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AVID English I

Quarterly Plan

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter

How does literature help us better understand ourselves?
Guiding Who am I? Where have I How does who I am affect What matters to me? How do What defines me? Self &
Question(s) & been? Where am I going? what I can do? Justice my decisions affect my life? Community Identity
Theme(s) Journeys Choices & Consequences
Standards & Fluency Fluency Fluency Fluency
Skills from OCPS Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary
order of Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
instruction Literary Analysis: Fiction & Literary Analysis: Fiction & Literary Analysis: Fiction & Literary Analysis: Fiction &
Nonfiction Nonfiction Nonfiction Nonfiction
Writing Process Writing Process Writing Process Writing Process
Communication Information & Media Literacy
Listening & Speaking Research Process
Anchor Texts Firestorm, Klass (summer Getting Away with Murder, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare Bronx Masquerade, Nikki
reading) Chris Crowe Grimes
Touching Spirit Bear, Lay that Trumpet in Our Literature circles:
Mikaelson Hands, Susan McCarthy Son of the Mob, Gordon
Excerpts from The Oddyssey Korman
Greek Myth Rommiette & Julio, Sharon
Excerpts from The Bible Draper
Scribbler of Dreams, Pearson
If You come Softly, Jacquelyn
Poetry or Short “To Be of Use,” Marge “The Tell Tale Heart,” Edgar “The Happiest Day,” Linda Hughes, “Dream Deferred”
Stories Piercy, Allan Poe, Pastan from Good Poems for Dunbar, “We Wear the Mask”
“Everyday Happiness,” “Birmingham 1963” by hard Times Hughes, “Theme for English
Patterson B”
“American History” by Cullen, “Yet Do I Marvel”
Harper Kafka, “A Little Fable”
“The Dead” by Mitchell (B)
“The Hangman” by Ogden
“Children” from The Prophet
“The Dismal Swamp” by
“Naming the Stars” by
“Songs of Innocence: A
Cradle Song” by Blake
“We ALL Have a Dream”
“In Response to Executive
Order 9066” by Okita
Holocaust Poetry
“Justice” by Hughes
“If We Must Die” by McKay
I Never Saw Another
Butterfly (K)
Nonfiction “Arctic Expedition,” “Sunday School Bombing in “Romeo & Juliet in Bosnia” “A Lampost in Harlem” (A)
readings “The Complete Outdoorsman: Birmingham” from A History “Artist Hero: Diego Rivera”
50 Skills Every Sportsman of Us (A) (B)
Should Know,” “The Sunday School “Poetry Heals” (B)
Field & Stream Bombing” from Time Teenage Body Image (C)
“Second Chances,” READ Magazine (A) “Adolescent Pregnancy and
Magazine, Sally Henderson, “The Pledge of Allegiance” Childbearing in the United
“Adult Time for Adult (A) States” (C)
Crime,” READ Magazine. “Biographical Sketch of “Get Back” (D)
Harry Moore” (B) Harlem Renaissance Timeline
“Beware the 5 Stages of (C)
‘Grief’” (B) “Youth Speaks & Urban Word
“FBI History” (D) Press Release” (C)
Rock Springs Massacre (E) Teen identity (E)
“Summer of Hate” by Steele “Fitting In” (F)
“Tupac” (F)
Reading about Rosewood (G)
“Still Separate, Still Unequal:
America’s Educational
Apartheid” (H)
“Home Was a Horse Stall”
“Crist Announces Results of
Harry T. Moore Murder
Investigation” (J)
The Shadow of Hate
Writings & Letter of Introduction What Do Good Writers Do? Independent Reading Essays What’s in a Name? (portfolio)
Projects (Portfolio) essay Poetic Connections Essays Poetry portfolio
What Do Good Readers Do? Effective Writing Sort Golden Lines Digital Story AVID videos
essay Biography/Research writing presentation, Participate in classroom (or
Memory Narrative writing, Crime Report Various timed writing school-wide) Poetry Slam
Flashback Autobiographical Thanksgiving Writing prompts Various timed writing
Writing (Portfolio), Various timed writing Independent Study Points prompts
Various timed writing prompts Independent Study Points
prompts Independent Study Points
Independent Study Points
On-going Bellwork Reading,
Assignments Reading Log,
Journal Writing