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El rbol de Mi Familia

This project is worth 50 points and is due on: Tuesday, November 26th Please turn in your work N T!"#$$ %ate work will not be accepted &or this project' You will lose 20 points each day it is late/incomplete. Your amily tree !real or ima"inary# has to ha$e at least 10 amily members in at least % "enerations. You may include one pet towards your total o 10 amily members. ( ) !real picture or assumed identity# ha$e to be in the amily tree& (our &amily tree must contain the &ollowin* !N +P,N!+- &or T. +P T%!/-T &amily members 0P%)+ ( )1+#%23: 1# 'wo sentences identi yin" the amily member and a photo representin" the person. E(ample) Ella es mi madre. *e llama Mary. 2# +ne sentence usin" the $erb tener !con,u"ated o course# to tell the person-s a"e. E(ample) Ella tiene cuarenta y tres aos. !.ote) spell the numbers out&# %# +ne sentence describin" the person usin" 2 di erent ad,ecti$es. .+'E) You must use at least 10 di&&erent ad,ecti$es o$erall in your pro,ect. E() Ella es alta y di$ertida. !/emember to watch "ender 0 number a"reement.# 1# +ne sentence tellin" 2 thin"s !noun or $erb# that the person li2es3 disli2es3 lo$es3 or is interested in. You-ll be usin" "ustar !con,u"ated o course &# E() 4e "usta cocinar pero le dis"ustan los "atos. M+5E4+) Ella es mi madre. *e llama Mary. Ella tiene cuarenta y tres aos. Ella es inteli"ente y bonita. 4e "usta cocinar mucho pero no le "ustan los "atos. 5+.-' F+/6E' '7E 89:';/E +F EA:7 FAM94Y MEM<E/&&&

( ) .!%% 4# /1,5#5

N T-# 2 %% .!N/: 50 pts 6 &amily tree

Family tree and all components included. .eatness3 :reati$ity3 and =or2manship. > 6rammar) correct spellin"3 sub,ect/$erb a"reement3 correct $erb con,u"ations3 noun/ad,ecti$e a"reement3 synta(3 punctuation3 and creati$e use o $ocabulary. >>>>Final 5;E 5A'E) ????'uesday3 .o$ember 2@th >>>>

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FAMILY TREE PROJECT Rubric ______________________________________


PRESENTATION (25 pts.) 5 Excellent Loud, clear, sustained, Voice

3 Good

1 Poor
0naudi/le -ost o" t*e ti-e+ too .uiet, -a) -u-/le or see- unsure. Gi((lin( or lon( pauses /lur t*e -essa(e. Poor e)e contact. Reads entire presentation. Not connected '2 audience.

E)e !ontact

Voice (enerall) loud Excellent pro ection. enou(* "or audience+ !on"ident #oice. ,o-e .uiet spells or $idn%t spea& too "ast or -u-/lin(. Ma) /e too slo'. so-e (i((lin(. 1ull e)e contact t*rou(* E)e contact is (ood out presentation. -ost o" t*e ti-e. Glances at screen onl) toPartiall) reads identi") "a-il) -e-/ers. presentation. Pure #o'el and conso3 nant sounds. Pronunciation is clear. 1 to 4 errors ,o-e to se#eral irre(ularities in pron. An(licis-s -a) /e present.


,o-eti-es 5& pron. 6ut (enerall) poor 7 -a) i-pede -essa(e. Ma) *a#e used En(lis*. Excessi#e errors. Most o" t*e presenta3 Partiall) -e-ori8ed or Me-ori8ed 29i-eAll 3 "a-il) -e-/ers 0ntroduced e""ortlessl) tion 'as -e-ori8ed+ not -e-ori8ed at all. and '2out readin( "ro- 5r '2 no -ore t*an Read "ro- screen "or screen. :ell paced+ did 3 to ; (lances at screen entire presentation. not exceed 1.5 to 3 -in. ,e#eral pauses2dela)s+ Extended pauses2dela)s+ :it*in 1.5 to 3 -in. Ma)/e o#er2under ti-e. 4 to ; (ra--ar errors in 5 to = (ra--ar errors > or -ore (ra--ar Accurac) 1 or -ore o" t*e /elo'< spo&en "ro- t*e errors spo&en "ro- t*e ,u/ ect2#er/ a(ree-ent pre#ious list. list. $e-onstrates poor Noun2ad . a(ree-ent $e-onstrates (ood to co--and o" ,panis* ,)ntax, Voca/. use+ #er/ "air co--and o" (ra--ar. !on u(ations 72or use. ,panis* (ra--ar.

Nombre:________________________________ Fecha:________________________________ (FAMILY TREE PROJECT) PRODUCT (25 pts. x 2 = 50) 5 3 Excellent Good

1 Poor

1a-il) tree includes all 1a-il) tree includes 1a-il) tree includes necessar) in"or-ation< -ost o" t*e necessar) -ini-al in"or-ation. title o" pro ect in ,panis*, in"or-ation /ut so-e 0nsu""icient content. 3 (enerations, 1? "a-il) criteria are -issin(. -e-/ers, eac* (1a-il) -e-/ers are co-pletel) descri/ed. onl) partiall) descri/ed, or pro ect lac&s 3 or -ore o" listed criteria.) ,e#eral (-ore t*an 5) Voca/ular) @se 1? di""erent ad ecti#es+ ,o-e (3 or less) 5 di""erent ad#er/s+ re.uire-ents -issin(. -issin( #oca/. re.. !reati#e, ric* #oca/ular) @sa(e -a) /e Repetitious use o" #oca/. is used correctl) in (eneral, /asic or -a&es pro ect dull. context in a #ariet) o" out o" context. ,tudent -a) use En(lis*. sentences. 0ncorrect 'ord use. Repetitious. :or&-ans*ip2 ,uperior .ualit)+ Visuall) Aualit) is (ood /ut not Poor .ualit) and little Appealin(+ Lots o" !olor superior. Generall) use o" color -a&es an Neatness !lean and neat '2 clear, neat2clean /ut not in"erior pro ect. consistent "onts. consistent. Not pleasin( to e)es. 5/#ious e""ort s*o'n. $ecent e""ort. ,loppiness is e#ident. Not -uc* creati#e e""ort e#ident. Excellent co--and o" 1air2Good co--and Poor co--and o" Gra--ar2 o" (ra--ar. :riter (ra--ar. :riter -a&es ,entence 1luenc)(ra--ar. Mini-al errors t*at do not -a&es a "e' errors "re.uent errors t*at inter"ere 'it* t*e text. t*at could distract t*e -a&e t*e text di""icult to (noun2ad ecti#e reader "roco-pre*end. :riter a(ree-ent, #er/ tense understandin( t*e text. uses En(lis*. and con u(ations)


Excellent co--and o" con#entions. (,pellin(, sentence structure, punctuation, capitali8ation)

1air2Good co--and o" con#entions. :riter -a&es a "e' errors t*at could distract t*e reader "rounderstandin( t*e text

Poor co--and o" con#entions. Ma) *a#e se#ere errors t*at -a&e t*e text di""icult to co-pre*end.

TOTAL = _____________________/50