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EXPLORERS 5 unit 1 1. Complete the chart. SUBJECT PRONOUN You His She -You Their 2.

. Write the correct subject pronoun. My teacher is Sara. ______ is a really good teacher. My parents are watching TV. _____ are watching an action film. My name is _____. _____ like playing with my friends. How old is your brother? _____ is thirteen years old. My cousin and I want to go swimming. _____ like swimming in the swimming pool. POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVE My

3. Write the correct possessive adjective. I am your new teacher. _____ name is Alex. We have a new pet. _____ pet is a dog. This is my mums car. This is _____ car. There is a letter for you. It is _____ letter. Susana has got many books. _____ books have many pictures. My grandparents live in the countryside. _____ house is very big. Tommy is riding a bike. It is _____ new bike.

4. Verb TO BE ser o estar. (Short and long forms) AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE

5. Write the correct form of the verbs. Use the present continuous (to be + verb + ing): My dad ___________________ (read) a book now. It _____________________ (not snow) outside. My friend and I ___________________ (watch) a TV programme. ______ your dog ____________________ (play) with that ball? Sarah and Tania ____________________ (listen) to their MP3 players. It ___________________ (rain) today. My brother _____________________ (not make) a cake.

6. Translate these words into English: ACTIONS/VERBS Saltar Escalar Bailar Correr Caminar Sacar fotos Vestir Cantar Comer palomitas Gritar Dormir Escribir notas /apuntes Escuchar el MP3 Dibujar 7. Verb to HAVE GOT (tener). Short and long forms. AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE CLOTHES Gorro Chaqueta Bufanda Guantes Fro Sediento/a Cansado/a Asustado/a Nervioso/a / Excitado/a FEELINGS Contento/a Triste Enfadado/a Hambriento/a

8. Complete the sentences with have got / has got / havent got / hasnt got... Make them true for you. I ______________ a brother. We ___________________ a big flat. My brother _________________________ an MP3 player. __________ you ___________ a pet? ____________________________________ My mum __________________ many dresses. My dad ___________________ a big car. My sister ______________________ many toys and dolls. ________ your school ____________ many classrooms?

9. Write phrases using the possessive s. the computer of my father the house of Roman the bedroom of your brother the coats of the police officers the CD of Paula the toys of the babies my dads mother my mums sister aunt sister / brother granny cousin uncle 10. Write the words in order to forms sentences. teacher / book / reading / Our / a / is. brother / guitar / My / playing / the / is homework / ? / Are / doing / you uncle / his / ? / Is / TV / watching isnt / My / sleeping / grandpa

11. Answer these questions. Is it raining today? Is your mother reading a book? What is she doing now? Are you wearing a scarf? What are you wearing today? Have you got any brothers or sisters? What are you doing now? Are your parents walking home? Are you writing a note?