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1. What s the term gven to the study of human speech

a. morphoogy c. syntax
b. phonetics d. semantcs
2. You may have come across words or phrases that can be
read the same way n ether drecton. What are such
words caed?
a. anagrams c. palindromes
b. tautoogy d. peonasms
3. What s a 14 ne poem wth carefuy patterned rhyme
a. ode c. sonnet
b. yrc d. epc
4. It s a term used n ngustcs whch refer to the
knowedge of syntax, morphoogy, and phonoogy
a. dscourse competence c. nteranguage
b. communicative competence d. soco-ngustc
5. "To be or not to be - That s the queston!" s a very
famous Shakespearean quote. In whch pay woud you
come across ths famous quote?
a. Macbeth c. The Tempest
b. Tamng of the Shrew d. Hamlet
6. Who s the mythoogca character who fe n ove wth hs
own refecton?
a. Oedpus c. Narcissus
b. Donysus d. Ataanta
7. What s the reatvey ncorporaton of errors?
a. Overgenerazaton c. Smpfcaton
b. Interanguage d. Fossilization
8. Accordng to Krashen, t s an magnary barrer whch
prevents earners from acqurng anguage from the
avaabe nput.
a. comprehensbe nput c. affective filter
b. natura order d. montor
9. The manfestaton of the same underyng phonemes.
a. allophones c. nfectons
b. mnma pars d. epenthess
10. In geography, what s the meanng of the acronym
a. Ant-Merdan c. Ante-
b. Androgenous Merdan d. Arctc Merdan
1. Who s the famous author whose pen name s O. Henry?
a. illiam S!dne! "orter c. Patrck
b. Henry Wardsworth Longfeow d. Raph Wado
2. For hm anguage s a set of habts.
c. Lev Vygotsky c. #F S$inner
d. De Hymes d. Ivan Pavov
3. Of the fve macro anguage sks what seems to be
forgotten entty and s therefore gven the east attenton
n the cassroom?
e. Readng c. Speakng
f. Wrtng d. %istenin&
4. What was Samue Langhorne Cemens pen name?
a. Chares Dckens c. Ernest Hemmngway
b. F. Scott Ftzgerad d. Mar$ '(ain
5. Who s the Father of Modern Lngustcs
a. Ferdinand de Saussure c. Barry
b. Larry Senker d. Robert Lado
6. It s a manner of artcuaton where the artcuators touch
cosey but not competey, producng frcton.
a. Posves c. Thrs
b. Fricatives d) Nasas
7. What reatvey modern schoo of phosophy, popuar n
terature snce the md 1900s, broady embodes the
noton of ndvdua freedom of choce wthn a dscorded
and nexpcabe unverse?
a. Naturasm c. Modernsm
b. Ideasm d. E*istentialism
8. It s the dervng of words from the names of peope.
a. Brandng c. Eptome
b. Epon!m! d. Bendng

9. What do you ca the menta nventory of words and
productve word dervatona process?
a. %e*icon c. semantcs
b. Syntax d. morphoogy
10. It nks non-verba predcates such as nouns,
ad|ectves, and certan adverbas wth ther sub|ects and
serves as a carrer for tense and sub|ect-verb agreement.
a. phrasa verb c. Transtve verb
b. copula d. Verba
1. What s a trochee? As evdent n ths ne:
hy so pale and (an, fond %over?
"rithee (h! so pale?
ill, when loo$ng (ell can't move her,
%oo$ng ill prevail?
"rithee (h! so pale?
a) A t(o s!lla/le foot of verse in (hich the stress
falls on the first s!lla/le
b. A two syabe foot of verse wth two heavy stresses
c. A sx ne stanza n whch the rhyme sounds are a
d. Three successve heavy stresses
2. Ths professor advocated "ecstatcs" as a response to
a. Susan Sontag c. Terry Eageton
b. %eslie Fiedler d. Samue |ohnson
3. What famous 1818 nove had the sub-tte "The Modern
a. Fran$enstein c. Dracua
b. Pcture of Doran Gray d. Hunchback of Notre
4. "Reader, I marred hm" appears on the concuson of what
a. Wutherng Heghts c. Prde and Pre|udce
b. Scaret Letter d. 0ane E!re
5. Wam Shakespeare, the greatest of a Engsh
paywrghts has wrtten 38 pays. Whch s beeved to be
the ast pay wrtten by Shakespeare?
a. Kng Lear c. Twefth Nght
b. Much Ado about Nothng d. 'he 'empest
6. He s one of the three great cassca Greek phosophers-
the others beng hs teacher, Socrates, and hs student
a. Horace c. Ovd
b. "lato d. Sophoces
7. What are the eements of anguage accordng to the
structura vew?
a. grammatca unts, phonoogca unts, grammatca
operatons, exca tems,
/) &rammatical units1 phonolo&ical units1
&rammatical operations1 le*ical items
c. grammatca unts, phonoogca unts, grammatca
operatons, syntax
d. grammatca unts, morphoogca unts, grammatca
operatons, exca tems
8. What s an ambc pentameter?
a. An eght syabe ne rhymng aabb
b. A tweve syabe ne of aternatng stresses n whch
the frst syabe n each foot s stressed
c. A line of five feet in (hich the dominant accent
usuall! falls on the second s!lla/le of each foot
d. A rhymng coupet of seven syabes
9. F n the bank wth the correct word.
My shoes are worn out. Its tme I ______________ a new
a. Buy c. /ou&ht
b. W buy d. buyng
10. Who s the author of ths poem?
"I wandered oney as a coud / That foats on hgh o'er
vaes and hs, / When a at once I saw a crowd, / A host,
of goden daffods, / Besde the ake, beneath the trees /
Futterng and dancng n the breeze."
a. Wam Bake
b. illiam ords(orth
c. Emy Dckenson
d. Ezabeth Barrett Brownng
1. Who s the second odest of the Pevense chdren n
CS Lews The Lon, The Wtch and the Wardrobe?
a. Lucy c. Susan
b. Edmund d. Peter
2. Who s the author of "The Adventures of Over
a. Mark Twan c. Herman Meve
b. R.L. Stevenson d. Chares Dckens