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HYDROPONICS (A) Course - Online Enrolment Information

Hydroponics is a method of plant cultivation that does not require the use of soil. In its Philippine: P9950 PHP
place, plants are provided with a growing medium such as gravel, sand, or something
similar. They are then given a continual supply of nutrient solution, which produces Course Code: BHT224
healthier growth.
Duration: 100 hours
This course introduces you to a wide range of systems, simple and complex, and how to
grow many different types of horticulturally valuable crops, such as cut flowers and Qualification: Certificate
vegetables. This is a course for growers, farm workers, hydroponic shop staff, horticulturists Exam: Optional
or anyone else seeking to lay a sound foundation in hydroponic growing.
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Prerequisities: None

Your Tutor: Dr Primitivo Jose A. Santos, Ph.D. (Plant Nutrition), M.S. Hort. (Crop
Physiology) B.Sc. (Horticulture).
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Dr Santos brings to careerline an enormous depth of horticultural knowledge and extensive
teaching skills. He currently works within the Plant Physiology Laboratory at the Institute
of Plant Breeding, UP Los Banos. His main areas of research cover plant nutrition, salinity
tolerance, hydroponics and urban agriculture, waterlogging and drought tolerance as well as
offseason vegetable production.

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There are 10 lessons in this course:

1. Introduction
hydroponic systems
global industry
comparision to growing in soil
resources and contacts.
2. How a Plant Grows
plant structure
biochemical cell processess
mechanisms of nutrient uptake
photosynthesis; minerals and nutrients
the role of pH in plant growth
hydroponic nutrient solutions
preparing nutrient solutions.

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HYDROPONICS A Introduction to Hydroponics Online Course Philippine... http://www.careerlinecourses.asia/hydroponics-i-courses-online-distance...

3. Hydroponic Systems
soilless mixes
rockwool manufacture
rockwool properties
development of propagating blocks
propagation applications
recommended practices for propogation
nutrient film techniques
alternative layouts for NFT
methods of solution dispention, closed and open systems; techniques.
4. Nutrition & Nutrition management
understanding nutrient formulae
atoms, elements & compounds
chemical names
what does a plant need
calculating formulae
mixing nutrients
symptoms of nutrient deficiency
adjusting the pH
using electrical conductivity measures
conductivity and hydroponics.
5. Plant Culture
flow charting the crop
salinity controllers
pH controllers
post harvest storage
controlled atmosphere storage
relative humidity
vacuum storage
freeze drying
pest and diseases in controlled environments
fungi, common funal problems
cultural controls
current legislation
biological and integrated pest management
beneficial agents
economic thresholds
methods of introduction
major pests, diseases and disorders of crops identified
problem solving and identification of illness
difficult to diagnose problems
leaf hoppers; thrip; virus; bacteria; caterpillars; harlequin bugs and more.
6. Hydroponic Vegetable Production
commerical cultivation of vegetables
temperatures required for seed germination
optimum monthly temperatures for vegetable growth
harvesting vegetables
growing vegetables hydroponically
vegetable families
fresh-cut herbs in hydroponic culture
nutrient solution
materials and handling
notes on selected crops.
7. Hydroponic Cut Flower Production
growing flowers in hydroponics
carbon dioxide
flower varieties

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HYDROPONICS A Introduction to Hydroponics Online Course Philippine... http://www.careerlinecourses.asia/hydroponics-i-courses-online-distance...

indoor plants.
8. Solid Media vs Nutrient Film
growing media
NFT system choices
header tank or direct pumping
construction materials
solution delivery
capillary matting
channel width and length
types of media
vermiculite; sand; perlite; expanded plastics; scoria; expanded clay
organic media; sawdust; peat moss; coir fibre; composted bark
indoor plants
plant directory
transplanting a pot grown plant into a hydroponic 'culture pot'.
9. Greenhouse Operation & Management
growing crops in greenhouses
solar energy
nature of active solar heating systems
examples of solar greenhouse facilities
greenhouse management
what you can grow
greenhouse and other growing structures
environmental factors that influence plant growth
plant needs
temperature control
heat loss
light factors
artificial light
horticultural management in a greenhouse
greenhouse benches
greenhouse cooling
10. Special Assignment
plan a hydroponic enterprise.

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's
tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

Explain different hydroponic systems.
Select appropriate media for specified hydroponic crops.
Describe the equipment used in hydroponic systems.
Determine the management of nutrition in hydroponic systems.
Explain the management of a greenhouse in the production of a hydroponic crop.
Plan the establishment of hydroponic facility to satisfy specified criteria, both commercial and
Develop a management plan for a hydroponic facility.

Hydroponics course Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia

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HYDROPONICS A Introduction to Hydroponics Online Course Philippine... http://www.careerlinecourses.asia/hydroponics-i-courses-online-distance...

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