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Top 10 Mergers & Acquisitions in India for 2010 Tata Chemicals buys British salt

Tata Chemicals bought British Salt; a UK based white salt producing company for about US $ 13 billion The ac!uisition gi"es Tata access to "ery strong brine supplies and also access to British Salt#s facilities as it produces about $%%&%%% tons of pure white salt e"ery year

eliance !o"er and eliance #atural esources merger

This deal was "alued at US $11 billion and turned out to be one of the biggest deals of the year 't eased out the path for (eliance power to get natural gas for its power pro)ects

Airtel$s acquisition of %ain in Africa

*irtel ac!uired +ain at about US $ 1% , billion to become the third biggest telecom ma)or in the world Since +ain is one of the biggest players in *frica co"ering o"er 1- countries& *irtel#s ac!uisition ga"e it the opportunity to establish its base in one of the most important mar.ets in the coming decade

Abbott$s acquisition of !iramal healthcare solutions

*bbott ac!uired /iramal healthcare solutions at US $ 3 ,0 billion which was 1 times its sales Though the "aluation of this deal made /iramal#s ta.e this mo"e& *bbott benefited greatly by mo"ing to leadership position in the 'ndian mar.et

&T' Infrastructure acquisition of Aircel to"ers

This ac!uisition was worth about US $ 1 $ billion and brought 2T3 'nfrastructure to the third position in terms of number of mobile towers 4 33%%% The money generated ga"e *ircel the funds for e5pansion throughout the country and also for rolling out its 32 ser"ices

ICICI Ban( buys Ban( of a)asthan

This merger between the two for a price of (s 3%%% cr would help 'C'C' impro"e its mar.et share in northern as well as western 'ndia

*+, and Ispat -i -ahani

6indal Steel 7or.s ac!uired 819 sta.e at (s 0&1-, cr in 'spat 'ndustries to ma.e it the largest steel producer in the country This mo"e would also help 'spat return to profitability with time

ec(itt Benc(iser goes shopping

(ec.itt ac!uired /aras /harma at a price of US $ ,0: million to basically strengthen its healthcare business in the country This was (ec.itt#s mo"e to establish itself as a strong consumer healthcare player in the fast growing 'ndian mar.et

Mahindra goes international

;ahindra ac!uired a ,%9 controlling sta.e in troubled South Korea auto ma)or Ssang <ong at US $ 8:3 million *long with the edge it would gi"e ;ahindra in terms of the ( = > capabilities& this deal would also help them utilise the 1$ country strong dealer networ. of Ssang <ong

.ortis /ealthcare acquisitions

?ortis @ealthcare& the unlisted company owned by ;al"inder and Shi"inder Singh loo.s set to ma.e it two in two in terms of ac!uisitions *fter ac!uiring @ong Kong#s Auality @ealthcare *sia 3td for around (s $$0 cr last month& they are planning on ac!uiring >ental Corp& the largest dental ser"ices pro"ider in *ustralia at (s 8-% cr *s you see in the list& the ; = *#s ha"e happened across industries and sectors li.e ban.ing& automoti"e& healthcare& ?;C2& telecom etc This shows that this really has been the dream year of 'ndian industry

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