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L-T-P: 3-1-0 Credits: 4
Module I Simplified internal circuit of 741 op-amp. DC analysis, Gain and frequency response. MOS Operational Amplifiers, single stage- cascode and folded cascode, two stage op-amp, op-amp with output buffer, frequency compensation and slew rate in two stage Op-amps. Ideal op-amp parameters, Non ideal opamp. Effect of finite open loop gain, bandwidth and slew rate on circuit performance. Inverting and noninverting amplifier, summing amplifier, integrator, differentiator, Differential amplifiers, Instrumentation amplifiers, V to I and I to V converters, Comparators, precision rectifiers, oscillators -Phase-shift, WeinBridge, multivibrators - Astable, Monostable, Schmitt Trigger, Square and triangular waveform generator. Module II Filters: Butterworth Ist order Low pass, high pass, bandpass and band elimination. Biquadratic filter (single op-amp with finite gain non inverting-Sallen and key) of Low pass, High pass, Band pass and Band elimination filters. Tow-Thomas filters. Filters using Antoniou gyrator. Switched capacitor Resistor, switched capacitor Integrator, Ist order SC filter, IInd order SC filter based on Tow-Thomas. Sample and hold circuits. D/A converters: DAC characteristics- resolution, output input equations, Weighted resistor, R-2R network, DAC 08. A/D converter: ADC characteristics, Types - Dual slope, Counter ramp, Successive approximation, flash ADC - AD670. Module III Analog multipliers emitter coupled pair as simple multiplier, Gilbert multiplier cell, four quadrant multiplier, Gilbert multiplier as a balanced modulator and phase detector, AD532. Monolithic Waveform generators grounded capacitor VCO and emitter coupled VCO, IC8038. Basic PLL topology and principle, transient response of PLL, Linear model of PLL, Major building blocks of PLL analog and digital phase detector, VCO, filter. Applications of PLL. Monolithic PLL - IC LM565 and CD4046 CMOS PLL. Monolithic Voltage Regulators IC 723 and its Applications, Current boosting, short circuit and fold back protection. 555 Timer and its application. Text Book: 1. Sergio Franco: Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits, 3/e,TMH. 2. Gayakwad : Op-Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits , 4/e, Pearson Education. 3. K. R. Botkar : Integrated Circuits, 9/e, Khanna Publishers. Reference: 1. Behzad Razavi : Design of Analog CMOS IC, TMH, 2003. 2. Sidney Soclof: Design & Applicatications of Analog Integrated Circuits. PHI, 2008 3. David A.Johns, Ken Martin: Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Wiley India, 2008 4. Roy Chowdhary: Linear Integrated Circuits,2/e, New Age International. 5. Somanathan Nair,Linear Integrated Circuits,John Wiley.2009 Question Paper The question paper shall consist of two parts. Part I is to cover the entire syllabus, and carries 40 marks. This shall contain 10 compulsory questions of 4 marks each. Part II is to cover 3 modules, and carries 60 marks. There shall be 3 questions from each module (10 marks each) out of which 2 are to be answered. (Minimum 50% Design, Analysis and Problems)