange 3e,uest I/3J of the client an perform 6unctional" (ositive an 3egression testing on the application A8le to test soft#are on multiple platforms 3eporting" .ogging an !racking of -efect using Q/ e%tensively. -one thir party plug5in tools testing for /re it" -oc (rep.

Project 8 <

!itle /lient 1nvironment !eam Si>e -uration 3ole !ools :escription:

? Celgene (nterprise .ystems =nitiative ? /elgene" BS ? =racle Apps" =racle ?4 ? April 2008 to april2009 ? Soft#are !est 1ngineer ? Qtp 9.0"7anual !esting"Q/

1S$ is glo8al" cross5functional" multi5 iscipline proEect. /elgene 7anagement e%presse an interest in supporting /elgene proEecte gro#th an increasing comple%ity 8y replacing the legacy accounting an supply chain application #ith an 1nterprise Accounting" 6inancial 3eporting an Supply chain Solutions. !he =racle enterprise platform #ill replace celgeneDs legacy systems in a fashion that #ill provi e unifie ;+hole company< platform #hile still allo#ing fle%i8ility for 8oth local action an rapi incorporation of ac,uisitions into financial operations. $n a ition" the =racle enterprise platform #ill enhance /elgene a8ility to scale5up to match gro#ing operations 8y re ucing manual la8or re,uirements an provi ing automation that re uces the pro8a8ility of errors ue to comple% accounting relationships ;esponsibilities: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 $nvolve in un erstan ing the S3S an Bser interface -esign ocuments. (repare test cases 8ase on S3S ocument an B$-. -eveloping scripts an e%ecute using frame#ork. 1nhancing the scripts an filing 8ugs regar ing the re,uirements. (repare !est Scripts an e%ecute test cases effectively using Q!(. 3eporting" .ogging an !racking of -efect using Q/ e%tensively. Bn erstan ing the re,uirements in the form of /hange 3e,uest I/3J of the client an perform 6unctional" (ositive an 3egression testing on the application.