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RasMol v2.

5 Display Commands Colour Commands

Quick Reference Card wireframe [boolean] Display wireframe colour [object] <colour> Colour representation
(c) Copyright 1994 Roger Sayle wireframe <value> Display stick bonds
spacefill [boolean] Display spacefill spheres
Mouse Buttons spacefill <value> Specify atom sphere radius
atoms bonds backbone
Clicking on an atom identifies that atom in the command ribbons labels hbonds
spacefill temperature
window. Moving the mouse whilst holding mouse buttons ssbonds dots axes
spacefill user
and/or control keys manipulates the molecule. The default ribbons1 ribbons2
bindings are described below. backbone [boolean] Display alpha backbone
backbone <value> Specify backbone radius Predefined Colours:
RASWIN RASMAC ACTION blue black cyan green
ribbons [boolean] Display solid ribbons greenblue magenta orange purple
Left Button SINGLE BUTTON Rotate X-Y ribbons <value> Specify ribbon width
Right Button OPTION Translate X-Y red redorange v i o l e t white
Shift Left Button SHIFT Zoom strands [boolean] Draw ribbon as strands yellow
Shift Right Button SHIFT + OPTION Rotate Z strands <value> Specify ribbon width
Control Left Button CTRL Z-Clipping (Slab) set strands <value> Number of ribbon strands Atom Colour Schemes:
cpk amino shapely
label [boolean] Draw default atom labels group chain structure
General Commands label <string> Label with arbitrary text temperature charge user
set fontsize <value> Set label font height
load [format] <filename> Load a molecule ssbonds [boolean] Display disulphide bonds colour hbonds type Colour hbonds by offset
pdb Brookhaven Protein Databank ssbonds <value> Specify ssbond radius colour dots potential Display potential surface
mdl Molecular Design Limited's Mol file
mol2 Tripos' Sybyl Mol2 file format set ssbonds backbone SSBonds between alphas
alchemy Tripos' Alchemy file format set ssbonds sidechain SSBonds between sulphurs Manipulation Commands
charmm CHARMm format card file hbonds [boolean] Display hydrogen bonds rotate <axis> [-] <value> Rotate molecule
xyz MSC's XMOL XYZ file format hbonds <value> Specify hbond radius translate <axis> [-] <value> Translate molecul
exit Exit from RasMol set hbonds backbone HBonds between alphas
quit zoom [boolean] Scale molecule
set hbonds sidechain HBonds donor/acceptor zoom <value> Specify magnification
help [topic [subtopic]] Display on-line help topic dots [boolean] Display dot surface slab [boolean] Enable/disable slabbing
select <expression> Update part of molecule dots <value> Specify dot density slab <value> Move Z-clipping plane
restrict <expression> Display only part of mol. set solvent [boolean] VDW or solvent surface centre [expression] Set centre of rotation
set bondmode [mode] Change bond selection set radius <value> Specify probe sphere rad.
reset Initial transformation
script <filename> Execute file of commands set axes [boolean] Display co-ordinate axes
set boundbox [boolean] Display bounding box
zap Delete molecule set unitcell [boolean] Display crystal unit cell
Atom Expressions Export Commands Colour Schemes
CPK Atom Colours
write [format] <filename> Output image file
Predefined Sets: alpha Carbon light grey [200,200,200]
gif CompuServe GIF format
hydrophobic Oxygen red [240,0,0]
ps, epsf Encapsulated PostScript
Residue Ranges: 3,16,12 Nitrogen light blue [143,143,255]
monops Monochrome PostScript
9-20 Hydrogen white [255,255,255]
vectps 'Cartoon' PostScript
Boolean Operators: backbone and not alpha Sulphur yellow [255,200,50]
bmp Microsoft Bitmap format
ligand or 196-199 Phosphorous orange [255,165,0]
pict Apple 'PICT' file
Primitive Expressions: cys, glu, arg, as? Chlorine green [0,255,0]
ppm Portable Pixmap
ser70a, **p, glu24:1 Calcium, Metals dark grey [128,128,144]
sun, sunrle Sun Rasterfile
hem*p.fe, *.sg Unknown deep pink [255,20,147]
Comparison Operators: atomno=4,atomno=6
temperature>=900 set vectps <boolean> Enable cartoon outlines Amino Acid Colours
Within Expressions: within(8.0,ligand) write script <filename> Generate RasMol script ASP, GLU bright red [230,10,10]
write molscript <filename> Output MolScript script CYS, MET yellow [230,230,0]
write kinemage <filename> Output Kinemage file LYS, ARG blue [20,90,255]
Predefined Sets SER, THR orange [250,150,0]
set kinemage <boolean> Set Mage file detail
PHE, TYR mid blue [50,50,170]
at acidic acyclic aliphatic ASN, GLN cyan [0,220,220]
alpha amino aromatic backbone Misc. Commands GLY light grey [235,235,235]
basic bonded buried cg LEU, VAL, ILE green [15,130,15]
charged cyclic cystine helix structure DSSP secondry structure ALA dark grey [200,200,200]
hetero hydrogen hydrophobici o n s connect [boolean] Recalculate connectivity TRP pink [180,90,180]
large ligand medium neutral renumber Sequentially number chains HIS pale blue [130,130,210]
nucleic polar protein purine
show information Display molecule statistics PRO flesh [220,150,130]
pyrimidine selected sheet sidechain
small solvent surface turn show sequence Display molecule sequence Secondary Structure Colours
water show symmetry Display crystal space group Alpha Helix magenta [240,0,128]
set mouse rasmol Default mouse bindings Beta Sheet yellow [255,255,0]
define <identifier> <expression> User-defined sets set mouse quanta Polygen's Quanta bindings Turns pale blue [96,128,255]
set mouse insight Biosym's Insight II bindings Other white [255,255,255]
Rendering Commands Hydrogen Bond Type Colours
Command Line Editing Offset +2 white [255,255,255]
background <colour> Set background colour In addition to the cursor keys, the following 'emacs' control Offset +3 magenta [255,0,255]
keys may be used to edit the command line. Offset +4 red [255,0,0]
set ambient [value] Depth-cueing/lighting
Offset +5 orange [255,165,0]
set shadows [boolean] Enable/disable shadows Ctrl-H / Ctrl-D Delete previous/next character Offset -3 cyan [0,255,255]
Ctrl-B / Ctrl-F Move backward/forward a character Offset -4 green [0,255,0]
set specular [boolean] Enable atom highlights Ctrl-A / Ctrl-E Move to beginning/end of line default yellow [255,255,0]
set specpower [value] Control atom 'shininess' Ctrl-P / Ctrl-N Display previous/next history