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CAPMI Scheme ended by new Power Investors

On account of the low response by electricity consumers,new investors in the power sector are contemplating ending CAPMI scheme.

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Ashrae is seeking comment s on proposed Dat a Cent er energy st andard

Ashrae is seeking comments on proposed standard that specif ically addresses the unique energy requirements of data centers is open f or advisory public review.

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Le ido s t o spe ak at Ut ilit y So lar Rat es Sie m e ns will co m m issio n po we r plant in

1 2 3 4 5 6

Power elect ronics in t he U.S. Supreme Court

SynQor, Inc. announced today that the Supreme Court of the United States has denied the def endants' request f or review.

He at ing co st s t o o m uch f o r lo w-inco me Calif o rnia ISO pursue s capacit y Grid plan m ay o ve rlo ad po we r bills Gigha Wat t s: Sco t t ish Island Te st s

India t o seek closer t ies wit h Nigeria on energy and marit ime securit y

24 ho urs ago

Indian Government has called f or the deepening and expansion of the existing multi-dimensional cooperation between India and other Af rican countries, especially Nigeria in the areas of energy and maritime security.

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Boost DC-DC with avalanche photodiode
The LT39 0 5 is a fixed-frequency, current-mo de step-up dc-dc co nverter which was designed to bias avalanche pho to dio des (APD)...

ARPA-E t o announces $30 million f or elect rochemical rebels

28 No v 20 13,11:13

T he Department of Energy announced up to $30 million in Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPA-E f unding f or a new program f ocused on the development of transf ormational electrochemical technologies to enable low-cost distributed power generation.

Toshiba launches load switch IC claiming

To shiba has launched the TCK20 xG lo ad switch series.The switches are suitable fo r use as po wer

Soit ec and SunEdison ent er int o Pat ent License Agreement

28 No v 20 13,11:0 9

management switch ICs in...

Soitec and SunEdison enter into Patent License Agreement which provides access to a portf olio of patents f rom both companies and covers the manuf acturing of existing engineered unpatterned handlesubstrates.

T hree-phase BLDC companion device

Micro chip Techno lo gy Inc. anno unced a new three-phase BLDC mo to r gate driver with po wer mo dule, the MCP8 0 24.

GMP t o open new Energy Innovat ion Cent er in Rut land

28 No v 20 13,10 :59

Siemens power supply to meet IP67 for

Siemens AG has intro duced an especially rugged single-phase po wer supply fo r wall mo unting with the high degree o f pro tectio n...

GMP is quickly becoming the utility of the f uture, seeking out new ways to serve customers better and more cost ef f ectively by anticipating their needs, and bridging the gap between traditional electrical, transportation and home heating needs. So it opens new Energy Innovation Center in Rutland.

Power out ages f rom ice st orm cont inue

27 No v 20 13,10 :50

People are Sourcing

T his article introduces ef f ects of a weekend ice storm continue to plague West Texas.


Will eect ricit y st orage save t he Grid?

27 No v 20 13,10 :35

Most of people doubts whether electricity storage will save the Grid.

Three-Phase Adjus

30 0 W PV So lar MPP

PPL t o set new def ault rat e

27 No v 20 13,10 :30

PPL sets new rates f or people who purchase their electricity through PPL Electric Utilities will barely change Dec. 1.

Dry Test Transfo r

5 Po rt Fast Ether

Calif ornia ISO pursues capacit y auct ion f or cert ain resources
26 No v 20 13,11:10

Calif ornia ISO pursues capacity auction f or certain resources, which aims at posting a white paper on the capacity auction on its website.

Maxell ER3 3.6 V

Cable & Wire Heat Vie w All Pro duct s >>

Heat ing cost s t oo much f or low-income f amilies

26 No v 20 13,10 :54

Heating costs too much f or low-income f amilies.We just need to f inetune today's technology.

St rong winds knock out power

26 No v 20 13,10 :43

As gusty winds tore down large tree branches and damaged electrical wires,Emergency responders and power company workers throughout the state were busy Sunday.

Leidos t o speak at Ut ilit y Solar Rat es Conf erence


25 No v 20 13,10 :43

Leidos, a science and technology solutions leader,will speak at Utility Solar Rates Conf erence to explore rate structures that can help meet solar development goals while striking a balance among stakeholders.

Grid plan may overload power bills

25 No v 20 13,10 :37

T he companies said their customers will have to pay more if the state makes changes in the market that some power industry of f icials and regulators are proposing.

Siemens will commission power plant in Peru

25 No v 20 13,10 :33

Siemens Energy commissioned the simple cycle power plant in Peru as a leading provider of ef f icient and environmentally f r iendly gas-f ired power generation.

Power deal cit es GE

24 No v 20 13,0 9 :0 0

GE would supply more than a half -billion dollars' worth of electricity-generating equipment to the Saudi Electricity Co.

Edison will "cont est " a proposed San Onof re ref und
24 No v 20 13,0 2:53

Edison will "contest" a proposed San Onof re ref und by state utility regulators to customers f or the shutdown.

New agreement t o prevent st rike at Puget Sound Energy

23 No v 20 13,10 :56

New agreement to prevent strike at Puget Sound Energy.T he strike is held by union workers who maintain and install Puget Sound Energy gas pipes.


PSC denies new hearing in Ky. Power case

23 No v 20 13,10 :49

PSC denies new hearing in Ky. Power case.And the company did hire an independent consultant and is itself is an independent entity.

Warren Count y leaders await report on cogen plant

23 No v 20 13,10 :0 7

Warren County of f icials expect to f ind out whether they are getting ripped of f by the company that operates a natural gas cogeneration plant at the county nursing home.

According t o US weekly pet roleum, product rail volumes up 21.6% on year

22 No v 20 13,10 :30

According to US weekly petroleum, product rail volumes up 21.6% on year.

Upgrades are needed in wind t urbine

22 No v 20 13,10 :21

T he MARET Center is currently making repairs and upgrades to its wind turbine.

Ref ueling of unit one is complet ed at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

22 No v 20 13,10 :17

T VA has of f icially announced its completion of the ref ueling of unit one at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

Energy concerns in China, but also hint s of progress?

21 No v 20 13,12:0 2

China has a f ascinating portf olio of energy usage which caused a smoggy issue.Smog has become an immense health concern in some cities.T he US embassy shared the inf ormation with the rest of the world, but many Chinese people remained unaware.

New York company is conf ident in clean coal t echnology


21 No v 20 13,11:58

New York company is conf ident in clean coal technology.T he company is making steady progress.

'Clean t ech' inst it ut e planned

20 No v 20 13,17:22

A "clean tech" institute was acollated $400,000 to inspire the creation of new companies in the renewable energy and smart grid sectors.

The hist ory and f ut ure of power t echnology

20 No v 20 13,0 9 :31

T his artical introduces the history and f uture of power technology.It can summarize an conclusion that power technology will continue to move f orward and take IBM clients right along with it.

Ameren cont inues working t o rest ore power

20 No v 20 13,0 9 :24

McLean County remained without power because of Sunday's storms.And Ameren crews continue to restore electricity to Central Illinois residents

TVS diode comes in small package

19 No v 20 13,17:39

T VS diode comes in small package and prices f rom $0.18 f or orders over 5,000 units.T hese advantages allow customers to improve the quality of their products and the perception of their brand.

GM and ABB demonst rat e Chevrolet Volt Bat t ery Reuse

19 No v 20 13,17:30

Both GM and ABB demonstrate Chevrolet Volt Battery Reuse is world's f irst use of electric vehicle batteries f or homes.


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