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Thti specification has been approved bu the Department oj Defense and is ma.: datov jor w by the DepartmEnf8 oj the Arnw, the Navy, and the Air Force.

covers requirements for a casualty evacuation bag of one type and size. It is of quilted construction and insulated with waterfowl feathers and down, In addition, two insulating pads of synthetic pile which provide added insulation under a casualty at the principal pressure points are integral components of the bottom of the bag. The bag is. provided with a removable liner which has a moisture proof bottom and a vapor permeable top, A waterproof carrying bag is included for transporting the rolled bag and to protect it when not in USC. 2. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS

V-T-276 CCC-T-191 .DDD-L-0020

Thread, Textile

Cotton. Test Methods.

1.1 This specification

Labels, Printed and Markings, General Use (For Clothing, Equipage and Tentage). Tape, Cotton, Bleached, Dyed or Grey, General Use. Box, Fiberboard. Tape, Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive, Waterproof, for Packaging and Sealing.


PPP-B-636 PPP-TtiO

2.1 The following documents of the issue in effect on date of invitation for bids, form a part of this specification to the extent specified Imein.


MIL-G332 MILB-371 &fIL-$V-530

Cloth, Cotton, and Percale, Braid, Textile

Balloon. (Tubular).


FEDERAL C-F-160 L-P-00378 Feathers, ivateifowl, Down, Waterfowl. Polyethylene Gauge. Fasteners, locking. Film, Slide, and Thin Inter-

Webbing, Textile, Cotton, General Purpose, Natural or in Colors. Buckles, Tongueless Web Strap. Bag, @4 Waterproof, and Cloth-

MIL-B443 MIL-B-3108



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MIL-T-3530 Treatment, Mildew-Resistant and lVater-Repellent for Thread and Twine. Cloth, Cotton Warp and Nylon Filling, Oxford. Cord, Nylon. 2-3-127 Cloth, Nylon, Duck, Plied Yarns, for Parachute Packs. Thread, Nylon. Acetate Rip Stop. 2-3-125 Evacuation Bag, Casualty, Insulated, with Liner and Carrying Bag; Strap Details. Evacuation Bag, Casualty, Insulated, with Liner and Carrying Bag; Sections, I?{acuation Bag, Casualty, Insulated, with I,incr and Carrying Bag; Liner Assembly and Details. Evacuation Bag, Casualty, Insulated, with Liner and Carrying Bag; Asscmhly, Details and Sections.

MI~C-3924 NHL-C-5040 llIL-C-7219


MIL-T-7807 MILC-10772 M1L-F10884 MH-F-1 1861

Cloth, Rayon, (Saponified), Fasteners, Snap.


Fur Strips and Wolf),


MIL-C-14366 MIL-G-16491 MILE-20652 MIhC-40049

Cloth, Coated, Nylon, Polyvinyl Butyral. Grommets, Eyelets Metallic.

and Washers.

Cloth, hylon , Taff eta, 2.3 Ounce.

(Copies of spccifimtirms, standards, and drawings rec[ttircdby con~rmtors in connection with specific wo.uremmt functions vI1oLAIb. .bLaineci fmm the procuring ;Ictivity or as dimctecf by the contracting officer. Figures 1 through 5 m. miniature reprodwtiom of referenced driwings, and N. attached for information onh. ) 2.2 other publications. The following cfocu,,,cnts form :+ p:ut of this specification to the cxtmt qwcificd herein. L:n]ess otherwise indicat.cd, the issw: in cffwt on date of invitation for hi[l.s shall up~,fy.

FEDERAL Fed. Std. No. 751 MILITAEY MIL-STD105 Sa,upiing Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes. Mwking for and storage. Shipment Stitches, Scams, Stitchings and


United St:atcs .lrn]y

Color CmJ of Standard SllacIe~ for Sli(lc Tastencr Tapes.

(:\v,,lic:,t ion fur ropiw sbmtld b. :,,ldrmsed to Lb. Color Association of the United States, 1..,, 200 Madison Arc., X-ew York 16, h. Y.) Ux],omt


fki@t Ckwsification Rules.

@M1tiX>I:lSl~R COl+PS 2-3-123 Evacuation Bag, Casualty, Insulated, with Liner and Carrying Bag; Assembly, Views and Sections. Uracuation Bag, Cas u:dt~-, Insulated, with Ijincr :lnd C;:,]ryiug B:ig; Bag Dct:iils.

(Applivntion for copies of these freight .Iasification ,,)1,s SIm,lhl be address.d to tbe Uniform Classification Co,,m,i( t.<:. 202 Chicago Union Station, Chicago 6, Ill.)




3.1.1 Clottz, c.otto)~?carp andnylorL filling, ozlord. flIc outer casing and inmkiting pacl bindiug stri])s sIM1l Ix: cloth, cotton waq? aIx{ J1TIOU f]lling, oxford, 3 ounce, olive green Ao. 107, \v:ttc:u VI, IICIII:II1, mnfnrminz to Spccifimtion

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3.1.2 shall shade shrunk, qualities Cloth, cotton, cotton, No. have olive shall drab balfoon: balloon, 3, water The inner repellent, down casing predrab No. 7, type Ha, class treated. cotton, Y4 inch and 2% No. 7, MILmildew4, conforming that to be cloth, 2.8 or 3.9 ounce, retention 3.1.8 inch. acetate (saponified), rip aceW-530, resistant Tape, The tape except treated. woven, 1 inch. shall The liner fastbe tape, textile, shall be shade that it shall olive drab not be Specification MIL-W-53O, except it shall

not be mildew-resistant


and conform MIGC+32. rayon,

to type I or II, class 2 of

Specification3.1.3 atop. tate

type I, class 4, conforming Cloth, The diaphragms (saponified), shall be cloth, rayon, MILC-10772. The:drag conforming pad .on the nylon, duck, to type I

to Specification

rip stop; olive green No. 106,

conforming 3.1.4 bottom

to Specification duck. yard,

3.1.9 Tape, cotton,

loops on inside ener cotton, reinforcement woven, shade

of bag, tie tapes on the liner,

and snap

Cloth; nylon,

of the bag shall

be cloth,

olive drab No. 7, conformDDD-TJ46.

9;5 ounces per square

ing to class 3 of Specification 3.1.10 cation Fur strips.

of Specification MIL.G7219, and dyed, olive green No. 106 to match the: standard shade sample 3.1.5 (see 6.3 and 6;4). Clotti, wJon; tafita. Thetop of the liner

The fur strips used in fabrito Specificain procurement in the following for

of the fur. ruff shall conform

tion MILF1 1861. Preference shall be given to available types order: Type Strip and. hair class 2. 3.1.11 filling feathers drawings.. and the Specification length shall

shall be cloth, nylon, taffeta, 2.5 ounce; olive green No, 106, conforming to Specification MILG40049. 3.1.6 The nylon, yard, Cloth, coate& nglon, shall polyvthyl be cloth, butyral. coated Per square MIIX-

IA, type II, type 111A, and type 111, be as specified

Feathers shall




insulating on


of ;he



be a mixture shall conform

of waterfowl ta type III

polyvinyl butyral, 3.5 ounces conforming to Specification that 179. may approximate,

and down, or pure down as indicated The mixture WF-160. Tbe thread

14366, except the fabric shade taupe 3.1.7

the color of the face. side of but need not match,

down to type 11, class I or 2, grade A or

3.1.12 Thread, cotton.

Webbing; textile, cotton, type: IIci; 1 inch olive form to Specification shrill be as follows: and 11/. inch. The webbhg except channels, shall be shade that

shall con-


Sizes and types

For all stitching longitudkud 401 is used. For stitching stitch

used. in the liner, optiona[

and where

forming Type IA3, ticket No. needle and bobbin. stitch type

30, 3 ply





with optional

type 401. longitudinal channels with optional

Type IA3, ticket No. needle and bobb]n.

50, 3 ply


For stitching type 401,

etitch Type IA3, ticket No. 50, 3 ply f6r needle; ticket ATO. 70, .2 ply for looper.

For optional channels.


type ....,.,, .,*. J:. ,

401 in other



Type IA3, ticket ATO. 30, 3 ply needle; ticket No. 50, 3 ply looper.,

for for

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and treatment, The thread shall be shade S1 (Cable No. 66022) and shall be water-repellent treated in accordance with type II of Specification MI1,-T-3530. Thedycd thrcid:sbailsli6w fastness to laundering equal toorbettcr than the standard sample (see 6.3). 3.1.13 lh&d, n.ulon. The thread for stitching the removable liner shall be shade %1 (Cable No. 66022) and confcnrnto type I, class 2,size E of Specification MII,-T-7S07. 3.1.14 Cord, nylon, The drawcord of the carrying hag shall conform to ty~e 111, table. II of Specification MIL-G5040. Cob. Tbecolor shall be olive green NTO.106 matching a standard shade sample (see 6.3), Both .ends of the drawcord shall he seared. 3.1.15 Grommets. The grommets used in the cirryiii~+iigsha]l be tjpe III, class 3, size O, conforming-to Specificatiim MIIJ-G16491. 3$16 ~yne~,@ ejubtii.~Tl;e dynelpilc fabric used for making the iisiilatmg padi shall be circular knitted with a cotton baeklng yarn in each feed. The backing fabric shall have not less than 18 courses and 12 ides per inch. The dynel pile portion of the fabric shall bc e~cnly sheared, and shall consist of a blend of approximatelyequal parts of12 and 24 denier cut dynel staple. The staple length shall be such as to produceafinished fabricl~~ & %inchcsthickwhen tested using a thickness jy?gc with a foot having a minimum arcn0f16 square inches and exerting a load of 0.005 :psi. The finisbcd pile fabric shall weigh not less than 32 nor more than 35 ounces per sqwue yard and shall analyze not less than 85 percentdynel ,yl]en tested as specified in 4.2.1. 3.1.17 Fastener, slide, interlocking. Theslidc fastener shall conform to size MH, class A of Specification VF106. Slide fastener chains shall be fabricated of natural finish aluminum, natural finish brass or zinc alloy finished in accordance with manufacturers standard practice. .411 other metal components shall be fabricated of brass, nickel silver or zinc alloy except slider bodies which shall be fabricated of die cast zinc only, All metal components shall approximately match each other in color except as stated below. 4

3.1,12 .lCdor

3.1.17 .1 Fiiiish. Nickclplatej cadrnlum plate and zinc plate are considered satisfactory color matches for ahlminum chain. Zinc alloy components and slilier pulls, when furnished \vith aluminum chain, may be furnished with an olive drab chromate con~ersion coating in lieu of the color match required above. Bronze chromate tinishon zinc!lloy componcnk and slider pulls is considered :1 color matcilf& natural finish brass. Armngement of stops, chain and sliders. The arrangement and location of stops, chain and sliders shal bc asshown oti the drawing. The ends of the fastener shall bi equipped with open end stops. The stops shall be located to allow as mmpletc..~ clo$ureas, practicable without interference betmee,, the two end sliders. Tbc length of the slidef~st~ne~cllain shall be such that after the slide fastener [s sewed on; the tape shall not be puckered and..the.slidcrs shall ,. operate freely. ,,,, , .

G G and pu.Zk:. The slide fastener shall be equipped with six sliders to provide an opening at an:; point along the chain. Tbe two l,cad sectsonsliders: shall be non-focking and of the reversible type,.equipped. ~rithsingle wire stirmp ,~ulls a,nd thongs. on each side.. .Tbe ,remoining four diders shall be nonlgeking and,, of the non-reversible type, equipped .,.,witb single wire stirnq) pulls and thongs operable fmm the outside of thebag. ,Slidefastener tap& Thcslide fastener taf]e shall be water repellent treated, shade S (Cable No. 66519) of the U. S..4rmy Color Card of Standard Shades for Slide Fastener Tapes (see 2.2) :inclshall shomgoodf astncsstolancieringwher, tested as, specified in 4.2.1.:. Bwidtfmng. Each stirmppull shall be equipped with a flat tubular braid thong, loopcdtbrough theopcningof thesliderpull and knotted at one end. The thong shall finish 3~/2 (+ l, ~z) inchcs long. The braid forthe thong shall be cott<]n, t,ublar, flat, 3/9inch, Irater. repellent, shade olive green No, 107, conforming totypc VII o[ Specification MIL-B-371, 3.1.18 Fastener, snap, brass, black chemical finkh,m alear,dj emate. Themapf astenerss hall

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be style 2A, finish :2; c6ristruction A,;honforming to SpecificiAion MILF-10884. + .-:. ~~ ,. ..,. 3.1.19 Bucklisj-totijtietess~2 . .. .. . .. bai Thebuikles shall Be 3~-ipgh,ty@ II; clam 1, :Qpstryction B, con foriniiig 10llpiiificatioi ~ MIPB%43; arid have a black chemical finish.. :-.. : 3.1.20 B@ets. The eyelets shall be No: 4132 conforming to Specification MILI+2065?. .>3:1,21 Wire. The wire stiffener for the fur ruff shall be bright copper,, 0.080 & .003 -inch dlameter, dead soft; =.zfihat:when bent 360 Over:a mandrel of the sa.rn:, ,diameter and the ,wire striightirie d;and the tiendirig aid straightening Pi-OC&SS ;;peited at t~i.+rni place oh t@ wire, the Wire-shall not crid% br~ak: ... .,.

con forming.to, :typc U, class,%, ?b~lh be ;s;i!ched to the outside of thebag, ?bg @e !We!. %fg9:0f the ,drawcord: channel in: the @=kiOn.. SbOE.%OQ the :dra.wing. ~~ The printing .of;$he:fi!stit&ee, Kp.&: shall be in characters not Iessthq.n =& @h high and shall be as follows:. . . : ~~ .. ,. :;:..::

Stock number (see 6.2) ... . . , . .. -;.(k~tract. number.ahd date+ In idtiitirii,, iha.rai{erfiiot:

x... ~~::,

tl]~ foll?~~iig~shall ~ei~rit~{~;~~ less +ari <~: $X ji~p :j~~,jj:-;;,: , . .. .,, .... . .., f:The Bag qd,:Liner gy$ained herein ar,e.to be used, oply, fm evaCuati.& Or ~~Oiee,@

.3.I.Z2, Bagjca$uini ~~h~ c~?~i~g bag .??91! CQI]f o:rn ;-,@: class, l? ,oj.j. Spe.cifis~@p., MI.E+ 3108, exceut that the design of the bag and..cou, tractors label sh~ll be in accordance with Draw-irig 2+-128 and W:specified herein:-. .. . .,,.:, , . 3.1.i3;~@&g, &llrnar,klng shall .co&@~ Spe@:~t~riDDD~I&Cj020 .... .. . .. .:,,. ..,.,. ~~....... ~ .. .. . . ,. .,.,(7

of casualties. Do not use as sleeping .,., ;,., . ; bag,>,,, ;.,:.:..:. z :;,+;1,:, ,-, . .. , :,,,..,:.., ,,.i.:.,:: ,,.: ,,: ., ?., Li . . . . . .. .. . ...+ ;:.: .!. ,. ..: :.. Ttie letters U. S.a<d fie: wgrd6 J~For+.casuaMes .only(~ .on,,the-evmu.at~on,,bag~ and liner, shall c.onf.orm:to. ,$ype. Ix, .QI?SS9 iwth.e size, characters and:locatious shown on draw].ngs. ,:::,, .::... , .:: :;.: . .... .. . ,..,.; .:, .3..1 .23,5, Contez~.,.~:b.@l,j:~,gOn~$pt: ~.a$el,ynfoirnirig.to ty+ 1; class 9i:,me@@g tlw,,5t?te,+~q~irnents, f6r, the. irikda~,ng,, fill&rs ~hall,, & plic;d aj ~h$ .,fq,ot &rid, Ofnth~ivieuati;u ;$+g ;j.~ the loca,tmn shown Oh the, @awi~g. . ............ .. ... Fa.@ess, All .p:inting and marking Specified for ,, .,,..,


3.1.23 .1~~dentifi@tion mizrkirigi Th6:identification-rnarke. on the e#actiatioi brig and. liner shall conform to type IV, class 5, and. shall.be Iqted aS shown on thq drawings. ., .
., i . . .......!. !% :,. .9,:.. ::.:>.., ..

ititructium%. Laundry ink structions. for. the. e~ac~ation. bag.; and liner sha~l conform. totypeIY, class .9, and shall, be located as shown on the drawings: In@ctions shall be printed in characters not less than ~ inch in height With..appropriate- increase. in. size of caPtions. Instructions ,sball be as follows: !~To be+,uridiiid iri .~c~Ord~~~~ Vit: jO~mula G, D/A.TechnicalManual TM 1O-3E4. -: : Do Not Dry Glean. : .

3.1,23.2.. Laurid?w

sliill &how fiitrieii

$6 l&dekini:& ,., .i.,..,

cii&6kd& .,


., :-;. .:. !:. ; . :,:::.

Patterns. The patteqns ~shall be made 3:1.24 by the coritrqctor in acgmdance with .,dirnensjms shown.on drawings. !.: :, ),,.:.::,: :: :: ,.: .: , ., ,,,,; ~: Shd%Ori3.2 C&&ru&iori.The i6rist,&tioti forin in all, respects to the d;ajvi~gs fis~:d iris&tion 2 atid as specified he,rein~ ;.,, ; ,$.,....,.::.l,,.,;.,.;. ...., ~ Stitching, except 3.2.1 Stitching, machine. tiaitackiiig; shall conform to Federal Standard No, 751 as follows: - - : ~: .. ... ... .. . . . . . .. .. . ..... ..~:...~,!., f. .; TYPe 301, 10 to 14 stitches per,inch.

~o<a]l~titehirig~e$~e~~ ~55Pe~ifiedbel&~ :-a: :-; .,.,.. :.. j, ,!. .. : ,... , Optional method ~,n ~u. of 301, as. mdlcated by Z on - Type:401; 10 to 14stitches per iridi. .~rawlngs. ., .. ,, ,,. , ., ,..: . .... ., . . .. , . .. .. . .... . .. ~: Sewing: and .piecingc6f webbing; seaming insulat& pads Type 301, 8. tO 10 stitches per irisb. ,.. to-bottom of bag; stitching fur ruff, seaming finer and:.: : ~: ... . . .,. ... ... . ..!; .,, ., ... carrying bag.

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MILE-1 1450A 301 stitching. Thread breaks in stitching shall be backstitched not less than 1 inch at each break. Stitching ends shall be hackstltcbed not less than % inch, except where ends are turned under in a hem or held down hy other stitching. Thread tension shall he maintained so that there will be no loose stitching and the lock will be embedded in the center of the materials sewed, Type @l stitching. Thread breaks in stitching shall be overstitched not less than 1% inches at each break. Thread tension shall be maintained so that there will be no loose stitching. The looper thread shall be on the unexposed surface of fabric in the finisbed bag. Barracking, Bartackhg shall be ~s type tag. The sides and bottom section, weather strip, and top section shall be filled with the materials and in the quantities shown on drawings. During the filling operation, each bag shall be weighed three times as follows: After filling: (a) (b) Sides and bottom Weatherstrip section

(c) Top se,:tion The weight of the filling material added by each operation shall be recorded on the tag. The contractor shall not remove the weight tag. 3.2.6 Beatin,~ and cleaning. The completed bag shall be well beaten out so that the filling material is evenly distributed throughout all channels. All loose ends of thread shall be trimmed and any spots or stains removed. The finished bag sh[dl be cleaned of all feathers and down. 3.2.7 As.sembiing. Each finished bag shall be fitted with a completed and closed liner, secured in the bag by the tie tapes and loops provided. Tapes shall be so tied as to make the liner readily removable. Af~er the liner has been properly attached, the slide fastener shall be completely closed. 3.2.8 Workmanship. The finished evacuation bag shall conform to the quality and grade of product established by this specification. Occurrence of defects shall not exceed the applicable acceptable quality levels. 4. QUALITY

* & inch in length

and shall contain

28 stitches.

3.2.2 Seam types. Seams shall be formed as shown on drawings, with seam allowance and seams sewn so that no raw edges, runoffs, twists, pleats, puckers, or open seams shall result. 3.2.3 In all sewing operations, the smallest practicable needle size shall be used. Channels shall not be obstructed at any seamed point such as to prevent e. free flow of feathers and down throughout all channels. 3.2.4 Piecing. In order to utilize short pieces, the webbing guards, binding strips, weather strips and materials which are unexposed in the finished bag may be pieced once only in either length or width. Piecing of the 2+!!-inch tape or the l-inch webbing shall be overlapped not less than 8A inch and boxstitched so that it will not interfere with the operation of the slide fastener. Piecing of the 1~2-inch webbing or the Vi-inch tape will not be permitted. Piecing of jur strips. In order to economically utilize class 2 fur strips, piecing will be permitted as required. Seaming will be accomplished in accordance with seaming requirements specified in Specification MIL-F1 1861. 3.2.5 Filling bag and weather strip. The weight of each unfilled bag (includkg insulating pads, drag pad and fur rufi) shall be recorded in ink or indelible pencil on an attached commercial 6



4.1 tintractors inspection re8pon8ibilily.

The supplier is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements as specified herein. Except as otherwise specified, the supplier may utilize his own or any other inspection facilities and services acceptable to the Government. Inspection records of the examination and tests shall be kept complete and available to the Government as specified in the contract or order. The C,overnment reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in the specification where $uch inspections are deemed necessary to msurc supplies and services conform to prescribed require ments.

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4.2 Inspection for acceptance. shall be in accordance with Standard 105, unless otherwise indicated. Inspection MIL-STDreferenced herein to the extent applicable, Where there is a conflict in quality assurance provisions, this specification shall govern. In adfltion, inspection for characteristics shown shall be made of materials listed in table I. The inspection level shall be L1 and the acceptable quality level (applicable totbeindividual unit) :challbe 6.5 test f&res per hundred units.

4.2.1 Inspection of components. The quality assurance provisions for components, except as otherwise ~equired by this specification, shall be in accordance with the applicable documents


Tat m,{ hod


x x x

Result. reported as


Dynel pile fabric ; square ysrd. 1.

Courses per inch, wales per inch. Denier of staple. Weight per square yard. Fshrie thickntms Dynel content. Fastness to lsunderig.

3.1.16 3.1.16 3.1.16

Visual visual Standard mmmercial. Standard mmmercial. (see 3.1.16). (See 4.3.1). Specification CCGT191, method 5610 s, Standard cornmercial. Standard commercial.


Pass or fsil. Pam or ftil. Pas, m fail. Pass m fzil.

)ne pieee, 24 by24 irihes


1,1.16 1.1,16

x x x

1 5 1

Slide fastener tape; feet.

Palls or f.il. PL?s m fait Pass., fnil,


Wire; feet.

Material identification. Dmnleter


P&ssor fail. To nearest



, Wjl, & ,mqtd on the baskofGaItmcto toohekttiomnwnfats todetamhw vWditY ,Thsteat specimen shall bethe full width

4.2.2 Process
shall be made of the whether examined tion that


Process or during

inspection any phase

at any point

manufacturing construction

processes to determine details which cannot be product shall are in accordin the specificabe taken to see and dimenthe dynel indicated Care

in the finished

ance with requirements and drawings. cut Darts conform

pads are assembled to bottom portion of bag as specified in :eition B-B, Drawing 2+126. The Government reserves the right to exclude from consideration any material or service for which process inspection has indicated nonconformance. 4.2.3 Intermediate h-pection. Inspection the unfilled bags shall be made to verify weight of individual casings (without liners) . . . ... . . . of tbe re7

to contours and that

sions indicated o

on drawings, ---

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carded by tlic contractor inspection I@ on the tag attached shall to eb,kli lia~. This prior to filliig mid fe;ithcr .:. ,,,
F,x,,,iim Defect

be performed with down, The

sample untilled

unit for this bag. Examination



be one

~nd \vcatherstrips





and down mixture

(see 3.2.5).

cming and dim,vuions

oj cut parts.


Minor A B

Weight of unfilled casing

Mom or less than n-eight indicated or, bag: bytr.o ounces orlcss . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~y,nore thmt,voo ,,ca . ............... .Y.t,, Ub,m,t .,,. ,1>,11 betake ,.6.?. that ,.81.s use? to nerkmntl,i, wsm{,wtion .,,mo,erl, ca.libmted .nd m,.i.ter .,.. rate weight. Any dcvi:ttim, exceeding the minus tolerance specifmi on dm,,ings, but not mcceding ttice the minus tolerance. Any clevizLionexcecdig twice the mi.s tol,:r:mco specified an dra,rings. AW de.i:tticm exceeding three times the minus tolemce speciticd . . cfra!,in~=. Any devi:ttion excemhg the plus tolerame specif,ed on drut,ings. x x

Dimensions of cut puts (bottom, side and top sections, and dy.el pad)

x x x tially be &dc rial sample filled blown unit

Iilbg and in. to verify after

inspection. tilled Insncctian casinm the weight-of


of parshall of the

(see 3.2.5) be made

the filling mate-

The sample unit for these examinations shall be one casing selected immediately after each tilling operation.



for weight



each of the filling operations,

Clmifi..t ion Mai.r .4 I Weight of filling, in sides snd ,, bottom ,s:Ctiop,, Weight of filling, i top secti Weight of tilling, i rmathcrst, One mm.. or 1.ss under the minimum specified. More Lhm one cmuce under minimum specified. % .u.ck m 1.= under the minimum specified. hlore than Y, . . . . . under minirnm specified. Less than rninirnm speciticd . dra.,vings. .Yots1: The wekl,c of filling .mtwisl droll be u x x x x x i 13


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4.2.4 E~(rnin&iti ficationof defects unit

of theenditem~Th6 examination

clasii- shall be

foundduring ith4.2.4.1.,4 for. these

one completely liner.





.2.4.2. and4 .2.4.3. examinations shall

The. sample

~ Ezamimhon forvtiutchtiracttititi of evacuation bag and line?. ,

Clsmifi..aticm .:: Ddwit .

Major A B


Fabric . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . .

W ebbing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
SWIM and stitching: Open seam: On channel stitching

Anyhole, cwtortem .,........ ............. Fabric defeats: . aericmly aSecting serviceability or qJpearrmce. aSecting serviceability or appearanc< but: not seriously. Ct or frayed edges; mt firmly or tightly,woven. ArJY piecing of I%-inch webbing m ~.inch tape.

x x ~. x x


On seams that would allow esc.pe of down, or feathem md down mixture fmm the bag. On allothersemns....

Stitch type 301: rnore than %inch, btnotnmrethm I inch. morethan l-inch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . Stitch tvne . . 401: myopen beam. . . . . . . . ,&y.penseam: . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . .

,,, ?;.,. x x x

,.. ,..
%-inch orless . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ... . . . . . ... . ,Morethsn. %inch, butnotmoreth.n 1-inch. . . Mmethm l-inch, notaffecting:serviceability... Mom than l-inch, Mectirig.ser viceability. . NQt,. A., emn -hall bedamif leds., own whenoneof morestichas joining . ne.max b@enor. when twoor mm. c.mtimuauu mkimed stitcha orrutwfia war. On double Mitchedse am,, s ,eamshall be comidered own -hi.eithnr one.m both ,idofthe aesm are 0,... %-in.sh cmless. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... : . . . . . . . . .
Note. .&wedm.not secur&oaught institchiwah.dl

x x x x .-,.

Raw edges (when securely caught in stitching). Run-offs (see open,seams) Seam and stitch type. Stitch tension.. .,

beclmified M men seam.

x x x x x x x

Stitches per inch

Wrong wamor stitch type . . . . . ,.., ::,. . . . Loose .temion, rmlting.inal cmsese~+,. . ~oie ten&n on channel stitching rcsultingin loosely., exposed topor.c@binthre@. ~Tight&io~ (stitched,break yh{n n+mil straig., isipphid to~eamor,stit,ching). . : Not.. Puckering is ekdetme of tightw&I. When t=ta..m by,?x?.ti.g..r~11.ll.. ,wchi..isetide.t, ,,Uckefa.m=. . ,,. , ,!,., ., , :.. ,.-. :., One stitch leas than mininmm specified..:, :. . . . l%vo;.:or irnore stitche.. Ie.ssc.th.m? minimum .::,,,,,.. ,,: ,, specified. One or. more:ititches<ir:excess of.maximum .spec.ified. ::: .:. .. ,..1 ?.* ..:;:... .! .. .Note:sYa ristion;in the W+e=.of. stiehecPwi~chi, tobescored ml, whenvmistioo,m a,mt.ior rmtb of the eeam.Xietn.

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TMect A

M in.,

Stitching me.rgin; stitching gzge. Stitching ends. ...

Sot as specified, affecting serviceability Ssckstitched less than %-inch (except where turned under in a hem or held down by other ,titching). 3. stitch Lype301: Backstitched less than l-inch. 2. stitch type 401: Ovemtiched less than lx-inche s..,.... No,.. Threadbreaks notback,,; ,chd ,,, notcr,er,titohd ,1,,11 becle.d%d $xme seams. Seamsbadlypuckered, twisted or pleated. x Needle cd,mv.... ................ N.,,. Needle.},,W* (Caused by ,..-0s, ., re.,,ir.) .himh do m,,weaker, thefabric ,hdlatbe con,id. red iefec t.. x kny component or rqired operation omitted (unless otherwise classified herein). Any cmnpmrmt of ca8ing or weathcmtrip not piec.d as specified or pieced more than or,... in S@cif.caWethod of piecing motas ~pecii%d tio MIL-F-11S61. Vumher ofchm,nels less thanspecified. ., @ channeltrapped, causing partof charred to remainufdled Channelswry from specified wiiltb by more than %-inch. Any unfilled channel or weatherstrip, Any partially filled cht.nel m weatherstrip. Unevenly filled channels or weatherstrip. Any required nwrkig or content Isbel omit<ed, illegible m imxmwt. lvfisplzc cd. . . . . . . . . . . . . Omitted, illegible, miqdwed or mt specified wp ... si.e. Spots or ,tains. Threzd ends or dinging feathers and down not removed throughout bag. Wire stiffener not securely athwhed to wire retainer. Fur piece mt secwely csught in face opeuing seam. Siider jams or fsil.s to interlock chain SCOOPS. Any portion of fastemr broken, bent, missing or not aligned, making fizstenerunusable. Thong omitted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Finished length of thong less than 3-inches or more thzm4~-inche.s. Slide fastener tape not assembled to bag as shown on drawimgs: seriously .Kecting wm.iceahility. affecting serviceability, but not,seriously. Stitched too .1.s. to metal chrii, preventing slider from sliding fmdy.

x x

Tbretd breaks

x x x

Compments md assembly ...

x x

Piecing: Casing and weatherstrip. F.r strip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Channels (see drawings for spacing of .hamml s).

x x x x x x x x x x


Content kihel and rnarki~,

LettersU .S ...,...,,..,,..,.. Cleanness. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Details of contmction Fsceopeing, . . . . . . . . . . . . .

x x x x x x

Sfide fmtewr

Assembly (Slide fastener)

x x x



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Maim A

Barracks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


p. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Loops. ............

Hardware . . . ................

tide fastener tapes stitched to webbing strips too loose, causing a noticeable bulge which preventi slide fastener from closing easily, ldges of casing not securely csught in both mvm of stit&ing tbmugh fastener assembly for a distance of more than 3-inches. )neormore omitted orloo8e .,,... Jot sewn through materials as ~hown on drawings. Jot tzmanbled to top mction as shown on drswin~. !ube portion of w.athemtrip caught i dide fastener assembly atitcbings m in bartack. ?ot formed a show on drawings. )ne or more omitted; not aecwely caught in seam. my loop set more thsm l-irich from dimermio.s specified on drawing. hkm m malformed; finish omitted; corroded areas; burrs or sbmp edges which msy damage the item or cause injury i handling. ?ot securely bnrtacked to liner. . . . . lid. tapes not barte.ekedthrough reinforcement as shown on drawing. &i.slocatedby %-imh or more, but d more than I-inch. dislocated by more thm l-imh. hsembled with coated side of fabric on outside. ;Iimhed excessively tight, cutting surrounding fabric. ,ow,ely clinched, permitting C*P or stud to rotate. &ale or female fastener misplaced, failing to eflect a mmoth and secure closure. Lny malfunction of map fastener s.. LnYstr.p not one piece constmction. Iandles mt securely boxstitched m specified: +erioudy affecting serviceability. . . . . . ... . . affecting serviceability, but mt seriously. <isplwed: -eriou.iy sffecting 8erviceabitity. affecting semiceability, but not seriously.

x x x x x x

Liner Tie tapes,

Snap fnstenera.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Carrying straps (A and B) . . . .

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MII+E-11450A llzarniridion for dirnens?ofii oflirier.

Dimensions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Overall len@: lessthan 7feet,9 inches. . . . . . . . . . lessthan 7feet,8 inches, . . . . . Width at any location 1.ss than Lwice$le minus tolerance indicated on drawing.

x x x



of camying

bags. Defects

found during examination shall be classified in accordance with classification of defects con-

taincdi nSpccificationMI ~B-3108. Inaddltion lhereto, the carrying bag shall be examined for the following chm-acteristics:

i X.mir.e


Hamflw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Reinforcements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Flap. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gromme t. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. .

Dnnvcord . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Either hrmdle omitted . .... . . .. . . . Xott]oxstitcl]e<l: xsspccifiecl . Misplaced: hym~r~tll:~,,linct>...... . Xinchc,r,nore, l,t,tnotm, ,rcthan Inch., . . . . . . . Anyreinforcmnento mittc<l. . . . . . . . Omitted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Set under or mm specified Iocatio. by more thar, % inch. %. or type not w specified: seriously affc.ting sccvice:d,ilitY. aflecting servicediliiy, t,ut not seriously. Impropcriy set, cinched k,.sdY, ~llo~~inggrommet 0 rotatei ho,.. Any.uts orabrasim, s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Encfsnot se:meci ................... 1,.ss than required length: by one inch or mow, t,ut 1.ss (ha 2 inches. hy2inche sorrnor e. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

x x x x
x x

x x x x x x x

ity teds.

Inspection leuelsand acceptable qualThe inspection levels and acceptable

Insgtp Ez.m.i..t

quality levels (.!iQIs) (expressed in defects hundred units) shall be as follows:



4.23.lExamination for weight and dimensions of cut part%




42..l2.l-Examination for weight of filling material. 4.2.4,1Examination for visual characteristics of evacuation bag and liner. 4.2.4.ZExmnine.tion for dimensions of tiner. 42.43Examination of carrying bag.

M 11

2.5 3.5 2.5

A OL. Major Tot:d Maim:md Minor A Total M~jor, Minor A and Minor B defects mrnbinecl. Major Total Majw and Minor A Major




M As specified in MIL-IW31O8

65.0 Total Major, hfinor A and Minor B defects combined. 4.0 Major ad Minor defects combined. 10.0 nf~j.~ As scwcitied in MIPE+3108

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--4.2.5 : Bxaminatibn of preparation for delivery re@ireinetzfs. AfY examination shall he made to determine that .packagingl packing and markhg requirements of section 5 of this specification are complied with. Defects. shall. be sVOred in accOrdanc( ~itli, t~<~!i$ below: The. sample unit shall de one s~ipplng @~airiii;,, fully packed, ,selected jus{ firior, to,,.the climing,.op:rk+ itin. Defects Of ,5. .PREPARATION: FOR DELIVERY...

5.1 Packaging. Packaging$allbeley el AOr Cissp&cified (iee 6.2), .. 5.1.1 Le!Jet A. - .:!: :




,b{ examined

oh ship-

,,,.5.l.~.l, Unit packaging. Es@ evacua@w bag, assembled as specified, shall:be laid out flat and tl~:g tightly rolled down fr!m the h?Od end. .Th? completed ~011 shall, be secured,,with cotton $aP?, Each rolled evacuation bag shall be placedwithip tjc carrying bag component md. the bag closure effected by means of the tie cord, . Intermedtite packaging. Each evacuation bag,until packaged as specified in $.~.l.1, s&zll be placed in asnug-fitting polyethylene bag. The polyethylene flexible, film shall be 0.003 inch thick conforming to type I, grade A, B, or C, finish 1 of Specification ~P-00378. All seams zind closures shzdlbe efhcted by heat sealing and sh:all conform to heat seal strerigth requirement in Specification LP+0378. Prior to or during tl?e fimdheats ealingc losure operation, excess air within the bag shall lie expelled klterna&elY, the bag mouth may be. closed byWS~ns..0f a mechanical tie. (plastic orpapef cOated annealed wire).


ftillj pfepbre~ fOr deli~ery~ The ~o~.tize ~~a~~ & the ~UM& ~f ~ontajflers m the

i&pectiori l~t ,T~e i:sp,:dioq level s~ll. be L-4 and the AQL shill be 4.0 defects per hundred units. :. ~. ,. ,,. ?, ... . . . .... .,; .,, .,,,..... ,.. ,. . . Ex%tine ~: ,, , . ,.... Markings (exterior and .: interior,) ,.: Def,el

Omitted, incorrect, illegible, .f improper size, location, sequeme or method of applicatim. Material . . . . . . . . . . . . . Any component missing. Any component damaged, affecting serviceability. Workmanship Imdequate application of components ~ch = incOmpl~e closure of case linem, cOntainer ff~ps, loose strapping, . .... ..
m.aequace smpuw. : Bulging or distortion of .on:.tainem. ~~ : Number ner container is more or

COntent. . . : ..... . . . . .



].: ..,wthiprequired .1. . of testing specified in shall, he followed

5.1.2LevelC. Evacuation bags shallbepackaged in accordance with the industrjsp ractice. .5.2 Packing. Packkgs hallbelevelA,BorC as specified (see6:2).
.5.2.1 Levet A. Onec(mplete evacuation bag, packaged as specified in5.1, shall be packed within a fiberboard conform,.. shlpninz.container --ing to class 2, V3c,. style OSGL qf. Specification PPPB636, except th@ the inner flaps meet at the center, all flaps the same Iengtb, and tbe outer flaps overlap as may. Theinside of.thecont?iner shall be provided, with a one-pieced ouble-fac:d ~orrgated liner having a minimum bursting strength of 275 psi conforming to Specification PPPB636, abutting at the opPOFite corner frOm tbe. manufacturers joint. Ipsided imensio,nsof the shipping container, (outside of liner) shall be23Y.. inches in iength, 15inchesin width and 15 inches in depth. Each container shall be closed and reinforced with flat steel. strapping or tape banding in accordance with the appendix of the container specification. In addition; all 13

,, ..,,: ,,~ 4..3.1 .Dynel content, .A specimen approximately 1 gram ii &igbt is dfieif at 2210 to 230F. (105 to 110 C.) to a constant weight. P~acethe SpeCirneriin i Soxhlet: Oi similar extractor and. extract @h acetone until the SOII+tiori funs clear (a yellow coloiatiori indicates tbe presence of dynel). ,Qry the ?pwimep @ constant weight as above and. @y@te the percentage Of dypel ,as f0110w5:. :,.. . .. . ~~ .: Weight of originid drj specimen-weight dry reside x I@.. . of

4.3 Tests. The methods Specification CCC-T-19!, &l&&er applicable.


. .. . . weight of original dry .Ep:cimen Find result shall be the average: of five ipecimens tested as above: ~!: .

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seams, corners, and manufacturers joint of the shipping container shall be sealed by the application of 3-inch minimum width cloth tape conforming to type II, class 1, olive drab color of Specification PPP-T-60. Unitizer pack. When level B shipping containers of shall be overpacked on end three n fiberboard shipping container class 2, V3C or V3S, style FOI, f?PP-B-636. Inside dimensions shipping containcrshall be46~~ ,61A inches i width, rind 24 specified, three evacuation hags in length within conforming to of Specification of the unitizer inches in length, inches in depth. destination. Containers shall be packed in accordance with Uniform Freight Classification Rules or regulations of other carriers applicable to the mode of transportation. 5.3 Marking. Inaddition toanyspecialm arking required by the contract or order, interior packages and sh!pping containers shall be marked in accordance with Standard MIL-STD-129. l\llen level B fiberboard shipping containers are overpacked, thereby becoming inner containers, the marking shall he in accordance with the requirements for interior packages. 5.3.1 Polyetkykme bagged packages. Polyetbylenc bagged packages sbdl have the required information legibly printed or stamped in black on a white paper label placed inside the bag so as to pmvidc ready identification. The white paper label shall contain tbc following information: (a) (b) 5.2.2 Level B. Oneco,nplete evacuation hag, packaged as specified in 5.1, shall be packed within a fiberboard shipping container conforming to type I (B-flute), class 1, style OSCL of Specification PPPB636, except that the inner flaps meet at the center, all flaps the same length, the outer flaps overlap as may and the manufacturers joint shall be stitched. The minimum bursting strength of the fiberboard shall be 350 psi. The inside of cacb container shall be provided with a one-piece double-faced corrugated liner having a minimum bursting strength of 200 psi conforming to Specification PPPB-636, abutting at the opposite corner from the manufacturers joint. Inside dimensions of the shipping container (outside of liner) shall be 23?A inches in length, 15 inches in width and 15 inches in depth. All flaps of the fiberboard shipping containers shall he securely sealed with an adhesive commercially used for the specific product being packed hy application throughout the entire area of contact between tbe flaps, m by a combination of metal stitching the bottom flaps and sealing the top flaps with adhesive. 5.2.3 Level C. Evacuation hags, packaged specified in 5.1, sIM1l be packed in a manner insure carrier acceptance and safe delivery 14
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Thcrcquirements foreclosure and strapping shall be in accordance with the appendix of the container specification, except that the flaps shall be glued and only flat steel straps used. In addition, all warns, corners, andmanufacturers joint of the container shall he sealed with 3-inch minimum width olive drab color cloth tape conformingtotype II, chkssl of Specification PPP-T-60.

Stock number Nomenclature

(c) Quantity 6. NOTES bag, with liner, covered by this specification is for military personnel of the Department of Defense for the evacuation of sick or wounded, or otherwise to provide protection for an individual casualty under condition, of extreme cold. 6.2 Ordering data. Procurement should specify the following: (a) ca,tion. Title, number and date documents ~pecifi-

6.1 Intended uee. The

of this

(c) Sclcctimo fapplicahlel evelsofpackaging and packing (see 5.1 and 5.2) and whether Lhcunitizer pack sball be specified (see 5.2.l.1). 6.3 Standar,d and shade samples. For access to standards amplesof thread and shade samples of various materials, address the procuring office issuing the invitation for bids. 6.4 The sample of nylon duck furnished as standard for shade, finish and colorfastness was dyed with neutral pre-metallized dyes using the following formulation. This in formation is not a

as to at




mandatory , formation

requirement only.


is supplied

for in-

Premetallized olive green 2BL Premetallized yellow 2RL Premetallized brown 3BL Acid black 58 Nmice. When Government drawings, wecification.s, or otherdata are used for any purpose other than in connec-

tion with a definitely related Government procurement operation, the United States Government thereby incum no responsibility nor any obligation whatsoever; and the fact that the Government may have fomm[zted, furnished, or in any way supplied the said drawing% specifications, or other data is not to be regarded by implication or otherwise as in my manner licensing the holder or any other person or corporation, or conveying any ri~hts or permission to mamdactre, use, or sell any patented invention thst may in any way be related thereto,

Cwtodians : A&-Q..fi.nn.st.r ~rp.. NwyBmre.n of Medici.e.a.d SurgeV Air For-Air Force

Other interest: Army-M Preparins activity: ~Y+..fl.~.*t..


15 .,
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s .

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.. :...:!. 1 I


I [ ~!

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s .

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MIL-E-11450A I

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,< .... ....= ............ /




A ~.

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