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of oli!e Fir"t Ca*ital Lod+e, -./ and Cit0 of Chilli!othe Ro"" Co2nt0, Ohio : : : Ca"e No# FMCS $%&'$()&') O*inion and Award Mar+aret Nan!0 1ohn"on Arbitrator

Thi" 3atter !a3e on for hearin+ on Se*te3ber $/, 4'$%, in a !onferen!e roo3 at the Chilli!othe& Ro"" Law Enfor!e3ent Center, in Chilli!othe, Ohio, Mar+aret Nan!0 1ohn"on *re"idin+ a" arbitrator# Chilli!othe, Ohio, hereinafter 5Cit0,6 and the Fraternal Order of oli!e, hereinafter 5Union6 or 5FO ,6 are *artie" to a Colle!ti7e Bar+ainin+ A+ree3ent 81oint E9hibit $: in effe!t at all ti3e" *ertinent to thi" di"*2te# The FO i" the e9!l2"i7e bar+ainin+ a+ent for all f2ll ti3e oli!e Offi!er", oli!e Ser+eant", Co332ni!ation" Offi!er" and Cler;" e3*lo0ed b0 the Cit0# The !a"e for the Union wa" *re"ented b0 <wen Callender, <eneral Co2n"el for the FO # E2+ene # Ne7ada, Vi!e& re"ident and Dire!tor of Re"ear!h for Cle3an"&Nel"on and A""o!iate" ar+2ed the *o"ition of the Cit0# A "teno+ra*hi! tran"!ri*tion of the *ro!eedin+" at the hearin+ wa" *re*ared b0 1ennifer L# Berr0, Re+i"tered rofe""ional Re*orter# Neither *art0 ob=e!ted to the arbitrabilit0 of the +rie7an!e, either 2*on *ro!ed2ral or "2b"tanti7e +ro2nd"# A!!ordin+l0, thi" di"*2te i" *ro*erl0 before the arbitrator for final and bidin+ re"ol2tion# State3ent of the Ca"e The *artie" herein ha7e a len+th0 !olle!ti7e bar+ainin+ hi"tor0, with labor !ontra!t" datin+ fro3 $//(# A newl0 ne+otiated ter3 "et forth in Arti!le 4(, >a+e", of the 4'$4&4'$( A+ree3ent i" in di"*2te in the *re"ent *ro!eedin+# S*e!ifi!all0 in !ontention i" the o*eration of Ste* F, effe!ti7e 1an2ar0 $, 4'$4, for oli!e Ser+eant", who ha7e rea!hed their 5$.th Anni7er"ar0#6 rior to the !2rrent labor a+ree3ent, onl0 Cler;" and oli!e Offi!er" re!ei7ed a Ste* F *a0 in!rea"e after fifteen 0ear"# Undi"*2ted e7iden!e e"tabli"he" that in 4''? the FO had *ro*o"ed a *a0 in!rea"e at Ste* F for all bar+ainin+ 2nit e3*lo0ee" to be in!l2ded in the 4''/&4'$$ A+ree3ent# Altho2+h the *ro*o"al wa" withdrawn b0 the FO at that ti3e, in ne+otiation" for the 4'$4&4'$( A+ree3ent, the Union renewed it" *ro*o"al for a Ste* F in!rea"e for Ser+eant" and Co332ni!ation" Offi!er"# D2rin+ 3ediation *rior to fa!t&findin+ for the !2rrent A+ree3ent, the Cit0 a+reed to add a Ste* F for Co332ni!ation" Offi!er" and oli!e Ser+eant"# A!!ordin+l0, that *arti!2lar *ro*o"al wa" not "2b3itted to the i3*a""e offi!er, b2t di"!2""ion" thereon are referen!ed in the Re*ort and Re!o33endation" i""2ed b0 the Fa!t&finder on 1an2ar0 4', 4'$4 81oint E9hibit %, *#):# Both *artie" eli!ited te"ti3on0 a" to what wa" di"!2""ed a" well a" to what wa" not di"!2""ed d2rin+ ne+otiation" re+ardin+ the additional Ste* F# S2b"e@2ent to ratifi!ation of the "2!!e""or !ontra!t, a @2e"tion aro"e a" to i3*le3entation of the newl0 a+reed 2*on Ste* F for Ser+eant" with the *artie" ta;in+ di7er+ent 7iew" on the !al!2lation of the fifteenth anni7er"ar0# >hile the Union ha" ta;en the *o"ition that the anni7er"ar0 date for the Ste* F rate i" ba"ed on total len+th of "er7i!e, the Cit0 3aintain" that the anni7er"ar0 date i" 3ea"2red b0 ti3e&in&ran;# Unable to rea!h a+ree3ent on the i""2e, the Union filed a !la"" a!tion +rie7an!e on behalf of oli!e Ser+eant" e3*lo0ed b0 the Cit0 81oint E9hibit 4:# $

<rie7an!e On No7e3ber 4/, 4'$4, the Union filed it" +rie7an!e alle+in+ 7iolation of Arti!le 4(, Se!tion 4(#$ of the A+ree3ent between the *artie"# State3ent of the +rie7an!e read" a" follow": On $A'.A$4 S+t# Bartle0 wa" a";ed b0 S+t, <a0 what *a0 "te* he wa" +ettin+ *aid for be!a2"e S+t# <a0 tho2+ht it 3i+ht be wron+# S+t# Bartle0 then loo;ed at the *a0roll boo; and "een he wa" bein+ *aid "te* E# Be then loo;ed at the new !ontra!t and "een where a Ste* F wa" added for Ser+eant"# The !ontra!t "tate" that a "er+eant +et" "te* F *a0 in!rea"e" on hi" $.th anni7er"ar0 hire date# S+t# Bartle0 notified the Union Chair3an Of!# Mather on $$A')A4'$4# Of!# Mather *er the !ontra!t !onta!ted Chief Moore on $$A'/A4'$4 to di"!2"" thi" 3atter and atte3*t to re"ol7e the 3atter infor3all0 a" the !ontra!t "tate"# At thi" ti3e Chief Moore a+reed the !ontra!t "tate" that the0 "ho2ld be at Ste* F and that the !ler;" 32"t not ha7e "een that it had !han+ed and that it wo2ld be ta;en !are of# At thi" ti3e the +rie7an!e wa" !on"idered re"ol7ed and the an"wer wa" "ati"fa!tor0# Chief Moore later a";ed Of!# Mater if the "er+eant" thi" affe!ted wo2ld !on!ede their ba!; *a0# Of!# Mather notified the !hief on $$A4)A4'$4 that the0 wo2ld not !on!ede their ba!; *a0 b2t wo2ld wait 2ntil the !it0 ;new 3ore abo2t the finan!e" after the fir"t of the 0ear# On $$A4/A4'$4 Chief Moore !onta!ted Of!# Mather and "tated he wa" now den0in+ that the "er+eant" with $. 0ear" total "er7i!e were to be at "te* F and that the0 "ho2ld re!ei7e an0 ba!; *a0# Chief Moore ad7i"ed Of!# Mather at thi" ti3e the0 had . da0" to file the +rie7an!e if the0 wi"hed to +o f2rther# Thi" i" bein+ filed a" a +ro2* +rie7an!e# S+t# Bartle0 i" the re*re"entati7e of the +ro2*# A" a re3ed0, the +rie7an!e re@2e"t" 5that "er+eant" be *aid at the a**ro*riate "te*" *er the !ontra!t i33ediatel0 and that the0 re!ei7e ba!; *a0 at that "te* fro3 the date the new !ontra!t went into effe!t $A$A$4#6 A Ste* One re"*on"e i""2ed b0 the oli!e Chief and re!ei7ed b0 the Union on De!e3ber (, 4'$4 denie" the +rie7an!e for the rea"on" "et forth below: Arti!le 4(, Se!tion 4(#$ define" Mini323 and Ma9i323 a0 *er a !la""ifi!ation# Ea!h !la""ifi!ation ha" a 0ear $ thro2+h 0ear % with 8): ann2al *a0 "te*"# >hen a *atrol offi!er i" *ro3oted o2t of their !la""ifi!ation to the Ser+eant !la""ifi!ation, the0 are 3o7ed to the Ser+eant *a0 "te* that i" .C abo7e their !2rrent *a0 "te* *er Arti!le $., Se!tion $.#4# There i" no wordin+ "tatin+ that the date of hire i" the definin+ lan+2a+e# The *a0 "te*" are for in !la""ifi!ation ti3e of "er7i!e# Ben!e a Ser+eant 32"t be in that !la""ifi!ation for $. 0ear" to re!ei7e *a0 "te* 5F#6 S2b"e@2entl0, a Ste* Two Re"*on"e den0in+ the +rie7an!e wa" i""2ed b0 Mi;e <reen, Safet0 Ser7i!e" Dire!tor, on De!e3ber 4?, 4'$4# Bi" denial "tate": I re!ei7ed a +rie7an!e Re*ort on Monda0, De!e3ber $', 4'$4 at $':4( a#3# fro3 <rie7ant Brandon E# Mather# I 3et with Of!r# Mather and S+t# Bartle0 on De!e3ber $?, 4'$4 D$':'' a#3# to re7iew the +rie7an!e and li"ten to obtain a better e9*lanation of the !on!ern# The !ore i""2e relate" to the lan+2a+e in the !ontra!t in Arti!le 4( in7ol7in+ wa+e" 4

and the newl0 e"tabli"hed 5Ste* F6 whi!h wa" in!l2ded in the !ontra!t lan+2a+e be+innin+ 1an2ar0 $, 4'$4# It a**ear" that 5Ste* F6 wa" in!l2ded witho2t "2ffi!ient !larit0 re+ardin+ the differen!e between the e3*lo0eeE" hire date and the date or anni7er"ar0 of that e3*lo0eeE" *ro3otion to the ran; of Ser+eant# Sin!e "2ffi!ient !larit0 doe" not e9i"t in the lan+2a+e of Arti!le 4( Se!tion 4(#$ it be!a3e ne!e""ar0 to e9a3ine other area" in the !ontra!t to deter3ine what the intent 3i+ht ha7e been# I e9a3ined the *re7io2" !ontra!t and deter3ined no !onne!tion or lin; to the lan+2a+e of the e9i"tin+ !ontra!t# Bowe7er, Se!tion %$ of the !2rrent !ontra!t ha" a "tate3ent that relate" to the order of la0off"# Se!tion %$#4 "tate" that 5The ran; of Ser+eant Seniorit0 will be deter3ined b0 A**oint3ent date, Ser+eantE" with le"" 5ran; "eniorit06 will be b23*ed or laid off before a "er+eant with +reater ran; "eniorit0# Thi" lan+2a+e, in 30 7iew, i3*lie" that there i" a different between a 5hire date6 and the 5date of ran; "eniorit0#6 De"*ite it" effe!t", it i" 30 !on!l2"ion that the intent of the !ontra!t lan+2a+e wa" to offer 5Ste* F6 to tho"e in the Ran; of Ser+eant ba"ed 2*on the date the0 earned that ran;, and not ba"ed 2*on their date of hire to the Chilli!othe oli!e De*art3ent# I therefore !on!2r with the o*inion of Chief Ro+er Moore that a Ser+eant 32"t be in that !la""ifi!ation for $. 0ear" in order to re!ei7e the Ste* F *a0# Unable to "ettle the +rie7an!e, the *artie" now "2b3it the i""2e rai"ed therein to arbitration for final and bindin+ re"ol2tion# I""2e The *artie" ha7e "ti*2lated the i""2e in di"*2te to be whether the E3*lo0er 7iolated the Colle!ti7e Bar+ainin+ A+ree3ent when it ref2"ed to !o3*en"ate the <rie7ant" at Ste* F, and, if "o, what "hall be the re3ed0F Contra!t ro7i"ion" Lan+2a+e dee3ed *ertinent to a *ro*er re"ol2tion of the *endin+ 3atter i" "et forth in Arti!le 4(, Se!tion 4(#$, !a*tioned Co3*o"ition of the a0 lan# In addition to *a0 in!rea"e" for !ontra!t 0ear" one, two and three, the A+ree3ent *ro7ide" Ste* in!rea"e" a" follow": Ste* A: Ste* B: Ste* C: Ste* D: Ste* E: Ste* F: >ill ta;e effe!t on the e3*lo0eeG" date of hire# >ill ta;e effe!t on the e3*lo0eeG" $"t Anni7er"ar0# >ill ta;e effe!t on the e3*lo0eeG" 4nd Anni7er"ar0# >ill ta;e effe!t on the e3*lo0eeG" %rd Anni7er"ar0# >ill ta;e effe!t on the e3*lo0eeG" (th Anni7er"ar0# >ill ta;e effe!t on the e3*lo0eeG" $.th Anni7er"ar0# %

o"ition of the Union The Union !ontend" that the !lear and 2na3bi+2o2" lan+2a+e of the A+ree3ent *ro7ide" for a Ste* F *a0 in!rea"e 2*on a Ser+eant attainin+ fifteen 0ear" of "er7i!e to the oli!e De*art3ent and not fifteen 0ear" in ran;# Anni7er"ar0 date !learl0 referen!e" date of hire, not date of *ro3otion# Bar+ainin+ hi"tor0 a" de"!ribed b0 the Chief Ne+otiator for the Union !onfir3" that the *ro+re""ion for the "er+eant" wo2ld be the "a3e a" with the Cler;" and oli!e Offi!er" who alread0 had a !ontra!t2al Ste* F *a0 in!rea"e# If the Cit0 wanted to 3a;e *ro+re""ion ba"ed 2*on date of *ro3otion rather than hire date, it wa" in!23bent 2*on the Cit0 to 3a;e that intent !lear# The inter*retation now ar+2ed b0 the Cit0 i" non"en"i!al and "ho2ld not be 2*held# Re@2irin+ a Ser+eant to wor; fifteen 0ear" a" Ser+eant before be!o3in+ eli+ible for Ste* F i" not lo+i!al a" an e3*lo0ee with +reater de*art3ental "eniorit0 3a0 ha7e to wait for a Ste* F *a0 in!rea"e a" lon+ a" an e3*lo0ee ha7in+ "i+nifi!antl0 le"" de*art3ental "eniorit0# rin!i*le" of !ontra!t inter*retation in!l2de the a7oidan!e of non"en"i!al re"2lt"# Onl0 b0 addin+ 5in ran;6 lan+2a+e to the "te* *ro+re""ion "et forth in the A+ree3ent i" the *o"ition of the Cit0 "2"tained# Het, the A+ree3ent e9*li!itl0 *rohibit" the Arbitrator fro3 3odif0in+ the lan+2a+e in an0 wa0# >itho2t in"ertin+ lan+2a+e whi!h the *artie" the3"el7e" did not ne+otiate, the Cit0 !annot *re7ail in thi" 3atter# Indeed, the fa!t that the oli!e Chief had initiall0 a+reed with the Union inter*retation "2"tain" the *o"ition of the FO in thi" !a"e# Onl0 after "2b"e@2ent di"!2""ion" with the Cit0 A2ditor and re!o+nition of the !o"t of the Ste* in!rea"e, did the Chief !han+e hi" 3ind and re@2ire the filin+ of a +rie7an!e# >hile !o"t of a !ontra!t2al *ro7i"ion i" !ertainl0 a**ro*riate in ne+otiation, it "ho2ld not be a fa!tor in !ontra!t inter*retation and !annot alter the !lear and *lain lan+2a+e of an A+ree3ent# Te"ti3on0 b0 a 3e3ber of the bar+ainin+ !o33ittee i" not !on!l2"i7e in thi" in"tan!e# More *er"2a"i7e i" the e7iden!e eli!ited fro3 the Chief Ne+otiator for the FO who te"tified that b0 addin+ Ste* F the *artie" did not intend to 3odif0 3o7e3ent thro2+h the "te*"# Rather, the Union 3erel0 e"tabli"hed a fifteen 0ear "te* for Ser+eant" and that the 3o7e3ent wo2ld be fro3 the 5anni7er"ar06 or date of hire of the e3*lo0ee, >hen the *artie" intended date of *ro3otion to be deter3inati7e, a" in la0off *ro7i"ion", that intent ha" been !learl0 "et forth# La!; of referen!e to ran; in the arti!le on >a+e" f2rther !onfir3" intent to ha7e a Ser+eant a!hie7e Ste* F after fifteen 0ear" of de*art3ental "eniorit0# Ba"ed 2*on the !lear !ontra!t lan+2a+e and 32t2al intent a" indi!ated b0 the e7iden!e *re"ented, the +rie7an!e "ho2ld be "2"tained# o"ition of the Cit0 The Cit0 !ontend" that the Union ha" not 3et it" b2rden of *roof in thi" 3atter and that !ontra!t lan+2a+e doe" not "2"tain the *o"ition it now ar+2e"# Altho2+h the FO a""ert" relian!e 2*on !lear lan+2a+e, in fa!t, the lan+2a+e i" a3bi+2o2", and the *artie" differ a" to the 3ea"2rin+ of 5anni7er"ar0,6 with the Union alle+in+ a date of hire !al!2lation while the Cit0 *o"it" that anni7er"ar0 in ran; i" a**ro*riate# Sin!e the di"*2te !on!ern" the 3eanin+ of 5anni7er"ar0,6 the 3atter i" one of !ontra!t inter*retation and the Union bear" the b2rden of *ro7in+ it" !ontention"# In it" anal0"i", the Union ha" failed to read the A+ree3ent a" a whole# Contrar0 to *rin!i*le" of !ontra!t inter*retation, the FO readin+ of Arti!le 4( wo2ld render other !ontra!t2al *ro7i"ion" 3eanin+le""# Arti!le $., Se!tion" $ and 4 wo2ld ha7e no rele7an!e were the Union to *re7ail in the !a"e at hand# >hen the *artie" ne+otiated Ste* F for the Ser+eant", the0 did not !han+e *la!e3ent on the *a0 "!ale 2*on *ro3otion into the ran; of Ser+eant# A**li!ation of Arti!le 4( a" now ar+2ed b0 the Union wo2ld ne+ate Arti!le $.#4 of the A+ree3ent# ra!ti!e e"tabli"he" that the Cit0 ha" !on"i"tentl0 a**lied Arti!le $.#4, *ro3otin+ atrol Offi!er" to the ran; of Ser+eant and *la!in+ the3 on the Ste* *ro+re""ion ba"ed 2*on earnin+"# (

Contra!t2al lan+2a+e "ho2ld be inter*reted in li+ht of it" *2r*o"e# El"ewhere in the A+ree3ent the *artie" addre"" lon+e7it0 and !o"t of li7in+ ad=2"t3ent"# Intent in ne+otiatin+ the Ste* *ro+re""ion i" to re!o+niIe on the =ob e9*erien!e# Th2", the *2r*o"e of Arti!le 4( i" rewardin+ ti3e in !la""ifi!ation and not total len+th of "er7i!e# 2r*o"e and intent in addin+ Ste* F for Ser+eant" ha" been de"!ribed b0 a 3e3ber of the ne+otiatin+ tea3 for the Union# Bi" te"ti3on0 e"tabli"he" the *ro*o"al of the Union wa" intended to a**l0 to one *er"on who alread0 had fifteen 8$.: 0ear" in ran; and wa" a**roa!hin+ retire3ent# Thi" intent i" f2rther e7iden!ed b0 the note in the Re*ort and Re!o33endation" of the fa!t&finder i""2ed in earl0 4'$4# Not onl0 i" the Cit0 *o"ition "2**orted b0 *rin!i*le" en2n!iated and e"tabli"hed b0 arbitral *re!edent, b2t it" ar+23ent on Arti!le 4( i" al"o !on"i"tent with r2le" of !ontra!t law in!l2din+ detri3ental relian!e, e@2itable e"to**el, and !on"tr2!tion a+ain"t the drafter# Ba"ed 2*on the fa!t" of thi" !a"e and a**li!ation of well e"tabli"hed tool" of inter*retation, the +rie7an!e "ho2ld be denied# Di"!2""ion" In di"*2te i" the *ro*er inter*retation of Arti!le 4( of the A+ree3ent between the *artie" whi!h "et" forth a a0 lan for the fo2r 8(: *o"ition" within the bar+ainin+ 2nit: Cler;, Co332ni!ation" O*erator, oli!e Offi!er and oli!e Ser+eant# 2r"2ant to the A+ree3ent, the *a0 rate for ea!h !la""ifi!ation *ro+re""e" alon+ 8): *a0 +rade" or "te*", A thro2+h F# rior a+ree3ent" had in!l2ded a Ste* F for Cler;" and oli!e Offi!er" b2t not for Co332ni!ation Offi!er" or Ser+eant"# D2rin+ ne+otiation" for the !2rrent Colle!ti7e Bar+ainin+ A+ree3ent, the *artie" added Ste* F for tho"e two !la""ifi!ation"# S*e!ifi!all0 in !ontention in thi" *ro!eedin+ i" the effe!ti7e date for the Ste* F *a0 in!rea"e for oli!e Ser+eant"# >hile the !ontra!t2al lan+2a+e "tate" the rai"e 5will ta;e effe!t on the e3*lo0eeE" $.th Anni7er"ar0,6 the *artie" differ a" to whether the anni7er"ar0 referen!e" 5date of hire6 or 5date in ran;#6 Th2", thi" +rie7an!e re@2ire" anal0"i" on the ba"i" of well e"tabli"hed *re!e*t" of !ontra!t inter*retation# Ambiguous Language In it" ar+23ent on thi" 3atter the FO !ontend" 5the *lain lan+2a+e of the a+ree3ent *ro7ide" for Ser+eant" to a!hie7e Ste* F on the $.th anni7er"ar0 fro3 date of hire6 8FO Brief, *# %:# A!t2all0, while the !ontra!t lan+2a+e "tate" Ste* A ta;e" effe!t on the 5e3*lo0eeE" date of hire,6 in "te*" "2b"e@2ent to A, the !ontra!t lan+2a+e doe" not "*e!if0 5date of hire#6 Rather, Ste*" B thro2+h F ta;e effe!t on a "*e!ified 5anni7er"ar0,6 with the !ontra!t bein+ "ilent a" to whether date of hire or date in ran; i" a**li!able# In the o*inion of the Arbitrator, thi" la!; of "*e!ifi!it0 doe", indeed, re"2lt in a3bi+2it0 in lan+2a+e, re@2irin+ anal0"i" on the ba"i" of *rin!i*le" of !ontra!t inter*retation# Altho2+h the Union ar+2e" that 5the onl0 wa0 for thi" Arbitrator to a!!e*t the E3*lo0erE" inter*retation wo2ld be to add lan+2a+e to Arti!le 4(,6 8Brief, *# .:, in fa!t, the FO inter*retation 3andate" the Arbitrator in"ert 5fro3 date of hire,6 f2rther definin+ the effe!ti7e date" for ea!h Ste*# A" noted b0 the FO , howe7er, the A+ree3ent 5*rohibit" the Arbitrator fro3 addin+ lan+2a+e to the A+ree3ent#6 Rather than 3odif0in+ !ontra!t lan+2a+e or !orre!tin+ draftin+ o3i""ion", the f2n!tion of the Arbitrator in !ontra!t inter*retation i""2e" i" to di"!ern intent a" e9*re""ed b0 the *artie"# To do "o, arbitrator" rel0 2*on a n23ber of well e"tabli"hed te!hni@2e" or tool"# Reading the Agreement as a Whole One *rin!i*le of inter*retation to whi!h arbitrator" adhere i" that a3bi+2o2" !ontra!t lan+2a+e "ho2ld not be inter*reted "o a" to render another *ro7i"ion 3eanin+le""# A**l0in+ that *re!e*t to the !a"e at hand, were the anni7er"ar0 date to referen!e date of hire, then a n23ber of other ne+otiated ter3" wo2ld be rendered 7oid# .

For e9a3*le, "in!e Arti!le $. of the A+ree3ent *ro7ide" that *ro3otion to Ser+eant re@2ire" a 3ini323 of fo2r 0ear" of "er7i!e a" a oli!e Offi!er, Ste*" B, C, D, and E, referrin+ re"*e!ti7el0 to $"t, 4nd, %rd and (th anni7er"arie", wo2ld ha7e no 3eanin+ for the ran; of Ser+eant 2nder the inter*retation "2++e"ted b0 the Union# Arti!le $.# 4, howe7er, *la!e" the Offi!er *ro3oted to Ser+eant on a "te* 5that *a0" at lea"t a fi7e *er!ent 8.C: in!rea"e in "alar0#6 Irre"*e!ti7e of date of hire, the *ro3oted Ser+eant will be *la!ed on that "te* whi!h *ro7ide" the !ontra!t2al .C in!rea"e in *a0# Anni7er"ar0, then, 32"t refer not to date of hire b2t to date in ran;# E9ten"i7e do!23entar0 and te"ti3onial e7iden!e re+ardin+ "te* *la!e3ent 2*on *ro3otion to Ser+eant wa" entered into the re!ord b0 the Cit0 8See Cit0 E9hibit" /&44:# Con"i"tentl0, e3*lo0ee" *ro3oted to the ran; of Ser+eant were *la!ed on *a0 "te*" that did not !orre"*ond with 0ear" of "er7i!e b2t whi!h did *ro7ide a .C in!rea"e in *a0# U*on *ro3otion Ser+eant" were *la!ed on "te*" lower than 0ear" with the De*art3ent# Th2", the arbitrator !annot !on!l2de that Ste*" a" *ro7ided in Arti!le 4( referen!e 0ear" of de*art3ental "er7i!e# Moreo7er, in readin+ the A+ree3ent a" a whole, when the *artie" intended 5total of len+th of "er7i!e6 to be a**li!able, the0 e9*re""ed that intent# >ithin the "a3e Arti!le, Se!tion 4(#% "et" forth lon+e7it0 benefit" ba"ed on 5total "er7i!e in the Chilli!othe oli!e De*art3ent#6 Si3ilarl0, Arti!le $( define" Seniorit0 a" 52ninterr2*ted "er7i!e6 to the oli!e De*art3ent# A!!ordin+l0, when the *artie" intended de*art3ental "er7i!e to be a**li!able, the0 2"ed lan+2a+e to !on7e0 that 3eanin+# Bargaining History Con"iderable te"ti3on0 wa" eli!ited at arbitration abo2t the bar+ainin+ hi"tor0 +i7in+ ri"e to the *re"ent lan+2a+e# Altho2+h the FO initiall0 "o2+ht addin+ a Ste* F for Co332ni!ation" Offi!er" and Ser+eant" d2rin+ the 4''/ ne+otiation", that *ro*o"al wa" dro**ed# Then, in 4'$$, the FO renewed it" effort" to "e!2re lan+2a+e e"tabli"hin+ Ste* F for the two !la""ifi!ation" whi!h, ine9*li!abl0, did not ha7e a Ste* F# rior to the *artie" +oin+ to fa!t&findin+ for the !2rrent 4'$4&4'$( A+ree3ent, the Cit0 a!!e*ted the Union *ro*o"al e"tabli"hin+ Ste* F for Ser+eant" and Co332ni!ation" Offi!er"# In hi" Fa!t&findin+ Re*ort and Re!o33endation", "2b3itted a" a 1oint E9hibit, C# Fore"t <2e"t note" that 5D2rin+ the"e di"!2""ion" the !it0 a+reed to 3a;e a**li!able Ste* F for e3*lo0ee" not *re7io2"l0 in!l2ded# C2rrentl0 that affe!t" % e3*lo0ee"6 81oint E9hibit %, *# ):# Li3ited "!o*e of the !o7era+e of the new lan+2a+e and the n23ber of e3*lo0ee" affe!ted b0 it wa" f2rther de"!ribed in the te"ti3on0 of Brenda <oheen, FO Chief Ne+otiator, and Charle" Ca3*bell, FO Bar+ainin+ Unit Chair3an, !alled a" a Cit0 witne""# In her te"ti3on0 <oheen "tated that "he 2nder"tood the new lan+2a+e wo2ld ha7e an i3*a!t 2*on three *eo*le, one or two of who3 were Ser+eant", the other8": bein+ in Di"*at!h 8See Tr# 4/:# Te"ti3on0 of Charle" Ca3*bell i" in a!!ord# >hen a";ed !on!ernin+ di"!2""ion" at the bar+ainin+ table re+ardin+ the n23ber of Ser+eant" affe!ted b0 the *ro*o"ed lan+2a+e, Ca3*bell re*lied 5>e di"!2""ed it wo2ld onl0 affe!t To3 C2nnin+ha3, who wa" !o3in+ 2* on hi" $. 0ear anni7er"ar0 a" "er+eant,6 8Tr# *# ?4:# Clearl0, at the table, the *artie" 2nder"tood anni7er"ar0 date referen!ed ti3e in ran;# F2rther when a";ed abo2t the o*erati7e date for Ste* F in the Ser+eant *ro+re""ion, Ca3*bell te"tified, 5The di"!2""ion that were 3ade with the !o33ittee fro3 the Union ne+otiation" and !on7er"ation" ar+2ed d2rin+ ne+otiation", it i" 30 2nder"tandin+ that Ste* F a" a "er+eant wo2ld ta;e *la!e when "o3eone ha" been a "er+eant for $. 0ear"6 8Tr# ?4:# Altho2+h in her te"ti3on0, <oheen "tate" the *artie" ne7er di"!2""ed an0 3e!hani!" at all, at the table or at fa!t&findin+ 8Tr# 4(:, the 2ndi"*2ted te"ti3on0 of Ca3*bell !onfir3" the bar+ainin+ !o33ittee 2nder"tood the new lan+2a+e wo2ld onl0 affe!t one Ser+eant, To3 C2nnin+ha3# Two 0ear" *rior, d2rin+ the 4''/&4'$$ ne+otiation", <oheen wa" al"o the Chief Ne+otiator for the Union# Re+ardin+ withdrawin+ the *ro*o"al for a "te* F at that ti3e, <oheen te"tified the 5>ell, at that ti3e there wa" nobod0 that wo2ld ha7e been dire!tl0 i3*a!ted b0 the&&&0o2 ;now, wo2ld ha7e +otten )

the in!rea"e6 8Tr# 44:# In fa!t, *2r"2ant to the UnionE" inter*retation of Arti!le 4(, with an e3*lo03ent date of Febr2ar0 4), $/?), To3 C2nnin+ha3 wo2ld ha7e been affe!ted then a" well# Indeed, a *er2"al of the indi7id2al e3*lo03ent !hart" "2b3itted b0 the Cit0, indi!ate" that a n23ber of e3*lo0ee", in!l2din+ Union witne"" 1a3e" Bartle0, e3*lo0ed the da0 after C2nnin+ha3, wo2ld ha7e been affe!ted had the intent been to 3ea"2re the anni7er"ar0 date for a Ste* F in!rea"e fro3 date of hire rather than fro3 date in ran; 8See Cit0 E9hibit" /&44:# Bar+ainin+ hi"tor0, then, wo2ld "2"tain the *o"ition ar+2ed b0 the Cit0 and indi!ate that the *artie" intended and 2nder"tood Ste* F to ta;e effe!t 2*on the anni7er"ar0 of fifteen 0ear" in ran; and not fifteen 0ear" total "er7i!e# Interpretation Against the Drafter Another +enerall0 held *rin!i*le i" that a3bi+2o2" lan+2a+e i" to be !on"tr2ed a+ain"t the *art0 that *ro*o"e" it# In thi" !a"e, the Union *ro*o"ed, in two "2!!e""i7e !ontra!t ne+otiation", the lan+2a+e now in !ontention# A" the *ro*onent of new lan+2a+e, the 5drafter6 bear" the re"*on"ibilit0 of en"2rin+ !larit0 of word !hoi!e, ta;in+ into a!!o2nt the A+ree3ent a" a whole and the a**li!ation or i3*a!t of the new lan+2a+e 2*on a bar+ainin+ 2nit# It i" in!23bent 2*on the Union to 3a;e !lear it" intent# A" the Arbitrator ha" fo2nd the ter3" of Arti!le 4( to be a3bi+2o2", the lan+2a+e "ho2ld be !on"tr2ed a+ain"t the Union# In it" Brief on thi" 3atter, the Union ar+2e" that 5If the E3*lo0er wanted to !han+e how the "er+eant" 3o7ed thro2+h the wa+e "!hed2le it had an obli+ation to 3a;e a !o2nter&*ro*o"al to the FO E" *ro*o"al6 8Br# *# (:# In fa!t, the Cit0 wa" not 3a;in+ an0 !han+e a" to how Ser+eant" *ro+re""ed on the wa+e "!hed2le# It wa" the Union that wa" addin+ a "te* and it, therefore, be!a3e the re"*on"ibilit0 of the Union to en"2re !larit0 in it" *ro*o"al# Settlement Discussions So3e te"ti3on0 wa" eli!ited !on!ernin+ an initial in!lination on the *art of the oli!e Chief to !on!2r with Union anal0"i" of the di"*2ted lan+2a+e# O7er an ob=e!tion b0 the Cit0 to the ad3i""ion of "ettle3ent di"!2""ion, the Arbitrator *er3itted introd2!tion of the te"ti3on0 re+ardin+ !on7er"ation" the Chief had had with the Union <rie7an!e Chair !on!ernin+ Arti!le 4( *rior to the filin+ of the written +rie7an!e# Sin!e the 5e7iden!e6 a**ear" in the +rie7an!e for3 it"elf, there i" no *re=2di!e to the Union in *er3ittin+ the e7iden!e into the re!ord# Het, a willin+ne"" of the Chief to "ettle i" not !on!l2"i7e a" to 32t2al intent# Clearl0, the di"!2""ion" of the Chief were not 3ade in !on"2ltation with Cit0 *er"onnel or with an0 re7iew of the di"*2ted ter3"# U*on f2rther anal0"i" and in !on!ert with other Cit0 offi!ial", !on!2rren!e of the Chief with the Union wa" withdrawn# In the o*inion of the Arbitrator, the *reli3inar0 di"!2""ion" do not bind the Cit0 in thi" 3atter# Initial rea!tion" *rior to thoro2+h e9a3ination of the i""2e" and do!23entation *ertainin+ thereto do not !on!l2"i7el0 e"tabli"h *o"ition" in a !ontra!t di"*2te# Indeed, in !ontra!t anal0"i", a fir"t re"*on"e i" not ne!e""aril0 the final deter3ination, for an arbitrator an0 3ore than for the oli!e Chief# Avoidance of Incongruity In "2**ort of it" *o"ition, the Union a""ert" the inter*retation ar+2ed b0 the Cit0 ha" the *otential for an illo+i!al !on"e@2en!e whi!h the *artie" !o2ld not *o""ibl0 ha7e intended# B0*otheti!all0, an Offi!er *ro3oted to Ser+eant after fifteen 0ear" of "er7i!e wo2ld ha7e to wait another fifteen 0ear" to a!hie7e Ste* F, wherea" an Offi!er *ro3oted to Ser+eant after fo2r 0ear" wo2ld onl0 ha7e to wait nineteen 0ear"# The arbitrator find", howe7er, that thi" o2t!o3e i" di!tated a" 32!h b0 the "2**o"itio2" !areer *ath" of the h0*otheti!al offi!er" a" it i" b0 !ontra!t lan+2a+e# Indeed, there i" no e7iden!e that an0 3ore "enior bar+ainin+ 2nit 3e3ber i" *re"entl0 in the *o"ition "2++e"ted b0 the Union# J

Arbitration de!i"ion" 32"t be ba"ed 2*on fa!t" rather than 2*on "2**o"itional "it2ation"# In the f2t2re "ho2ld a !a"e ari"e a" now "2r3i"ed b0 the Union, then the Union ha" the o**ort2nit0 to ne+otiate a !ontra!t 3odifi!ation, a" it did for Ser+eant C2nnin+ha3# It i" not the *rero+ati7e of the arbitrator, howe7er, to re3ed0 non&e9i"tent wron+"# Ba"ed 2*on the e7iden!e *re"ented, no Offi!er i" !2rrentl0 affe!ted b0 the lan+2a+e in the 3anner theoriIed b0 the Union# Additional ity Arguments In it" brief, the Cit0 3ade a n23ber of additional ar+23ent" !on!ernin+ *rin!i*le" of !ontra!t inter*retation# Sin!e thi" di"*2te !an be re"ol7ed on the ba"i" of tho"e di"!2""ed abo7e, it i" not ne!e""ar0 to "!r2tiniIe detri3ental relian!e, e@2itable e"to**el, or 3i"re*re"entation# Den0in+ the +rie7an!e, the Arbitrator relie" "olel0 2*on tho"e *rin!i*le" *re7io2"l0 addre""ed# Con!l2"ion" The Arbitrator ha" fo2nd that the !ontra!t2al lan+2a+e in Arti!le 4( *ertainin+ to the attainin+ Ste* F for oli!e Ser+eant" i", indeed, a3bi+2o2"# U*on anal0"i" of *rin!i*le" of !ontra!t inter*retation, the Arbitrator ha" fo2nd that the Anni7er"ar0 date referen!ed in Arti!le 4( relate" to 0ear" in ran; and not, a" ar+2ed b0 the Union, 0ear" of "er7i!e# To attain Ste* F, Ser+eant" 32"t ha7e held that ran; for fifteen 0ear"#

Award The +rie7an!e i" hereb0 denied#

"A" Mar+aret Nan!0 1ohn"on

Dated and 3ade effe!ti7e in the Cit0 of Chilli!othe, Ro"" Co2nt0, Ohio, thi" %rd da0 of De!e3ber, 4'$%#

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