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NAMA : (a/b)* (lingkari salah satu) CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER! 1. The day after Tuesday is a. Wednesday b. Thursday c. Monday d. Friday

2. Yesterday was Friday, Today is a. Thusday b. Wednesday c. Sunday d. Saturday

3. This is Month Februari, the next month is is a. January 4. We Have two a. Nose b. Ears c. Hair d. Body b. February c. March d. April

5. If you want to save your money, you have to go to a. Post Office b. Hospital c. Bank d. Market

On Sunday ani Go to school. She goes to market with her mother. She wants to buy some vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and potatoes. Then she goes to the fishmonger to buy some goldfish and cuttle fish. In the market is very crowded. 6. The appropriate tittle for the text above is a. Going to the market b. Going to the hospital 7. and . Go to market. a. Ani and her sister her Father 8. She buys some and at the fishmonger. a. Goldfish and crab b. Goldfish and Cuttlefish 9. Anis goes to market on a. Sunday 10. The situation in the market a. Silenty 11. Ade b. Noisy c. Happily d. Crowded b. Monday c. Tuesday d. Wednesday c. Goldfish and Potatoes d. Carrot and Goldfish b. Ani and her Brother c. Ani and her Mother d. Ani and c. Going to the zoo d. Going to the restaurant

: Where are you sleeping?

Andri : I sleep in the a. Living room 12. Student Teacher a. Good 13. Nita Ari Nita a. May b. Bathroom c. Bedroom d. Kitchen.

: I am sorry sir, I come late. : Thats ok, please sit down. b. Fine : .. you close the door? : oh sure. I will close it. : thank you. b. Can c. Please d. Lets c. Sorry d. Thank you

14. Mr. Hasan is my aunts husband, he is my a. Uncle 15. Waiter Costumer Waiter Costumer b. Grandfather : hello, good afternoon, may I help you? : Good afternoon. Yes, I want to order some food. : what do you want to order, sir? : I want a plate of fried rice and fried chicken. c. Mother d. Grandmother

The conversation above take place in the a. Hospital b. Restaurant c. Market d. Zoo

16. Want see I to movie film the a in a. I want to see a film in the movie. b. I see want a film to in the movie 17. Today is Tuesday, after tomorrow is a. Wednesday b. Thursday c. Friday d. Saturday C. I want to see movie in a film d. I want a film to see in the movie

18. The student can borrow some book in the a. Museum b. Laboratory c. Library d. Classroom

19. Nining and dewi . Studying English now. a. Is b. Are c. Am d. It

20. Everyday morning my mother goes to the to buy some vegetables. a. Restaurant b. Hotel c. Hospital d. Market


NAMA : (a/b)* (lingkari salah satu) CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER! 1. That is an a. Book 2. This is a a. Eraser 3. It is a a. Book 4. Andi Ani : ? : this is a pen a. What is this 5. Dinda : a bag? a. Is it 6. It is .. umbrella. a. An 7. UNJA is . University a. This b. the c. an d. a b. a c. are d. is b. this is c. what this is d. how do you do b. what this is c. how is this d. how are you b. Elephant c. Eraser d. Apple b. Blackboard c. Apple d. Ear b. chalk c. door d. Eraser

8. Sixty minuter equals hour

a. This

b. the

c. an

d. a My school

I am putri. I am s student of elementary school. I am in the fourth grade now.

is near a far from my house. It is near a big building. My scool is very crowded. Everyday I go to school by car. 9. Who is the girl in the story? a. You 10. What grade is she? a. Fourth grade b. Fifth Grade c. sixth Grade d. seventh grade b. me c. putri d. putra

11. Indonesia mempunyai dua musim. Please Translate into English! a. Indonesia has only two season b. Indonesia has two season 12. My . Help me to see. a. Nose 13. I can smell with my a. Tongue 14. Reno : How are you? Ifan : .. b. how do you do c. I like it d. Iam fine, b. Nose c. Ear d. Lips b. Eyes c. Lips. d. Ear c. Indonesia has many two season d. Indonesia has many kind of season

a. Thank you very much thanks. 15. We use shampoo to clean our . a. Hands 16. What time is it? Its twenty five [minutes] to two. a. 25 : 02 17. Where does a doctor work? a. In the hospital laboratory

b. Teeth

c. Head

d. Clothes

b. 02 : 25

c. 03 : 25

d. 03 : 25

b. at school

c. at the university




There are fiveglasses on the table. There is a glass of water. There is a glass of water. There is a glass of coffe. There is a glass of tea. There is a glass of milk. We always drink a glass of water after meals. Every morning I drink a glass of milk. Father drink a cup of coffe every morning. He always adds a spoon pf sugar in to it. Mother always drink a glass of tea. She usually drinks without sugar. 18. What do we drink after meals? a. A glass of milk of coffe 19. What does father drink every morning? a. A glass of milk of coffe 20. What I drink every morming? b. a glass of tea c. a lgass of water d. a lgass b. a glass of tea c. a lgass of water d. a lgass

a. A glass of milk of coffe

b. a glass of tea

c. a lgass of water

d. a lgass

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