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What is a TD1?

TD1, Personal Tax Credits Return, is a form that must be completed by employees or pensioners and given to their employer or payer. There are federal and provincial/ territorial TD1s. These forms are used by the employer or payer to determine the amount of federal and provincial or territorial tax to be deducted from an individual's employment income or other income, such as pension income. The employer or payer should eep the completed forms !ith their records. Do not send us a copy. Note "ndividuals in #u$bec should use the federal TD1 and provincial TP1%1&.'(), *ource Deductions Return form.

Who should complete this form?

"ndividuals !ho have a ne! employer or payer have to complete the federal TD1 and, if more than the basic personal amount is claimed, the provincial or territorial TD1. "ndividuals do not have to complete a ne! TD1 every year unless there is a change in their entitlements to their federal, provincial or territorial personal tax credit amounts. "f a change occurs, they must complete a ne! form no later than seven days after the change. "t is a serious offence to no!ingly accept a TD1 that contains false or deceptive statements. "f you thin a TD1 contains incorrect information, call 1-800- ! -!!"!. "f the individual does not complete these forms, you are still responsible for deducting taxes, allo!ing the basic personal amount only. To find out ho! to calculate the income tax after the TD1 has been completed, see Calculation methods for income tax.

#ompletin$ the TD-1 %orm 1. +nter your ,ast and -irst .ame. /. +nter your date of birth. '. +mployee .umber if no!n 0employer may fill that out1. 2. +nter your address. &. +nter you *ocial "nsurance .umber 0for in class assignments use %%% %%% %%%1 3. Read through the different scenarios from 1 4 1%. "f any of the scenarios apply to you, enter the amount stated in each section. 5. "n section 12 add all of the numbers up from 1(1' and put that number in the box. 6. 7o to page / and in the section that says total income less than total claim amount. "f you thin that you !ill ma e less than the total you have on line 12, then chec the box. 8. *ign the bottom of the form on page /. 1%. Date the signature.

#ompletin$ the TD-1 %orm &cenarios 1. 9ason Dalcourt is married and has ' children. :is !ife has already chosen to ta e the credit for his children. :e !or s full time. Complete the TD(1 -orm for him. :is address is 1'1' *unny ;ay, Regina, *<. *2: 3T& *".= %%% %%% %%% D>?= @ay 1&, 186' /. *uAanna @archand is a *ingle Parent. *he has four children and is enrolled a post(secondary institution, part time ta ing three classes, her total tuition for the year is B/&%%.%%. Cn academic year is 6 months. Complete the TD(1 -orm for her. :er address is &35&2('2 Chinoo ?ay +stevan, *<. *2C '-& *".= %%% %%% %%% D>?= Cugust 15, 1851 '. 9ohn Chase is an individual !ho is disabled, he does do some !or from home ho!ever earns less that 5&%%.%% per year. Complete the TD(1 -orm for him. :is address is CptD '2& 4 1/'/ &th *t. *as atoon *<. *6: 2-& *".= %%% %%% %%% D>?= .ovember 15, 1865 2. <aelan 9onson is an individual !ho !or s part time at t!o Eobs and cares for his grandfather. "n addition to this he attends classes part time ta ing t!o classes. :e has filled out the TD(1 -orm at his other Eob. Complete the follo!ing TD(1 -orm for him. :is address is P.>. ?ox 5&/ Carlyle, *< *%C 1*% *".= %%% %%% %%% D>?= @arch 1&, 1881