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Leaders are Made.

I Am One.

For nearly a year, prospective students have been encouraged to “BE ONE.” Of course, this related to “THE
400” marketing campaign that was rolled out last September. On August 7th, over eighty incoming fresh-
men participated in the Freshmen Orientation program and received t-shirts that stated “I AM ONE.” The
program was designed to help the students get acquainted with their new surroundings, as well as their new
classmates. After lunch, the freshmen were taught the BC Fight Song, with the help of senior leaders Matt
Shay, Jason Zettler, Nick Wright, Josh Whelan and Joey Friess. The freshmen were then divided into their
homerooms and given valuable information to make their transition to BC a smooth one. The highlight of
the program was the War Ball tournament amongst the four freshmen homerooms. Led by Coach Helton,
Homeroom C-2 claimed the championship trophy. It was a fun day, however not all freshmen were able to
participate. Due to the opportunity to enroll more students under the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program,
BC will be adding more students to the freshmen class just in time for the start of school. The Class of 2013
is expected to have over ninety Cadets once school starts!

Written by: Will Fleming ‘01, Director of Admissions

August 2009
Letter from the Principal...
Dear Benedictine Family, Board of Directors
It seems like yesterday I was wishing you all a wonderful
summer, and here we are at the beginning of a new academics Officers
year! My thanks to our staff who worked through the sum-
mer bringing closure to some tasks, continuing others, and Chairman:
preparing for this new year.
Mr. William E. Schmitt
The faculty returned for our first day of Pre-Planning activities on August 6th. It was Vice Chairman:
nice to see everyone greeting one another, sharing summer stories, “talking shop” Mr. J. Marc Friday ‘78
and doing all that is necessary to be ready for the return of our students on August
13th. There is truly so much more to being a teacher than most folks know. As a Secretary/Treasurer:
young teacher many, many (many, many!) years ago, it used to bother me when folks Mr. Jeffrey A. Iannone ‘87
in other professions would say things like, “Teachers have it so easy. You’re off all
summer and you get all those vacations.” Not that these aren’t facts, but in my mind
I always said, “You think it’s so easy to have 100 kids in front of you all day, standing Board of Directors
all alone in front of them while they wait (or not!) for you to teach them something,
Mr. Odilo Blanco ‘55
with all their different personalities and characters, ability levels and….”. I could go
on and on. I do know there is no more noble and rewarding vocation than that of being Rev. Robert E. Chaney ‘78
a teacher. Those of us who, as eighteen-year-olds, head off to college with the intent
Mr. Joseph M. Gannam ‘77
of being a teacher know what I mean. When you choose education as your major,
you have made a decision that will impact thousands of young lives in their course Dr. Joseph K. Hogan ‘82
of your career.
John E. Jaugstetter, Ph.D ‘55
I would like to publicly thank our faculty for all they are and all they do. I have never Rev. Philip Kanfush, O.S.B.
worked with a finer, more dedicated group of professionals. We welcome three new
faculty members to our family this year. Jacob Horne will be in our Social Studies Rev. Michael J. Kavanaugh ‘76
Department, Ana Gerry joins our Mathematics Department, and Shelly Roberts, in Sister Johanna Maguire, R.S.M.
January, will be teaching Latin in our Foreign Language Department. Each is most
qualified to be with and will do a wonderful job with our Cadets. When you meet Mr. Thomas J. Mahoney III ‘81
them, you’ll agree. I am also pleased and proud to introduce you to our two new ad- Dr. James W. Miller
ministrators. Mark Stroud has been appointed Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
and Instruction and Fr. Anthony Wesolowski will be our Assistant to the Principal for Hon. Mary Kathryn H. Moss
Instructional Technology and Academic Research. I look forward to an exemplary Mr. Walter B. Murphy III ‘71
administrative team serving our faculty and students.
Mr. William E. Schmitt
As important as all of the above is, nothing is more notable that our Cadets coming to Mr. William W. Shearouse, Jr. ‘66
Registration on Friday, August 7th. The seniors had their Senior Breakfast while the
Juniors registered, followed by the registration of seniors, then the sophomores and, Sister Lourdes Sheehan, R.S.M.
finally, the freshmen. You’d have chuckled as we did to see some of the boys shav- Mrs. Kathy H. Siler
ing and trimming one another’s hair in the parking lot. They know what to do! Our
freshmen had their Orientation that afternoon, getting to know one another, learning Rt. Rev. Placid D. Solari, O.S.B.
and having fun at the same time. Mr. Donald M. Thompson ‘65

Our first day of school is Thursday, August 13th and thus begins “The Year of BC Mr. O.C. Welch III ‘73
Family”. May this be the best year yet for us all. Dr. Edward J. Whelan III ‘71

Warm regards,

Deborah A. Antosca, Ed.D.

The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009
Letter from the Headmaster...
I have the sense that I am writing to the many of the most committed people that I am
likely to meet. In spite of the economic times, BC parents and alumni have reserved
the means to continue to support our school to an unprecedented degree. I can’t
begin to imagine what sacrifices so many of you have made in order to continue
that effort. During the past year you allowed us to have our most successful Annual
Fund drive and Auction, ever. Thanks to your sacrifices and the great efforts of our
Annual Fund Coordinator, Greg Markiton, his tri-chairs, Don Thompson, Henry Hall
and Bill Shearouse their captains, enrollers and callers BC realized over $300,000.

The same was true for our Auction. Under the leadership of Maria Oxnard and Dianne Plunk the Auction
raised over $80,000 for the school; again, a new fund raising height was reached. In both cases, these
impressive results were all the more appreciated when seen in the light of the economic times. I cannot
thank you enough.

I just heard that the Vic Mell/Jim Walsh Golf Tournament had a capacity number of teams register for the
event. My thanks to go out to Gene Hahne, Harry South, Jimmy Rourke, and John Mell for their great
efforts in organizing this event which so greatly supports our students.

As most of you have long known, we will begin our school year without one of our Icons, Coach Harry
Deal. It won’t be the same not having Coach inviting himself into offices, calling sponsors for the football
program, or waiting on the sidelines for the game to begin, Coach was a fixture here and he will be greatly
missed. He helped to make BC what it is. May he rest in peace.

As we usher in the new school year I am enormously grateful to the many who in their own way made BC
possible for another generation of students. Thank you for all that you have done.


Fr. Frank, O.S.B.


August Faculty and Staff Birthdays

Buddy Vars - 8/6

Joe Tvrdy - 8/13
Pam Veiock - 8/25
Tentative 2009-2010 Calendar - Updated 8.3.09
August 6, 7,10,11,12 Faculty Pre-planning Days
August 13 First day of school for students – ½ day
August 14 Vic Mell/Jim Walsh - Football 101 for Women
August 15 Football Scrimmage vs. Jenkins
September 7 Labor Day (Holiday)
September 10 Meet the Teachers Night
September 12 Commissioning
September 16 Mid-quarter
Ft. Stewart Band (Special Schedule)
September 19 Savannah Academy Day
October 5,6 Georgia Finance Commission
October 9 Homecoming / Senior Night
October 12 Columbus Day (Holiday)
October 14 Terra Nova Part I – Seniors
PSAT – Sophomores & Juniors
Freshmen Retreat
October 15 Terra Nova Part II Seniors, Part I Sophomores
ASVAB – Juniors
Freshmen Retreat
October 16 End 1st quarter
November 11 Veteran’s Day (Holiday)
November 18 Mid-quarter
November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holidays
December 15 Financial Aid Day
December 15, 16, 17, 18 Semester Exams
December 18 End 1st semester
December 22 – January 4 Christmas Holidays
January 4 Faculty and Students return
January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Holiday)
February 5 Mid-quarter
February 12 International Day
February 15 Presidents’ Day (Holiday)
February 25 Regional Formal Inspection (RFI)
March 12 End 3rd quarter
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
March 18 BC Holiday
April 1 Holy Thursday - Holiday
April 2 Good Friday - Holiday
April 5-9 Spring Break (Holidays)
April 12 Classes resume
April 17 Prom
April 23 Mid-quarter
April 25 Mother / Son Dance
May 3-14 AP EXAM dates
May 4 Honors Day
May 10, 11, 12 Senior Exams
May 11 Senior Review
Senior Dinner
May 13 Senior Inspection
May 14 Graduation Rehearsal 9:00 AM
May 16 Graduation – 3:30 PM
May 24-27 Underclassmen Final Exams
End 4th quarter
End 2nd semester
May 28 – June 4 Faculty Post- Planning Days
May 31 Memorial Day (Holiday)

The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009

JROTC - Camp Blue Heron
This summer, the Benedictine Cadets fell into formation and
attended Camp Blue Heron for military camp. Each day, Ca-
dets woke up early and participated in P.T. After exercises,
they ate breakfast and prepared for the upcoming challenges
of the day. Each challenge was accomplished at a steady pace
set by the cadre members, in preparation of the Blue Heron
Challenge. The Blue Heron challenge takes place on the last
day of camp.

It is a race between the three companies for the Honor Company Award. In order to complete the Blue Heron
Challenge, each company takes the knowledge and skill they have learned from the past week and uses it in
the competition. The Blue Heron Challenge consists of various tasks that have to be successfully completed
by your team’s effort and determination relative to the obstacle ahead. These tasks include: Rope Bridge,
High Copes, Low Copes, Drown Proofing and Land Navigation Construction. First Aid, Liter Carry, and the
Road March are the most physically demanding, and require the most teamwork for the cadre to observe. This
military camp taught cadets how to use learned skills, teamwork and develop strategic operational relation-
ships with cadets from surrounding area schools. The cadre members that represented Benedictine were: LTC
Owens, CW4 Schaefer, CW3 Carl, and MSG Osorio. There were three returning cadets that helped assist
MSG Osorio in the First Aid and Liter Carry: Jason Zettler, Tucker Stewart and Asa Anderson. Benedictine’s
Conrad Tebyanian-Haro got the distinguished honorary cadet award for his company.
-- Written by Asa Anderson, Senior

“You Get the Best of Both Worlds”

Starting July 20th and continuing through July 24th the BC campus
was inundated with something we don’t see very often around here,
140 girls ages 4 to 11 who were attending this year’s BC Mini Cheer
Camp led by the BC Cheerleaders. This year’s cheerleading team is
led by Seniors Alyssa Barnhill (Captain), Dria DeLoach, and Meg
Massey. Returning Juniors are: Victoria McCuen (Co-Captain) and
Toni Gallo. And new to the team this year are Sophomores Willa
Bouy, Hannah Kicklighter, Hayle Mathis, Megan Mowers, Emily
O’Connor, Jordan Spivey, and Katelyn Whelan. The theme of camp
was the popular Disney character Hannah Montana played by Miley
Cyrus. In fact, this year’s theme statement was “You Get the Best of
Both Worlds at BC Mini Camp” and boy did attendees ever! Girls
were treated to a week worth of learning cheers, chants, dances and
jumps culminating in an exhibition for their parents held on Friday.
Participants came from all over Chatham County and included teams
from St. Peter the Apostle, Hancock Day School, and St. James. The
BC Cheerleaders would like to thank each of the girls who attended
and hope that we see everyone at next year’s camp!

The BC Cheerleaders not only held camp this year, but attended a Universal Cheerleading Association camp as
well. The Cheerleaders spent a jam packed two days learning new cheers, chants and dances and came away from
camp being named a Superior Squad for the second year in a row!
The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009
2009 Football Outlook Written by : Mark Stroud ‘85

The 2009 Cadet Football Team has been hard at work during the summer
off season lifting weights and participating in throwing drills with local high
schools. The coaching staff, while looking much the same has a new leader
in Mark Stroud ’85. Formerly the Defensive Coordinator, Coach Stroud steps
up to the Head Coach position this year and is eager to make his mark. The
offense this season will be different than teams in the past as the Cadets will
open up the offense by getting their playmakers the ball more while relying on
the Super 11 pick John Williams to bolster the run game. Alex Hunt is back to
lead the wide open offense at QB while having playmakers in Michael Sum-
mers, Howie Pavlo and Joey Friess.

The defense will rely on the experience of Matthew Shay (28 starts) to lead
them throughout the year. The defense will be multiple to counter the differ-
ent sets they will see throughout the season. The strength of the defense will
be the front seven, and look for the strength of the senior returners: Andrew Johnson, Colin Oxnard, Ira Jones and
Taylor Robinson to add considerably.

The kicking game will also be strong as Luke Boyd and James Deal will share the field goals and kickoff duties,
while Alex Hunt will return as the punter.


Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House

has designated October 12th as
BC Family Night
Here’s your chance to eat a great meal
and support BC at the same time!

On October 12th, head into Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House

and let your server know that you are a BC supporter and
25% of your payment will be donated back to Benedic-

The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009

Welcome to the returning and the “new” students. We look for-
ward to a very exciting year as your PTO Presidents. Our goal
is to bring Benedictine to a higher level of communication and
participation. We need all of you (parents & students) to help in
this process. Without you, our school would be the ordinary...we
are the “extra-ordinary”! We feel privileged to have people with
such energy and dedication that have dedicated their time to the
PTO. We have so much confidence the PTO Officers / support

We would like to introduce you to the officers for this years’

Secretary: Barbara Hook
Treasurer: Carolyn Diaz

The PTO is here to make the “connection”! Please join us in any capacity this year.
If you missed our table at registration don’t worry, you can contact us or any of the officers and we would
be glad to discuss volunteer opportunities!

Brigitte Rentiers and Susanna Powers

PTO President CO- PTO President

The BC Cadet Shop

Come visit the Cadet Shop! The Cadet Shop has
all of your clothing and accessory needs to put
you in the BC spirit including PE uniforms, string bags, gym bags as well as BC spirit
wear! Remember, all proceeds from The Cadet Shop go back into the school. We look
forward to seeing you! The Cadet Shop will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from
7:30-8:30am during the school year and open the first week of school everyday from
7:30-8:30am. The Cadet Shop plans to expand store hours this school year and are
always available by appointment. Drop by, the ladies of The Cadet Shop look forward
to meeting you!

Please call Betty Shay (691-5729) or Paula Summerlin (352-4543) for additional infor-

The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009

Exploring the Galapagos Islands
A typical summer vacation for most of us probably includes a trip to Florida, or for the lucky ones, a trip to Eu-
rope, some shopping, some beach time…how many of us entertain the idea of spending eleven days traveling and
exploring the archipelago known as the Galapagos Islands? Well for one of our distinguished faculty members,
Brennan Lemieux ’01 (Biology), that idyllic dream became a reality during the month of May 2009.

Mr. Lemieux was originally presented with the opportunity to travel

to the Galapagos Islands during his studies in the Masters of Biology
program at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA.
It was at Georgia College where Mr. Lemieux met and worked with Dr.
Kenneth Saladin who invited him to participate in the excursion.

The trip began with 2 nights spent in Quito, Ecuador which included a
trip to the Cotopaxi National Park to see the world’s tallest active volca-
no. After the visit to Quito, the excursion group flew 600 miles west to
the Galapagos Islands where they boarded an 85ft. yacht which consist-
ed of 3 decks and a crew of 5. The group, made up of college professors
Mr. Lemieux and his traveling companions tried on
from Georgia College and current Masters Program students traveled to empty tortoise shells to see what life is like for the
eleven islands studying biological elements and animals, participated Galapagos tortoise.
in snorkeling adventures, and
visited, among many places, Pinnacle Rock. Pinnacle Rock is home to
aquatic life such as sea lions and penguins…yes, penguins. The Gala-
pagos penguins were brought to the Galapagos Islands via the Humbodlt
Current which brings cold waters and nutrients north from Antarctica.

Through the vast experiences provided to Mr. Lemieux through this trip,
he says that his favorite part was “getting to experience the biological
diversity found only on the Galapagos Island archipelago. This diversity
is unlike that you can ex-
Mr. Lemiuex pictured with a group of Galapagos
perience anywhere else in
sea lions found on Sante Fe Island. the world.” Mr. Lemieux
looks forward to bring-
ing the experiences and
knowledge that he gathered while on his trip back to his students in
the form of his Biology classes this school year.

As if traveling to the Galapagos Islands this summer weren’t

enough, Mr. Lemieux also spent a great deal of time reworking his
thesis and performing additional research to get it ready for publi-
cation. This process includes putting together new information on One of 12,000 breeding pairs of Waved Albatrosses found
a species of aquatic beetles that had previously not been described. on Espanola Island. These birds mate for life, so they
find each other year after year to produce only one egg
Look for Mr. Lemieux’s thesis research to be published sometime
person season.
next year.

The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009

Only 194 Days Until A Night in Ol’ BC!

Save The Date!

A Night
In Ol’
February 27, 2010
The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009
BC SAT “Top Gun” Display

Written by: Jan Rogers

and Larry McDonald
GUIDANCE There is a new student recognition
display located in the hallway in
front of the BC Guidance office.
This display recognizes students
from the class of 2009 and thereaf-
ter by their SAT scores. Scores are
determined by adding the Critical
Reading plus Mathematics scores from a single sitting of an SAT test. The highest
possible score is: CR (800) + Mathematics (800) for a total of 1600. The scores are
arranged as follows: 1300 Club, 1400 Club, and the 1500 Club. The highest score
achieved is labeled “Top Gun” and is displayed at the top. At present, Andrew
Whelan holds the “Top Gun” spot.

Three individuals from the Class of 2009 have qualified for the display. They are
(in alpha order): Pearson Beasley, Brian Haggerty, and Kevin Lewis.

To date, six individuals have qualified from the Class of 2010. They are (again,
in alpha order): Phillip Conlee, Joseph Friess, Ryan Salmon, Will Summerlin, An-
drew Whelan, and Josh Whelan.

Congratulations to all!! Good Luck to all future “top guns”!

A New BC Tradition Written by :Carl Moore

In an effort to constantly broaden our offerings, both academic

and athletic, BC announced at the end of last year a new tradi-
tion that is set to begin in the spring. BC Lacrosse. In prepara-
tion for the season, in July, three cadets, Scott Mowers, Robert
Crider and Jake Adair participated in the USMA Lacrosse Skills
Clinic at West Point. Together they racked up several awards and
accolades: Scott Mowers was named Best Attack with 29 points
and an equal number of assists, Jake Adair was named Most Im-
proved, with 15 points and Bobby Crider scored 10 points while
attending the camp. These camp performances definitely set the
stage in a positive light for our upcoming Lacrosse season. Give
these cadets a “high five” when you see them and remember to
support them during our football and lacrosse seasons.


The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009

BC is Reaching for the GOAL!
A recent $600,000 donation to BC’s GOAL (Greater Opportunities for Access
to Learning) from an anonymous benefactor is providing at least 15 public
high school students the opportunity to attend the private school for up to four
years. This appears to be the largest donation to date in this area as part of
Georgia’s relatively new school choice program venture.

“We are honored to receive such a generous donation and are actively seeking
students who meet the eligibility criteria so that they can attend our school beginning this school year,”
Pam Veiock, BC’s Director of Marketing & Public Relations said. “This extremely generous donation
will provide many benefits to prospective students, the school and the community. The 15 students that
meet the program’s eligibility criteria will also benefit from help with school tuition and fees. And, in
conjunction with the GOAL program, additional aid may be available from the Benedictine Financial Aid

“This is a win-win-win for scholarship recipients, private schools such as BC and Georgia taxpayers,”
Veiock added. “Our BC parents, alumni and corporate supporters love the idea of being able to re-direct
some of their Georgia income taxes to such a worthwhile scholarship program.”

Students eligible for GOAL must currently be enrolled in Georgia public schools. It is recommended that
their parents’ combined income not exceed $88,000 annually in order to receive funding (no more than
85%) towards private school tuition and fees. A student cannot enroll in a private school until they have
received GOAL approval.

The GOAL program is funded by Georgia individual and corporate taxpayer contributions to qualified
student scholarship organizations (SSO). BC recently became involved with the GOAL program and the
$600,000 marks its first major GOAL donation. A 2008 Georgia law now allows Georgia taxpayers to
receive Georgia tax credits for their contributions to SSOs. Individual taxpayers can receive a Georgia
income tax credit for contributions of up to $1,000; married couples can contribute up to $2,500 and re-
ceive a corresponding tax credit. “C” corporations may contribute up to 75% of their Georgia income tax
liability and receive a corresponding Georgia income tax credit. In all cases, a Federal charitable income
tax deduction is available.

Benedictine is especially excited about participation in the GOAL Scholarship Program because since
there are now funds that can be specifically allocated to public school students through the GOAL pro-
gram, it allows for funds that would be used from the Benedictine Financial Aid account to be available
for Catholic school students. In a sense, all Benedictine students benefit from the GOAL Scholarship

To learn more about BC’s GOAL program or to make a donation please visit www.thebc400.com or read
additional information about GOAL at www.goalscholarship.org.

Save the Date!

BC Christmas Concert at the Cathedral
December 13, 2009

The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009

Campus Ministry
By: Fr. Ronald Gatman, O.S.B. - Campus Minister


Recently, Dr. Antosca has chosen as the theme for this com-
ing school year, “The Year of the BC Family”. I would like
to take a moment and reflect upon the meaning of family, at
least as I understand it from my upbringing. My mother and
father were married for some 48 years. They brought into this
world four children, my two brothers, my sister, and myself.
We lived in a small cottage in a place called Latonia, Ken-
tucky. My father worked at a number of jobs throughout the
years as we grew up, as did my mother. My brothers and my
sister and I attended 9th District School in Latonia, which went to the 6th grade (later to the 7th or 8th
grade I believe). After the sixth grade we ‘boys’ went to Holmes High School in Covington, Ky. which
had classes from the 7th grade to the 12th inclusive. I graduated from that school in 1961, so by now, if
you don’t know already, I am an “old coot”. My sister was sent to our parish high school, Holy Cross
High School, and graduated from there. We grew up in a family where there were arguments between my
father and mother, between the kids and our parents, and between the children themselves. Arguing among
ourselves was not a problem, we did it, it passed away, and we went on. It wasn’t a problem because our
family was rooted in care and concern for one another, we loved each other. We didn’t have everything
that we wanted, but we had everything that we needed. We criticized each other if we felt that one or the
other was doing something wrong. We were taught to be honest, not to lie, and to help one another. We
worked and played with one another and our neighbors and relatives. In short, we had a good life. It was
only many years later after I grew up that I learned, as I have related to some, that we were “poor”. I was
surprised to hear that, it never crossed my mind. We had a wonderful life, loving and supporting one an-
other. Yes we had our faults as all families do, but we saw that as just a part of the package that we call life.
You go through things, you take your knocks, but you never let it get you down, you maintain a positive
attitude, because the world is good. God himself, attested to this fact at the end of His creation when He
looked around at all that He had made and saw that it was “very good.”

BC is a family. It contains many of the elements that are found in my own family. It has father figures,
mother figures, and the young men who attend it form a band of brothers, who always get along with
each other perfectly well. (Sure.) In my own family we studied, we learned, and we grew into adults who
were able to make our way in the world. It is the same with the BC family. There are ups and downs, but
the overall thrust is to become more, to grow and to develop into a wholesome and balanced person. And
this does not go just for the students but for everyone involved, faculty, staff, parents. When your family
joins our BC family it will experience ‘growing pains’. That is because when a person is growing they are
shedding the old self and becoming something new, and that shedding is painful at times. What is stripped
away is the old selfish, self-centered self, the loss of which hurts, but at the same time they are acquiring
a sense of community with its attendant demands upon the person for service to it.

And the interesting thing about a family, if it is a true family in the best sense of the word, is that there
is “not a weed” in it, only flowers in various stages of blooming. None of us is a weed, none of us is un-
wanted, all are people of value and importance. It couldn’t be otherwise, since God made all of us, and
The Banner • Benedictine Military School • August 2009
Campus Ministry
found us ‘very good’. Sometimes people don’t recognize the worth of others
and they go around uprooting or mowing down those that they perceive as ‘unde-
sirable’. This idea was brought home to me this summer when I went to our Benedictine motherhouse, St. Vincent
Archabbey in Latrobe, Pa. In addition to the paid grounds keepers, various monks tend to areas of the landscape.
Fr. Fred, our Vocation Director, looks after flowers that grow between our basilica and the St. Gregory Chapel.
Near a side entrance to the church I noticed a plant that was newly imbedded. It had a sign alongside it that simply
said, “Not a Weed”. One day Fred was out working in his ‘garden’ and I commented upon the sign. He said that
he had to put up that sign because others, unaware of its preciousness would come along and pull it up or cut it
down,not recognizing it for what it truly was, a flower.

There are no weeds at BC, only flowers that at times are disguised as weeds. If we rush through life and fail to
‘stop and smell the roses’ we might eradicate all that we feel is in our way that we find inconvenient and is keeping
us from wherever it is that we think we are going. One of the great assets of the BC family, being a true family, is
that like a true family it is patient with those who belong to it, allowing them to make mistakes and to grow. When
mistakes are made, the children are not uprooted and thrown away, but are tended to and nurtured so that expe-
riencing loving care they may eventually blossom and bear fruit. This attitude reflects a teaching of Fr. Andrew
Cusack that it would do well for all of us to learn, (and it may take some time),he says, “No one is a problem to
solve, everyone is a person to love.” Here at BC we are about the commandment that Jesus gave to His disciples,
“Love one another, as I have loved you.” It is only in the light of love that we can truly grow and become our true
self, the self that God intended us to be. This is what we desire for all in our BC family, but most of all for our
young men. When I see where they start as freshmen at BC and where they end up as seniors, I am reminded of a
beautiful verse that the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis put into the mouth of a poet in one of his novels. It was
the dead of winter and everything was bleak and bare on the landscape. The poet encountered an almond tree and
addressing it said, “Sister, speak to me of God, and the almond tree blossomed.” May we all emulate that almond
tree and grow in grace and favor in the sight of God, thus bringing glory to Him who so loved the world that He
gave His only begotten Son to save all of us. Amen.

Fr. Raymond Geyer: 1922 - 2009

Father Raymond Geyer, a monk and priest of Belmont Abbey for more than
sixty years, died peacefully on July 26. The son of Joseph A. Geyer and Kath-
ryn Nuwer Geyer, Father Raymond was born on September 24, 1922, in Lan-
caster, New York. Father Raymond entered the novitiate for Belmont and
made his first profession of vows on July 2, 1943. He was solemnly professed
on July 11, 1946, and ordained a priest on June 4, 1949. In addition to his ser-
vice at Belmont Abbey and in Richmond, VA, Father Raymond was assigned
to Sacred Heart Priory, Savannah, GA, where he taught at Benedictine Mili-
tary School from 1950 to 1959. He is survived by his brother, Father Kenneth
Geyer, O.S.B., and the monks of Belmont Abbey, by his sister-in-law, Mrs.
Robert Geyer, of Lancaster, New York.

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