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1 intraembryonic coelom develop from a )lateral plate mesoderm b)paraxial mesoderm c)extraembryonic coelom 2 regarding fetal circulation a)single umblical artery in diabetic b) singleumblical artery in htn c) single artery in 5 % singleton pregnancy 3 chorionic villi main component diciduaparietalis chorionic plates

4 cardiac output main determinant a )heart rate b) stroke volume c) venous return

5 insulin deficiency a) hypokalemia b) metabolic alkalosis c) increase fat mobilization from liver

6 high plasma calcium causes a) inc 1 25 dihydrocholecalciferol b)tetany c)inc 24 25 dihydrocholecalciferol

7 bradycardia is not feature of a) ivedrophonium b) ocularmasage c) puling of extra ocular muscles d) local atropine

8 hypercalcemianot related to a)hcc carcinoma b) ovarianca c) breastca d)prostate ca

8 all are secondary metastatic bone tumor except Thyroid breast prostate liver

9 after hyperpolarization is due to increase k cl na

10 qrs is prior to ventricular systole ventricular diastole atrial systole atrial diastole

11 Early asthma attack asociated with a) inc co2 tension b) inc lung compliance c) dec co2 tension

12.In summer season fasting man which is increased a)ADH b) ANP c) Insulin


13 which inc in extracellular volume expansion a) ANP b) Angiotensin 2 c) aldosterone

14 first part of duodenum a) related to caudate part of liver b) surounded by hepatoduodenal ligament c) circular fold present internaly

15 most lethal premalignant lesion of oral cavity a) erythroplakia b) leukoplakia c) lichenplanus

16 Oral Contraceptive Pills increase risk of a) thromboembolisim b) breastca c) endometrialca

17 most common cause of subacute endocarditis staphylococcus streptococci viridian enterococci

18 growth factor receptor present on a) nucleus b) plasma membrane

19 in activated toxin used as toxoid vaccine in a) measles b) mumps c) tetanus

20 adult polycystic kidney associated with a) X- linked b) Autosomal Dominant c) Autosomal Recessive

21 diagnosis of typhoid during 2nd week by a) blood culture and widal b) blood culture c) widal

22 50 yr old male presented with abdominal pain raised serum amylase. Omentum shows a)gangrenous necrosis b) fat necrosis

23 diagnostic feature of plasamodiumfalipirum a)black water fever b)malaria c)DIC

24 granulamatousinflamation w/o caseous least likely cause is a) sarcoidosis b) leprosy c) tuberclosis 25 50 yr old male present with severe abdominal pain raised amylase omentumshow a) fat necrosis

b) granulomatousinflamation 26 which vitamin used as coenzyme in faty acid synthesis a.biotin b.vit B6 c.vit c 27 which of following harmone act as steroid harmone on its target tissue thyroid Parathyroid adh 28 regarding immunoglobulin which is true a) incomplete form excreted in urine b) arelipoprotien c) are secreted in milk as Ig E d have two heavy chain which are non specific 29 metabolisim of brain a) take free fatty acid from blood b) contain large stores of glycogen c) 20 % o2 consumption at rest 30 regarding glycolysis most apropiate a) pyruvate is end product of aerobic and lactate of anaerobic b) reversible process 31 )pituarity lies posterio superior to a)frontal sinus b) ethmoidal sinus c) sphenoid sinus 32 simple squamous epithelium lies a) pct b) dct c) neck of nephron at urinary pole d collecting duct e)loop of henle 33 fibrocartilage a) intervertebral discs b) epiglottis c) laryngeal cartilage 34 regarding thyroid a)parathyroid lies anteri posterior b) epithelium changes shape according to function c) collecting ducts are present in gland epithelium

35 spinal cord a) in new born conusmedularis end at L3 b)posterior median sulcus deeper than anterior c) filumterminlum attach at s2 d) spinal nerve form 2 cm beyond intervertebral faramina . 36 autsomal dominant a) affected person are usually heterozygotes b) clinicallyalwaz expressed in pt containing mutated gene c) unaffected children v 50 % chance of transmission of gene from affected parent 37 atypical lymphocytosis doesnot occur in a)congenitalsyphillis b) whooping cough c) burkitt lymphoma c) infectious mononucleosis d) walderstormmacroglobulimia 38 dialysis fluid differ from plasma a) contain less calcium than plasma b) contain more pottasium than plasma c) contain more glucose than plasma 39 antibody produced by a) plasma cells b)eosinophills c) monocytes 40 isoniazid induced peripheral neuropathy prevented by a) Vit B1 b) Vit B6 c)Vit B12 d) Niacin 41 which type of collagen increase strength in wound healing a) type 1 b) type 2 c) type 3 d)type 4 42 in stage of starvation which type of sequence is correct carbohydrate-fat-protein carbohydrate-protein-fat fat-carbohydrate-protein d protein-fat-carbohydrate 43 straberryhemangioma

a) occur in pregnancy and cirrhosis b) regress spontaneously by 5 yr c) most commonly in lt atrium d) bypolyvinychloride 44 clostridumtetani may occur weeks to months after innoculation g +ve aerobic secrete exotoxin

45 ligamentumarteriosum connect a) left pulmonary artery with arch of aorta b)pulmonary trunk with arch of aorta 46 regarding SLE all are correct except a)ANA +ve b) HLA b27 present c )glomerulonephritis is most common cause of death 47 Neural tissue derived from a)ectoderm b )ectoderm+mesoderm c)ectoderm+endoderm 48 which of following pituarityharmone inhibited by hypothalamus a) growthharmone b) prolactin

50 true epithelium not found in a) blood vessel b)thyroid c)intraarticular space of joints d)body cavities 51 during pregnancy fetus v chance of developing renal agensis and oligohydraminos which is responsible a) captopril b) spirononlactone 52 in gas gangrene death is due to A toxemic shock 54 which one of folowing is malignant tumor a)chondroma b) glioma

c) pseudolymphoma d)meningioma 55 patient with loss of little finger sensation after posterior dislocation of elbow joint what is most likely injured flexor collaterall ligament ulnar collateral ligament radial collateral ligament

56 About scalp most inapropiate a)resist infection transmission b)vessels in superficial fascia 57 stab wound at supraclavicular region causes lesion of axillary musculcutaneous long thoracic nerves which one of following is invovled a)C4 b C6 cT1 58 prehepatic blood flow obstruction ocurrsin all except a)buddchiari b) pleural effusion c polycythemia rubravera 59 bilateral loss of all sensation occur in a) complete transection of spinal cord 60 regarding venous pulse all are except a)v wave due to venous retuurn b)a wave due to atrial diastole 61 splenic infarction comonly occur in a) ITP b) CML c)hypersplenisim 62 in which of folowingdec arterial o2 saturatio w/o dec arterial o2 tension a) anemia b) low v/q c) carbon monoxide poisning 63 female lady with recurrent rashes on thigh abdomen and limbs after taking sea food which of following is responsible for it a)delayed cell type b) localized anaphylaxis c)immune complex mediated

64 protein canot cross glomeruli because a) -ve charge of proteoglycans on basement membrane b)fenestrated endothelium 65 ligamentumarteriosum connect a) left pulmonary artey with arch of aorta b) pulmonary trunk with arch of aorta 66 regarding sle all are correct except a) ANA +ve b) HLA b27 +ve c) glomerulonephritis is most common 67.BMR mainly increased by a)thyroxine b) pregnancy c) excercise d) stress e)phenobarbital 68 cerebellum a) connectedto medulla thru middle cerebellar peduncle b)cordination c)lies below tentorium cerebelli 69 mysthania gravis which antibody present igG ig M 70 10 yr old child with achilles tendon xanthoma blood cholestrol 820mg folowing is most likely case a)HDL receptor defeciency b) LDL receptor defeciency 71 all of following cause sinusoidal portal hypertension except a)alcoholisim b) fatty liver c) ch active hepatitis d) schistosomiasis 72 theraupeticdose can be measured by a) plasma half life b) potency c)efficacy 73 warfarin dose adjusted with a)cimetidine b)isoniazid

74 drug contraindicated in CLD a) lorazepam b) paracetamol c)pentazocine 75 EBV causes burkitt lymphoma which is appropriate a)affectdna repair b) producedna toxin c) cause mitochondria injury d) everyafricanburkittlymphomapt transmit ebv genome e) everypt of burkitt lymphoma v antibodies against viral capsid antigen 76 CCK gastrin most apropiate a)5homology aminoacids b) same five terminal aminoacids(t) 77 gastrin main function a)stimulate GIT motility b)inchcl and pepsin secretion 78 which of folowing is not GIT hormone a) guanylin b)neurotensin c) melatonin d) substance p e) motilin 79 renal main compensation in respiratory alkalosis a)dec production of ammonia b increase NaHCO3 secretion 80 RBCs osmotic fragility most apropiate a)some drugs causes lysis b)swell up in hypotonic c)shrink in hypertonic d) complete destruction of rbc in 0.35 %nacl e in membrane defect of rbcs 81 corpus striatum a)amagdyloid + lentiform b) caudate +putamen c) caudate + globuspelidus d) amagdyloid + globuspallidus 82 in mucosal changes in chronic rhinitis which cell increase a)mast cells b) lymphocytes c) goblet cells

d) basophils 83 17-ketosteroids a)include testosterone b) index of adrenal androgen 84 pt on TPN most common complication hyperglycemia hyponatremia hyperkalemia 85 main potent chemotactic agent c3a c5a

86 i/m morphine a ) independent of blood flow b) stable in slow release c) pain relief in 3 -4 hr d peak little variable e) onset in 108 min 87 falciform ligament contain a) triangular ligament b) round (teres )ligament 88 pt v difficulty in comprehension and intellectual brain function which brain area affected a) brocas b) wernicks 89 maximum ventricular filling occur during a) isovolumetric relaxation b) atrial systole c) rapid inflow d)diastasis 90 sweat gland a) numerous on back as compare to palm b) innervated by sympathetic 91 which of following is important mediator of inflamation a) complement system b)opsonin 92 which of folowing not carcinogen a)bacterial product b) pollution

c) viruses 93about lung a)pulmonary artery o2 saturation 75 % b) rt ventricular pressure 25 / 10 c) pulmonary artery pressure 10mmhg less than rt ventricular systole.. 94 irritant receptors in airways a)present near epithelium b) stimulated by stretching c)causes coughing and broncoconstriction d)rapidly adapting 95 in inc airway reesistance a)inc in residual volume 96 sympathetic stimulation causes a)bronchodilation b)vasodilation in skin 97 65 yr old women complaints of dry eyes which ganglion damaged a) pteregopalatine b) otic ganglion c) ciliary ganglion 98 posterior triangle of neck a)contain posterior rami of C 2,3,4 b) trapezius form floor c) roof formed by investing layer of deep cervical fascia 99 lung bronchopulmonary segment seperrate arterial supply directlyy connected with each other 100 content of posterior mediastinum a) trachea b) Superior Vena Cava c) descending thoracic aorta 101 fooreign body in superior lobar bronchus which of following lobe collapsed a)apical superior b)superior basal 102 secondrycartilagenous joint a) maniburosternal b) costochondral 103 HLAgene present on chromosome number

a)4 b) 6 104 Rightsuprerenal vein drain into a)rt renal vein b) inferior vena cava 105 regarding anus a)supplied by superior and inferior rectal vein b inferior mesentric drain into portal vein . 106 juglodigastric lymph node drain a)palatine tonsil and tongue 107 detoxification of drug occur in a)mitochondria b) SER c) RER 108 fibrous and parietal pericardium suplied by a)phrenic nerve b) intercostal nerve 109 azygousvein a) in venography to visualize dye injected into ascending thoracic b) posterior to abdominal aorta c) arise form right renal vein d)arise from lt renal e) pass via T8 diaphragmatic opening 110 kidney most inappropiate a) reciecve 10 % of cardiac output b)cortex richly vascularized than medulla 111 complete common peroneal nerve lesion result in complete loss of a) dorsiflexion of foot b) eversion of foot c) inversion of foot d) sensory loss of dorsum of foot 112 person lie uncovered in room heat loss via a) conduction b) radiation c) convection 113 axillary block done but lateral forearm sensation spared which of following nerve not blocked a) axillary b) musculocutaneous

114 dimnished jaw jerk due to lesion of a) mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal b) facial motor nucleus 115)mast cell beneath epithelium a) contain granule in cytoplasm b)resemble eosinophil in function c) release histamine and heparin d contain IgA on surface 116) epiphyseal plate a) contain mature collagen b) increase in length of bone in adolescent c) elastic cartilage 117)DIC most inapropiate a) widesspreadmicrovascular thrombi b) fibrin degradation products low levels c)may be treated by heparin 118) left ventricular failure a) inc pulmonary capillary pressure b) orthopnea when standing 119 most sensitive growth hormone test a) arginine infusion test b) insulin tolerance test c) excercise tolerance test 120 damaged endothelium exposed collagen activate clottting via xII vIII vII 121 light enter into one eye a)constrict pupil and dilate opposite b)no change in size of pupil whose muscuranic receptor blocked by atropine 122 basilar artery and Internal carotid artery comunicate by posterior comunicatingartery posterior cerebellar artery canterior communicating artery 123 right optic nerve lesion alt homonymous homonopia b) rt homonymous homonopia..

124 left optic nerve lesion? a)rt homonymous heminopia b) lt homonymous heminopia 125 all are parasympathetic cranial nerve except a)III bv cvII 127 REM sleep a) beta wave predominate b) sleep walking c) canot recall dream 128 Cranial nerve emerge from pons motor fibre from v vI VII CN VII CN III IV 129 cervical dysplasia caused by a) IUCD b)HPV 130 during excercice coronary blood flow maintained by a) sympathetic stimulation b) local metabolites 131 ECF and ICF difference a) ECF contain high Na Ca (t ) b)ICF contain high Na low K 132 during intravascular hemolysis hb bind to a)hepatoglobin b) albumin 133 pt suffering from severe diarheoa a)dec k content of body b) decna content of body 134 middle aged old male taking betel nuts and pan he z most likely to develop a) submucous fibrosis b)erythroplakia c)leukoplakia d)keratinization 135 which of folowingdec gastric empting a) Alcohol b) Mg sulfate

caluminium sulfate 136 investigation of choice in diabetic nephropathy a) urine albumin 137 basic drug binds to a)Alphaglycoprotien b) albumin 138 cavernous sinus oculomotor trochlear and opthlmic present in lateral wall.. connected posteriorly to facial vein drain directly into straight sinus 139 greatest pressure drop in arteriole because a) highest resistance in arterioles 140 nicotinic ach receptor a) numerous in cns b) blocked by curare 141 most serious effect of diptheria toxin is on a) larynx b) pharnx c)heart 142 regarding tubocurarine a) causus ganglionic blockade 143 ideal physician a)good bed side skill manner b) good medical knowledge c) integrated regular.... 144 pt doctor relationship a) active listening 145 5 yr child with generalized edema and protienuria of 3.6 gm in 24 hr the most important underlying mechanism of edema a) increased hydrostatic pressure b) dec colloid osmotic pressure 146 left hemidisection of spinal cord which of folowingnot be present on ipsilateral side a) loss of vibration b)loss of pain c) loss of two point discrimination 147 external juglar vein most likely

a) begin on surface of sternocliedomastoid behind angle of mandible b) terminate by piercind deep cervical fascia 148 a pt with diabetic kadidnot respond to treatment and died autopsy show inflamatory lesion in kidney brain and lung with some fungus most likely organism a)mucor mycosis 149 35 yr old female diagnosed to with PAN 2 yr back present with bp 220/120 ch feature confirming diagnosis a) fibrinoid necrosis of arterioles 150 26 yr old women present at 36 week of gestation with bilirubin 30 mmol /l most life threatning hepatitis to mother in near future would be a) hepatitis c b) hepatitis b c) hepatitis e

151) on which of following hypothalamus have inhibitor effect.. a>prolactin b>gh> c >acth

152)most specific test for growth harmone excess a> arginine b>excercise tolerance tese c> insulin tolerance test

153 )primary auditory cortex lies in which lobe? occipital superior temporal inferior temporal

154 regarding hypercalcemia what will happen a>calcitonin decrease b> 1 ,25 oh vitd incresae

24 25 oh increase tetany

155 blood pressure in capillaries decrease because they have highest cross sectional area ..other i dnt remember..

156 folowing not decrease blood pressure.. .a> press eye b>press extraocular muscle c>giving atropine

157 one question was regarding strawberyhemangioma mostcomomn site in left atrium regress by 5 year

158 regarding broncho pulmonary segment each v independent blood supply b>are connected indirectly

159 rt apical segmental bronchi suply a>rt superior apical

160) O2 saturation decrease and o2 tensin high in a> anemia co poisning hypoventilaton

161) difference between alveolar to arterial po2 donot change in a>congrt to lt shunt b>atelectasis hypoventilation d>

162)decrease in blood po2 type of hyoxemia a> hypoxia 163 regardin left venticular failure pulmonary capillaries congestion occur b> orthopnea on standing 164 in posterior fracture to elbow of child loss of sensation on little fingre v occured which ligament / tendon ruptured ulnar collateral radial collateral flexor carpi ulnaris tendon

165 regarding posterior triangle of neck a>trpezius form floor b >sternocliedomastoid lie posteriorly c>deep cervical fascia cover it d>containts posterior rami of c2c3 c4

166)scenario of bilary colic pain drug given in adjuvant to morphine a>pethidine b>hyosine

167 pethidine when given iv l cause mi depression tachcardia halulcination dysphoria.. delirium

168 morphine when given intramuscularly duration of action 3 -4 hr

onset 0f action 104 min sustained release

169 ccfpt with crepitations came first time drug given a> furosemide

170 corpus striatum conssist of a> putamen + caudate

171 hla on which chromosome a>4 b> 6

171)a female pregnant have cat as a pet what infection can occur in child a> toxoplasmosis

172)intaembryonic coelom develop from axial mesoderm lateral plate mesoderm paraxial mesoderm extraembryonic mesoderm

173)cardiac output depends on stoke volume heart rate venous return

174) end diastolic volume depend upon

a> venous return b >distensibilty of heart c> duration of diastole

175 a 5 yr child developed proteinuria >3 g / dl and developed edema cause of edema l be a> decreased oncotic pressure

176 a girl developed uritcariarashe at arm yrunk leg and face after ating sea food what l be the cause of it localized tpe 1 b generalized type 2 hypersensitivity

177 symptoms of mysthania gravis were given like then was question which is pathology antigen a complex are formed ..

178which is secondrycartilagenous joint sternoclavicular b> between 1st rib and sternum c> between maniburum and sternum

179fibrocartilage larynx trachea between vertebrae

180standard deviation is used to a> measure sample size

181juglodigastric lymph node drain a> palatine tonsil and tongue.

182)whichdoesnot contain true epithelium a> vessels serous cavities joint cavities

183) main function of gastrin a>inc gastrointestinal motility b>inc acid pepsin secretion

184gatrin and cck a v same 1st 90 aa b>v same 5 terminal 5 carboxl terminal

185 which antacid delays gastric emptying (wrong question) alcohol sodabicarb

186 kidney compensate for alkalosis by dec H2 production in NaHCO3 secretion

187)regarding cerebral metabolisim a> consume 20 percent of o2

188)regarding kidney which is false a> 10 percent blood flow..

189)symptoms of acute rhinitis which cell responsible a> mast cells

190) primary phagocytic a> neutrophils b> macrophage

191) chronic rhinitis cell present in nodule a> lymphocyte b>goblet cells macrophage c> mast cell

192 regarding kidney glomerular filtrate is a>ultrafiltrate

193 protein donot pass thru kidney because a> -ve charge in basement membrane and mesangium

194)basic drug bind to a>glycoprotien

195most malignant lesion of oral cavity a>erytoplakia

196 heat loss when person sitting nude a> convection

197.which of following is major circulating phagocyte?? a.macrophage b.neutrophil(correct) c.monocyte d.mast cell e.dendritic cell

Paper II
1.cause of spleen infarct?? a.ITP b.idiopathic thrombocytosis c.CML(correct) d.hyperspleenism e. 2.which of following is major circulating phagocyte?? a.macrophage b.neutrophil(correct) c.monocyte d.mast cell e.dendritic cell 3.about single umbilical artery which is correct?? a.due to hypertension in pregnancy b.normal in 5% c.associated with maternal diabetes(correct) d. e. 4.organ least likely to b affected if blood supply blocked?? a.intestine b.liver(correct) c.pancreas d.kidney e.spleen 5.scenario on pregnant lady having cats in home..?? a.toxoplasmosis(correct) b.leshminiasis c.EBV d.cytomegalovirus e.HIV 6.which of following vitamin is cofactor for fatty acid oxidation??

a.cobalamin b.biotin(correct) c.vitamin A d.niacin e.vitamin D 7.which is malignant tumor?? a.meningioma b.chordoma c.glioma(correct) d.hydatiform mole e.hamartoma 8.peripheral neuropathy due to INH treated with?? a.vitamin B12 b.vitamin B1 c.vitaminB6(correct) d.vitamin A e.vitamin E 9.diagnosis of typhoid in 2nd week by?? a.blood culture b.widal test c.bloodculture+widal test(correct) d.urine culture e. 10.most serious side effect of diptheria toxin is on?? a.nerve b.heart(correct) c. d. e. 11.which hormone act by steroid hormone mechanism?? a.prolactin b.epinephrine c.growth hormone d.thyroid hormone(correct) e. 12.growth factor receptors r present on?? a.nucleus b.cytosol c.cell membrane(correct) d.nuclear membrane e. 13.drug detoxification occurs in?? a.mitochondria b.rough endoplasmic reticulum c.smooth endoplasmic reticulum(correct) d.peroxisomes e. 14.patient taking anti tuberculous drugs, cause of color blindness??

a.rifampicine b.ethambutol(correct) c.pyrazinamide d.INH e.streptomycin 15.scenario on non caseating granuloma occurs in?? a.tuberculosis b.leporsy c.sarcoidosis(correct) d.amoeboma e. 16.one of following is not occur in shock?? a.tachycardia b.decrease cardiac output c.increase urine output(correct) d.muscle weakness e. 17.during starvation which pattern of fuel consumption occur?? a.proteincarbohydratefatty acid b.fattyacidproteincarbohydrate c.carbohydratefattyacidprotein(correct) d. e. 18.cells increase in allergic condition?? a.basophils b.neutrophils c.mast cells(correct) d.monocytes e.macrophages 19.antacid which delay gastric emptying?? a.magnesium hydroxide b.sodium bicarbonate c.aluminium hydroxide(correct) d.magnesium carbonate e. 20.which of followin doesnt cause hypercalcemia?? a.breast carcinoma b.hepatocellular carcinoma c.bronchogenic carcinoma d.ovarian carcinoma e.prostate carcinoma(correct) 21.HLA gene present on?? a.chromosome4 b.chromosome7 c.chromosome9 d.chromosome6(correct) e.chromosome3 22.scenario in which patient is having loss of accomodation,which area involved??

a.pons b.medulla c.midbrain(correct) d.cortex e. 23.organism of subacute endocarditis?? a.S.aureus b.S.viridans(corrrect) c.S.bovis d. e. 24.haemoglobin bind to?? a.albumin b.hepatoglobin(correct) c.globulin d. e. 25.scenario on volume expansion,which hormone increases?? a.aldosterone b.angiotensin1 c.ANP(correct) d.renin e. 26.in chronic rhinitis which cells increases?? a.basophils b.goblet cells(correct) c.IgE d. e. 27.juglodigastric lymph nodes drain?? a.palate b.tongueand palatine tonsils(correct) c. d. e. 28.falciform ligament contains?? a.triangular ligament b.round ligament(correct) c.coronary ligament d. e. 29.defect in language comprehension and intelligence?? a.frontal cortex b.brocas area c.wernicks area(correct) d. e. 30.about cerebellum??

a.lies below tentorium cerebeli(correct) b.connected by superior peduncles to pons c. d. e. 31.which of following is potent chemotactic factor?? a.IL-1 b.C3a c.C5a(correct) d.arachidonic acid e.IL-8 32.erythropoietin is secreted from?? a.maculadensa b.peritubular interstitial cells(correct) c.hepatocytes d. e. 33.patient with posterior dislocation of elbow is having pain and numbness in little finger,which ligament or tendon damaged?? a.flexor carpi ulnaris b.annular ligament c.ulnar collateral ligament(correct) d.radial collateral ligament e. 34.one of following is feature of acute tubular necrosis?? a.concentrated urine b.oliguria c.hyperkalemia(correct) d.proteinuria e. 35.corpus striatum includes?? a.amygdala+caudate b.amygdala+caudate+putamen c.amygdala+putamen d.caudate+putamen(correct) e.caudate+globuspallidus 36.which of following correct regarding brain?? a.needs glycogen b.consume 20% oxygen at rest(correct) c. d. e. 37.drug contraindicated in CLD?? a.pentazocine b.lorazepam c.acetaminophen d.hyosine e.

38.all of following form anterior relation of kidney except?? a.spleen b.pancreas c.diaphragm(correct) d. e. 39.which artery connects basilar artery to internal carotid artery?? a.anterior cerebral artery b.anterior communicating artery c.middle cerebral artery d.posterior communicating artery e.inferior cerebellar artery 40.true about sweat gland?? a.supplied by sympathetic cholinergic(correct) b. c. d. e. 41.ifdorsalispedis artery is absent congenitally,which artery will supply area?? a.plantar arch b.peroneal artery c.medial planter artery(correct) d.lateral planter artery e.first metatarsal artery 42.person chews bettlenuts,its associated with?? a.lichenplanus b.lukoplakia c.submucosal fibrosis(correct) d.erythroplakia e. 43.patient having hypertension 210/120 ndcreatinine 7,defect is in?? a.maculadensa b.JG apparatus(correct) c.renal tubules d. e. 44.intraembryoniccelom is formed by?? a.extraembryoniccelom b.lateral plate mesoderm(correct) c. d. e. 45.which is correct regarding strawberry haemangioma?? a.regress within 5 years of age(correct) b. c. d. e.