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WHAT GOES IN THE OCEAN GOES INYOU What goes in the ocean, goes in you is claim illustrated by Surf

Rider Foundation and this PSA emphasize why it is appealing !his ad co"er all rhetorical appeals li#e $thos, which is Surf Rider Foundation, %ogos &logic ' the statistics mention in this ad, Recent studies estimate that fish off the west coast ingest o"er (),*** tons of plastic a year &Surf Rider', and Pathos where the picture of Sushi wrapped around plastic catches the "iewers attention and nobody li#es plastic to ingest Plastic is main cause of marine pollution +*, of ocean is comprised of plastic debris and marine animals consuming this to-ic .n (/01, a group of en"ironmentalist came together to fight for on going effects of pollution in our ocean and today they are a non profit organization #nown as Surf Rider Foundation, dedicated to the protection and en2oyment of the worlds oceans, wa"es and beaches from all marine debris !heir goal is to ensure the natural beauty of ocean for generations to come and ha"e healthy coastlines by eliminating the use of plastic from our daily li"es Surf Rider are targeting people of west coast from Washington to 3alifornia who lo"e beaches and surfing

4ou can see a clear picture of PSA that how they portray this issue by showing a Sushi wrapping around plastic and that is what we ingest. Sushi Lovers know that it comes from sea weeds. Seaweed is a loose, collo uial term encompassing macroscopic, multicellular, benthic marine algae. !magine how much we consume seafood and indirectly eat plastic. "alf of protein intake comes from ocean life and deliberately we eat food in the form of plastic. #oday our ocean life is so much in stress with this pollution and $%& of these pollution come from our daily use of products like packaged food, plastic water bottles, forks, spoons, plastic grocery

bags etc. Surf 'ider (oundation is on their mission to create an awareness in all coastal areas where ma)ority of people surf and en)oy the beauty of sea.

#ogether they do campaigns to clean up coastlines all over *.S.A. #heir main ob)ective is to gather and helping people connect and participate in coastal conservation efforts like water uality tests, beach access, beach and surf spot prevention and sustaining marine and coastal ecosystem from plastic and other to+ic debris.

,e prefer no e+tra work and these days people occupied in their busy schedules and love to grab things which are more convenient and plastic products are have undoubtedly helped us in daily use more easily, for less money, and in some cases more safely than ever before. #his clear ad is showing that plastics pose a significant threat to our planet as well. Spreading awareness in people and educate them to reduce the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by advocating for reduction of single use plastics and to recycling them. Surf 'ider (oundation encourage people to help address these global issues locally with plastic reductions at home, schools,work and from our entire community. #hey enforce all ocean lovers to start doing voluntary service by cleaning up beaches, talk to friends and family about why it is important to rise above plastics, look for alternatives of plastic products, bring your own to-go mugs to smoothies or coffee restaurants and help to solve this global issue.

Since Surf 'ider is non profit organi.ation, the ad for saving ocean is clear with no hidden benefits and purely their mission is for people, who love to surf and also for saving marine animals. At least /01 different species are known to have suffered from entanglement or ingestion of marine debris2vital earth minerals3 . Animals such as turtles are mistaken plastic as food because plastic bags a lot look like )elly fish. Sea birds and all other small water creatures misled by tiny plastic fragments and consume them as food.

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