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™ CHILDREN’S COURT, CARE, MY CHILD Version 3, 2010 A guide for parents and other family members to the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 (New South Wales) INTRODUCTION This series of facts sheets is designed primarily for parents, as a source of information about the care and protection legal system for children in New South Wales. Perhaps Community Services (the agency which used to be referred to as "DoCS")is in contact with your family, or there may already be Children’s Court proceedings underway. We hope that this resource helps you to understand the system and to be aware of options for yourself and your child. People providing support for parents - whether they be family members, friends or community workers - may also find the resource useful; as may people who are considering taking on the responsibility of caring for a child relative. The facts sheets provide a general outline only of procedures and policies, applying to the care and protection legal system, and are not intended as a substitute for obtaining your own legal advice. We thank all the agencies, lawyers and community workers who helped us revise draft copies of tl resource. Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre Inc. August 2010