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An Impending Climate Crisis...

or "Not Really, Doesnt Matter"

Preventing an Existential Threat to Life and Planet Is Imperative According to a recent study, 90 corporations cause two thirds of glo!al warming emissions" This however attempts to !lame a few for the failures of so many" #ut why loo$ at someone else to pin the !lame on when all we need to do is loo$ at ourselves" In this case our own attitudes and !ehaviors" It is not that these companies do not share a huge chun$ of the !lame, they do" #ut they need us to perpetuate their production of coal and oil" %orporations are in the !usiness of ma$ing money" They accomplish that !y creating a need &in this case a mar$et for oil and coal'" They are not in the !usiness of loo$ing out for the well!eing of people or the environment" They are only in !usiness to ma$e a profit and ma$e money for their stoc$holders, which they will always view as superseding common good" If consumers continue their demand for the products of coal and oil, the corporate incentives will not change, the status (uo of !urning fossil fuels will not change, the threat of glo!al warming, and its climate change conse(uences, will not change" To those who say glo!al warming is a hoax, !ased on !ad science, or we should not !e concerned !ecause up and down cyclical glo!al warming and cooling events have occurred since the !eginning of time, should as$ themselves, what if I am wrong, what are the conse(uences) It is not argua!le that a polluted environment is !etter than a non polluted environment" It is not argua!le that an atmosphere out of !alance with what nature intended is not a polluted environment, in this case excessive atmospheric concentrations of car!on dioxide" *o one can successfully argue that these are good things, or that there will not !e conse(uences for human health or the health of our planet" +o whether there is an impending climate crisis or not really does not matter" An effort to prevent what could very well threaten our very existence if we do nothing is imperative, especially when preventative changes do nothing more than ma$e life !etter" #ut to ma$e changes we cannot continue to !lame government or company irresponsi!ility for what clearly is our collective responsi!ility" Environmental improvements will only come when we change our own attitudes and !ehaviors"

,or those who ta$e a defeatist attitude that we cannot change the attitudes and !ehaviors of society should heed the advice of *oam %homs$y who says, -if you act li$e there is no possi!ility of change for the !etter, you guarantee that there will !e no change for the !etter" The choice is ours, the choice is yours".