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CHERRYLYN B. SANTOS, Complainant, -versusFor: Homicide ( Art. 249 of the Revised Penal Code ARSENIO C. MASANGCAY Respondent.

x-------------------------------------x COMPLAINT-AFFIDAVIT !, CHERRYLYN B. SANTOS, of le"al a"e, Fili#ino and ma$%e served &ith summons at of '2( )onifacio *t., +ondo, ,anila, after havin" %een dul$ s&orn to in accordance &ith la&, do here%$ de#ose and state that: '. ! am the &ife of Armando T. Santos. ! am a +eacher %$ #rofession. ,$ hus%and -,ando. as he is fondl$ called &as /illed %$ a sta% &ound on his chest on 0une 21, 21'( at a tric$cle terminal %ound to 2uia#o, ,anila. A co#$ of our ,arria"e Certificate is attached as Anne !A" and made an inte"ral #art hereof. 2. ! am e3ecutin" this Com#laint-Affidavit to char"e Arsenio C. ,asan"ca$, for HOMICIDE, defined and #unished under Article 249 of the Revised Penal Code for the death of -,ando.. +he offense &as commited under the circumstances narrated %elo&. (. 4n 0une 22, 21'( at around 5 #.m. &hile me and m$ hus%and Armando +. *antos &as &aitin" at the tric$cle terminal %ound for 2uia#o, ,anila, the accused Arsenio C. ,asan"ca$ suddenl$ arrived, mad and drun/. 4. +he accused, Arsenio C. ,asan"ca$ demanded from m$ hus%and, Armando +. *antos that he #a$ the mone$ he o&e him last &ee/ and threatened to inflict #h$sical harm if he did not do so. He said, -6i /a marunon" tumu#ad sa usa#an, ma"%a$ad /a na /un" a$a& mon" masa/tan7. 5. +o avoid trou%le m$ hus%and si"nalled to me that &e should leave, ho&ever, he &as suddenl$ #ushed at the %ac/ %$ the accused and a fi"ht ensued %et&een them. 8. ! tried to #acif$ them %ut the$ cannot %e restrained, &hen ! turned and as/ed for hel#, ! heard someone sa$, -,a$ sina/sa/7..

9. ! then sa& m$ hus%and l$in" on the #avement &ith a sta% &ound on his chest and the accused ran a&a$. A co#$ of the #olice *#ot Re#ort dated 0une 21, 21'( is attached as Anne !B" and made an inte"ral #art hereof. :. For m$ #art, ! %rou"ht m$ hus%and to a near%$ hos#ital ho&ever, after a fe& hours of treatment he &as declared dead. A co#$ of m$ hus%and;s 6eath Certificate is attached as Anne !C" and made an inte"ral #art hereof. 9. ! am e3ecutin" this Com#laint-Affidavit for the #ur#ose of attestin" to the truth of the fore"oin" facts and events and to #ave the &a$ for the #rosecution of a criminal case for Hom#$#de a"ainst ARSENIO C. MASANGCAY.

!< =!+<>** H>R>4F, ! hereunto set m$ hand this '1 th da$ of 0ul$ 21'( in ,anila.

CH>RR?@?< ). *A<+4* Affiant *A)*CR!)>6 A<6 *=4R< to %efore me this '1th da$ of 0ul$ 21'( in ,anila.

A)!BA!@ F. >CA<B>@!*+A Assistant Cit$ Prosecutor ,anila