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ANIM 219 Bob McAfee September 17, 2013 Bob: What we are going to o to a!

i" te#t$ring% I on&t 'now how man! of !o$ 'now abo$t ()"% *+er!one hate" them, b$t I ,o+e them% -he! are ea"!% B$t I ha+e to ta'e !o$ thro$gh the bab! "tep" fir"t% -hi" i" .$"t "ome genera, information% It&" ba"ic information% /et" go into the 0-1 "ite 2 "t$ ent" 2 p$b,ic 2 in"tr$ctor 2 B3McAfee 2 45IA219 2 4,a"" 3 -e#t$ring I am going to o a ,ot of 6"how an 4,a"" 3 -e#t$ring fo, er o+er% o6 to a!% Mo+e thi"

If I&m ,oo'ing at thi" fo, er in the S ri+e an I open 4,a"" 3 -e#t$ring, I ha+e "ome te#t$re"% I want to ma'e "$re that !o$ ha+e thi" piece of information ear,!% When !o$ are "etting $p a pro.ect, it goe" "ome p,ace magica,% I ea,,!, !o$ want to create a pro.ect fo, er% If I go $n er fi,e" to 1ro.ect Win ow, it&" rea,,! he,pf$, when !o$&+e been ma'ing te#t$re"% -he c$rrent pro.ect i" the efa$,t% I want to ma'e a new one% 7it New an ca,, it te#t$rec,a""% I&m going to p$t it in the S ri+e, which i" be"t for when !o$ are at "choo,% It ha" create a "erie" of fo, er" for me% -here i" one ca,,e a""et"% Ma!be !o$ want to 'eep "ome "eparate

fo, er"% -here i" one in Ma!a% 4ache i" for partic$,ar"% Image" i" an important fo, er% Whene+er !o$ ren er a "erie" of image", it wi,, go into thi" fo, er% 8o$ on&t $"e Mo+ie" m$ch% 9en ere :ata% Scene" i" rea,,! important% -hat&" where a,, of !o$r Ma!a "cene" go% Script", "o$n an "o$rceimage"% -ho"e are the three important one"% /et" ta'e te#t$re" o$t of 4,a"" 3 te#t$ring an "tic' them in "o$rce image"% I ha+e .$"t mo+e a,, of tho"e te#t$re fi,e"% 0i,e 2 1ro.ect Win ow 2 New 1ro.ect 2 p$t in S ri+e 2 hit accept 4reate 2 1o,!gon p,ane I&m going to ta'e the p,ane an a""ign a 0a+orite Materia,% 0ema,e St$ ent: 7ow o !o$ bring $p the too, bar; Bob: :i"p,a! 2 (I *,ement" 2 "how a,, I am going to right c,ic' on the p,ane an a""ign a new materia,, B,inn% What I&m intere"te in i" !o$ "ee a gre! "witch ne#t to co,o$r% -hi" i" the map b$tton% 8o$ can hoo' $p te#t$re map"% It bring" $p the create ren er no e, which ha" man! option"% -he fo$rth one own i" ca,,e fi,e te#t$re% -hat i" what I am intere"te in% 5o to image name < "ee the fo, er b$tton; It i" a brow"e b$tton% 7it that% I wi,, "e,ect f,oor ti,e% -hat i" beca$"e

!o$ "et $p the profi,e% Now, ,i'e magic, it i" on= If !o$ on&t "ee the te#t$re right awa!, pre"" >% -hen !o$ "ho$, "ee it% -hat i" the fir"t part% Now, what i" going on i" we ha+e a te#t$re, a 2 image on a 3 ob.ect% -hi" i" a 3 ob.ect, e+en tho$gh it i" a f,at p,ane% So go to win ow2() te#t$re e itor% () "tan " for $ni,atera, an +ertica,% In the te#t$re e itor, ?oom o$t% It wi,, "how !o$ a gri % In the centre, it "a!" ?ero% 5o $p, !o$ can "ee a 1 at the top an own !o$ "ee a <1% -o the right, !o$ "ee a 1 an the ,eft !o$ "ee a <1% -hi" area in the $pper right i" the ?ero to one area% When !o$ wor' in feat$re fi,m", an game", thi" area i" important% It repeat" fore+er an e+er in a,, irection"% I wi,, ta,' abo$t it more ,ater% B$t I wi,, ?oom in a bit, an a" I go o+er the ob.ect, when I right c,ic' I can "ee e ge", +ertice", face", an a,"o, ()% If !o$ "e,ect () here, the mo+e too, "how" $p in the te#t$re e itor% Now ,oo' what i" happening= It" ,i'e American 7orror Stor!% -here i" a,"o "omething, if !o$ tr! to "e,ect an e"e,ect ()", in the te#t$re e itor, !o$ ha+e to go an "e,ect ()" again% It i" 'in of a b$g% B$t now I can mo+e the"e aro$n % 8o$ can "traighten them $p with a tric' I wi,, "how !o$ ,ater% -o c,ic' on ()", hit the corner"% 8o$ can "ee how thi" 2 image connect" with a 3 ob.ect%

-here are "ome other thing"% -he mo+e too, a,,ow" me to mo+e it aro$n % When !o$ "ee it in the 3 +iew, it i" ti,ing in a,, irection"% If I p$t it bac' in an grab the rotate too,, !o$ can "pin it aro$n % An to ti,e it, !o$ grab the "ca,e too, an !o$ ma'e it big% It ti,e" fore+er an e+er in a,, irection"% 0ema,e St$ ent: I can&t $n o% Bob: -he b$tton to $n o i" ?% Ma'e "$re it i" not in cap",oc'% Sca,e in an o$t to ma'e it ti,e% A,, the"e ()", the! ha+e a ,ot of geometr! on here% I co$, grab a,, the e ge" an o a tric', if I go to po,!gon" 2 "e,ect then I wi,, "hrin' "e,ection% I go to e it me"h 2 e,ete +erte#e", now I ha+e thi" one po,!gon face% 0ema,e St$ ent: :o that again% Bob: I grabbe a,, the e ge" of the who,e thing in component mo e% -hen Se,ect 2 "hrin' "e,ection% -hat ,ea+e" the o$t"i e e ge"% -hen e it me"h 2 e,ete e ge +erte#% -hat get" ri of e#tra +erte#e"% -hi" i" "$per ea"!% /et" get more iffic$,t% Sti,, not too har tho$gh% I i a bit of mo e,ing with thi" c$be% Ma'e it a rectang,e% 0ema,e St$ ent: 7ow o !o$ get the +iewing c$be on the

"i e; Bob: -hat i" in i"p,a! 2 hea " $p i"p,a! 2 (I e,ement" 2 +iew c$be i" "econ from bottom% So ,et" p$t a te#t$re on thi" rectang,e% /et" p$t a B,inn on it% I wi,, brow"e for it% I am p$tting on the 4he ar B$nnie" crac'er" bo# ,abe,% So if I go in here, I wi,, i"o,ate thi"% 8o$ can "ee the "t$ff on the rectang,e, it ,oo'" me""!% In the () te#t$re e itor, ,et" ?oom in, in the ?ero one area, !o$ can "ee the o$t,ine of the c$be 'in of% It i" $n er win ow 2 () te#t$re e itor% 8o$ "ee thi" b$tton that ,oo'" ,i'e a "@$are hea e bo! with b,$e hair; -hat one "how" the te#t$re% 8o$ can t$rn it off or on% Sometime", I t$rn it off to "ee how the ()" are ,ai o$t% Be,ow that, there i" the bo! again, with a "ma,, hea , an then one be"i e that with a gre! hea % -hat e"at$rate"% It im" the image% :im image can he,p !o$ to "ee how !o$r ()" are ,ai o$t% I want to "how !o$ "ome fa"t tric'"% 4reate ()" 2 1,anar Mapping 4reate ()" 2% 4!,in rica, Mapping 4reate ()" 2 4reate ()" ba"e on camera

I rare,! $"e a""ign "ha er% I co$, ha+e a ifferent for ()" for ifferent map"% -hi" i" pro.ecting from > "i e", b$t !o$ can pro.ect from $p to 32% > i" rea,,! goo tho$gh% -he "@$are hea e bo! ma'e" the bo#e" comp,ete,! "@$are% What o !o$ thin' i" wrong; -here are 2 thing" that are the bigge"t prob,em" with !o$r mo e,"% It&" ,i'e 90A of !o$r prob,em"% :e,eting !o$r hi"tor! an free?ing !o$r tran"formation"% Mo if! 2 0ree?e -ran"formation" When a prob,em come" $p, e,ete the hi"tor! an free?e the tran"formation to "ee if it get" ri of it% If !o$ aren&t oing it on a reg$,ar ba"i", it might be "omething e,"e% I am going to c,ic' on the "@$are hea e bo! again% I&m going to go thro$gh thi" once% B$"t watch% -hen I wi,, o it again an !o$ can "tart tr!ing it% Cnce I ha+e one "ome 'in of weir pro.ect", I mo+e them o$t of the 0<1 area an then mo+e them bac', bit b! bit% -hi" i" a () "he,,% It&" "eparate from the other piece"%

I ha+e "hortc$t" for thi", b$t I&m not going to "how them to !o$ $nti, !o$ $n er"tan the ,ong wa! of oing it% -here are "ome b$tton" at the top of the ()"% -he ,itt,e re arrow rotate" it DE egree" at a time% Se,ect 2 Se,ect She,, grab" a,, of the ()" on the "he,,% -e#t$ring i" abo$t 7EA of !o$r mo e,ing% It goe" "o far to ma'ing it ,oo' ,i'e "omething ama?ing% /oo' what I mo e,e % It&" ama?ing= 4he ar b$nnie"=

-he! ma e it "o !o$ ba"ica,,! ha+e to e,ete the hi"tor!% A" "oon a" !o$ o thi" abo$t E time", !o$ get rea,,! @$ic'% I&,, .$"t fini"h off m! 4he an "tretch it o$t% ar B$nnie"% 1ic' the corner

-here i" a tric'% When !o$ are o+er here, if !o$ grab a (), !o$ can go "e,ect, "e,ect "he,,% 7o, own contro,, at 2 C&4,oc', "e,ect "he,,% -hen .$"t a .$"t an rotate "o it i" ,ine $p proper,!% -hi" goe" prett! @$ic', .$"t rotate% -here i" the bo#% I p$t on i"o,ate, "e,ect to get to the bottom of the bo#% Now, !o$ go an free?e tran"formation"% 8o$ can ho, own an b an grab on the ! a#i" to change the pi+ot point"% Now !o$ can mo+e it aro$n that wa!, !o$ can a,"o "ca,e it, !o$ can ma'e $p,icate", $"e "hift F % 8o$ can grab an o contro, F to rep,icate that% Now I ha+e a

"tac' of crac'er bo#e"% 8o$ can ma'e a "$permar'et crime% I am going to o a bit more mo e,ing% 9ea !; 7ere it come"% I ma e a c!,in er% :o !o$ nee to "ee that again; 0anta"tic% I wi,, a""ign a fre"h B,inn to thi" one% In co,or, map it% 0i,e 2 te#t$re% -hi" time I wi,, $"e "o$p can% -here% Now I ha+e a "o$p can te#t$re on there% Wo,fgang 1$c'% -hi" I wi,, approach ",ight,! ifferent% I wi,, tr! to ,ine $p the ()" witho$t opening the te#t$re e itor% I notice that man! peop,e on&t o what I am abo$t to "how !o$% -hi" i" not a pop$,ar metho % B$t, I want !o$ to "ee thi" other wa! of oing thing" ca$"e it might wor' for !o$% Some peop,e rea,,! ,i'e thi" wa!% 0or me, I can ta'e it or ,ea+e it% So grab the can, e,ete hi"tor! an free?e tran"formation"% (n er create ()", there i" a,, the ifferent t!pe" of mapping% A$tomatic i" "i# p,anar map" together% What one o I nee for thi"; 4!,in rica,% It ta'e" the te#t$re an trie" to wrap it aro$n the ob.ect% 7it E to t$rn the te#t$re off an "ee the weir manip$,ator thing that i" on the ob.ect% -he"e bo#e", thi" i" another "ca,e bo#, !o$ can "ee what it i" oing with the te#t$re bac' on < it i" ti,ing% 8o$ "ee how it ti,e" aro$n the ob.ect"; If I ma'e it meet in the bac', now it ha" the "eam in the right p,ace% I am going to ta'e the top a" we,,% -hi" can be har to "ee% A tin! green ,ine < that i" a han ,e% 8o$ can p$,, it $p ,i'e that% Now it

i" in p,ace% I fin thi" f$n'!, b$t it i" a bit int$iti+e, beca$"e !o$ are p,a!ing with the ob.ect% Some peop,e ,i'e that% If !o$ ,oo"e the ,itt,e han ,e", the too, i" 'in of hi en% -he hot 'e! i" t an then $n er the inp$t" for c!,in rica, pro.ection", !o$ wi,, get it bac'% If I want to, I can bac' $p to a,, "ort" of pro.ection" I ha+e one if the! are in m! con"tr$ction hi"tor!% Ma'e "$re the channe, bo# i" on% -he hot 'e! for that i" contro, F a% So that "crew" $p the top% :oing the"e pro.ection", !o$ can o thi" on in i+i $a, face"% I wi,, .$"t grab the face" on the top% 4reate ()"% What "ho$, I $"e% -here i" "omething here ca,,e p,anar mapping, which pro.ect" in from ifferent ang,e"% If !o$ o the efa$,t it i" "et to #% It wi,, ,oo' at thi" thing an pro.ect to the "i e% What i" that; -hat i" not right for thi" ob.ect% So go to ! which pro.ect" from the top own% I a,wa!" "et to !% I want to pro.ect own from the top% -hat i" m! fa+orite one% -here i" ? a#i" an camera% Now, "ee when I hit pro.ect; 0rom the top I can go in an mo+e aro$n % -hi" i" m! "ca,e on the +ertica, an thi" i" on the $ni,atera,% -he bo# in the corner wi,, "ca,e them e@$a,,!% Sca,e $p an mo+e it into p,ace% Now o the bottom, get the face", create (), p,anar mapping "et on the 8 a#i", an it oe" the "ame thing again% -he ,itt,e han ,e" are rea,,! har to "ee, b$t the! are the"e "ma,, ,ine" on the gri % It i" not 100A on%

Cnce thi" i" pro.ecte , if !o$ went into the () te#t$re e itor, !o$ can "ee it now% 8o$ can go in an twea' them in the e itor% -hing" are a bit more int$iti+e, thi" wa!% GBrea'H Bob: What e,"e o I ha+e in m! bag of tric'"; -he ne#t a""ignment i" ba"ica,,! to epict a "cene of a crime% I want the ren er" to be ,i'e c,$e" to what the crime i"% -o te,, a "tor!% Not @$ite ,i'e Brea'ing Ba % It oe"n&t ha+e to be a m$r er% 8o$ can ma'e $p !o$r own "tor!% G9ea ing from han o$tH If !o$ o the 5enera, 4riteria, it&" a g$arantee pa""% Se"ame Street $"e to be rea,,! c$tting e ge an the! p$"he the bo$n arie"% It&" "o watere own now% G9ea ing criteriaH I want to "ee a range of ob.ect" in term" of comp,e#it!% Start with the ea"ier one"% A" !o$ o them, !o$ wi,, ,earn more% G9ea ingH 8o$ can&t free?e tran"formation" on In"tance% G9ea ingH

It "ho$, ma'e "en"e% /i'e if it&" a chair, the pi+ot point wi,, probab,! be at the bottom in the mi ,e% Not a,, ob.ect" wi,, ha+e a te#t$re% -o o+er,ap !o$r ()" $n,e"" there i" a rea"on for it% G9ea ingH ("e ref,ection i" re $n ant% It&" an ea"! pa"" if !o$ fo,,ow thi"% 7a+e f$n% -hi" i" $e Wee' 7% /et" o "ome more te#t$ring% I&m going to "how !o$ one of m! fa+orite "t$pi tric'"% 5o to front +iew an hi e e+er!thing% 5o to 4reate 1o,!gon too, an ho, own I% Something rea,,! intere"ting that I .$"t i , if I hit enter, hit right c,ic' an a""ign a /ambert% ("e b$i, ing front% It ,ine $p perfect,!% If !o$ go a,ong the $ni,atera, fir"t, !o$r te#t$re ,ine" $p perfect,!% If I grab the "ca,e too,, i"o,ate, "e,ect% Mo+e it "o the peop,e on&t ,oo' weir % It ,oo'" ,i'e there i" a b$i, ing here% I wi,, ta'e thi" an grab m! "p,it po,!gon too,% I am going to grab thi", right c,ic' to fini"h it off, an o+er here a" we,,% B$"t o$t,ine that awning "ection% I am going to grab the mo+e too, an "tretch it tho$gh% Now, I am

mo e,ing on the po,!gon with the te#t$re% So now it" "tarting to ha+e imen"ion% In"ert e ge ,oop, p,ace it in the top of the b$i, ing, an a,"o a,ong the win ow ,e ge"% I am .$"t tr!ing to go fair,! fa"t an frame thi" o$t% So one thing that i" intere"ting to note, i" that m! ()", or m! te#t$re, the wa! it hit" the "$rface i" not affecte b! "ome mo e,ing thing"% If !o$ tr! to e#tr$ e, for in"tance, !o$ ma! ha+e to fi# thing"% Now I am going to o thi"% I $"$a,,! o the $ni,atera, fir"t, an then the +ertica,% I am teaching !o$ a bit of a ba habit% It can ma'e "ome "tretche () action% A" I am oing thi" !o$ can "ee it i" a bit "'ewe , right; I "ho$, a .$"t that, probab,! wo$, be ea"ier to o that fir"t, b$t it oe"n&t matter beca$"e !o$ can "ti,, o it% I .$"t want to go fa"t, beca$"e I co$, "pen a,, a! ma'ing thi" perfect% So now I ha+e e+er!thing ,ine $p more or ,e""% /et" go ahea an go to the front +iew% -hat gri can be hi en% I wi,, grab the top ,e ge, an the ,ine" r$nning own the b$i, ing% 4hec' to "ee if !o$ got e+er!thing !o$ want% 5o into per"pecti+e with a,, the"e "e,ecte % 5o to e#tr$ e% 1$,, them o$t% See that "tretching; -hat i" what I mean b! ba habit"% B$t no one wi,, notice that% It i" CJ% Now, it "eem" to ha+e imen"ion% Cnce I ha+e e#tr$ e that once, I can p$,, the +er! top o$t a bit f$rther b! "e,ecting them% -he win ow" ,oo' a

bit f,at now% I can go an grab the centre of each win ow% 7it e#tr$ e% 1$"h them in% /et" e"e,ect the one" at the top% I i contro, right c,ic', to grow the "e,ection% I ha the face in the centre "e,ecte , which grew it o$t% 5o to g,oba, mo e an p$,, o$t to get the win ow frame"% I ,i'e thi" tric', beca$"e !o$ can mo e, on the ob.ect% -hi" wor'" rea,,! we,, for b$i, ing front", an certain thing"% Some "t$ff i" not a" goo % What abo$t thi" t$nne, t!pe thing, the oorwa! here; Sp,it po,!gon too,, an raw o$t the "hape of the t$nne, area% With e#tr$ e I p$"h it in% 0ema,e St$ ent: Wh! can&t I hit mo+e; Bob: Witho$t e#tr$ e, it oe" thi"% *#tr$ e create" more geometr! for me% Cnce I "tart to ,oo' at it thi" i" better, there i" imen"ion to it% :o !o$ want to tr! thi"; I" it ea"! to fig$re o$t; /et me "how !o$ a magic tric'% I "aw thi" on "pi er man% I am going to create a ,ine on top of the ro$n e win ow here% I wi,, p$"h bac' in the win ow"% -hen, I wi,, a""ign a fre"h B,inn to them an ma'e it tran"parent% It ha" ref,ection capabi,it! b$t I can "ee thro$gh it% 8o$ can "ee the gri on the gro$n if I t$rn it on% What the! i in Spi er Man wa" create a po,!gon

c!,in er% I wi,, ta'e it an mo+e it the pi+ot point, b! ho, ing own an + when !o$ mo+e it on the ! a#i" wi,, "nap the +ertice"% I am a,"o going to remo+e "ome face"% 5one% I am going to $"e a /ambert now, an te#t$re thi" with a fi,e te#t$re% I ha+e a room te#t$re% -hat oe"n&t ,oo' right= I wi,, a .$"t the room to fit in the c!,in er I ha+e create % Now, watch% 1$"h it bac' behin m! tran"parent win ow% Sca,e it to fit% Now, when !o$ ,oo' at thi", it ,oo'" ,i'e there i" a room in there= It i" rea,,! cheap an ea"!% -hi" i" what the! i for the Spi er Man mo+ie, to ma'e room" ,oo' ,i'e the! ha imen"ion when he wo$, "wing b! thro$gh the cit!% It ref,ect", too% When I ren er thi", I "ho$, be ab,e to "ee m! ref,ection" of the Annie&" bo#e" we ma e before% -o "ee it, go to p,$gin manager an at the bottom, !o$ wi,, "ee menta, ra!% It i" a "ophi"ticate ren er engine, b$t it rea,,! "$c'" to teach% It i" har % -here are "ome ea"! thing", b$t once !o$ want to get tric'!, it get" +er! comp,icate an har to e#p,ain% 8o$ want to be a compo"itor; -here i" "o m$ch to e#p,ain% B$t it wor'" rea,,! nice,!% -hen I wi,, ren er% -here i" the ifference, !o$ can "ee a bit of the bo#e" in there% If I wante it 100A ref,ecti+e, !o$ can change the "etting"% -he mo"t common ren erer in the in $"tr! right now i" Arno, , it i" ta'ing o+er% I ,i'e )ra!, it i" +er! "imp,e an ea"!% -here i" no ,ight on the bo#e", which wi,, a,"o affect the ref,ection"% If !o$ p,ace a ,ight !o$ wi,, change the

ref,ection"% -hi" te#t$re that I wa" $"ing i" a B15% -he! on&t ren er +er! we,,% -he! a,wa!" t$rn b,ac'% *+er! once in a whi,e the! o% -hi" oe"n&t happen a,, the time, b$t it happen" eno$gh that I te,, peop,e not to $"e B15"% ("e -arga"% -he! are a bigger image, the! weigh a bit more on the "cene, b$t the! are a,wa!" re,iab,e% I ha+e ne+er ha one "crew $p% -iff" in menta, ra! are a bit f,a'!% -here i" a thing ca,,e a 1N5, which i" goo too% It "eem" ,i'e it ha" got the fi,e "i?e of a B15 b$t a better @$a,it!% -hat i" at the top of the "heet% Sometime", B15 wi,, wor' fine, b$t thi" one "$c'"% I co$, con+ert it to a -arga fi,e an it wo$, wor' .$"t fine% 0ema,e St$ ent: If !o$ were to change the te#t$re on the b$i, ing wo$, the mo e, "ta!; Bob: 8e"% I can go in here an fi# it% In photo"hop, !o$ can re"a+e !o$r B15" a" -5A% -hat i" a targa fi,e% Sometime", the! on&t open $p in win ow +iewer"% B$t the! are wor'ing% 5o bac' into Ma!a, go to /ambert 2, which i" where m! b$i, ing i"% Switch from the B15 to the targa% Now when I ren er, it "ho$, "how $p no prob,em"% Ma,e St$ ent: If we ha+e te#t$re "tretching in o$r pro.ect % % %; Bob: A" ,ong a" it&" not rea,,! ba %

-here i" a new one that I ha+e ne+er one in a c,a""% B$t ,et" o the tra itiona, one fir"t% I&m going to go in an "how !o$ how I wi,, ,a! the"e o$t in organic ob.ect"% Sphere% It&" a +er! goo organic ob.ect to p$t te#t$ring on% If I am going to a""ign a new materia,, there i" a () gri % It gi+e" !o$ n$mber"% -here i" a ,ot of noi"e in it% I fin that "ometime" !o$ can "ee it warping% It&" rea,,! ea"! to "pot "tretche te#t$re"% 8o$ want e+er!thing to be "@$are% If I ,oo' in the () te#t e itor, here i" the "phere% C+er the ne#t few wee'", I wi,, o a mo e, in c,a"" an te#ter it "o !o$ "ee the who,e proce""% 8o$ ha+e to "ee it a few time" to get the hang of it% -here are the"e ,itt,e c$t too,", the"e ,itt,e "ci""or"% 4$t an p$,, it $p% It&" ,i'e c$tting $p a big piece of materia,% -hi" too, re,ation" !o$r ()"% -hen !o$ can c,ic' $nfo, % -hi" too, i" rea,,! coo,% It wor'" rea,,! we,,% I wi,, o it again% G9epeatH I can grab the"e ()", an hit ,a!o$t% I ha+e to e#p,ain thi" a few time" before it ma'e" "en"e% 8o$ can "ee that a,, of the"e "@$are" are of e@$a, +a,$e% -here are "ome f$nn! "eam" that nee to be fi#e % What o !o$ g$!" thin';

It ta'e" a whi,e to $n er"tan what .$"t happene , b$t it&" act$a,,! rea,,! "imp,e% It&" ,i'e tr!ing to wrap a ba"'etba,, in wrapping paper% Win ow 2 genera, e itor" 2 "prea "heet If !o$ go into the () te#t e itor, !o$ can "ee the ()"% 0ema,e St$ ent: 7ow wo$, !o$ mo e, that Gfema,e fig$reH; Bob: I thin' I ha+e an e#amp,e on the In"tr$ctor Bob "ite% 8o$ can "ee how the ()" are ,ai o$t% -he ,itt,e fi"h i" "o that her e!e" ,oo' at the ,itt,e fi"h% Ne#t time I wi,, "how !o$ how to ma'e her ta,'% If I go own f$rther there i" a norma, "mi,e% -here&" a "neer% -here are ,itt,e contro," for their feet% -oe wigg,e"% 0oot ro,,"% -oe ro,,"% -hi" wa" one for "omeone e,"e% -hi" i" "omething more ,i'e what I ,i'e to o G ragon g$!H% -here are a ,ot of contro,,er" here% -here are feet contro,,er"% 0oot ban'ing% -oe c$r,"% 0inger"% /et" tr! one more thing here% I went off on thi" to "how !o$ ()"% 5etting thi" to happen i" a bit of a tric'% I wi,, "how !o$ ea"! wa!" to o it%

I&m going to tr! one more cra?! thing% I i n&t "how !o$ how to ma'e an e#act proportion with the b$i, ing% When I want to get "omething e#act, I go to the front +iew% 5o to the po,!gon too,% 7o, own I% /oo' at the () te#t e itor% 8o$ wi,, "ee that thi" () e itor corre"pon "% -he ne#t thing that I want to o, I&m going to $"e a /ambert% 4o,o$r 2 0i,e 2 4arbon39*0 I ha+e thi" certain te#t$re% What I t!pica,,! o i" go to an image fi,e% I go to "o$rce image"% I go to propertie"% I ,oo' at the I a#i"% Sca,e: 2>%D2 an hit enter% So it goe" 2>%D2 o$t% 29%10 for the 8 a#i"% -hat&" e#act,! to "ca,e% I can hi e it an bring it bac'% If I ,oo' there i" a thing ca,,e ren ere "tat"% 8o$ can ma'e it "o it&" no ,onger o$b,e "i e % When !o$ are mo e,ing, !o$ nee to create a c$be% I con"tant,! notice that if I t$rn off o$b,e "i e , I can a,wa!" "ee into the bo#% /et" ma'e thi" "ma,,% B! "ca,ing it own $niform,!, I a,wa!" ha+e the right "i?e for the image% 8o$ want to ha+e it "o !o$ on&t cra"h into wa,," in the bo#% 8o$ can ta'e one of the face" awa!, ma!be one !o$ on&t nee % -hin' abo$t it ,i'e a theatre pro $ction, ,i'e there i" a wa,, mi""ing%

I ha+en&t one thi" in front of peop,e before "o ,et" tr! thi"% So, to ea, with thi", it ha" a conca+e effect a bit% So create po,!gon too, i" $n er me"h, an appen ,i+e" $n er e it me"h% So now I wi,, pre"" enter% Appen wi,, a,,ow me to create that ,ip proper,!% Now, I wi,, hit appen again an ta'e thi" ,itt,e top piece% It nee " a bit of girth% 8o$ can "ee !o$ can get more c$r+at$re o$t of it if !o$ a "ome e ge"% 8o$ can e+en o thing" ,i'e, !o$ can in"ert e ge ,oop, an p,a! aro$n with thi"% 8o$ can ma!be "$c' in the top one", an the bottom i" probab,! a bit wi er beca$"e of the weight of the f,$i % -hat wor'", I thin'% -hat i" m! carton "hape% I can go $p the mi ,e with the @$a ", contro,, right c,ic', e ge ring, an "p,it% Now I ha+e a ,ine $p the mi ,e of the carton% So I ha+e the carton% I" that goo ; K$e"tion"; *+er!one i" angr! an want" to ,ea+e% CJ% GBo'eL.o'ing%H 7it e#tr$ e an p$,, it o$t% 7ow o I get that in ent; 5rab the"e face" an o an e#tr$ e% I wi,, o "ome off"et action to get the e ge thic'ne"" right% I wi,, o an e#tr$ e in g,oba, mo e% I might ma'e a +i eo o$t of thi"% -hi" ha" a ,ot of $"ef$, tric'"% In g,oba, mo e, I can rotate it in a bit% Now I ha+e a carton% I .$"t ma e ha,f of it, the other ha,f ha" to be ma e% So I wi,, ta'e the face" on the bac' "i e, e,ete it, ta'e the ob.ect, an go to me"h% -hen, there i" an option ca,,e mirror geometr!% I want to go to negati+e ? in thi" ca"e% Me"h 2

mirror geometr!, e#pan it to the oppo"ite "i e of the ob.ect% Wa" that too m$ch information; I am abo$t to gi+e !o$ a te"t% GBo'eL.o'ing%H -here% I got that% Now, thi" i" going to be coo,% 4reate a B,inn, co,or 2 fi,e te#t$re% Map it with the carton% I "canne a,, that% /oo' at that% 1erfect% :one% -hat i" how the! ,oo'% Sometime", the create po,!gon too, ma'e" a me"" o+er here% See, it i" "howing me the ()"% In the ,a!o$t in the () te#t$re e itor% When I $"e appen , it a " the "ame who,e "hape again, an ,a!er" it $p% 8o$ might "ee thi", ,i'e a bit me""% What "ho$, I o with m! carton, it i" +er! bo#!% I hit a$tomatic mapping% -here% Ma'e "$re !o$ ha+e fro?en the tran"formation"% I wi,, mo+e it in one at a time% Mo+e thing" into p,ace% -hi" area ,oo'" "trange, b! the "po$t% -hi" i" going to be har on the fir"t a! of "howing thi"% I can&t e#p,ain it a,, a" I go right now% I am going to c$t the ()"% Ma!be I wi,, tr! .$"t "e,ecting the face"% I am .$"t ho, ing own to mo+e thing" where I want% I ha+e to grab thi" ,itt,e we ge an mo+e it% -hi" i" wh! I nee to c$t the e ge", to ma'e the image fit the ob.ect% I ha+e to grab the e ge" of thi" an hit mo+e an "ew% -hi" i" where it get" a bit a +ance % I ha+e to mo+e the"e o+er thi" wa!, !o$ ha+e to 'in of $nfo, thi" who,e ,itt,e area% 0ema,e St$ ent: 0or a,, the ob.ect" on the "cene, o !o$ ha+e to "can it in;

Bob: No% 8o$ can ma'e "t$ff $p% I ,i'e to get rea, image" when I "how thing", b$t !o$ on&t ha+e to% If !o$ want to ma'e a emo ree, for a .ob, ma'e "omething rea,, that i" har to rep,icate, it "how" !o$ ha+e "'i,,% Mo"t .ob" want to "ee that% B$t here, at *mi,! 4arr, !o$ are a,,owe to o whate+er !o$ want% 8o$ on&t ha+e to "tart from photo"% 8o$ can fin thing" ,i'e thi"% 8o$ can goog,e "earch te#t$re"% /oo' at the"e thing"% 0,oor"% 8o$ can ta'e the"e an m$tate them% If !o$ ha+e a "en"e of "omething !o$ want an !o$ want to ma'e it from "cratch an raw it or paint it an "can it, that ma'e" "ome coo, "t$ff that other peop,e on&t ha+e% Sometime" when !o$ $"e the"e te#t$re", !o$ wi,, fin "omeone e,"e ha" $"e them an !o$ can "pot it in their wor'% 0ema,e St$ ent: I" there a wa! to $nwrap the ob.ect to paint te#t$re" an thing", "o !o$ can print it; Bob: 5oo @$e"tion% 8o$ can go po,!gon", () "nap"hot% -hi" ta'e" an image, here% 8o$ can "a! what !o$ want% /et" ma'e it a 2 J te#t$re% Not an I00% :on&t o that% 8o$ might want to $"e a B15, or a -arga% -arga" ha+e an a,pha channe,% 8o$ wi,, notice that ma!be% B$t I wi,, ta,' abo$t it ,ater% So o that% Now in m! pro.ect fo, er, there i" m! o$t ()"% It wi,, open it $p in photo"hop% I co$, p$t an!thing I want on it% I can ta'e thi" pict$re from the internet of Martin, an ma'e it bigger% Now go fi,e, "a+e a"% Switch it to targa%

Sa+e it into !o$r "o$rce image"% Now I ha+e martinte#t$re% If !o$ ma'e it 32 bit it ha" an a,pha channe,, "o "a+e a" 2D to a+oi that i""$e% I wi,, $"e a fre"h /ambert, map with a fi,e te#t$re, an where i" that Martin te#t$re; I might ma'e thi" into a +i eo% G*n of c,a""H