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Journey of Hope
days. 4200 miles. 26 strangers who became my best friends. $523,921 raised. 13 states. One life changing event. When I signed up to crew Journey of Hope 2013, I really didnt know what I was getting myself into. I imagined sitting in a van, lling water jugs, and marking turns. While I did do these things, there was so much more to what my summer encompassed. I was able to travel America, from Seattle, WA to Washington, D.C. From major cities, to the untamed beauty of Yellowstone, I was able to experience the best America has to offer. I was able to meet individuals and hear their stories, see life through their eyes. I learned more about myself on the road than I had in the 20 years leading up to Journey of Hope. Most importantly, as clich as it sounds, I was able to witness Hope with my own eyes. From the residents of the Ashley House in Enumclaw, WA as we handed them a check that would allow them to operate for another year, to the young man in Denver, CO who told a cyclist at a friendship visit that he was glad he could feel normal for once and not laughed at; Hope was everywhere. Push America sets us apart from other fraternities, not only on this campus but in the inter-fraternal world as well. Journey of Hope, the agship event of Push America, allows us to challenge and reshape stereotypes about fraternity life. It develops a sense of service leadership that is integral to being a fraternity man. It allows us to serve people with disabilities, while learning more about ourselves and what it means to be human. Simply put, the Journey of Hope is an outward expression of the letters we so proudly wear on our chest. Pi Kappa Phi. It is my hope that more members of the Delta Delta chapter will become involved in this event. Furthermore, I hope that you, as alumni, see the value in Journey of Hope. The personal growth and development achieved is priceless, and the memories and experiences forged will stay for life. It is through your nancial support that I and other members of this chapter have, and will be able to, experienced the summer that shapes a lifetime. Taylor Thompson, DD766

from the Archon, page 1 summer due to schedule conicts with active Brothers and alumni. Housing Corp had a Nov. 9 make up day where, given that school is in session, we had a massive involvement from the active chapter to complete the tasks that went unnished this summer. Continuing with the good news for our chapter, we received 2nd place in this Falls Homecoming events. The chapters sincerest thanks goes out to our hardworking Special Events chair, Brother Andrew Fevig, for his outstanding leadership and organization of our teams efforts in lip sync and participation. Congratulations to the many Brothers and new members who participated in all of our various Homecoming events for not only receiving 2nd place but for representing Pi Kappa Phi so enthusiastically. This is an exciting semester for our Chapters PUSH involvement as well. We held our annual No Boundaries fundraiser and on the nal night we gathered for a trivia fundraiser at the Dukum Inn to celebrate. This was not only a very enjoyable event for us, but also a very fruitful endeavor for PUSH America. This Chapters commitment to all things PUSH continues to be one of our greatest strengths. I urge you to donate to Brother Taylor Thompson as he prepares to participate in the Journey of Hope in 2014. There is far too much news to t into the space I have likely already exceeded for this Century Note, for more specic updates on the Chapter please stop by the house anytime or join the alumni Facebook group Brother Jordan Gresham has created. It is already 250 members strong and we are always looking to add new Brothers to its ranks. Until then rest assured that the Delta Delta Chapter is continuing its trend of excellence and shows no signs of stopping. I have never seen this Brotherhood so strong in my years here, and I am excited for the future of Pi Kappa Phi. Sincerely, Brad Gill, Archon, 755

PKF Rush 13

A Brother Logan Duncan and Zeyad Aboulmagd help prepare meat for Hobo Nights, a night where meals are grilled under the re and perspectives learn about PUSH America. B Perspective members sign in. C Brothers Matthew Warner and Richard (Dicky) Grifth play wife ball with perspectives during recruitment week. D D Brother Andrew Robbins helps prepare steaks for C.L.A.S.S. dinner.

Tug of war for Alpha Sigma Alphas Lady Bug Tug philanthropy

One More Brother Adam Antor lavaliered Carly Robison this fall.

Work Weekend, Nov. 9

Around the House

Yard clean up during Work Weekend, Nov. 9, 2013.

Upcoming Events
41st Roseball: April 26, 2014, Shrine Club Brothers and Associate members volunteer time to rake leaves around Kirksville. Brother Damian Smith, Jack Milford and Daniel Aiken enjoy the Smoker. Brother Matt Freeman and Stephen Nelson with Tri Sigma Paige Traschel at Pi Kapps annual date party. Brothers and Associate members surround Brother Louis Steuber-Rosche as he lavalieres Shelby Kukla.

Graduating Seniors Fall 2013

Andrew Robbins Luke Streitz

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Historian: Jordan Gresham, jkg1475@truman.edu Facebook: Pi Kappa Phi , Truman State (Active), Ernie Piffel (Alumni) Twitter: @TrumanPiKapps