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Dream Home Shelter

The study of the knowledge and psychology behind child abuse.

Interviewing a professional in the area of child abuse, and we could find out how the childs mind and behavior s affected afterwards. This view is genuinely part of the psychological aspect. Through various steps, the interviews to different subjects were made. The main goal was to determine the

knowledge educated children have of this social problem and to determine the frequencies, causes and predominates in the social problem. After collecting the information, we found that the psychological aspect n child abuse is very present, whether it was to treat or to cause pain. Also, we found that children have the knowledge to be able to identify and stop child abuse, which means they are part of the knowledgeable future.


It is simple to know something is bad but, do we know the reasons why it is bad? There is awareness in the prevention of child abuse but this awareness many times does not go beyond a childs point of view. Interviewing individuals to realize their knowled ge will not only benefit future minds, but also test the knowledge and awareness of kids and adults, in the topic of child abuse. Child abuse is more than bruises or broken bones... -HelpGuide.org Under the circumstances of being abused, many children stay silent. Perhaps, theyre too young to realize whats being done to them is not love. The importance of children being conscious about the social problem helps them identify if theyre being abused or if someone else is being abused. Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse and in 2010 they reached a total of 1,537 child murders.
What would be the cause of this? Is there a psychological aspect involved? Interviewing a professional in the area of child abuse, and we could find out how the childs mind and behavior s affected afterwards. Another important view would have to be the psychological view of the aggressor.

No one would want an innocent child to suffer from child abuse, so its important that their informed and aware of what child abuse is. Treatment would also be important to people suffering from any mental illness, treatment will heal past injures and help the people grow.

First Step To follow the instructions, questions were formulated to satisfy the psychological aspects of child abuse, and to provide a complete investigation formulation. Since the subjects of the interview range from ages, different questions were asked to each. The interview consisted of around 7 questions to each candidate of interview. Second Step I called to set a date and time for the interview in El Hogar del Nio and arranged to meet with Olga Rodriguez (Member coordinator of the shelter) also an interviewee. Third Step I met with Olga and interviewed her. The interview lasted around 13 minutes and these 13 minutes were recorded with my cell phones audio. Later on I interviewed the following participants: Yoskairi and Denissa, my younger cousins. Fourth Step The recorded interviews were acknowledged afterwards and they were evaluated to formulate a chart where a comparison between childrens answers and a professionals answers contrast.

Olgas Answers Theres abuse in different ways, physical, neglect, or emotional. We usually know the kid suffered due to their behaviour when they arrive. Negligence is very present in the shelters cases. Physical abuse is not so present in the shelters cases. Definitely! Aggressors must have some psychological damage or background that prevents them from having a stable mind. They tend to reflect their past abusive life, on the children. They must break the cycle. A child in this institution is well-roundedly developed so they get the benefit of having a normal life. We have psychologists in our institution for emotional support and nuns for the spiritual well-being. The mental damage is the root where everything leads to affect. Giving a good life quality to the child matters a lot when it comes to building a child. We offer discipline and order to build the children. Childrens Answers Denissa: I dont know what it is. Yoskairis: Abuse is when a kid gets hit. Denissa: Ill feel bad if mom hits me. Yoskairis:Me too. Denissa: Dad calls me names but its fine. I get over it. Yoskairis: It could be just kidding! But i will feel bad. Denissa: I would call the police myself if a kid is abused. Yoskairis: I would talk with the parent to tell them to stop and if they dont stop, I will call the police. Denissa:I think insults hurt more than hitting. Yoskairis:I think hitting hurts because it hurts. Denissa: I think a parent should respect their son or daughter too. Yoskairis: I think parents should talk to their children.


The purpose of both interviews was different. The purpose of the interview to the younger children was to determine the knowledge educated children have of this social problem while the purpose of interviewing a knowledgeable professional, that is involved with the social problem, was to determine the frequencies, causes and predominates in the social problem. Conclusion of childrens response: Since child abuse is a common and horrible situation, children DO know and they get informed in news and around. They could identify when theyre being abused yet, help is never too bad. Professionals Conclusion: The emotional aspect of an abused child is essential to rebuild after suffering any abuse. This hurt affects the behavior of children and could affect their future development.

With the results acquired I was able to incorporate psychology into child abuse and see how this worldwide problem is treated in a intellectual way. Speaking with the kids I realized that they know, because they get informed, yet it is necessary to provide the tools to all children so they can recognize when abuse is occurring.

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APPENDIX Letter Evidence:

Letter sent:
Hogar de nias de cupey Carr 176 Km 4.2, Cupey Alto PO Box 20667 San Juan, PR Good evening, I am a representative of Dream Home Shelter. Recently I arrived at your institution and conducted an interview. In this interview various topics related to child abuse were present. I write this letter to report the results of an investigation conducted by our company about the study of the knowledge and psychology behind child abuse. Child abuse, as you may know and treat, is a global issue. This issue causes 5 deaths per day and it's very important to get to the root of the cause and to warn smaller children of this issue. In the interview, one of the subjects confirmed that the psychological aspect in child abuse is very inflicting ion the child's behavior and on the behavior of the aggressor. Meanwhile, The kids interviewed seemed to have the knowledge to identify abusive behaviors. Dream Home shelter's vision and mission revolves around the beneficiary idea of stopping child abuse. We encourage people to join the prevention of child abuse through different news and resources offered in our website dreamhomeshelter.weebly.com. We are a company built upon empathy and power. We believe in the freedom of heart and soul offered to children who have been abused. We plan on conducting various investigations and helping to solve the situation by providing a safe institution that meets all the need a child has. With the mentoring of institutions like yours we could build a better future for these children Thank you for your time and dedication. Sincerely, Jailisse Acosta Dream Home Shelter Representative

Villa Capri 582 C/Catania San Juan, PR 00924