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Business Plan Guide: Management & Administration

Use this section to introduce the management team and structure and to describe administrative (overhead) arrangement. 1. Management Structure Use a simple organization chart to illustrate the structure

Indicate any gaps in the management team and explain measures to recruit. If necessary, present job specs in an Appendix. If the management structure is li ely to change significantly !ithin the plan"s life, present separate early# and late#stage organization charts along !ith a simple table depicting the gro!th in management head count. 2. Key Management Profiles Introduce the management team and their roles. Include short profiles but relegate details to an appendix. Also, introduce the board of directors (and any sub#committees) and profile non#executive directors (existing$proposed). %lace significant details in an appendix. &utline the board"s role in the management of the business. 'ummarize management remuneration and ey clauses in employment contracts. 3. Administration & Systems (escribe administrative arrangements and indicate locations and facilities. )xplain ey operational, accounting and related management systems. 'pecify communications and I* systems. (escribe development plans and costs.


ead !ount Pro"ections

*he follo!ing table could be used to present head count projections for administration and management function along !ith brief explanations of major items or changes+
Years to end xxMonth: Head count - Reception Head count - Clerical Head count - Accounts Head count - IT Head count - Security Head count - Middle management Head count - Senior management Total head count 20XX 20XX 20XX 20XX

*he next table could be used to determine management and administration payroll costs+
Years to end xxMonth: Reception Clerical Accounts IT Security Middle management Senior management Total payroll cost Payroll Cost (Rp000,000/ person) 20XX (Rp000,000) 20XX (Rp000,000) 20XX (Rp000,000) 20XX (Rp000,000)

,ere is an example of shorter term projections copied and pasted directly from *extual 'ummary -eport as a .picture/.

*he foregoing tables are for illustrative purposes. In practice, they may be more appropriately located in an appendix. #. $%er&ead '()ense Pro"ections Indicate main components of overhead costs and present high#level projections as sho!n in the follo!ing table+
Years to end xxMonth: Total payroll cost Overhead cost #1 Overhead cost # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total overhead cost 20XX (Rp000,000) 20XX (Rp000,000) 20XX (Rp000,000) 20XX (Rp000,000)

Include brief explanations of major items or changes. ,ere is an example of shorter term projections as .pictures/.

0harts can be much easier to follo! than tables.


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