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Question 1 : (a) Write the name of the most suitable wireless communication channels for each of the following

situations. (i) Communication between two offices in two different countries. (ii) To transfer the data from one mobile phone to another. (b) What is UNIC !"# Name one Indian language$ which is supported b% UNIC !". (c) "&pand the following terms' (i) () ** (ii) +TT, (d) -r. Chander.ardhan is not able to identif% the !omain Name in the gi.en U/). Identif% and write it for him. http'00www.cbse.nic.in0aboutus.htm (e) What do %ou understand b% Networ1 *ecurit%# Name two common threats to it. (f) Write one ad.antage of *tar Topolog% o.er 2us Topolog% and one ad.antage of 2us Topolog% o.er *tart Topolog%. (g) What is -3C address# What is the difference between -3C address and an I, address#

Question 4 : (a) Which propert% of palette )ist2o& is used to enter the list of items while wor1ing in Net2eans# (b) What is the difference between the use of 5Te&t(ield and 5,assword(ield in a form# (c) 6The .ariable0e&pression in the switch statement should either e.aluate to an integer .alue or *tring .alue.7 *tate True or (alse. (d) Name two attributes of FONT tag of +T-). (e) +ow man% times will the following loops e&ecute# Which one of them is "ntr% Control and which one is "&it Control# )oop1 int i=10, sum=0; while(i>1) )oop4 int i=10, sum=0; do

(10 Marks)

{ sum+=i; i-=3; }

{ sum+=i; i-=3; }while(i>1);

(f) What will be displa%ed in 8Te&t(ield1 and 8Te&t(ield4 after the e&ecution of the following loop# int *um9:$ )ast91:; for(int C91; C<9)ast; C=94) *um==; 8Te&t(ield1.setTe&t(Integer.to*tring(*um)); 8Te&t(ield4.setTe&t(Integer.to*tring(C)); (g) !ifferentiate between the < T/ > and < T! > tags of +T-) with the help of an appropriate e&ample. iew !nswer " Question ? : (a) Write a *Q) command to .iew the constraints of "-, table. (b) -r. @rishnaswami is wor1ing on a database and has doubt about the concept of *3A", INT in a transaction. Write down the meaning of *3A",, INT and pro.ide a simple e&ample considering %ourself as an online web support e&ecuti.e. (c)What is the difference between CU/!3T"() and !3T"() functions# (d) Table *TU!"NT has B rows and 4 columns. Table -3/@* has 4 rows and ? columns. What will be the cardinalit% and degree of the Cartesian products of *TU!"NT and -3/@*# (e) There is a column *alar% in a Table "-,) C"". The following two (10 Marks)

statements are gi.ing different outputs. What ma% be the possible reasons# *")"CT C UNT (D) (/ - "-,) C""; *")"CT C UNT (*alar%) (/ - "-,) C""; (f) -r. @apoor is a programmer at "1ansh "nterprise. +e created E digit password and stored in a string .ariable called str,assword. +e wants to store the same password in an integer t%pe .ariable called int,assword. Write an appropriate 5a.a statement to transfer the content from strPassword to intPassword. (g) -rs. @umar is using table *TU!"NT* with the following columns' /N $ 3!-N $ N3-"$ 3FF/"F3T"

*he wants to displa% all information of students in descending order of names and within ascending order of aggregate. *he wrote the following *Q) Guer% and she did not get the desired output' *")"CT D (/ - *TU!"NT /!"/ 2C N3-"$ 3FF/"F3T" !"*C; /ewrite the abo.e Guer% to get the desired output. H1=1=1=1=4=4=491:I

Question B : (a) What will be the content of 8Te&t3rea1 and 8Te&t(ield1 after the e&ecution of the following statement# (i) 8Te&t3rea1.setTe&t(65ustt3nothern!a%7); (ii) *tring *ub8ect 9 6Informatics ,ractices7; 8Te&t(ield1.setTe&t((*ub8ect.length() =1:)= 6 6); (b) /ewrite the following programme code using a if statement' *tring /emar1s; int Code9 Integer.parseInt(8Te&t(ield1.getTe&t());

(1# Marks)

switch(Code) J case :' /emar1s 9 61::K Ta& "&empting7; brea1; case 1' /emar1s 9 6E:K Ta& "&emption7; brea1; case 4' /emar1s 97?:K Ta& "&emption7; brea1; default' /emar1s 9 6LIn.alid "ntr%7; M


bser.e the following code carefull% and find which statement will ne.er

get e&ecuted in the code# int t91; do J if(t>1?) 00*tatement 1 00*tatement 4 00*tatement ? 00*tatement B

8Te&t(iled1.setTe&t(6*omething7); 00*tatement E else 8Te&t(iled.setTe&t(6,ass7); t=9?; 00*tatement N 00*tatement O

00*tatement P

M while(t<91E);

00*tatement Q 00*tatement 1:

(d) Write a 8a.a statement to ma1e the 8Te&t(ield1 nonReditable. (e) What will be displa%ed in 8Te&t(ield1 and 8Te&t(ield4 after the e&ecution of the following code# int )3*T$ (irst9?$ *econd9E; )ast9 (irst=*econd==; 8Te&t(ield1.setTe&t(Integer.to*tring()ast)); 8Te&t(ield4.setTe&t(Integer.to*tring(*econd));

(f) What will be the contents of *tr1 and *tr4 after the following code is e&ecuted# *tring *tr4$ *tr1; *tr9 6!ear (riend7; *tr497+ello7; *tr19*tr4.concat(*tr1);

(g) 3dit%a is a programmer at "dudel enterprises. +e created the following FUI in Net2eans.

+elp him to write code in 5a.a for the following' (i) To calculate Total mar1s obtained and displa% in 8Te&t(ieldB on the clic1 of command button 6Fet Total7. (ii) To calculate Frade obtained and displa% in 8Te&t(ieldE on the clic1 of command button 6Fet Frade7. Criteria for Frade calculation is gi.en below'

-ar1s !$o%e &0 !$o%e '# and (=## !$o%e #0 and (='# (=#0

Frade ! ) * +

(iii) To stop e&ecution and e&it from the application on the clic1 of command button 6"&it7. H4=4=1=1=4=4=4=4=191EI

Question E : (a) What is the use of C --IT statement in *Q)# +ow is it different from / ))23C@ statement# (b) -r. 5ames created a table C)I"NT with 4 rows and B columns. +e added 4 more rows to it and deleted one column. What is the Cardinalit% and !egree of the Table C)I"NT# (c) Consider the following table (ITN"** with details about fitness products being sold in the store. Write commands of *Q) for (i) to (i.) and output for (.) to (.ii). Table' (ITN"** ,C !" ,1 ,. ,3 ,0 ,# ,N3-" -readmill )ike *ross -rainer Multi 23m Massa4e *hair ,/IC" .1000 .0000 10000 30000 ##00 -3NU(3CTU/"/ *os/ore !one 1elia$le *os/ore 1e4rosene

(10 Marks)


)ell3 i$rator )elt



(i) To displa% the names of all the products with price more than 4::::. (ii) To displa% the names of all the products b% the manufacturer 63one7. (iii) To change the price data of all the products b% appl%ing 4EK discount reduction. (i.) To add a new row for product with the details' 6,O7 $ 6Aibro "&erciser7$ 4P:::$ 63one7. (.) *")"CT D (/ - (ITN"** W+"/" -3NU(3CTU/"/ N3-" )I@" 6Ke7; (.i) *")"CT C UNT(!I*TINCT(-3NU(3CTU/"/)) (/ - (ITN"**; (.ii) *")"CT -3S(,/IC") (/ - (ITN"**; H4=1=O91:I iew !nswer " Question N : (a) Write *Q) command to create the table A"+IC)" with gi.en constraint. Table' A"+IC)" C )U-NTN3-" 1e45o 1e4date 9wner !ddress !3T3TC,"(*IU") *6!1(10) +!-8 !1*6!1(30) !1*6!1(00) C N*T/3INT ,rimar3 7e3

(b) In a !atabase 23N@$ there are two tables with a sample data gi.en below' Table' "-,) C""

"N 1 . 3 0 #

"N3-" Mona Muktar 5alini <ana= <ur3a

*3)3/C :0000 :1000 '0000 '#000 #&000

U N" 8ast ;est 8ast <outh 5orth

3F" 00 0# .' 3' 30

F/3!" ! ) ! ! )

!",T 10 .0 10 .0 30

Table' !",3/T-"NT !",T 10 .0 30 Note' ? "N3-" refers to "mplo%ee Name ? !N3-" refers to !epartment Name ? !",T refers to !epartment Code ? + ! refers to "mplo%ee number ("N ) of the head of the !epartment. Write *Q) Gueries for the following' (i) To displa% "N $ "N3-"$ *3)3/C and corresponding !N3-" of all the emplo%ees whose age is between 4E and ?E(both .alues inclusi.e). (ii) To displa% !N3-" and corresponding "N3-" from the tables !",3/T-"NT and "-,) C"". +int' + ! of the !",3/T-"NT table should be matched with "N of the "-,) C"" table for !N3-" *om>uters 8/onomi/s 8n4lish + ! 1 . #

getting the desired result. (iii) To displa% "N3-"$ *3)3/C$ U N" and INC -" T3S (Note' Income Ta& to be calculated as ?:K of salar%) of all the emplo%ees with appropriate column headings. (c) In a database *TU!"NT$ there is a Table /"*U)T with the following contents' Table' /"*U)T /"FN 1:::B 1:411 1:Q4? 1:?1? N3-" -ohit -u1ta -ohit *ana -3/@* Q: PE Q4 P: *"CTI N 3 2 2 3 C)3**T"3C+"/ -s Nathani -r Fo1hle -r Fo1hle -s Nathani 3!-N U1:1 U1:Q U14: U4?B

(i) Identif% the attributes$ which can be chosen as Candidate @e%s in the table /"*U)T. (ii) Write *Q) Quer% to change the -ar1s of -u1ta to QE in the table /"*U)T. H4=4=4=4=1=191:I iew !nswer " Question O : (a) +ow has popularit% of eR2usiness benefited a common man# Write domain name of one popular eR2usiness site as an e&ample. (b) Fi.e domain names of two most commonl% used eRCommerce site. (c) *hobhit is creating a form for his compan%. +elp her to choose most appropriate controls from )ist2o&$ Combo2o&$ Te&t(ield$ Te&t3rea$ /adio2utton$ Chec12o&$ )abel and Command 2utton for the following entries' *No 1 (unction To enter N3TI N3)ITC from all the? nationalities gi.en as options

4 ?

To enter 3F" between range 4: to 4E To allow to select one or more (3A /IT" *, /T* out of the gi.en N options

To enter *UFF"*TI N in the form of a paragraph H4=1=49EI