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First published in Great Britain 2013 by Sacred Divine Union Copyright 2013 Rotimi Sowunmi

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Introduction The Game Confidence Chess and Checker Eye Contact Compliments Humour Listening The Approach The Date Emotions (Energy In Motion) Sex Playfulness Love Truth Pedestal The Critical Mind More to the Game

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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this book (or perspective) is not to persuade you but for you to use your mind and THINK. So forget about trying to earn a title like pimp, mack or player, forget about memorizing a whole heap of information, just journey with this using reason and logic and the rest will follow. Ultimately the game is about your mindset not titles or how you look. This means you can come as YOU ARE! Whether you are desperate, or low self esteemed, it is your thoughts that will sort everything out. This is not a prediction or something to believe in, but a FACT. You are probably taking this journey to find out what confidence is and how to gain it, or what women want, and how to approach, or how to be the man women want. Well within reason you will find this out on your own using your OWN reasoning. The aim is to get you to think so the book is written to influence logic and reason. THE GAME You may now ask what is the game and why should I play it? Simply put, the game is life. It is one big giant playground, where men and women have to determine how to play it by the way they shape their

life. Life is shaped by your thoughts, in forms of decisions. All men and women automatically play the game through negotiations, manipulation and psychological tactics in order to fulfil a task that they have set. Everybody plays the game so playing the game is really retaliation as not to get played. In other words playing the game is an offensive and defensive strategy to keep from being a victim. Those who do not play will eventually be forced to play somehow. Play or be played thats what it comes down to. The game is life! CONFIDENCE The beginning of anything requires a positive energy which is called confidence. Now lets think logically! The two hindrances of confidence are fear and doubt. Fear and doubt can be considered negative energy which is opposite to positive energy, therefore revealing that positive energy opposes any hindrances. This makes sense! The best way confidence will be described here (for there are many definitions) is that it is the way a person shows that they have SELF RESPECT for themselves. Someone with self respect is never going to disrespect themself and will always carry themselves highly. This high feeling will radiate outwards,

translating into confidence and respect. How can anyone disrespect you when you always have respect for yourself? All women agree on one thing in terms of an approach and that is that, they all want to be approached with respect. A man with self respect can only express respect and in turn the woman will respect him, and this automatically enables her to lower her guard. The lowering of her guard will happen automatically. Note that this book was written to influence logic and REASON. The reason to be confident is to be taken seriously but ultimately to get things done with minimal hesitation. In terms of approaching women, there must ALWAYS be a reason! Lets think logically! Nobody wants to be approached by a person who will just stare or say something unnecessary. All of us would consider that person slightly weird or crazy. So look at it from womens perspective. Why should a man randomly approach a woman just to stare and say something that means nothing? A woman will only increase her defences and at times take offense. A man should approach with reason! In the corporate world people that approach with reason come in the form of police officers, doctors, or even model agencies, and as soon as their reason is heard,

we stop to COOPERATE. This is no different to approaching women, THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO. Cooperation can only be given when it is reasonable to. A reason could be anything to do with the moment. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or simply Hi are reasonable ways of making an introduction or starting a conversation. But care must be taken; saying Hi has to come with a reason afterwards. Good morning, afternoon and evening were already reasonably defined by the word good. Only the woman can rebuttal this, by saying: No its not a good day because Or Yes I agree. It is hot and A reason is all a man needs! A reasonable approach could go something like. Man: Good Afternoon, you caught my attention and it got me doing this. Woman: Okay Man: Allow me to get your name. My name is

Woman: My name is Man: *stretch out hand to shake hand* Yeah nice to meet you [Says name] you do seem like a person worth getting to know. Tell me something do you always carry yourself like this. Woman: Like what? Man: Mannn, we havent got all day for that and we both got things to do. But it would be nice to continue this with you, lets exchange numbers or you could just take mine. Here. Woman: Ill take yours. Man: Uh huh, that probably means you wont call.lol. But its cool, it would have been nice thats all. Should you feel to call though, you can anytime, I will pick up. Take care. You have to understand that positive energy magnetizes, meaning it is attractive, it is addictive and it is ALWAYS accepted. Picture yourself like a magnet getting stronger and stronger, attracting everything. Again by logical thinking, you would have noted that the keyword to being positive is ENERGY. A magnet uses energy to attract. So therefore it is reasonable to

stay in a magnetized state created by CONTINUOUS positive ENERGY. CHESS AND CHECKERS The game is chess not checkers but both can be used as strategy. Both require strategy but one is direct (checkers) and the other is indirect (chess), and it is the INDIRECT approach that works best with women. An indirect approach makes everything FEEL natural. This is the process of a chess mind. Checkmate is executed without the other knowing. Lets think logically. Making everything feel natural translates to it was meant to be. An indirect approach eases off pressure and everything is done causally. Women mostly indirectly get their messages across through BODY LANGUAGE. They dont want to give much away and do everything they can to avoid been called too easy, or simply a hoe. Again the word hoe is a title, the fact is everybody loves sex and wants to feel good about it. Another fact is that too much of anything is bad and that involves too much sex for BOTH man and woman. Everything must be done in moderation. So you see a self respectful man in a womans eyes is someone who can understand the wanting of sex

and still respect her after the act of sex is done. A woman will use body language for a man to pick up on so that he can respond in a way that would make the whole interaction meant to be. Desperation and arrogance will destroy this moment. Like all languages, body language has to be learnt and understood. Women use body language indirectly (and sometimes directly) and claim a man should know what they are thinking. This is nothing more than an assumption based on the hope that a man has assessed her body language correctly. Body language is part of the chess game, it requires strategy. Many factors can also be used in initiating it, one such as timing. The direct approach creates pressure and makes one feel uncomfortable. To be put on a pedestal is a fearful feeling, one feels like too much responsibility has been placed on them and there is that uneasiness created by fear of falling off in someones eyes. There is too much expectation in the direct approach and it is just creepy. It blatantly shows that one who is quick to put someone on a pedestal has little to no self respect at all. Putting any woman on a pedestal is only justified after the woman has recognized self respect or confidence in a man. A queen is only raised up by a KING but a King must first be expressed. When women are put on a pedestal, the best strategy to ease the pressure is usually to disrespect.

Most men force a woman to reach this stage. Do understand that every woman loves been catered to and loves been adored but it goes too far when a woman is looking down at you instead of looking eye to eye with you. Outside the context of a man and woman, when you put someone on a pedestal it means they are superior. It means that YOU have made yourself lesser than them and that you have GIVEN your power to them. This brings us to ego. Ego is destructive and unstable. Many men confuse it with confidence but they only end up boasting, flossing, and gloating, qualities that most women despise, translating it to He is compensating or He thinks he can just buy me. When the ego is high, which is another form of a pedestal, it directly and indirectly looks down on everybody. You would have heard or said before, in regards to an egotistical person, that somebody needs to bring them down to reality. Yet most men purposely put women on a pedestal to declare how they feel about them, only to find disrespect and that ego has risen. They were the ones that forced the disrespect due to what she sees as unnatural behaviour. Ego can best be seen with the rich and poor, when most times, when a poor person gets rich, their ego rises to that of a snob, looking down on everybody. The best interaction between man and woman or

anybody else is to see EYE to EYE. The eyes give much away. EYE CONTACT The eyes are the window to the soul, so making eye contact with a woman and holding it, is like an attempt to look into her very being. This not only shows attentiveness but a deep ability to make a woman feel that she is truly exposed from the fact that she is truly seen; and this very feeling will make a woman feel like she can say or tell a man anything. Think logically about this! When a hypnotist wants to hypnotize somebody, the first thing they say is look into my eyes. Once the eyes are locked or connected, the hypnotist can then suggest and make the subject do anything. So then be a hypnotist and pay attention! Always be attempting to look into a womans soul when she talks or is in your presence. Search and observe and this will show outwardly as deep concentration and focus to hear her, find her and most of all connect with her. She will be hypnotized! Even if a blind man faces a womans direction and holds it, it will have the same affect. The fact is women RESPOND to ATTENTION. Logic and reason would have revealed that women dress up, act up, sometimes argue, and flirt sometimes, in order to gain attention. Having attention is like a DRUG to a

woman and it is a drug that makes her feel MOST beautiful. This is best understood by the saying in the fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarf, Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest [best] of them all? A mirror reflects that which a woman wants admired: herself. It is this fairest of them all mentality that creates the competition between women. The more drugs (or attention) women can get, the more beautiful they feel; yet the more egotistical they can become, hence hindering themselves of a stable supply or creating reasons to be disrespected. A man should be like a talking mirror using his words in the most strategic manner, expressing direct and indirect ways of making a woman FEEL like the fairest of them all. This is best done through LISTENING and COMPLIMENTS. COMPLIMENTS Note there is a difference between flattery and compliments. Flattery is direct (checkers) and compliments are indirect (chess) but it is a very thin line, so thin that one cannot really tell the difference. You may be asking, is it good to give compliments? And are they really needed? The answer is a strong yes. A compliment not only creates a positive feeling but it allows a woman to be less

defensive. If properly done, a man would have succeeded in making her feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. This would have been done indirectly and remember, the indirect way makes everything feel natural. Now lets go back to the approach example. The approach will be more effective with compliments. But understand that a compliment MUST also have a reason. Without it, it is flattery and flattery can make a man sound lame and manipulative. Man: Good Afternoon, the way you carry yourself caught my attention and it got me doing this {compliment}. Do excuse if I come across rude but there is something about you that seems so intriguing. {compliment} Woman: Good afternoon, how do I carry myself? What is so intriguing about me? Man: Its going to sound corny but its the truth, you carry yourself with grace and sophistication {compliment}. As for whats so intriguing about you, thats one of the reasons I had to come over, to find out. Allow me to get your name. My name is Woman: LolOkay. My name is

Man: *stretch out hand to shake hand* Yeah nice to meet you for real, you do seem like a person worth getting to know. Tell me something has anyone apart from me noticed how you carry yourself? Woman: Yes but not a lot. It is only you who has ever really explained it to me. I just do me! Man: Well you is something special {compliment}lol. Mannn, this could go on for quite a while but we both got things doing. It would be nice to continue this with you, lets exchange numbers or you could just take mine. Here. Woman: Ill take yours. Man: Uh huh, that probably means you wont call.lol. But its cool, it would have been nice thats all. Should you feel to call though, you can anytime, I will pick up. Take care. Woman: Lol, thanks but I will call you. Man: We will see graceful one {compliment}. Take care for now. Woman: Lol, bye.

You may be wondering why initiate a handshake? Well lets think this through. A handshake is an up and down motion, it is a nod, an agreement and a process that seals deal. But ultimately in the scenario of a man and woman, it is the first TOUCH. The first touch brings familiarity and should be gentle, which reinforces the notion that you are a GENTLE-man. This is great! A man should want her to feel safe and relaxed so that she can listen and cooperate with what he has to say. Looking at it in terms of energy, being that energy is neither created nor destroyed but merely transferred, by approaching a woman with positive energy which is confidence, this will only be transferred onto her. Adding humour into the mix will get a woman to relax quickly. A compliment makes a woman feel good especially when HUMOUR is involved.

HUMOUR A man who can make a woman feel good about herself and make her laugh, is a man that will be wanted and needed. Making a woman laugh allows her to focus on the feel good feeling that laughter brings. Plus, it releases tension and ALLOWS a woman to be able to ACT SILLY, CHILDISH, OR UNLADY LIKE if she wants. All women at one time or another do not want to give a damn about titles they just want to be FREE. A man who is PLAYFUL and is able to be goofy and act silly without losing common sense or composure, gives a woman an OPPORTUNITY to join him in such behaviours. She will throw caution to the wind. Think about it, comedians stay composed long enough to make an EFFECTIVE delivery in their jokes, matter of fact they have to. Therefore the logical thing for anyone trying to be funny is to stay composed while being playful, waiting for the right moment to deliver. THERE IS NO NEED TO ACT LIKE A CLOWN or tell jokes ALL THE TIME; no, that makes a man look lame, unserious and stupid; the aim of a man in this case, is to simply SHOW that he can be funny when he wants to. Ultimately, when women laugh, they RELAX and when a woman is comfortable and relaxed, she FEELS SAFE. When she feels safe, the man she is

with is somebody she can cozy up to. With the combination of eye contact, compliments and humour, the woman will most likely feel free to be herself around the man. She is also attended to, feels like the fairest of them all and can act silly if she wants, sex will just be another act to the stand up. Also, do understand that FLIRTING and TEASING can be used, and are best done with humour. Teasing allows a woman to feel less secure about things she is trying to hide. Everybody has something that they dont really like about themselves so they try to make it unnoticeable. But teasing has an air of I dont care allowing her to laugh and not care about her insecurities. Flirting simply keeps positivity going. A woman cant wait to hear what he has to say next. Hey {say name} come here, quickly come. Let me feel that waist! You cant be making my eyes water without my hands wanting to play..lol [Flirting] Look at the apple bottom you got here. Lets see how many plates it can hold. I predict, errrrm...dayum, Im lost for words right now. You happy! You got me speechless...lol [Teasing] Teasing and flirting is best done in moderation and when familiarity has been gained; otherwise it starts turning into desperation and insults.

LISTENING We have two ears to listen, a woman only needs one to be heard. Listening is very, very, VERY, important! Women love to talk, it is a way of releasing certain emotions by getting it out of their system. They need to explain word by word, body language by body language how they feel and everything must get out so that they can feel refreshed. Think about it. Women listen to music and sing along relating to the feeling of the story and the mood of the music. They gain support or release by the music, to conclude that Its not just me. Women need each other for support, yet supporting each other is dangerous because of the competition they have going on amongst themselves. With the so-called support group comes bad advice, envy, jealousy, and hate. Logic dictates that a woman should seek the support of men. Men have perspective mind and women have receptive mind. Men can put everything into perspective for a woman to understand. If she goes to women they usually comment on one part, making her understand something but not the whole thing. The problem is that most men dont listen and that is the difference between a womans support system and a mans support system.

The two ears are entrances to the left and right brain. The left brain is analytical and the right brain is creative and both are exercised to give solutions. Listening gives attention just like eye contact but it gives MORE attention than eye contact due to a emotional and talkative nature. A man who truly listens will always have something to say. He will always be able to suggest solutions or give effective responses. He will always be the supplier of her drugs which is attention. COMMUNICATION requires listening in order to say something back and forth, which eliminates just talking. Listening also SHOWS respect and a man who listens intently to a woman will get her excited and SUPER comfortable. She will touch, she will stare, she will check herself constantly, she will flirt, and flirt some more, she will offer to do random things; she will look away at times to recompose herself to look again, doing all of it because she was HEARD by someone who truly CARED. Best way to care for women is to truly listen to how she feels. She has to be able to know that she can tell a man anything and most importantly, that she can let it out in any emotional way. Being heard will free a woman up to EASILY love and drop the draws. She will have fewer blockages to do so, especially after her THERAPY sessions with her man. Her therapy sessions with you are free sessions that doesnt require her laying on a couch or

paying by the hour. But ironically the only payment that she will want to give is to invest a lot of time mentally and physically with you, her man. The effects of listening has a powerful effect, a woman begins to treat a man like a jewel; something she definitely has to look after. A woman, who appreciates a man so much as well as feel appreciated by him, will always want to be there all the time. They will always want to be on a positive high that the man influences whenever they are together. This is understandable! This is logical! She feels special and she is happy and wants to stay happy. Yet most men will say that she is suffocating and end the relationship. The relationship doesnt have to end a man simply needs to direct the sails! A man can tell a woman that he wants her to invest in other things like, chilling with her friends, doing things she loves and other activities in order to decrease the feeling of suffocation. He can tell her that he appreciates how she has invested a lot in their time together, but that he wants her now to profit in other things as well. She will listen! Remember it is the positive energy that the man creates that got her wanting to be around all the time; like a moth to a light. So the man has to make sure that she doesnt lose her light wanting his. Overall, the man has gotten her hypnotized.

In telling a woman anything, TONE of voice is an important factor. A woman will do damn near anything for a respectful man. She just needs to FEEL SECURE THAT SHE IS NOT DOING IT FOR NO REASON. Listening is an act of love and someone who listens is only making a scene and atmosphere to be loved back. But till then there is nothing but appreciation.

THE APPROACH First rule of a approach: NEVER START OFF BY COMMENTING ON HER BODY OR HOW FINE SHE LOOKS. A woman already dresses up to look fine and beautiful and will work on it till she is satisfied. So when a man approaches saying she looks fine and beautiful he will just be stating the obvious. Duh I know! Is what she is probably thinking. Or phew, I still got it. Or and probably the most common, this is just another desperate chump wanting sex. Logically thinking, telling a woman that she looks beautiful will make her feel good but this depends on the way it is presented. This comes back to the direct and indirect method. A chess mind will make it seem natural: Just had to come over to tell you that you look beautiful, you probably already know but not by melol A checker mindset will make it seem desperate which would be term as unnatural: Gosh dayummm, you beautiful, you just beautiful, let me get your number. Come on beautiful.

Either way the chess mindset has a far better chance to get cooperation than the checker mindset. But an approach is still dependent on how well a man approaches.

~*~ Before a man approaches a woman there is ALWAYS two things he must sort out, these are DISTANCE and TENSION. The distance has to be closed in and the tension has to be removed. Lets get logical. Think of it like a rope which is tightened by the distance at one end, which is where the man stands, and the other end, which is where the woman stands. In order to remove the tension, the man (or woman) will have to come closer and closer, which loosens the rope or tension. Woman [Tension] Woman Tension] Man

Man [No

When man gets close enough to the woman, he can then make eye contact with her or rather hypnotize her. He can compliment her, he can make her laugh but before all this he must have stated his reason of approach FIRST. There MUST ALWAYS be a reason! Most times, though a man is close, tension is still there in the form of butterflies and this is

expressed through as nervousness. Nervousness tries to create distance by trying to get the man out of there as quick as possible. He talks too fast, stutters, fidgets, and laughs hysterically to hide the fact that he is uncomfortable. If a man is uncomfortable, the woman becomes uncomfortable. A woman FOLLOWS your LEAD. Calm yourself! A man with self respect will see it as a disrespect to be rushing to be distant from her, speaking too fast and unclearly and just simply making her feel uncomfortable. Calm down and show that you got respect! Remember silence is GOLDEN. A man can take a moment to take his time. He can take a moment to think before he speaks, he must not run out of words but FLOW. Think and flow! It is not what you say but HOW you say it. Many comedians say the hashes things but in a funny way, yet we dont get mad, we simply laugh, and laugh some more, sometimes till our belly hurts. Then we wait for the next stand up that the comedian does. It is all in DELIVERY. YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING TO A WOMAN WITH PLAYFULNESS, HUMOUR AND REPECT. Taking a moment to take your time is more effective while maintaining eye contact. Dont stare! Just maintain eye contact (the hypnotic trance) and SMILE occasionally. A smile DISARMS. A smile is warm, inviting and reassuring. A woman will not feel

threaten. A frown is somewhat threatening and the feeling will put up her defences. Smile! But by logic and reason, dont smile too much. Maintain the fact that too much of anything is bad, LESS IS MORE! Most men will need to psyche themselves up so a helpful way (using logic and reason) is that before approaching the woman and during the approach he should tell himself that he wont be eliminating himself for her, shell have to do it for herself. This eases up tension, she has to work too, therefore it is not one sided. Breathing is so important been that it eases the nerves and is the only method that can keep all men and women in the moment. Only breathing functions within any moment, whether the circumstance is considered good or bad. In every circumstance youll have to breathe through it to stay alive. Most men start daydreaming of the worst possible outcomes before they approach, the tension really gets to them, but while this is happening they are not breathing properly, or theyve held their breath, they are too far gone in thought to stay in the moment. Inhale (Calm) Exhale (Self) to focus on Inhale (Right) Exhale (Now) so that you can Inhale (Walk) Exhale (Right) and Inhale (Stand) Exhale (Right). Breathe! Stay in the moment! Then make her work by going over to make her feel good. An approach should have a positive vibe that a man initially circulated. The process of an approach is SHARING

or attempting to share positive energy with one whom you think is worthy of it. ~*~ Having two forms of delivery, which are the direct and indirect approach, gives a man a choice of expressing his reason for approach. But as stated already, the indirect approach works best with women but it doesnt mean that the direct approach doesnt work. Been that everything should be as natural as possible the indirect approach eases off pressure for this to be felt. After the reason has been stated, the next thing to check would be the womans emotions. The indirect approach would be more like: Man: Afternoon, pardon the intrusion but you got me feeling your vibe from afar, I just had to see if it had the same effect up close. Allow me to introduce myself. Woman: Is that so. Man: Yeah, dont mean to be rude but you seem kind of down, whats going on with you? (Or if she is not down), you seem real happy, what happened?

Woman: Just not in the mood today (or if shes not down) yeah I got some great news today and feel good about it. Man: Thats too bad, I know this is sudden but its obvious youre not in the mood to talk, take my number, call me if you need someone besides your people to talk to. (Or if shes not down) lets celebrate the great news right now. There is a Starbucks nearby, lets go. Reading the energy in motion (emotions) allows a man to be selfless by catering his words to the motion of the energy. In other words by paying attention to how a woman feels, a man can cater his words to either cheer her up, or celebrate with her. Respect will keep everything positive no matter what she feels. The aim is to change the energy if it is negative and add to the energy if it is positive. Most men do not read the energy therefore they only accomplish in been annoying and irritating when they approach. Saying: Lets meet up and chill. One condition though, be yourself, dont come with all that unnatural mess. {Indirect, chess approach} Is better than saying:

I want to have sex with you. {Direct, checker approach} Saying: Say yes to watching a movie or two together or meeting at this park to connect and chat. {Indirect, chess approach} Is better than saying: Can we go out? {Direct, checker approach} Saying: You choose your best DvDs and Ill choose mine, then we have to play a card game to determine what we watch when you come over. We can order in, just prepare to lose..lol. {Indirect, chess approach} Is better than saying: Do you want to come over? {Direct, checker approach} Always have a reason! Try to avoid asking questions if you can! It seems that, women start to get all

complicated and play hard to get when questions are asked. Women like to play hide and seek in the form of playing hard to get with questions. A woman would say no just for the fun of it, just to see what happens. They also try to test a man by flaking, and sometimes not responding. Women will TEST a man. Remember attention is like a drug to women and making a man chase her, gives her a steady supply of attention until she either gets rid of him or gets serious with him. Most of the time she gets rid of the man, the man would have somehow shown no self respect. But as a man, ATTRACT dont chase! Remember you are a MAGNET! Magnets dont push, they pull. Your style, the way you dress, the way you groom yourself, if you workout or are extremely tall, and most importantly the way you carry yourself, all play a part in attraction. Granted that most men have distinct features that women like, it doesnt mean that they are magnetized. There is a big difference in getting the girl and making her stay and adore you. When we are talking about push and pull, we are talking about centripetal force and centrifugal force. By nature men are centripetal, meaning they SHOULD pull. Women are centrifugal, meaning THAT THEY do push. While a woman pushes, a man should be pulling, and this creates an orbit motion. If a man pushes, as in trying to shower her

with gifts, act desperate, bugs and simply suffocate her, he pushes her away. A man needs to be still and magnetized for the pulling effect to truly take effect. A woman will see him as cool, calm and collected. Now think! The evident is in the word. If a woman is described as sexy or HOT then a man is COLD, which is the opposite of hot. Therefore the man is described as being cool and should be while she is described as hot. When hot and cold come together there is WARMTH. Warmth is also described as been comfortable. So stay cool for this to happen! To be cool, by logic is to maintain self respect. Dont overhype anything just enjoy the moment and BE yourself! This is very important. While BE-ing is a doing process, TO BE, is stillness, it is calmness, it is being laid back, it is magnetic. There is no chasing! ~*~ But lets get logical. A man cannot just sit and do nothing. He must do a little to get a lot. Less is more and no man should violate this! Chasing women has a pushing effect. The woman has to be running for the man to be running after her, hence giving definition to the meaning chase. She is running and he is running there is nothing but a cycle; its all just one big waste of time. But it is part of the game. A woman gets her attention so she doesnt mind running.

A man should pursue a little bit to show interest, but ultimately he just needs to stand. No running after her too much, if he does, she will run (hence giving definition to chase). So he must reel her in with words and non-chalant composure. When a woman knows that the man is interested but gives no chase, she STOPS running and goes to find out why. In other words she goes TOWARDS (not away) him. She needs her attention and will not feel beautiful without it, maybe he has lost interest is what she is thinking, I might have over done it this time is another. Either way when she comes to meet the man, they will be eye to eye and then begins the hypnotizing and connection. Okay lets keep getting logical. For all of this to work a man must first GET the attention of the woman to GIVE attention to her. This is the task! Most men will buy cars, jewellery, floss, or try to whistle, yell or act wild and unruly to get women to look at them. But most women see it as compensating for lack of game. Most women will play along for the attention, to get catered to and to be put on a pedestal. Attention is indeed a strong drug. Most women will act like a gold digger because that is what the MAN IS SAYING AND GIVING PERMISSION FOR HER TO BE. Shell take it,

respect is not needed just a man buying her everything she wants. A woman follows your lead! A woman KNOWS that men respond to what they SEE. So she will try to accentuate everything. Most will dress provocatively, some will dress with push up bras and anything that helps lifts her assets. There is make-up (a mask), weaves, heels, and anything that can GET the attention of a man so that she can be GIVEN attention (her drug). Women do try to play their part. Most women believe that accentuate everything is the only way to get a mans attention but the fact is she too can approach and she can wave a man to come over. This very thought, produced by this analysis reveals what could be one of the greatest discoveries in the game. That is, WOMEN ARE MOSTLY SHY. It could be that women dont approach because they CANT approach. They lack years of practice, and years of learning ways to psyche themselves up, lacking even the ability to start a conversation; so they wait because they have to. It could be that most times when a man looks at a woman and she quickly looks away, its not that she is not interested but that she is shy. This is a reasonable concept. Lets keep going.

Now sometimes a man will be walking pass a woman and want to say something but dont. Yet, all the moment required, is a good afternoon (morning or evening depending on the moment). This will allow a woman to slow down or stop so that she can engage in conversation. Man: Good Afternoon, pardon the intrusion but you all glowing in front of me, it got me doing this.lol {reason, compliment and humour} allow me to get your name *stretches out hand for handshake* (make the first touch and show you a gentle-man). Woman: Lol, thank you, My name is Man: Nice meeting you (repeat her name- it shows you were listening), my name is So why you glowing or is this how you are everyday? (She might say that she is pregnant unexpectedlylol). Woman: Lol, this is just me. Dont know why you saying Im glowing. Man: Well you made me stop, thats skill. Dont worry, I wont tell you to spin around or nothing like thatlol. Truthfully speaking I would have greeted you no matter what the circumstance. You seem like an interesting person from afar now up close.

Woman: Lol, thank you. Man: Dont want to keep you, that wasnt the intention here but allow us to exchange numbers or take mine. Matter of fact take mine and if you send one or two texts, Ill know you ready for me to call you. Woman: Lol, okay but we can also exchange numbers. Man: Like thatmy number is Woman: Mine is Within logic, it is not what a man say but how he says it. But the most important thing is to FLOW. Women love music and music flows no matter what words are used. We all have danced to music with messed up lyrics and as long as it sounded good and made us feel uppity, we were bopping our heads, dancing, and just creating our own vibe to cater to the sound. This is no different with women especially been that women RESPOND to what they HEAR. A woman is SMITTEN by words. What a man says can help her get smitten but it is the HOW a man says words that totally melts her heart. Do understand that combining the WHAT and HOW together will make a woman speechless, amazed and smitten so fast

that she will give her number and drop her draws just to hear more. This is reasonable and logical been that you have made her feel SPECIAL. The WHAT a man says is as important as the HOW a man says it but with women the HOW is listened for first. A man can say I love you and the woman could turn around and say that he didnt mean it because of how he said it. What he said was I love you but how he said it made her say he didnt mean it. But all women do wait to hear I love you and the sincerity of it. The HOW is important, it provides the sincerity of the words whether a man is talking for talking sake. But by combining the two (the what, and how), she can only accept it. A man who also adds the WHY, will have her almost in tears, I love you because Using logic, you will find that by stating the why, you also address her UNIQUENESS. This in turn says to her that she is loved because she is the fairest of them all. The game is a thinking game, so think! This has nothing to do with titles. A man has got to ADAPT to the situation due to what the situation brings. This again is why listening and eye contact are very important. They allow men feedbacks. Constant watch of a womans body language, which is what she uses mostly, reveals a lot. ~*~

This now leaves the WHEN. The when is best suited in a relationship or simply when a man and woman get together. Remembering dates, time and place of meeting or any other events, only makes her feel special. To her it is because she is the fairest of them all thats why you cared so much to remember. Women want to be the best and that automatically means she wants a man to make her his everything. But by doing this, a man puts her on a pedestal which makes him lose respect. A woman really doesnt want to be everything to a man, even though she insinuates it, she just wants to follow one and to never have to worry about being alone and being afraid. A man should be able to PROVIDE for a woman and providing does not entirely have everything to do with money. The best approach and the one that will gain the MOST respect, is to approach a woman one on one. Sometimes she might approach a man but most times it is the man that will have to approach her. This doesnt mean that a man is still not a magnet; it simply means that hell be doing hes magnetic work at a different location, which is up close and personal. One of the worst things a man can say to try to persuade a woman to take or exchange numbers is: I just want to be your friend.

Women know what the deal is when a man approaches them so to say something this plain becomes typical. Again, women are looking at the reason and HOW a man does his approach not that they are totally oblivious to why a man would approach. A woman already has it in her head that all a man wants is sex, so she will go with that notion first and be on guard. Lets get logical. A woman automatically translates I just want to be friend to I just want to have many chances to try to convince you to have sex with me. In plain terms I just want to be a bugaboo. One of the major reasons as to why women do not give out their number is so that they are not disturbed constantly by a desperate, possibly dangerous man. Though women like attention, they hate or are irritated, like anybody else, by negative attention. Negative attention is unwanted attention and it is the type that creates fear and anger. No woman wants to have to change her number just because of a stalker. A man will have to persuade her in a different way; in a constant positive way. An approach is really a NEGOTIATION, Why should I do business with you? is what the woman is saying while the man is saying Im the best for business. A man has got to

EXPRESS his words within the time he has invested with the woman. The whole interaction should be seen as an investment due to the fact that he likes what he sees, therefore not wasting his time. So the interaction will only profit a man if she agrees to do business with him or it will teach or guide a man in a lesson if she disagrees. Either way there is no loss. He saw what he liked and went for it and tried to negotiate getting it, there is no bankruptcy it is always a profit because he didnt miss an opportunity. No good business does! A man should never try to sell himself upon approaching (that comes later on when she wants you to) it will seem egotistical. He should FOCUS on her. Reasons of approach are much better when it is about her. This brings about a feeling of importance, which EVERYBODY WANTS. A mans expression of his reasons of approaching, are his WORDS. It is his words that will make his investment (or time) worthwhile no matter what happens. So flow, be calm and be natural. ~*~ Understand that been put in the friendship category is not a bad thing. The friendship category is part of a womans chess game, she is indirectly saying stick around I would like attention from you even if its not the sexual kind. A true relationship is when a man and woman are both lovers and friends. Most times

you will hear a woman say that my partner or that I want my partner to be my BEST friend. The keyword there is friend. So then it would be reasonable as you have seen logically that a man should aim to be a womans friend, or rather to be the best of her friends. The complicated part is trying to adjust to this mindset. By logic, if one or two days are needed before a man starts acting buddy, buddy, it is understandable. Just understand that depending on what he does, it doesnt have to be permanent deal. Another complication is trying to destroy the notion that she holds which is that a man wants to be friends to eventually have sex. Even though most times the agenda for a man is sex and she knows it, the aim is to surprise or sweep her off her feet by truly turning strangers into friends. By doing this, she becomes totally comfortable in a mans presence and HOW this is done is the most important. In suggesting that the woman takes the number a man will also have to be indirect. It is better to say:

Its obvious you have a lot of friends but taking my number wont let you down. All you got to do is see for yourself. {Indirect, Chess mind) Than: I want to be your friend, take my number. {Direct, Checker mind} Let the logic continue. Most men have done sexual things with a woman who calls them friend or who they call friend. Time and time again, men and women have catered to each other sexually in some shape or form while under the TITLE friends. The word friend is just a title! It doesnt finalize emotions, or remove sexual urges; it simply helps to keep restraint in not touching each other or looking at each other in a sexual way. The thing about restraint is that it is not a permanent thing and depending on the type of man a woman is calling friend, she could lose restraint. The friendship category, though a strategy for women, can be one of the greatest strategies for a man. If a woman puts a man into the friendship category he should be happy. If she wanted nothing to do with him, she wouldnt even want him within her vicinity, but note, she does!

This strategy for a man can only work against the man, if he conforms to the character of being a friend, therefore letting her perceive him as one of her female friends. In other words, if a man doesnt remain masculine, the possibility of him destroying the title is very low. A man should still do everything that would do when approaching her. Humour, eye contact, listening and attention all must still be there! Do not chase! In the friendship category and man can easily say no, which is what most men are afraid of saying to a woman in fear of losing her. A man can put her in check if he needs to, especially if she has made him her confidant; which usually happens. The aim of the man in this case, is to let his friend ALWAYS see the man in him. She will start to see all others as little boys. Soon she will question why she is not with him and most importantly she will note that she hasnt been in a friendship but in a different kind of relationship with the man. By this point she will be getting seriously emotionally attached to her friend (you) and will start to see the man as the BESTfriend. She now needs to make him a lover. What most men do in the friendship category is make the biggest mistake by turning into a chick. Their manhood starts decreasing hence by default no masculinity is expressed. FEMININE ENERGY will always NEED MASCULINE ENERGY, the two complement each other. Once again, we are talking about energy and energy circulates, transmits and

transfers into each other. Most men in the friendship category start to create feminine energy to show that they are there for her and thats what friendship is all about. They only succeed in putting her on a pedestal and that loses respect. A MAN CAN STILL BE THERE FOR HER AS A FRIEND AS A MAN. The friendship should be seen as a relationship of a different kind! The best thing of all about the friendship category is that ALL HER DEFENCES WILL BE DOWN! She is safe and she is comfortable! That part would have been taken care of for you by her, all due to a title. Many women even have sex buddies that they call friend. Note that the word buddy insinuates another meaning for friend. ~*~ Dont stop thinking, lets take this further. When a man and woman come together they call each other boy-FRIEND and girl-FRIEND. The term boy and girl has already defined gender which doesnt really have to be mentioned, so all thats left is the title FRIEND, which is the same title used to...

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