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Collect, watch, and discover the best videos on the web

Table of Contents

Executive Summary: 3-5 Usability/Recommendations: 6-10 SEO Optimization: 11-14 Google Adwords Campaign: 15-18

Social Media and Localization: 19-21

Mobile: 22-23 Conclusion and Recommendations: 24

Executive Summary
www.huzzaz.com Description of Huzzaz and competition
Huzzaz is an easy way to collect and organize videos from different sources, discover new videos through topics of interest, follow video collections, ability to embed Huzzaz video collections into another website. Competition:
Waywire: competition for video aggregation, search and discovery Vimeo and YouTube: Competition for video search Reddit, Facebook and Twitter: Competition for video discovery

Overview of Competition
Primary Competitors: Vimeo, Waywire, YouTube, etc

These are also the sites that videos can be loaded from

Digital marketing goals: For Huzzaz the goal is to increase awareness of the site, driving membership numbers up

Executive Summary
Target Market:
Online influencers Bloggers Tech savvy early adopters

Location: National
Device Type: PC and mobile

Usability and Recommendations

New user must submit request to be added as a user before they can enter the site. It would be beneficial to have some content that a potential new user can see before signing up Once logged in, home screen is not interesting, bright white background with only a few areas where one can add videos, user name and badge picture (if logged in from Facebook)
Adding a feed of friends or other users with similar interest could make the home screen more attention grabbing Changing background color from white to a more interesting color could also be more engaging

Links on right side of page only post to users personal accounts instead of taking one to the companies social media sites. Collections are easily visible without having to scroll to see more. Title and number of videos are included in collection description
Logo on collections apps on home screen is bothersome. The ability to change that if user wishes would be useful

Huzzaz Usability

Page is very dull/boring. Solution: Use relevant images or other features to fill blank space and draw more interest.

By Invite Only: Barrier to Many Users. Solution: Use Email Confirmatio n

Many will miss this or not scroll down due to transparent text. Solution: Animated button or brighter color to draw more attention.

Enables quick, easy searching of videos, uploading, and collection access.

Allows users to save videos to Huzzaz via a toolbar button on any site.

Great for immersing new users.

Overall the interface is very easy to use and every icon is clickable. The page could be improved with video suggestions and more interactive content/features.

Only 2 types of video sites & no filters for search. Solution: Add sites (Vevo, Hulu, etc.) & filters.

Mini Player allows you to watch vids while scrolling through search feed but is a small player. Solution: Move categories below and widen player

Consider adding a small, brief video description like YouTube.

Overall the collections/search page creates an easy and addictive use but could be enhanced with related videos feed once clicking on a select video.

Interrupts video when watching after clicking applaud/ add to feed.

Solution: Reposition to lowermiddle.

Very interactive and allows for live discussion/s hared user experience.

Recommend showing relative vids here vertically that arent just part of the collection while in theatre mode.

Allows collections to be browsed quickly and generates more interest.

Overall the video experience is very likable when browsing collections with the dim surrounding, live commenting, and easy add-tocollection/applaud buttons.

Huzzaz SEO

Errors Include: No li element in scope but a li end tag seen, duplicate attribute types, stray end tag div (</div>), and & did not start a character reference.

Overall the load time is very fast with the small page size and the performance grade is very good for a beta site.

Huzzaz doesnt do particularly well on the Rank Checker. Much of this is due to its current lack of awareness and keywords.

The Meta description isnt so bad but the keywords arent quite as extensive as they could be. Adding more Meta keywords that are relevant will help the site gain more awareness. Many of the titles, meta descriptions, and keywords on pages dont share the same words or synonyms.

Page Names
http://huzzaz.com/beta http://huzzaz.com/createdby/username - User home page http://huzzaz.com/explore - to search collections - change to /collections http://huzzaz.com/search - to search videos - change to /videos http://about.huzzaz.com/basics - Huzzaz info/basics http://about.huzzaz.com/videogallery - How to embed links using Huzzaz http://about.huzzaz.com/ - Same as home page but different URL delete http://huzzaz.com/feed - User video feed - no user name? http://huzzaz.com/follow/username - User following page http://huzzaz.com/collection/username - User collection page Overall: no form of consistency or order. Needs to be cleaned up for SEO/crawling.

Overall, Huzzaz should create better, engaging content on its pages (get rid of the blank, boring white spaces), clean up the URLs, and add more relevant keywords that are relevant to page titles and meta descriptions.

Google Adwords
Highlights Running Time: 1 weeks, 3 days. Funds Spent: $ 289.08 Total Impressions: 292,724, Clicks: 849, Overall C T R : .29% Average CPC: $0.34 Total Keywords with a Quality Score of 4.56 Primary Campaigns: Huzzaz Display, Huzzaz

Negative keywords
No negative keywords were used because we needed clicks for anything that dealt with videos. There were no negative keywords we could use that would have helped our campaign if they were removed from our searches.

Google Adwords Campaign

Top Ad Group Performance:
Best keywords
Video Uploading
26 clicks, Impr 1,379

Video Playlist
19 clicks, Impr 1,009

Online Streaming Video

10 clicks, Impr 1,985

Google Adwords Campaign

Top Performing Ads:
495 clicks, 172,994 Impr

Huzzaz Display 2
281 clicks, 108,340 Impr

Social Media and Localization Strategy

Facebook: Currently one post about every 2 weeks. Post more often Currently only 37 likes

Social Media
Very Active Good content, responsive to tweets

Social Media
Not a useful tool for Huzzaz because you cannot Pin video. Twitter and Facebook would be better for their online strategy.

Not a useful too for Huzzaz

Mobile Website Critique

Difficult to log in from phone Tablet login seems to work better than phone

Once logged in easy to navigate to collections

Easy to add a new collection Video plays from mobile website with YouTube app or another app user selects

Make an app for Android and Apple devices Implement a mobile site


Huzzaz does not have a mobile app at this time. This would by highly beneficial to them to create since many users are on obile devices

Free Mobile App Android Phone

Free Mobile App Tablet

Conclusion and recommendations


- Hazzaz has the potential to be a highly visited site because of the convenience it provides users for collecting videos. Access -If Hazzaz allowed user access while waiting for approval after account creation would be wonderful. Currently waiting for access to the site is an inconvenience and could discourage new users from revisiting the site. Social Media -Because it seems that Twitter is working well for Hazzaz it should continue to build an interactive role with current and new users. Facebook, and Pinterest do not seem as useful. Need for Website adjustments for Mobil, and table use. Mobil app creation

-Apple, and Android

Advertising- There is a need to advertise the site is unheard of useful tools are Google adds, Social media ect.