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Platform Scope

AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location ), GM ( Geo Fence Management ), PDA, MZ FM ( Fleet

Management ), MRM ( Mobile Resource Management ) ,SMS Alerts, Google and Sudan Maps Geo fences to appear on both the maps, Rules Engine, Drive Profiler, Immobilization, Fuel Management, and SDK, API Alerts System and SMS, Mhub Utility access or Remote tool cluster for odometer reset if this is not provided

Raiba or SMART WATCH will have to add the tasks related to this utility Integration with hands free kit, Integration with PDA / HHT. Facility to provide data for third party application Facility to develop and deploy reports Data storage for 6 months Hosting, Access and Support

Activation 1. 2. There would be test period of 2 weeks after activation. This will not be charged. Subsequent to test period, Raiba will pay 12 USD per the device for the activated devices

one month in advance 3. If the activation is done during mid of the month, it will be considered pro-rata for billing


Deactivation / Suspension of service


Vehicle / device shall be deactivated upon request due to vehicle gets into an accident,

Major breakdown, Device lost / Looted, Defective

2. month

While de-activation, pro-rata charges shall be applicable for the active period of the

Device Shifting / Transfer


The device could be transferred from one vehicle to another vehicle due to breakdowns

in this scenario, 6 months data storage shall be maintenance for the old vehicle also

System Uptime Vehicles Off-line, Application access , data loss and its implications in reports generation due to any updates, upgrade, Administrative tasks considered as system uptime issue system here means device, data distribution and data presentation platform The

1. 2.

Uptime 95 % of for each calendar month considered for billing. Any down time beyond this will be deducted on a pro-rata basis from monthly billing,

noting that the period of which vehicles go into a non-coverage zone (GSM Coverage) will not be accounted toward the 95%. 3. System response time considerations for pre-requisite hardware and connectivity

scenario a. b. c. Web access 10 seconds Map access 30 Seconds Alarms 120 seconds

System Uptime System means Device, Communication, Data distribution and presentation software platform System Reliability & Availability Application Availability 99.90%

Computing accuracy Availability of devices Data availability Client Access Average time completing any query regarding Vehicle status Average Portal loading Grievance & Complaint settlements and resolving Bugs and Issues Support response Client access availability Time for report generation Medium reports Time for report generation Complex reports

100 % 99.90 100 % < 45 seconds < 10 seconds <7 days < 30 minutes 99.99 % <2 mins <5 Mins


Any deviations shall be discussed and agreed formally for any exceptions.

Penalties for non-compliance Service Parameters Application availability Threshold levels 99.90 % ( Measured on a Monthly basis ) Fixing a bug or issue Devices Offline < 7 days <0.5% per day Per Device For every week delay Over and above 0.5% for every failed device per day 10 USD 3 USD Condition If the downtime exceeds 60 min in a month for every 30 min Penalty 20 USD

(rounded off to next whole number ) Average time for completing any query Regarding vehicle status Grievance, Complaint or clarification resolution 7 Days For every week delay in meeting requirement 5 USD < 30 seconds For every week delay in meeting requirement 3 USD


Support Scope Service Offerings Online Help Desk This is the first level of support given to users for problems reported or enhancement requirements. This will be managed by Raiba and SMART WATCH. management will be the responsibility of the Help Desk. End-to-end call



Resolving Standard software Bugs / Problems All problems faced by the users functional and technical - will be directed to help desk. If the problem is identified as a standard s/w bug, Raiba will in turn forward the same to SMART WATCH India. All interaction / coordination with SMART WATCH till closure of such calls will be done by Raiba keeping Raiba in loop and Vice Versa.


Training Training on Platform usage / refresher courses will be given by SMART WATCH shall be done on request from Raiba Remotely.


Customization / Development / Integration as an extension to platforms Requests for customizations / personalization as per Raiba requirements can be done by SMART WATCH.


Technical Documentation Technical documentation with respect to .Scope Platform implementation, including further enhancements / upgrades in systems and user manuals shall be provided to Raiba by Smart Watch Solutions.


Support Methodology Logging of a Call by User All users at Raiba compulsorily log in a support call through a mail to

XYZsupport@smartwatchsolutions.com or support portal .Alternately, the user can also call Smartwatch Solutions Office at office telephone number - and using Skype.


Support Procedure after Lodging the Complaint Helpdesk The Helpdesk is the first point of interaction for Raiba. monitor the source of calls. available for responding to Raiba queries. Task outline of Helpdesk Executive: Accept a complaint from user via email Download problem in a repository Analyze complaints, categorize calls into severity levels (1/2/3) with inputs from the user Search thru repository of calls for solution, Provide solution Take acceptance from user, Record and Close call Else, assign call to L1 support team SMART WATCH keeping Raiba in loop Monitor such calls till closure Helpdesk will proactively One Mzone / Scope Platform trained resource will be

L1 Support Team The L1 support team will be the direct interface to the Raiba user. The team will consist of Mzone Specialist from Raiba and SMART WATCH and Electricians / Support resources who will be responsible for implementing a solution onsite, as and when required. Task outline of L1 Support Executive: Accept assigned calls from Helpdesk via email Analyze call, Debug the problem reported Take additional information from users, Visit site if required Take advice from L2 support team, if needed Provide solution Take acceptance from user, Record and Close call Else, Reassign call

o o

To Scope, if the call is a bug in standard software L2 support team, for other calls

Keep Raiba user in loop about the status of all calls

L2 Support Team The L2 support team consists of Mzone application specialists from SMART WATCH and Raiba. . Task outline of L2 Support Executive: Accept assigned calls from Helpdesk via email Analyze call, Simulate problem in a test environment Take additional information from users, User owner Take advice from L3 support team, if needed Provide solution Take acceptance from user, Record and Close call Else, Reassign call (Escalate the call) to Scope Inform user about the status of all calls

L3 Support Team

The L3 support team consists of the Scope Platform specialists or developers. They are the custodians of the software source-codes, and are the final escalation points for any problem reported from Raiba.

Task outline of L3 Support Executive: Accept assigned calls from Helpdesk via email Analyze call, Simulate problem in a test environment Take additional information from users, User owner Make source-code changes, release patch Send solution to L2 support team for implementation Maintain versions of all source codes


Solution to the Problem Solution Mail may be received directly to the senders email-id, with a copy sent to XYZsupport@smartwatch.comsolutions.com id. User needs to send a feedback to Support member after solution is given. Based on the feedback received from user, the call may be closed / re-looked. Solution Mail will be again posted to your email-id with Call Status Closed, and the cumulative time taken for attending the said call. With each closure of call, Raiba will, by return mail, acknowledge.


Service Details Service Window The service window for call logging and SLA calculations will be from 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs on all weekdays (Sunday to Thursday). holidays for help-desk. Problems / calls escalated to Scope are included in Service Level calculations. Resolution time can be different from Response Time and resolution time should be within the threshold levels defined. All Raiba holidays will be considered as


Reporting A consolidated report will be given to Raiba at the end of the month showing the statistical data for all calls logged during the month, with SLA calculations.


Escalation Procedure Since time and quality of service is the essence of this contract, any event(s), which would cause a delay in adhering to the same, need to be addressed by an agreed escalation procedure to ensure that problems get the requisite attention of senior management. The escalation matrix is as given below:


Delay Beyond (Working Days)

Escalation To

Support Manager Head ( SMART WATCH )

Two Three

Head ( SMART WATCH ) Scope ( Regional Manager )


Delay Beyond (Working Days)

Escalation To

Support Manager IT Head (

Two Three

IT Head ( Raiba ) CEO - Raiba


Communication Structure

Given the criticality of the Scope / Mzone Platform implementation/ deployment at Raiba, all communications to Raiba / SMART WATCH by Raiba and vice-versa will be by email addressed to the central helpdesk.

Facsimile Phone Via meetings and Skype calls on a weekly basis during first six months and once in a month later on. And, on a pre-arranged basis for any issue resolution.