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Applied Science University

Faculty of Engineering
Civil Engineering Dept.
Soil Mechanics laboratory Course No.8 !""" Liquid Limit Test
#eport $"% Section $&%

'roup $C%
Na(e) Moha((ed al*+undi

Nu(b, &

-& &".

Table of contents:

Subject Page
/ntroduction 0b+ective Apparatus 1rocedure 3heory Calculations 3able Charts Conclusion #eference . -*8 -*8 8 4 & & " 2*!

6hen a cohesive soil is (i7ed 8ith an e7cessive a(ount of 8ater9 it 8ill be in a so(e8hat li:uid state and flo8 li;e a viscous li:id. <o8ever9 8hen this viscous li:uid os gradually dried9 8ith the loss of (oisture9 it 8ill pass into a plastic state. 6ith further reduction of (oisture9 the soil 8ill pass into a se(i*solid and then into a solid state. 3he (oisture content $in percent% at 8hich the cohesive soil 8ill pass fro( a li:uid state to a plastic state is called the li:uid li(it of the soil. Si(ilarly9 the (oisture contents at 8hich the soil changes fro( plastic to a se(i*solid state and fro( a se(i*solid state to a solid state are referred to as the plastic li(it and the shrin;age li(it respectively. 3hese li(its are referred to as the Atterberg li(its.

3o deter(ine the li:uid li(it for a soil = the plastic li(it.


5. &. ". 2. !. .. -. 8. 4. Casagrande li:uid li(it device 'rooving tool. Moisture cans. 1orcelain evaporating dish. Spatula. 0ven. >alance sensitive up to . 5 g. 1lastic s:uee?e bottle. 1aper to8les.


A. determination of Liquid limit.

5. Chec; the casagrande device for e7cessive play in the hinge asse(bly@ ad+ust the height of the plate to 5c( using the 5c( bloc; on the grooving device. 3he plate shall be clean and dry. &. Add 8ater to the speci(en and (i7 it thoroughly till it is ho(ogenous9 and fill the plate 8ith soil to " :uarters of its capacity. ". Using the grooving tool9 the sa(ple 8as grooved at the center. 2. 3he ar( of the device 8as rotated at a rate of & blo8s per second@ the nu(ber of blo8s 8hen the groove Closes 5&.!(( 8as recorded. !. 3he speci(en is (ove to a container and it 8eight 8as recorded. .. After disse(bling the plate9 8ashing and drying it 8ell and then reasse(bling it again9 the past four steps are repeated for (any trials 8ith adding (ore 8ater before each trial and (i7ing the sa(ple till it is ho(ogenous.

-. 3he speci(ens in the container 8ere then place in the oven for &2 hours and the 8eighed again.

B. T e plastic limit measurement

5. 3he sa(ple 8as separated into (any s(all pieces. &. 3he sa(ple is balled in the hand till it is air dried. ". 3he spherical sa(ple is then rolled on the bench to for( thin thread9 till it fell apart. 2. 3he sa(ple 8as collected then9 and the 8eight 8as recorded. !. 3he sa(ple is placed then into the oven and dried for &2 hours9 and its 8eight 8as recorded.

T eor!:

Weight of water= wwwd

Weight of dry soil = (Weight dry soil +can) - Weight of can

li:uid li(it)

Tria No. l # of blow s

Weig ht of can

Weig ht dry soil +can

Weig ht dry soil

C5 C& C" C2

54 && &! &8

2" 2" 2" 2"

!. . !!8

5" 552 5!

Weig ht mois t. soil + can .& ..2 .!

Weigh Moist. t of content water

. -

2..&A 25.&A ! A 2..-A

1lastic li(it)
Trial Wt. Of wet soil + can !& !" !5 Wt. of can 2" 2" 2" Wt. of water & & 5 Wt. Of dry soil +can ! !5 ! Wt. of dry soil 8 Moist. content &8..A &!A 52."A

"# "$ "%

6hen 8e increased the 8ater content the nu(ber of blo8s decreased9 due to faster closure of the groove. /n the single li:uid li(it test9 it 8as seen that the closer the nu(ber of blo8s is to &! the closer the value of the li:uid li(it to that esti(ated fro( the four trials test.

Bab Manual9 lecture Dr.noori al (ah(adi Eng. 'haydaaC ?e8a8a