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1. Introduction: Ours is an agricultural country.

From the very early age our agricultural land is very fertile and cultivable. In the British used to cultivate the blue under the Jamindar Controlled by

British. In the Pakistan Period the Pakistani rulers has taken away many resources from our cultivable land farmers / easant. !o we can find that torturing the of our


country was in the face of arbitrating authority. But after the inde endence of that country land we could get a inde endent

and the whole land of our

country weather it is

cultivable or non" cultivable was controlled by us legally. #t resent agriculture of that area has been de endent mostly on the advancement of technological instruments. !o I have

chosen that to ic as a researchable issue my interest rom ts and curiosity is mostly on agriculture because it is such as issue roblem that can make our country self" de endent in food and economy by roducing other commercial cro s.

2. Identification of the Problem: #ctually % as a agricultural country we mostly de end on our agriculture sector. &hough the cultivation has been run by natural elements from ancient eriod but the resent

situation is totally different. 'ith the advancement of technology and moderni(ation of agriculture it has great im act on our environment% economy and market. !o out the im act of moderni(ation of agriculture. 3.Significance of the Problem: #griculture lays a ivotal role in Bangladesh)s economy and in the lives of the vast ma*ority of its o ulation. 'hile I want to find

this. crucial sector accounts for about one fourth +$,.-./ of Bangladesh)s 0ross 1omestic Product +01P/% and -2. of the national em loyment% it faces serious challenges osed by low roductivity and the decline of land availability. &he situation is further aggravated due to global warming scenarios. &he 01P share of individual sub sectors are about $2. for cro s% 2. for livestock% 3. for fisheries and 4. for forestry. Bangladesh is the most densely o ulated country in the world +,32 erson/s5 km/. &he er ca ita arable land is only 6.63 ha.

In $,6$ an average of 4$-

ersons inhabited one s5uare

kilometer. By $,3$ that number had increased to 2$4 er s5uare kilometer and% in $,77% reached 74$. By the year 4666. o ulation density was s5uare kilometer. ro*ected to e8ceed $%666 there have been ersons er



achievements is family

lanning% the

o ulation continues to

grow at a rate of 4.64. in the year 4667% the level of urbani(ation remains low at 46.. &his leaves 76. of the country)s total o ulation of about $46 million to live in the rimarily de end on a oorly develo ed

rural areas which

agriculture for livelihood. &he ra id growth in o ulation with the decline in cultivable land threatened to be a big roblem for Bangladesh. #t resent% Bangladesh has a o ulation of about $36 million. &he total 0eogra hical area of Bangladesh is about 3-%666 s5uare miles. +$92%,,7 s5uare :ilometer/ out of which about , million hectares are cultivable land. But every year the cro land is shrinking for human settlement. It is estimated that the growing country)s o ulation ressure will use u land by 36 er cent of the .;rbani(ation%



industriali(ation and ac5uisition of land by the government for


ur oses have been causing negative im act on the easants as well as socio"economic

life and conditions of the

scenario of the country. <ast areas of land are also taken u by the mighty rivers of Bangladesh. =oreover% land is fragmented every year in rural and urban areas due to growing o ulation and the law of inheritance. >very erson working in the

agriculture sector now owns only an average of 6.$4 hectares of cro land. #ccording to the classification of land% out of the total area% -2 er cent are being used for cultivation while 9.27 er cent for rural and urban housing and the rest includes forest ? cultivable waste land. In Bangladesh% most of the eo le living beneath the overty

line are fanners. &hese are the

eo le to grow the food that

feeds us% but they themselves go hungry. &his is mostly because natural resource tends to an e8cessive amount of labor in its e8traction. &his causes a misallocation of labor so that there is a roductivity loss. For e8am le% an unskilled rural adult who could earn about &:. $$3 er day working in the informal

sector of the economy + as a rickshaw uller% orter etc/ ends u earning only &: 33 er day as a fisherman. &his adds u to a total of &: -6 of roductivity loss er head er day.

&he share of 01P in agriculture and its because there are too many

rice is declining

eo le and in this sector. >ven

though income is increasing for eo le working in service and industries sector% the amount of food they consume is not increasing as much. But their demand for other goods is increasing% hence creating more *ob o farm sector. #s an agricultural country it can be said that this to ic is related to national interest. In contributes to our national budget every year rising 10P agriculture + 0ross ortunities in the non"

1omestic roduct/ @ew race of rice discoursed by BAII has made the agricultural field of knowledge broad. 4. Review of Literature: =any studies have been done on Bangladesh agriculture% and the following states some of the ma*or findings and thoughts of economists working in this sector. Aene 1umont +=arch $2% $,69"June $7% 446$/ was a French engineer in #gronomy% a sociologist% and an environmental olitician. 1umont started his career as a romoter of the use of chemical fertili(ers and mechani(ation% he traveled widely and

had a good understanding of farming issues in underdevelo ed countries. Be was reaching for C C C C demogra hic control energy savings international coo eration to hel oor nations

soil 5uality reservation and remediation

Be considered develo ment not to be so much a 5uestion of money% fertili(er% or seeds% but a carefully balanced result of the three. Be advocated relations between humans and their fields relied foremost on relations between humans themselves% social relationshi s being the basis for a industrial develo ment. 1umont was one of the first to e8 lain the conse5uences of what was to be called globali(ation% demogra hic e8 losion% roductive% ollution% shantytowns% malnutrition% rift between ro er agricultural and

northern and southern countries. Be was also one of the first to use the word Ddevelo ment durableD +sustainable develo ment/.

#ccording to =ahbub Aobbani% !alah ;ddin !iddi5uee% !ourovi Eaman% and Biroshi @akamura% faculty members in !hinshu ;niversity% for a develo ing country like Bangladesh% self sufficiency will remain the key focus of food roduction

strategy% in order to meet food deficiency. Bangladesh agriculture is now in the rocess of transforming from

subsistence fanning into commercial farming. Bangladesh has now entered into the >uro ean market of e8 orts for vegetables and other high value cro s. &his rocess o ens a vista to rivate sector investment in the areas of roduction of high value cro s% seeds +es . hybrid seeds/% agro" rocessing enter rise etc. #n investigation by Food and #griculture . Organi(ation +F#O/ of the ;nited @ations on the current status of land roductivity in Bangladesh revealed that there is a general trend towards declining and stagnating cro considered to be due to yield. &hese adverse trends are intensive cro ing through

indiscriminate use of fertili(ers%

esticides% use of water

irrigation% total removal of biomass from the agricultural fields.

Identification of Ob ect Our main ob*ectives for agricultural research areG $. &o identify the s ecific roblems revailed in the

agricultural sector. 4. &o over come these roblems for making our country self

de endent in food and economy. !. Illu"tration of #heoretical $ramewor%: On of the main functions of theory is to rovided

e8clamation of rocesses and to redict ossible movement of certain variable. &hese theories also e8 lain the causal and natural relationshi of variables. &heoretical framework refers

to logical arrangement of format that is derived% deduced from already established theories to robe% e8 lain inter ret% analysis and social rocess% roblem or henomena a/ $raming the &'(othe"i" By othesis is a tentative ro osition formulated for

em irical testing% It is a declarative statement combining conce ts. It is a tentative answer to research e5uation.

" )odern





b/ *hat model i" to be te"ted =odelG !im lified hy othetical model. +eneral #hemeG ProblemG =odern =oderni(ation of agricultural agricultural system ham ers our

environment. ,au"e"G #buses and additional uses of chemicals fertili(ers. -alue" and .""um(tion: " ;ses of chemical fertili(ers and esticides are esticides%

the function of moderni(ation of agriculture. " Farmers can be learned out he uses of chemical fertili(ers and esticides " &he concern can be enhanced

/. )ethodolog' Aesearch method is the functional action strategy to carry out the research in the light of the theoretical framework and

guiding research 5uestions and or the ro osed hy othesis. It should be recogni(ed that different research roblem im ly

different research goals% which in turn% call for varied methods and techni5ues. !o for the agriculture based research I have chosen the survey method. a/ Aationale of using such method. " !urvey method is most widely used in social science research. It is robably the best method available to social scientists. " !urvey method is more reliable than any other method. " It hel s us in getting well organi(ed information on articular roblem.



&hrough survey method% a researcher comes in direct contact with the collects the information. eo le from whom he


It is an e8cellent vehicle for measurement of attitude and orientation revalent within a large o ulation.

b. Sam(le 0e"ign
It is the element on the basis of which we take out the sam le from the total universe. It could be 5ualitative + attribute/ or 5uantitative + variable/ elements and for the agriculture based research of have chosen area sam ling method. Because s ecific geogra hical area like ; (illa is the focus of this research.

c. 0ata ,ollection )ethod

" " " Observationnaire Huestionnaire Interviewing.


F. .nal'"i" Plan: a/ 0ata .nal'"i" In order to draw meaningful inferences and

com rehensive must be

conclusion the collected data rocessed and analytically

ro erly

resented. 1ata can be rocessed both manually us well as with the com uters. Firstly % will rocess and analysis the assembled

5uantitative and 5ualitative data. !econdly % I will develo and discussing them. b/ 12(ert con"ultation consultation erfectly. &o is needed for conducting the a strategy for resenting

#n e8 ert research

conduct the agriculture based

research in my own u (ila I=ohammad urJ % my consultant is my teacher Prof. #:a Firow( #hmed under whom of will com lete my research work.



3ature of con"ultation =y teacher will consults me to search " " &he resent condition of agriculture in my

own u (illa. " =oderni(ation of agricultural in that area. " Im act in environment economy market " Job situation of farmers " Inclusion of women. 7. Re"ource and #ime Schedule: =aterial resources from internet% sheet teacher% talking with my grou rovided by my

members for research and

farmers% agriculture officer and ;@O + ; (illa% @irbahi Officer/ are the issue. Intellectual su ort will be given be my teacher for main sources for the information of researcherable

conducting the research erfectly . 'ithin 26 October% 46$2 my research work will be com leted submitted.

4. ,onclu"ion: #griculture is a integrated system of roducing cro s

that meet our demand. =en and 'omen labour are related with agriculture. Farmers of Bangladesh are of two categories like with land and without land. &he system of cultivation of based on moderni(ation but without care it greatly ham ers our environment economy and market. !o ro er and immediate ste s should be taken to

save our agriculture and environment from great ham ers.