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November 18, 2013



Company profile www.nddb.org

India is the worlds largest milk producer. However to meet the demands of an increasing population and rising income levels, milk production needs to be doubled from 110 million tons to 200 million tons p.a. The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has formulated a National Dairy Plan (NDP) to achieve this. In this context, NDDB Dairy Services has been setup in Delhi, as a not for profit company under section 25 of the Companies Act ,1956 .NDDB Dairy Services will be the implementation arm for the National Dairy Plan (NDP) with an envisaged outlay of Rs. 17,300 crore. This will be a multi-state initiative to be carried out in phases, with funding largely from the World Bank. NDDB Dairy Services seeks to create institution structures i.e. Milk Producer Companies (MPC) that are inclusive, scalable and sustainable in the long term. This will not only lead to an increase in milk production but will also raise the livelihood of small and marginal farmers and help them achieve sustainability. We hope to build NDDB Dairy Services as a diverse work place in terms of talent, which will enable the vision and passion of its team members to work ceaselessly for Creating value for the farmer. We intend to b uild a performance driven culture, leveraging innovation and creativity as the driving force.
Position BD Sales & Marketing

Who can apply

MBA(G) / MBA(M&S) / MBA(RM) / MBA(E) 6.0 and above CGPA till 2nd Semester in MBA Students who have done their graduation in Food Technology Or have Dairy background

Location Package 2. Position

: : : :

Delhi Rs. 4.00 Lacs pa (CTC) MT Finance MBA (G) 6.0 and above CGPA till 2nd Semester in MBA Have done Cost Accounting

Who can apply

Student Coordinator

Akansha Pahlajani Mobile no 9899924816 Mail id: Aakansha.pahlajani@gmail.com Post Graduation CGPA till 2nd semester Work Experien ce Details Name of Organiz ation Role & Respon sibilitie s Duratio n Work Exp (Y/N)

Enrollment No.

Interested students may submit above mentioned details in excel sheet format and soft copy of their resume to the student coordinator on or before 8 pm on Tuesday, 19-Nov2013. Student Coordinator is required to submit the compiled list of applicants to the undersigned latest by 9.00 pm, on the same day.

(Sangeeta Berry/Monisha Verma)

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