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Bluetooth Technology

Ankit Vashishtha 200201017

Sunny Gupta 200201073
Why Bluetooth ?
• It’s wireless.
• It’s simple.
• It’s inexpensive.
• Open platform.
• Provision for both voice and data.
Development History
• Project started in 1995 by Swedish
telecommunications manufacturer LM
• In 1998 major telecom companies formed
Bluetooth SIG to develop interoperable,
cross platform applications.
• 2000+ members in SIG
Development Center
• Global headquarters in Bellevue,
Washington, USA.
• Major promoters companies include
Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola,
Nokia and Toshiba.
• SIG has several working groups working on
various projects.
Bluetooth vs. Infrared
• Infrared is line of sight and one-to-one.
• Its advantage
– Low interference, reliable transfer.
Technology Used
• Radio Frequency at 2.45 GHz.
• This is internationally agreed frequency for
• Very low signal power ( ~1mw )
• Operation range around 10m.
• Omni directional signals and can pass
through walls and briefcases.
Working of Bluetooth
• Auto conversation between Bluetooth enabled
• Formation of personal area network (PAN) or
• Spread-spectrum frequency hopping.
• Device works on 79 individual, random frequency
within a designated range.
• Transmitter changes 1600 frequencies/sec.
• Data rate upto 1 Mbitsps.
Typical Bluetooth Networks
Working (cont…)
• Inquire
• Page
• Establish a link using Link Manager Protocol
• Discover services using SDP
• Create a channel
• Authenticate
• Send and receive data
Avoiding Interference
• Many applications and devices work
independently in same area without
• Low Power
• Frequency Hopping
• Software for correcting small errors.
Present applications
• Wireless keyboards, mouse, USB adapter,
modems, pc cards.
• File transfer.
• Headsets, music players.
• GPS receiver.
• Data sharing.
• Gaming.
• Barcode scanner.
Future applications
• Home networking for convenient, safe and
secure house.
• Retail and Mobile e-Commerce.
• Travel
– Ticket less travel, Hotel industry
• Medical
– remote patient monitoring, wireless biometric
Future applications (cont..)
• Automotive Industry
– activating garage doors, and home lighting and
heating systems.
• Bluetooth Messaging.
Bluetooth Security
• 3 modes of communication
– Mode 1 or Insecure mode
– Mode 2 is known as service-level enforced
– Mode 3 is known as link-level enforced
Bluetooth security (cont..)
• Security is provided in three ways
– pseudo-random frequency hopping
– authentication
– encryption.
Bluetooth Security (cont..)
• Security issues
– Bluejacking
– Bluebugging
– Bluesnarfing
– Cabir Worm
Sensor Network and Bluetooth
• Wide application of Bluetooth technology
in Sensor Area Network (SAN)
• Environment Monitoring, Agriculture,
Security, Infrastructure health
• Research for energy conservation in
Bluetooth senor network