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COURSE CODE: MIS 553 TOTAL MARKS: 30 marks (equiva e!" "# $5% #& #vera '#urse (ra)e* COURSE +ACULT,: ,asmi! Ma ik

This assignment is made up of "-# parts: $. O!e /a(e A0s"ra'" (3 marks* via emai )ue #! De' 1"23 40$3 4. Mai! Re5#r" (46 marks* as a 2ar) '#57 )ue #! De' $5"23 40$3

o One page Abstract to be submitted via email to ymalik@iba.edu.pk o Main Report should be handed in as a hard copy in class on Dec !th. "oft copies
should be submitted via "A#A$ on Dec !th% &' (. o
mark per day )ill be taken off for late submissions *for both the Abstract and the Main Report+.

o Recommended font for Abstract , Report - Aria +#!" Si8e $$

The Abstract should be bet)een (''./'' )ords ma0imum.

o The main report should be no more than 2,500 words. This is appro0imately e1uivalent to ! pages
*A/ si2e+ )ith recommended font Arial si2e .

o All diagrams3figures3data tables that are included in the report must be placed in an
Appendi0% clearly labeled and will not form part of the word count.

o Any material placed in the Appendi0 must be clearly referred to in the main te0t of
the Report.

o All references should be placed in

numbered3listed form at the end of the report. Any data3figures3diagrams31uotes that are not property referenced )ill result in marks being taken off. 9iki5e)ia is NOT a! a''e5"a0 e re&ere!'e. 8er# marks &#r "2a" 5ar" #& "2e A0s"ra'" #r Re5#r" -2i'2 2as 0ee! 5 a(iari8e) . $n case of plagiari2ing from a class fello)% both parties )ill be penali2ed.

o 4lagiarism *from sources like the $nternet or from your class fello)s+ )ill result in


The Mobile Marketing 5alue 6hain describes the eco.system that both drives and enables mobile marketing. $n this 6hain% 7ink ! represents the Mobile 8et)ork Operator *M8O+. Multiple threats in the industry in recent years have meant that the traditional role of the M8O as a 9bit.pipe: provider is no longer sufficient to remain competitive )ithin the Mobile Marketing 5alue 6hain. The follo)ing are ( M8Os )hich have moved a)ay from being a 9bit.pipe: service provider to more competitive positions and have adapted either a 9smart.pipe: or 9integrated: service provider strategy:

1. O& ;# 2. Orange ;# 3. 5odafone ;#

6hoose #!e of the above M8Os and evaluate the follo)ing: *a+

*i+ The company<s current market position in terms of brand value3e1uity. *ii+ A 7e)in<s =orce =ield Analysis on the decision of your M8O to move from a 9bit.pipe:
Operator to a 9smart.pipe: Operator.

(8 marks)

*b+ >o) has the M8O positioned itself as an enabler for mobile marketing and established itself as a stronger link in the 5alue 6hain? o
6ategori2e the company as either a 9smart.pipe: or 9integrated: service provider and ;us"i&7 your categori2ation )ith relevant data or evidence. @0amine the specific mobile marketing initiatives or case studies that have helped the company attain this position. $nclude the relevant references and sources for the e0amples that you discuss. (14 marks)

(c) Ahile e0ecuting its strategy for a stronger position as 7ink ! in the Mobile
Marketing 5alue 6hain% has the M8O kept )ithin the boundaries that define 7ink ! or has it positioned itself in the market under other 7inks as )ell?

o "upport your ans)er )ith relevant industry e0amples o Ahat is your o)n opinion of the overall strategy of the M8O as described in the Report
you have )ritten? (5 marks)

Bou must demonstrate the application of the appropriate theoretical frame)orks to support your report. A )ide range of sources should be accessed *including $nternet materials+ . full references and sources of all materials must be stated.