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Axxon Product line

Axxon Next 3.0 is a professional video surveillance system with unlimited scalability of servers and camera channels. !16 channels FREE version with 1 Tb limit!
Video management suite up to 256 cameras with advanced application for retail security (POS Intellect)

Universal security platform with wide integration possibilities and vertical modules integration


About Axxon Intellect

An advanced IP-based physical security management platform. A single environment combining intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity and event-driven automation capabilities. Benefits: Higher security with less cost, and less effort. Easily scaled and extremely flexible. Recognize and responds to events as they occur. Reporting capabilities to support smart, timely decisionmaking. Works with existing legacy systems.

USPs Intellect
Hybrid system Infinatly scalable Fully modular architecture Pop up system scripting Linear pricing No additional cost for IP camera plug ins Customizable interface Dispersed network archiving Innovative video gateway system for bandwith management Video Anlaytic Modules available

USPs Intellect
Open Platform Video & Security Management PSIM Works with IP, HD-SDI & Analog Cameras In-built Video and Audio Analytics Distributed Architechture Forensic Search Technology One-time Licensing and no mandatory charges Linear Pricing Structure Interactive Maps and Event Response management ONVIF & PSIA ready Failover and Scripting Intelligent Modules
Face Recognition License Plate Recognition Traffic Monitoring POS Security

Rail Car ATM Security Recognition

Intellect. Distributed Architecture

video surveillance and control from any place on the globe. location of the hardware is doesnt matter whole system control from a single workstation

Intellect. Scalability
Unlimited system scale Easy system upgrade Effective resources usage

Intellect. Event Driven Model

Any set of actions can be assigned to any event. Using the script language, you may define any systems response
Object Status Event Reaction


System Core




Scenario check

Fire alarm subsystems

Connection fire alarm system to Intellect security system, allows to receive events from different kinds of devices (alarm panels, control panels zones, input/output), manage system and change settings. Intellect have possibility to show visualization of the status of partitions, zones, outputs, troubles. Changes of the status can be shown on a map or in events protocol. Thus the user of the Intellect complex has an opportunity to program response of a complex to the messages and events arriving from Fire Alarm System devices. In Intellect system there is an opportunity to integrate actuation mechanisms of a subsystem of Fire Alarm system in groups.

Access Control Subsystem

One of the Important part of Intellect enterprise is Access Control Subsystem. It helps allowing the execution of main tasks to access control system allow or deny access to the object, in addition it allows to resolve wide range of accompanying issues.

Access control system

Photo ID
Access Control Service

Access Control module with Access Control System

Time & Attendance Service

Intellect. Interactivity
Interactive plan of object Multilayer support

Video Analysis the Intelligence

Motion detection Direction recognition Line crossing Zone alarm Face detection Object loitering People counting Queue detecting Embedded video analytics of IP cameras

Intellect Forensic Search

Forensic Search. Description Forensic search is a system of search through video recordings in the archive. Along with the video recording, this system allows archiving the characteristics of all moving objects in the scene.

Forensic Search. Search Interface

All objects

Objects with specific color

Comparison of two search results for moving in the same area of interest by objects without/with specific color

Notification Services

SMS notification

Voice notification

E-mail notification

Intellect. IP Integration
900+ devices already integrated Simultaneous use of IP-devices of different manufacturers. Simultaneous usage of different codecs.

Intellect. Universal connectivity

ONVIF and PSIA standards support

Axxon Intellect Modules

CCTV Module POS Security

Face Recognition

License Plate Recognition

ATM Security

Wagon Numbers Recognition

Traffic Monitoring

Access Control Integration

Advanced solutions for retail security

Video surveillance
Shop critical points surveillance Remote monitoring Video and audio archive

Transactions control
POS terminals connection Synchronous display of receipts text and video

POS-terminals connection types

Receipt text


Events COM-port connection Ethernet connection


Integrated POS
Aloha Borlas Retail Dresser Wayne AB FIT IBS IPS POSitouch SystemGroup Tendo TillyPad Scheidt&Bachmann UCS VIMAS Technologies Wincor Nixdorf ARES-COMPANY Atol ICS-Market Pilot Servis Plus Softbalance Shtrih-M Electronic Money

Data analysis
Types of archive searches

Search by text of receipts

Comprehensive queries and reports preparation

Receipts text search

Comprehensive queries

Web reports

Shops Restaurants Hotels Filling stations Warehouses

Face Intellect is a software module for face recognition

running with Intellect Enterprise

people verification regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditions real-time notification of identity matches and alerts

Facial recognition
Easy integration with existing systems Automatic synchronization with users database Integration with access control systems

Face Search Technology

Web Based Reports

Auto Intellect is a software module for traffic monitoring

running with Intellect Enterprise

Main Features

Traffic statistics (type of vehicle, speed, road occupancy, etc) Automatic number plate recognition up to 250 km/h

Automatic number plates recognition

Video cameras Video stream
Auto Intellect
Recognition module

623 CY 98

Traffic Monitoring
Video cameras Video stream
Auto Intellect
Traffic monitoring module

Traffic Statistic
Total number of vehicles

Number of vehicles by vehicle type

Vehicle speed

Average vehicle speed by lane

Average vehicle speed by vehicle type

Traffic jam

Lane load

Distance between vehicles

ATM Intellect is a software module for banking security

running with Intellect Enterprise

ATM Intellect. System Tasks

Collectors protection during ATM load/unload Cardholders protections during transactions Bank property protection from vandalism Bank interests protection from fraud with transactions

ATM Intellect. System Scheme

ATM Intellect. Supported ATMs

Wincor Nixdorf


Technical specification
Recoding modes - continuous - by motion detection - by signal from ATM sensors - TCP/IP - X.25 - alarm signals - images - transactions Connection type Transmitted data


- transactions - ATM events - sensors signals - technical condition of ATMs - technical condition of connection channels
- vibration - safe door opening - temperature - fire alarm

Sensors in use

Railway Intellect is a software module for railroads monitoring

running with Intellect Enterprise

Additional Features
Automatically recognize, recording and storing wagon number and direction. Counting railcars within a train. Automatically measuring liquid levels in tankcars (thermal sensor required). Controlling railcars via video. Controlling cargo clearance. Matching train schedules to consignor lists.