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219 =0DBob McAfee =0DSeptember 17, 2013 =0D =0DBob: What we are go !g to "o to"a# $ te%t&r !g' I "o!(t )!ow how =ma!# of #o& )!ow abo&t *+$' ,-er#o!e hate$ them, b&t I .o-e them' /he# =are ea$#' B&t I ha-e to ta)e #o& thro&gh the bab# $tep$ f r$t' =0D =0D/h $ $ 0&$t $ome ge!era. !format o!' It($ ba$ c !format o!' =0D =0D1et$ go !to the 2/3 $ te 4 $t&"e!t$ 4 p&b. c 4 !$tr&ctor 4 B5McAfee 4 =67IA219 4 6.a$$ 3 /e%t&r !g =0D =0DI am go !g to "o a .ot of 8$how a!" "o8 to"a#' Mo-e th $ 6.a$$ 3 =/e%t&r !g fo."er o-er' =0D =0DIf I(m .oo) !g at th $ fo."er ! the S "r -e a!" I ope! 6.a$$ 3 =/e%t&r !g, I ha-e $ome te%t&re$' I wa!t to ma)e $&re that #o& ha-e th $ =p ece of !format o! ear.#' Whe! #o& are $ett !g &p a pro0ect, t goe$ =$ome p.ace mag ca.' I"ea..#, #o& wa!t to create a pro0ect fo."er' If I =go &!"er f .e$ to 3ro0ect W !"ow, t($ rea..# he.pf&. whe! #o&(-e bee! =ma) !g te%t&re$' =0D =0D/he c&rre!t pro0ect $ the "efa&.t' I wa!t to ma)e a !ew o!e' 9 t New =a!" ca.. t te%t&rec.a$$' I(m go !g to p&t t ! the S "r -e, wh ch $ =be$t for whe! #o& are at

$choo.' It ha$ create" a $er e$ of fo."er$ for =me' /here $ o!e ca..e" a$$et$' Ma#be #o& wa!t to )eep $ome $eparate" =fo."er$' /here $ o!e ! Ma#a' 6ache $ for part c&.ar$' Image$ $ a! = mporta!t fo."er' Whe!e-er #o& re!"er a $er e$ of mage$, t w .. go = !to th $ fo."er' :o& "o!(t &$e Mo- e$ m&ch' ;e!"ere" Data' Sce!e$ $ =rea..# mporta!t' /hat($ where a.. of #o&r Ma#a $ce!e$ go' Scr pt$, =$o&!" a!" $o&rce mage$' /ho$e are the three mporta!t o!e$' =0D =0D1et$ ta)e te%t&re$ o&t of 6.a$$ 3 te%t&r !g a!" $t c) them ! $o&rce = mage$' I ha-e 0&$t mo-e" a.. of tho$e te%t&re f .e$' =0D =0D2 .e 4 3ro0ect W !"ow 4 New 3ro0ect 4 p&t ! S "r -e 4 h t accept =0D= =0D6reate 4 3o.#go! p.a!e =0D =0DI(m go !g to ta)e the p.a!e a!" a$$ g! a 2a-or te Mater a.' =0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: 9ow "o #o& br !g &p the too. bar< =0D =0DBob: D $p.a# 4 *I ,.eme!t$ 4 $how a.. =0D =0DI am go !g to r ght c. c) o! the p.a!e a!" a$$ g! a !ew mater a., B. !!' = What I(m !tere$te" ! $ #o& $ee a gre# $w tch !e%t to co.o&r' /h $ = $ the map b&tto!' :o& ca!

hoo) &p te%t&re map$' It br !g$ &p the =create re!"er !o"e, wh ch ha$ ma!# opt o!$' /he fo&rth o!e "ow! $ =ca..e" f .e te%t&re' /hat $ what I am !tere$te" !' =0D =0D7o to mage !ame = $ee the fo."er b&tto!< It $ a brow$e b&tto!' 9 t =that' I w .. $e.ect f.oor t .e' /hat $ beca&$e #o& $et &p the =prof .e' Now, . )e mag c, t $ o!> If #o& "o!(t $ee the te%t&re r ght =awa#, pre$$ ?' /he! #o& $ho&." $ee t' =0D =0D/hat $ the f r$t part' Now, what $ go !g o! $ we ha-e a te%t&re, a =2" mage o! a 3" ob0ect' /h $ $ a 3" ob0ect, e-e! tho&gh t $ a f.at =p.a!e' So go to w !"ow4*+ te%t&re e" tor' *+ $ta!"$ for &! .atera. a!" =-ert ca.' =0D =0DI! the te%t&re e" tor, @oom o&t' It w .. $how #o& a gr "' I! the =ce!tre, t $a#$ @ero' 7o &p, #o& ca! $ee a 1 at the top a!" "ow! #o& =$ee a =1' /o the r ght, #o& $ee a 1 a!" the .eft #o& $ee a =1' =0D =0D/h $ area ! the &pper r ght $ the @ero to o!e area' Whe! #o& wor) ! =feat&re f .m$, a!" game$, th $ area $ mporta!t' It repeat$ fore-er =a!" e-er ! a.. " rect o!$' I w .. ta.) abo&t t more .ater' B&t I =w .. @oom ! a b t, a!" a$ I go o-er the ob0ect, whe! I r ght c. c) I =ca! $ee e"ge$, -ert ce$, face$, a!" a.$o, *+' If #o& $e.ect *+ here, =the mo-e too. $how$ &p ! the te%t&re e" tor' Now .oo) what $ =happe! !g> It$ . )e Amer ca! 9orror Stor#'

/here $ a.$o $ometh !g, f =#o& tr# to $e.ect a!" "e$e.ect *+$, ! the te%t&re e" tor, #o& ha-e to =go a!" $e.ect *+$ aga !' It $ ) !" of a b&g' B&t !ow I ca! mo-e the$e =aro&!"' =0D =0D:o& ca! $tra ghte! them &p w th a tr c) I w .. $how #o& .ater' /o c. c) =o! *+$, h t the cor!er$' :o& ca! $ee how th $ 2" mage co!!ect$ w th a =3" ob0ect' =0D =0D/here are $ome other th !g$' /he mo-e too. a..ow$ me to mo-e t aro&!"' = Whe! #o& $ee t ! the 3" - ew, t $ t . !g ! a.. " rect o!$' If I =p&t t bac) ! a!" grab the rotate too., #o& ca! $p ! t aro&!"' A!" to =t .e t, #o& grab the $ca.e too. a!" #o& ma)e t b g' It t .e$ fore-er =a!" e-er ! a.. " rect o!$' =0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: I ca!(t &!"o' =0D =0DBob: /he b&tto! to &!"o $ @' Ma)e $&re t $ !ot ! cap$.oc)' =0D= =0DSca.e ! a!" o&t to ma)e t t .e' =0D =0DA.. the$e *+$, the# ha-e a .ot of geometr# o! here' I co&." grab a.. =the e"ge$ a!" "o a tr c), f I go to po.#go!$ 4 $e.ect the! I w .. =$hr !) $e.ect o!' I go to e" t me$h 4 "e.ete -erte%e$, !ow I ha-e th $ =o!e po.#go! face' =0D

=0D2ema.e St&"e!t: Do that aga !' =0D =0DBob: I grabbe" a.. the e"ge$ of the who.e th !g ! compo!e!t mo"e' =/he! Se.ect 4 $hr !) $e.ect o!' /hat .ea-e$ the o&t$ "e e"ge$' /he! =e" t me$h 4 "e.ete e"ge -erte%' /hat get$ r " of e%tra -erte%e$' =0D= =0D/h $ $ $&per ea$#' 1et$ get more " ff c&.t' St .. !ot too har" =tho&gh' I " " a b t of mo"e. !g w th th $ c&be' Ma)e t a recta!g.e' = =0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: 9ow "o #o& get the - ew !g c&be o! the $ "e< =0D =0DBob: /hat $ ! " $p.a# 4 hea"$ &p " $p.a# 4 *I e.eme!t$ 4 - ew c&be = $ $eco!" from bottom' =0D =0DSo .et$ p&t a te%t&re o! th $ recta!g.e' 1et$ p&t a B. !! o! t' I =w .. brow$e for t' I am p&tt !g o! the 6he""ar B&!! e$ crac)er$ bo% =.abe.' =0D =0DSo f I go ! here, I w .. $o.ate th $' :o& ca! $ee the $t&ff o! the =recta!g.e, t .oo)$ me$$#' I! the *+ te%t&re e" tor, .et$ @oom !, ! =the @ero o!e area, #o& ca! $ee the o&t. !e of the c&be ) !" of' It $ =&!"er w !"ow 4 *+ te%t&re e" tor' =0D =0D:o& $ee th $ b&tto! that .oo)$ . )e a $A&are hea"e" bo# w th b.&e ha r< =/hat o!e $how$ the te%t&re' :o&

ca! t&r! t off or o!' Somet me$, I =t&r! t off to $ee how the *+$ are .a " o&t' Be.ow that, there $ the =bo# aga !, w th a $ma.. hea", a!" the! o!e be$ "e that w th a gre# hea"' = /hat "e$at&rate$' It " m$ the mage' =0D =0DD m mage ca! he.p #o& to $ee how #o&r *+$ are .a " o&t' =0D =0DI wa!t to $how #o& $ome fa$t tr c)$' =0D =0D6reate *+$ 4 3.a!ar Mapp !g =0D =0D6reate *+$ 4' 6#. !"r ca. Mapp !g =0D =0D6reate *+$ 4 6reate *+$ ba$e" o! camera =0D =0DI rare.# &$e a$$ g! $ha"er' =0D =0DI co&." ha-e a " ffere!t for *+$ for " ffere!t map$' =0D =0D/h $ $ pro0ect !g from ? $ "e$, b&t #o& ca! pro0ect from &p to 32' ? = $ rea..# goo" tho&gh' =0D =0D/he $A&are hea"e" bo# ma)e$ the bo%e$ comp.ete.# $A&are' =0D =0DWhat "o #o& th !) $ wro!g< /here are 2 th !g$ that are the b gge$t =prob.em$ w th #o&r mo"e.$' It($ . )e 90B of #o&r prob.em$' De.et !g =#o&r h $tor# a!"

free@ !g #o&r tra!$format o!$' =0D =0DMo" f# 4 2ree@e /ra!$format o!$ =0D =0DWhe! a prob.em come$ &p, "e.ete the h $tor# a!" free@e the =tra!$format o! to $ee f t get$ r " of t' =0D =0DIf #o& are!(t "o !g t o! a reg&.ar ba$ $, t m ght be $ometh !g e.$e' = =0D =0DI am go !g to c. c) o! the $A&are hea"e" bo# aga !' I(m go !g to go =thro&gh th $ o!ce' C&$t watch' /he! I w .. "o t aga ! a!" #o& ca! =$tart tr# !g t' =0D =0DD!ce I ha-e "o!e $ome ) !" of we r" pro0ect$, I mo-e them o&t of the 0=1 =area a!" the! mo-e them bac), b t b# b t' =0D =0D/h $ $ a *+ $he..' It($ $eparate from the other p ece$' =0D =0DI ha-e $hortc&t$ for th $, b&t I(m !ot go !g to $how them to #o& &!t . =#o& &!"er$ta!" the .o!g wa# of "o !g t' =0D =0D/here are $ome b&tto!$ at the top of the *+$' /he . tt.e re" arrow =rotate$ t EF "egree$ at a t me' =0D =0DSe.ect 4 Se.ect She.. grab$ a.. of the *+$ o! the

$he..' =0D =0D/e%t&r !g $ abo&t 7FB of #o&r mo"e. !g' It goe$ $o far to ma) !g t =.oo) . )e $ometh !g ama@ !g' =0D =0D1oo) what I mo"e.e"' It($ ama@ !g> 6he""ar b&!! e$> =0D =0D/he# ma"e t $o #o& ba$ ca..# ha-e to "e.ete the h $tor#' =0D =0DA$ $oo! a$ #o& "o th $ abo&t F t me$, #o& get rea..# A& c)' =0D =0DI(.. 0&$t f ! $h off m# 6he""ar B&!! e$' 3 c) the cor!er a!" $tretch t =o&t' =0D =0D/here $ a tr c)' Whe! #o& are o-er here, f #o& grab a *+, #o& ca! go =$e.ect, $e.ect $he..' 9o." "ow! co!tro., at 2 D(6.oc), $e.ect $he..' =/he! 0&$t a"0&$t a!" rotate $o t $ . !e" &p proper.#' =0D =0D/h $ goe$ prett# A& c), 0&$t rotate' /here $ the bo%' I p&t o! = $o.ate, $e.ect to get to the bottom of the bo%' Now, #o& go a!" free@e =tra!$format o!$' :o& ca! ho." "ow! " a!" b a!" grab o! the # a% $ to =cha!ge the p -ot po !t$' Now #o& ca! mo-e t aro&!" that wa#, #o& ca! =a.$o $ca.e t, #o& ca! ma)e "&p. cate$, &$e $h ft G "' :o& ca! grab a!" ="o co!tro. G " to rep. cate that' Now I ha-e a $tac) of crac)er bo%e$' =

=0D =0D:o& ca! ma)e a $&permar)et cr me' I am go !g to "o a b t more mo"e. !g' = ;ea"#< 9ere t come$' I ma"e a c#. !"er' Do #o& !ee" to $ee that =aga !< 2a!ta$t c' =0D =0DI w .. a$$ g! a fre$h B. !! to th $ o!e' I! co.or, map t' 2 .e 4 =te%t&re' /h $ t me I w .. &$e $o&p ca!' /here' Now I ha-e a $o&p ca! =te%t&re o! there' Wo.fga!g 3&c)' /h $ I w .. approach $. ght.# =" ffere!t' I w .. tr# to . !e &p the *+$ w tho&t ope! !g the te%t&re =e" tor' I !ot ce that ma!# peop.e "o!(t "o what I am abo&t to $how #o&' = /h $ $ !ot a pop&.ar metho"' B&t, I wa!t #o& to $ee th $ other wa# of ="o !g th !g$ ca&$e t m ght wor) for #o&' Some peop.e rea..# . )e th $ =wa#' 2or me, I ca! ta)e t or .ea-e t' =0D =0DSo grab the ca!, "e.ete h $tor# a!" free@e tra!$format o!$' *!"er =create *+$, there $ a.. the " ffere!t t#pe$ of mapp !g' A&tomat c $ =$ % p.a!ar map$ together' What o!e "o I !ee" for th $< 6#. !"r ca.' =It ta)e$ the te%t&re a!" tr e$ to wrap t aro&!" the ob0ect' 9 t F to =t&r! the te%t&re off a!" $ee the we r" ma! p&.ator th !g that $ o! the =ob0ect' /he$e bo%e$, th $ $ a!other $ca.e bo%, #o& ca! $ee what t $ ="o !g w th the te%t&re bac) o! = t $ t . !g' :o& $ee how t t .e$ =aro&!" the ob0ect$< If I ma)e t meet ! the bac), !ow t ha$ the $eam = ! the r ght p.ace' I am go !g to ta)e the top a$ we..' /h $ ca! be =har" to $ee' A t !# gree! . !e = that $ a ha!".e' :o& ca! p&.. t &p

=. )e that' Now t $ ! p.ace' I f !" th $ f&!)#, b&t t $ a b t = !t& t -e, beca&$e #o& are p.a# !g w th the ob0ect' Some peop.e . )e =that' If #o& .oo$e the . tt.e ha!".e$, the too. $ ) !" of h ""e!' /he =hot )e# $ t a!" the! &!"er the !p&t$ for c#. !"r ca. pro0ect o!$, #o& =w .. get t bac)' =0D =0DIf I wa!t to, I ca! bac) &p to a.. $ort$ of pro0ect o!$ I ha-e "o!e f =the# are ! m# co!$tr&ct o! h $tor#' Ma)e $&re the cha!!e. bo% $ o!' =/he hot )e# for that $ co!tro. G a' =0D =0DSo that $crew$ &p the top' Do !g the$e pro0ect o!$, #o& ca! "o th $ o! = !" - "&a. face$' I w .. 0&$t grab the face$ o! the top' 6reate *+$' =What $ho&." I &$e' /here $ $ometh !g here ca..e" p.a!ar mapp !g, wh ch =pro0ect$ ! from " ffere!t a!g.e$' If #o& "o the "efa&.t t $ $et to =%' It w .. .oo) at th $ th !g a!" pro0ect to the $ "e' What $ that< =/hat $ !ot r ght for th $ ob0ect' So go to # wh ch pro0ect$ from the =top "ow!' I a.wa#$ $et to #' I wa!t to pro0ect "ow! from the top' =/hat $ m# fa-or te o!e' /here $ @ a% $ a!" camera' Now, $ee whe! I =h t pro0ect< =E?rom the top I ca! go ! a!" mo-e aro&!"' /h $ $ m# =$ca.e o! the -ert ca. a!" th $ $ o! the &! .atera.' /he bo% ! the =cor!er w .. $ca.e them eA&a..#' Sca.e &p a!" mo-e t !to p.ace' =0D= =0DNow "o the bottom, get the face$, create *+, p.a!ar mapp !g $et o! the : =a% $, a!" t "oe$ the $ame th !g

aga !' /he . tt.e ha!".e$ are rea..# =har" to $ee, b&t the# are the$e $ma.. . !e$ o! the gr "' It $ !ot 100B =o!' D!ce th $ $ pro0ecte", f #o& we!t !to the *+ te%t&re e" tor, #o& =ca! $ee t !ow' :o& ca! go ! a!" twea) them ! the e" tor' /h !g$ are =a b t more !t& t -e, th $ wa#' =0D =0DHBrea)I =0D =0DBob: What e.$e "o I ha-e ! m# bag of tr c)$< =0D =0D/he !e%t a$$ g!me!t $ ba$ ca..# to "ep ct a $ce!e of a cr me' I wa!t =the re!"er$ to be . )e c.&e$ to what the cr me $' /o te.. a $tor#' =Not A& te . )e Brea) !g Ba"' It "oe$!(t ha-e to be a m&r"er' :o& ca! =ma)e &p #o&r ow! $tor#' =0D =0DH;ea" !g from ha!"o&tI =0D =0DIf #o& "o the 7e!era. 6r ter a, t($ a g&ara!tee" pa$$' =0D =0DSe$ame Street &$e" to be rea..# c&tt !g e"ge a!" the# p&$he" the =bo&!"ar e$' It($ $o watere" "ow! !ow' =0D =0DH;ea" !g cr ter aI =0D =0DI wa!t to $ee a ra!ge of ob0ect$ ! term$ of comp.e% t#' Start w th the =ea$ er o!e$' A$ #o& "o them, #o& w .. .ear! more'

=0D =0DH;ea" !gI =0D =0D:o& ca!(t free@e tra!$format o!$ o! I!$ta!ce' =0D =0DH;ea" !gI =0D =0DIt $ho&." ma)e $e!$e' 1 )e f t($ a cha r, the p -ot po !t w .. =probab.# be at the bottom ! the m "".e' =0D =0DNot a.. ob0ect$ w .. ha-e a te%t&re' =0D =0D/o o-er.ap #o&r *+$ &!.e$$ there $ a rea$o! for t' =0D =0DH;ea" !gI =0D =0D*$e ref.ect o! $ re"&!"a!t' =0D =0DIt($ a! ea$# pa$$ f #o& fo..ow th $' 9a-e f&!' =0D =0D/h $ $ "&e Wee) 7' =0D =0D1et$ "o $ome more te%t&r !g' I(m go !g to $how #o& o!e of m# fa-or te =$t&p " tr c)$' =0D =0D7o to fro!t - ew a!" h "e e-er#th !g' =0D =0D7o to 6reate 3o.#go! too. a!" ho." "ow! J' Someth !g rea..# !tere$t !g =that I 0&$t " ", f I h t

e!ter, h t r ght c. c) a!" a$$ g! a 1ambert' = =0D =0D*$e b& ." !g fro!t' It . !e" &p perfect.#' If #o& go a.o!g the =&! .atera. f r$t, #o&r te%t&re . !e$ &p perfect.#' =0D =0DIf I grab the $ca.e too., $o.ate, $e.ect' Mo-e t $o the peop.e "o!(t =.oo) we r"' It .oo)$ . )e there $ a b& ." !g here' I w .. ta)e th $ =a!" grab m# $p. t po.#go! too.' I am go !g to grab th $, r ght c. c) to =f ! $h t off, a!" o-er here a$ we..' C&$t o&t. !e that aw! !g $ect o!' = I am go !g to grab the mo-e too. a!" $tretch t tho&gh' Now, I am =mo"e. !g o! the po.#go! w th the te%t&re' So !ow t$ $tart !g to ha-e =" me!$ o!' =0D =0DI!$ert e"ge .oop, p.ace t ! the top of the b& ." !g, a!" a.$o a.o!g =the w !"ow .e"ge$' I am 0&$t tr# !g to go fa r.# fa$t a!" frame th $ =o&t' =0D =0DSo o!e th !g that $ !tere$t !g to !ote, $ that m# *+$, or m# te%t&re, =the wa# t h t$ the $&rface $ !ot affecte" b# $ome mo"e. !g th !g$' If =#o& tr# to e%tr&"e, for !$ta!ce, #o& ma# ha-e to f % th !g$' Now I am =go !g to "o th $' I &$&a..# "o the &! .atera. f r$t, a!" the! the =-ert ca.' I am teach !g #o& a b t of a ba" hab t' It ca! ma)e $ome =$tretche" *+ act o!' A$ I am "o !g th $ #o& ca! $ee t $ a b t $)ewe", =r ght< I $ho&." a"0&$t that, probab.# wo&." be ea$ er to "o that f r$t, =b&t t "oe$!(t matter beca&$e #o& ca! $t .. "o t' I 0&$t

wa!t to go =fa$t, beca&$e I co&." $pe!" a.. "a# ma) !g th $ perfect' So !ow I ha-e =e-er#th !g . !e" &p more or .e$$' 1et$ go ahea" a!" go to the fro!t =- ew' /hat gr " ca! be h ""e!' =0D =0DI w .. grab the top .e"ge, a!" the . !e$ r&!! !g "ow! the b& ." !g' =6hec) to $ee f #o& got e-er#th !g #o& wa!t' 7o !to per$pect -e w th =a.. the$e $e.ecte"' 7o to e%tr&"e' 3&.. them o&t' See that =$tretch !g< /hat $ what I mea! b# ba" hab t$' B&t !o o!e w .. !ot ce =that' It $ DK' Now, t $eem$ to ha-e " me!$ o!' =0D =0DD!ce I ha-e e%tr&"e" that o!ce, I ca! p&.. the -er# top o&t a b t =f&rther b# $e.ect !g them' /he w !"ow$ .oo) a b t f.at !ow' I ca! go =a!" grab the ce!tre of each w !"ow' =0D =0D9 t e%tr&"e' 3&$h them !' 1et$ "e$e.ect the o!e$ at the top' I " " =co!tro. r ght c. c), to grow the $e.ect o!' I ha" the face ! the =ce!tre $e.ecte", wh ch grew t o&t' 7o to g.oba. mo"e a!" p&.. o&t to =get the w !"ow frame$' I . )e th $ tr c), beca&$e #o& ca! mo"e. o! the =ob0ect' /h $ wor)$ rea..# we.. for b& ." !g fro!t$, a!" certa ! th !g$' = Some $t&ff $ !ot a$ goo"' =0D =0DWhat abo&t th $ t&!!e. t#pe th !g, the "oorwa# here< Sp. t po.#go! =too., a!" "raw o&t the $hape of the t&!!e. area' =0D

=0DW th e%tr&"e I p&$h t !' =0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: Wh# ca!(t I h t mo-e< =0D =0DBob: W tho&t e%tr&"e, t "oe$ th $' ,%tr&"e create$ more geometr# for =me' D!ce I $tart to .oo) at t th $ $ better, there $ " me!$ o! to = t' Do #o& wa!t to tr# th $< I$ t ea$# to f g&re o&t< 1et me $how =#o& a mag c tr c)' I $aw th $ o! $p "er ma!' I am go !g to create a =. !e o! top of the ro&!"e" w !"ow here' I w .. p&$h bac) ! the =w !"ow$' /he!, I w .. a$$ g! a fre$h B. !! to them a!" ma)e t =tra!$pare!t' It ha$ ref.ect o! capab . t# b&t I ca! $ee thro&gh t' =:o& ca! $ee the gr " o! the gro&!" f I t&r! t o!' =0D =0DWhat the# " " ! Sp "er Ma! wa$ create a po.#go! c#. !"er' I w .. ta)e = t a!" mo-e t the p -ot po !t, b# ho." !g "ow! " a!" - whe! #o& mo-e t =o! the # a% $ w .. $!ap the -ert ce$' I am a.$o go !g to remo-e $ome =face$' 7o!e' I am go !g to &$e a 1ambert !ow, a!" te%t&re th $ w th a =f .e te%t&re' I ha-e a room te%t&re' /hat "oe$!(t .oo) r ght> I w .. =a"0&$t the room to f t ! the c#. !"er I ha-e create"' Now, watch' =3&$h t bac) beh !" m# tra!$pare!t w !"ow' Sca.e t to f t' Now, whe! =#o& .oo) at th $, t .oo)$ . )e there $ a room ! there> It $ rea..# =cheap a!" ea$#' /h $ $ what the# " " for the Sp "er Ma! mo- e, to ma)e =room$ .oo) . )e the# ha" " me!$ o! whe! he wo&." $w !g b# thro&gh the =c t#' It ref.ect$, too' Whe! I re!"er th $, I $ho&." be ab.e to

$ee m# =ref.ect o!$ of the A!! e($ bo%e$ we ma"e before' /o $ee t, go to =p.&g ! ma!ager a!" at the bottom, #o& w .. $ee me!ta. ra#' It $ a =$oph $t cate" re!"er e!g !e, b&t t rea..# $&c)$ to teach' It $ har"' =/here are $ome ea$# th !g$, b&t o!ce #o& wa!t to get tr c)#, t get$ =-er# comp. cate" a!" har" to e%p.a !' :o& wa!t to be a compo$ tor< =/here $ $o m&ch to e%p.a !' B&t t wor)$ rea..# ! ce.#' /he! I w .. =re!"er' /here $ the " ffere!ce, #o& ca! $ee a b t of the bo%e$ ! =there' If I wa!te" t 100B ref.ect -e, #o& ca! cha!ge the $ett !g$' =/he mo$t commo! re!"erer ! the !"&$tr# r ght !ow $ Ar!o.", t $ =ta) !g o-er' I . )e +ra#, t $ -er# $ mp.e a!" ea$#' =0D =0D/here $ !o . ght o! the bo%e$, wh ch w .. a.$o affect the ref.ect o!$' =If #o& p.ace a . ght #o& w .. cha!ge the ref.ect o!$' /h $ te%t&re that =I wa$ &$ !g $ a C37' /he# "o!(t re!"er -er# we..' /he# a.wa#$ t&r! =b.ac)' ,-er# o!ce ! a wh .e the# "o' /h $ "oe$!(t happe! a.. the =t me, b&t t happe!$ e!o&gh that I te.. peop.e !ot to &$e C37$' *$e =/arga$' /he# are a b gger mage, the# we gh a b t more o! the $ce!e, =b&t the# are a.wa#$ re. ab.e' I ha-e !e-er ha" o!e $crew &p' / ff$ ! =me!ta. ra# are a b t f.a)#' /here $ a th !g ca..e" a 3N7, wh ch $ =goo" too' It $eem$ . )e t ha$ got the f .e $ @e of a C37 b&t a better =A&a. t#' /hat $ at the top of the $heet' Somet me$, C37 w .. wor) =f !e, b&t th $ o!e $&c)$' I co&." co!-ert t to a /arga f .e a!" t =wo&." wor) 0&$t f !e'

=0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: If #o& were to cha!ge the te%t&re o! the b& ." !g wo&." =the mo"e. $ta#< =0D =0DBob: :e$' I ca! go ! here a!" f % t' I! photo$hop, #o& ca! re$a-e =#o&r C37$ a$ /7A' /hat $ a targa f .e' Somet me$, the# "o!(t ope! &p = ! w !"ow - ewer$' B&t the# are wor) !g' 7o bac) !to Ma#a, go to =1ambert 2, wh ch $ where m# b& ." !g $' Sw tch from the C37 to the =targa' Now whe! I re!"er, t $ho&." $how &p !o prob.em$' =0D =0DMa.e St&"e!t: If we ha-e te%t&re $tretch !g ! o&r pro0ect ' ' '< =0D= =0DBob: A$ .o!g a$ t($ !ot rea..# ba"' =0D =0D/here $ a !ew o!e that I ha-e !e-er "o!e ! a c.a$$' B&t .et$ "o the =tra" t o!a. o!e f r$t' I(m go !g to go ! a!" $how #o& how I w .. .a# =the$e o&t ! orga! c ob0ect$' Sphere' It($ a -er# goo" orga! c ob0ect =to p&t te%t&r !g o!' If I am go !g to a$$ g! a !ew mater a., there $ a =*+ gr "' It g -e$ #o& !&mber$' /here $ a .ot of !o $e ! t' I f !" =that $omet me$ #o& ca! $ee t warp !g' It($ rea..# ea$# to $pot =$tretche" te%t&re$' :o& wa!t e-er#th !g to be $A&are' If I .oo) ! the =*+ te%t e" tor, here $ the $phere' =0D =0DD-er the !e%t few wee)$, I w .. "o a mo"e. ! c.a$$

a!" te%ter t $o #o& =$ee the who.e proce$$' :o& ha-e to $ee t a few t me$ to get the ha!g =of t' =0D =0D/here are the$e . tt.e c&t too.$, the$e . tt.e $c $$or$' 6&t a!" p&.. = t &p' It($ . )e c&tt !g &p a b g p ece of mater a.' =0D =0D/h $ too. re.at o!$ #o&r *+$' =0D =0D/he! #o& ca! c. c) &!fo."' =0D =0D/h $ too. $ rea..# coo.' It wor)$ rea..# we..' I w .. "o t aga !' =H;epeatI =0D =0DI ca! grab the$e *+$, a!" h t .a#o&t' I ha-e to e%p.a ! th $ a few =t me$ before t ma)e$ $e!$e' =0D =0D:o& ca! $ee that a.. of the$e $A&are$ are of eA&a. -a.&e' /here are =$ome f&!!# $eam$ that !ee" to be f %e"' What "o #o& g&#$ th !)< =0D= =0DIt ta)e$ a wh .e to &!"er$ta!" what 0&$t happe!e", b&t t($ act&a..# =rea..# $ mp.e' It($ . )e tr# !g to wrap a ba$)etba.. ! wrapp !g paper' = =0D =0DW !"ow 4 ge!era. e" tor$ 4 $prea" $heet =0D =0DIf #o& go !to the *+ te%t e" tor, #o& ca! $ee the *+$'

=0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: 9ow wo&." #o& mo"e. that Hfema.e f g&reI< =0D =0DBob: I th !) I ha-e a! e%amp.e o! the I!$tr&ctor Bob $ te' =0D =0D:o& ca! $ee how the *+$ are .a " o&t' =0D =0D/he . tt.e f $h $ $o that her e#e$ .oo) at the . tt.e f $h' =0D =0DNe%t t me I w .. $how #o& how to ma)e her ta.)' =0D =0DIf I go "ow! f&rther there $ a !orma. $m .e' /here($ a $!eer' /here =are . tt.e co!tro.$ for the r feet' /oe w gg.e$' 2oot ro..$' /oe =ro..$' =0D =0D/h $ wa$ "o!e for $omeo!e e.$e' =0D =0D/h $ $ $ometh !g more . )e what I . )e to "o H"rago! g&#I' /here are a =.ot of co!tro..er$ here' /here are feet co!tro..er$' 2oot ba!) !g' =/oe c&r.$' 2 !ger$' 1et$ tr# o!e more th !g here' I we!t off o! th $ =to $how #o& *+$' =0D =0D7ett !g th $ to happe! $ a b t of a tr c)' I w .. $how #o& ea$# wa#$ =to "o t' =0D

=0DI(m go !g to tr# o!e more cra@# th !g' =0D =0DI " "!(t $how #o& how to ma)e a! e%act proport o! w th the b& ." !g' =Whe! I wa!t to get $ometh !g e%act, I go to the fro!t - ew' 7o to the =po.#go! too.' 9o." "ow! J' 1oo) at the *+ te%t e" tor' :o& w .. $ee =that th $ *+ e" tor corre$po!"$' /he !e%t th !g that I wa!t to "o, I(m =go !g to &$e a 1ambert' 6o.o&r 4 2 .e 4 6arbo!5;,2 =0D =0DI ha-e th $ certa ! te%t&re' What I t#p ca..# "o $ go to a! mage =f .e' I go to $o&rce mage$' I go to propert e$' I .oo) at the J =a% $' Sca.e: 2?'E2 a!" h t e!ter' So t goe$ 2?'E2 o&t' 29'10 for the =: a% $' /hat($ e%act.# to $ca.e' =0D =0DI ca! h "e t a!" br !g t bac)' =0D =0DIf I .oo) there $ a th !g ca..e" re!"ere" $tat$' :o& ca! ma)e t $o = t($ !o .o!ger "o&b.e $ "e"' Whe! #o& are mo"e. !g, #o& !ee" to create =a c&be' I co!$ta!t.# !ot ce that f I t&r! off "o&b.e $ "e", I ca! =a.wa#$ $ee !to the bo%' =0D =0D1et$ ma)e th $ $ma..' B# $ca. !g t "ow! &! form.#, I a.wa#$ ha-e the =r ght $ @e for the mage' :o& wa!t to ha-e t $o #o& "o!(t cra$h !to =wa..$ ! the bo%' :o& ca! ta)e o!e of the face$ awa#, ma#be o!e #o& ="o!(t !ee"' /h !) abo&t t . )e a theatre pro"&ct o!, . )e there $ a

=wa.. m $$ !g' =0D =0DI ha-e!(t "o!e th $ ! fro!t of peop.e before $o .et$ tr# th $' =0D =0DSo, to "ea. w th th $, t ha$ a co!ca-e effect a b t' So create po.#go! =too. $ &!"er me$h, a!" appe!" . -e$ &!"er e" t me$h' So !ow I w .. =pre$$ e!ter' Appe!" w .. a..ow me to create that . p proper.#' Now, I =w .. h t appe!" aga ! a!" ta)e th $ . tt.e top p ece' It !ee"$ a b t of =g rth' :o& ca! $ee #o& ca! get more c&r-at&re o&t of t f #o& a"" $ome =e"ge$' :o& ca! e-e! "o th !g$ . )e, #o& ca! !$ert e"ge .oop, a!" p.a# =aro&!" w th th $' :o& ca! ma#be $&c) ! the top o!e$, a!" the bottom $ =probab.# a b t w "er beca&$e of the we ght of the f.& "' /hat wor)$, I =th !)' /hat $ m# carto! $hape' I ca! go &p the m "".e w th the A&a"$, =co!tro., r ght c. c), e"ge r !g, a!" $p. t' Now I ha-e a . !e &p the =m "".e of the carto!' =0D =0DSo I ha-e the carto!' I$ that goo"< L&e$t o!$< ,-er#o!e $ a!gr# a!" =wa!t$ to .ea-e' DK' HCo)eM0o) !g'I =0D =0D9 t e%tr&"e a!" p&.. t o&t' 9ow "o I get that !"e!t< 7rab the$e =face$ a!" "o a! e%tr&"e' I w .. "o $ome off$et act o! to get the e"ge =th c)!e$$ r ght' I w .. "o a! e%tr&"e ! g.oba. mo"e' I m ght ma)e a =- "eo o&t of th $' /h $ ha$ a .ot of &$ef&. tr c)$' I! g.oba.

mo"e, I =ca! rotate t ! a b t' Now I ha-e a carto!' I 0&$t ma"e ha.f of t, =the other ha.f ha$ to be ma"e' So I w .. ta)e the face$ o! the bac) =$ "e, "e.ete t, ta)e the ob0ect, a!" go to me$h' /he!, there $ a! =opt o! ca..e" m rror geometr#' I wa!t to go to !egat -e @ ! th $ ca$e' = Me$h 4 m rror geometr#, e%pa!" t to the oppo$ te $ "e of the ob0ect' = =0D =0DWa$ that too m&ch !format o!< I am abo&t to g -e #o& a te$t' =HCo)eM0o) !g'I /here' I got that' Now, th $ $ go !g to be coo.' =6reate a B. !!, co.or 4 f .e te%t&re' Map t w th the carto!' I =$ca!!e" a.. that' 1oo) at that' 3erfect' Do!e' /hat $ how the# =.oo)' Somet me$, the create po.#go! too. ma)e$ a me$$ o-er here' See, = t $ $how !g me the *+$' I! the .a#o&t ! the *+ te%t&re e" tor' Whe! =I &$e appe!", t a""$ the $ame who.e $hape aga !, a!" .a#er$ t &p' :o& =m ght $ee th $, . )e a b t me$$' What $ho&." I "o w th m# carto!, t $ =-er# bo%#' I h t a&tomat c mapp !g' /here' Ma)e $&re #o& ha-e fro@e! =the tra!$format o!$' =0D =0DI w .. mo-e t ! o!e at a t me' Mo-e th !g$ !to p.ace' /h $ area =.oo)$ $tra!ge, b# the $po&t' /h $ $ go !g to be har" o! the f r$t "a# =of $how !g th $' I ca!(t e%p.a ! t a.. a$ I go r ght !ow' I am go !g =to c&t the *+$' Ma#be I w .. tr# 0&$t $e.ect !g the face$' I am 0&$t =ho." !g "ow! " to mo-e th !g$ where I wa!t' I ha-e to grab th $ . tt.e =we"ge a!" mo-e t' /h $ $ wh# I !ee" to c&t the e"ge$, to ma)e the = mage f t the ob0ect' I

ha-e to grab the e"ge$ of th $ a!" h t mo-e a!" =$ew' /h $ $ where t get$ a b t a"-a!ce"' I ha-e to mo-e the$e o-er =th $ wa#, #o& ha-e to ) !" of &!fo." th $ who.e . tt.e area' =0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: 2or a.. the ob0ect$ o! the $ce!e, "o #o& ha-e to $ca! = t !< =0D =0DBob: No' :o& ca! ma)e $t&ff &p' I . )e to get rea. mage$ whe! I =$how th !g$, b&t #o& "o!(t ha-e to' If #o& wa!t to ma)e a "emo ree. for =a 0ob, ma)e $ometh !g rea., that $ har" to rep. cate, t $how$ #o& ha-e =$) ..' Mo$t 0ob$ wa!t to $ee that' B&t here, at ,m .# 6arr, #o& are =a..owe" to "o whate-er #o& wa!t' :o& "o!(t ha-e to $tart from photo$' =:o& ca! f !" th !g$ . )e th $' :o& ca! goog.e $earch te%t&re$' 1oo) at =the$e th !g$' 2.oor$' :o& ca! ta)e the$e a!" m&tate them' If #o& ha-e =a $e!$e of $ometh !g #o& wa!t a!" #o& wa!t to ma)e t from $cratch a!" ="raw t or pa !t t a!" $ca! t, that ma)e$ $ome coo. $t&ff that other =peop.e "o!(t ha-e' Somet me$ whe! #o& &$e the$e te%t&re$, #o& w .. f !" =$omeo!e e.$e ha$ &$e" them a!" #o& ca! $pot t ! the r wor)' =0D =0D2ema.e St&"e!t: I$ there a wa# to &!wrap the ob0ect to pa !t te%t&re$ =a!" th !g$, $o #o& ca! pr !t t< =0D =0DBob: 7oo" A&e$t o!' :o& ca! go po.#go!$, *+ $!ap$hot' /h $ ta)e$ a! = mage, here' :o& ca! $a# what

#o& wa!t' 1et$ ma)e t a 2 K te%t&re' =Not a! I22' Do!(t "o that' :o& m ght wa!t to &$e a C37, or a /arga' =/arga$ ha-e a! a.pha cha!!e.' :o& w .. !ot ce that ma#be' B&t I w .. =ta.) abo&t t .ater' So "o that' Now ! m# pro0ect fo."er, there $ m# =o&t *+$' It w .. ope! t &p ! photo$hop' I co&." p&t a!#th !g I wa!t =o! t' =0D =0DI ca! ta)e th $ p ct&re from the !ter!et of Mart !, a!" ma)e t b gger' = Now go f .e, $a-e a$' Sw tch t to targa' Sa-e t !to #o&r $o&rce = mage$' Now I ha-e mart !te%t&re' If #o& ma)e t 32 b t t ha$ a! =a.pha cha!!e., $o $a-e a$ 2E to a-o " that $$&e' I w .. &$e a fre$h =1ambert, map w th a f .e te%t&re, a!" where $ that Mart ! te%t&re< = =0D =0DI m ght ma)e th $ !to a - "eo' =0D =0DH,!" of c.a$$I =0D =0D =0

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