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Were about creating students who will leave here ready to make a lasting impact on society.

Visit Carnegie Mellon

The best way to decide if were the right fit for you is to visit Carnegie Mellon. There are many ways to experience the Tartan Life. When you visit campus, be sure to experience the following

Campus tour !nterview with an admission counselor "ttend an information session

#epending on the time of year, we may offer information sessions and tours on $aturdays %chec& our event calendar for availability' or overnight wee&ends for seniors. We also offer off(campus events in the )all and $pring. Chec& out our upcoming events if you*re coming to campus or to see when we may be in a city near you.
Transfer applicants should review the transfer student admission instructions for specific requirements regarding transfer admission.

our curriculum encompasses the entire study of computation and how it can be applied to the world around us. Computer science can organize information, build smaller, faster, more secure systems, create channels of communication and delve deep into comple data sets.

+ur curriculum is multi(dimensional and so are our students !n order to solve real(world problems, computer science needs professionals with a wide range of real(world perspectives. To accommodate varying high school education experiences, there are multiple entry points into the $C$ curriculum, ranging from those with extensive programming &nowledge to those who have never written a single line of code. " strong aptitude for math and science is more important than prior experience with computers. Carnegie Mellon values diversity and we see& to build a community of people of varied gender, race, academic interest, talent and bac&ground to accurately reflect the global community and to provide an enlightening experience for our student body. "lso, we see& to enroll students of the highest academic and artistic calibe

Carnegie Mellon has a wide variety of online services to ma&e the registration process easy and secure. The ,niversity -egistrar*s +ffice provides information on policies and procedures pertaining to registration and grades. )aculty and staff members can find useful registration, course, classroom scheduling and grading information on the .nrollment $ervices )aculty / $taff website. 0uestions1 Contact the ,niversity -egistrar*s +ffice.

!ro"ect #lympus provides advice, resources, and connections for Carnegie $ellon students and faculty who want to start companies. #lympus provides resources for %cotty&abs pro"ects that want to e plore their commercial potential, and also provides organizational help with %cotty&abs events.

'C$(C$) is dedicated to advancing technology and computing across campus. We are passionate about developing applications that benefit the Carnegie $ellon community at large, and publish a monthly tech newsletter in which we interview students, professors, and report on the latest technologies. #n the professional side of things, we work with employers to provide students with the best networking and employment opportunities. We also play hard* from pickup +risbee games to ,inect parties, our members stay busy.

Contact Us
If you'd like to get in touch with us, please email us at info@scottylabs.org.