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Movie Poster Cliches 7th Grade Materials: Computer, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Web Browser, Google ocs !

b"ectives: #he students will learn about cliches$ #he students will learn what ma%es a cliche and wh& are the& used so much$ #he students will learn about design speci'ic cliches$ #he students will learn how to use photoshop$ #he students will learn how to design their own posters$ #he students will learn how ma%e a balanced composition$ Day 1: Warm(up Activit&: )og in and 'inish*turn in an un'inished assignments into &our igital rop Bo+$ Activit&: Be'ore going into the lesson, the students will be given a ,uic% introduction to the teacher$ -eassure the students that &ou %now what &ou are doing$ .how them e+amples o' digital wor% &ou/ve done$ A'terwards the students will need to %now what the e+pectations are o' them while the& are in the classroom 0i$e$ no rolling around, no cellphones, raise &our hand to spea%, etc$1 A'ter all the rules have been established and the& e+pectations are set in place the students will be introduced to Photoshop$ #he& will be as%ed ,uestions about Photoshop 0what is Photoshop, what can it be used 'or, what is possible in Photoshop, have &ou ever used it, do &ou %now an&thing special about it, etc$1 #he students will be introduced to Photoshop$ #he& will go over the di''erent tools that are used in Photoshop$ #he& will be given a demo on how to bring 'iles into a new document and how to select di''erent parts o' an image to use 'or a new wor%$ #he students will then be given time to wor% on a pro"ect that will help them practice and use the di''erent tools$ Day 2: Warm(up Activit&: 2' &ou have not turned in &our wor% ma%e sure that it gets put into &our igital rop Bo+$ Continue to wor% on &our animal portraits$ Activit&: #he students will continue to wor% on their pro"ects$ #he& will be given a demo on how to use the pol&gonal lasso tools$ #he students will need to ma%e sure that the& are wor%ing slowl& and care'ull&$ Point out to them that the pol&gonal lasso tools ta%e a lot o' practice and when &ou are good at it &ou can get ver& clean cuts and edges on &our art wor%$ A'ter the students learn how to use the tool the& will continue to wor% on their animal portraits$ #hese assignments will be graded$ 2t will be out o' 34 possible points$ #he criteria 'or grading are cra'tsmanship 0did the& ma%e sure that their images were cut out cleanl& and there aren/t an& white spaces le't over1, la&ers 0all their la&ers should have distinct names1 and si5e 0the& need to ma%e sure that the& are using a 64+7+674 or a 7+64+674 si5e 'ile1 the 7th grade class will also have an additional re,uirement which is to use

the pol&gonal lasso tool$ #hese grades are not meant to hurt the students but to help boost up their grades a little bit$ #he students should %eep wor%ing until the end o' the period$ Closure: #he students will need to save their wor% into their igital rop Bo+ 'or grading 0onl& i' the& are 'inished though1$ 2' the& are not 'inished &et the& will need to save it into their 8 drives$ 2' the& aren/t 'inished the& will have time to wor% during the warm(up 'or ne+t class to wor% but the& will start wor%ing on their new pro"ects the ne+t class$ Day 3: Warm 9p: :inish wor%ing on &our Animal Portraits$ When &ou are 'inished put them into &our igital rop Bo+ 'or grading$ 0)oo%ing 'or clean lines*cra'tsmanship, la&ers named, correct si5e 07+64+674 or 64+7+6741 Activit&: #he students will loo% at di''erent e+amples o' movie posters$ #he posters go in a certain order that show di''erent cliches but the& have to go through a complete c&cle be'ore the same cliches come up again$ While the& are loo%ing at the di''erent posters the& will be as%ed ,uestions about the poster$ #he ,uestions shouldn/t be about whether the& li%e the posters or not but the& should be about the imager& the& see$ What sorts o' colors are visible, how the composition is la&ed out, what pops out the most, how are things la&ered, etc$ Also ma%e sure that the& should be %eeping all the di''erent images in mind as the& continue to go through the posters$ A'ter going through the 'irst c&cle tell the students that the& should start thin%ing about the posters the&/ve alread& seen and what the similarities are between them$ A'ter the& go through all o' the individual movie posters the& will be shown groups o' di''erent movie posters$ E+plain to them what each group has in common and the cliches the& represent$ :or the 'irst 'ew groups tell them what the cliches are but then have the students tr& to 'igure out what the& are$ 2' the& are having trouble then lead them in the correct wa& b& pointing out things about color, composition or la&out o' the posters$ A'ter going through the posters the& students will learn about their pro"ect$ #he& will have to choose a movie poster cliche and create an original poster 'or a movie that the& have made up$ #he& can draw inspiration 'rom other posters but not cop& them$ :or the remainder o' class the& will have to ma%e ;(< thumbnail s%etches to wor% out their ideas$ Closure: #he students will need to log out o' their computers$ An& thumbnail s%etch the& the& wor%ed on should be returned to the teacher so that the& don/t lose them$ 2n'orm them that the& will be wor%ing on these and that the ne+t class the& will learn how to use various tools$ #he& will also be using google to search images so the& will need to %now how to sa'el& search 'or images and other things$ Day 4: Warm up Activit&: :inish &our Animal Portraits i' &ou have not alread&$ =ou will not have an&more class time to wor% on them$ 2' &ou are done put them into &our igital rop Bo+$ #he& will be graded on Cra'tsmanship, naming la&ers and si5e$ Wor% on &our thumbnails$ Activit&: #he students will learn about thumbnail s%etches$ 0A thumbnail s%etch is a reduced version o' a drawing$ #he&

are used to help organi5e ideas and to plan out the 'inal piece$ #he& don/t have to loo% completel& 'inished because the& are still s%etches$ 2' the 'inal piece does not loo% e+actl& li%e the thumbnail that is o% as well$1 A'ter the&/ve seen a 'ew e+amples the& will continue to wor% on their thumbnail s%etches$ !nce the& have < thumbnail s%etches 'inished the& will choose which one the& li%e the best and then start wor%ing on their posters$ #he poster si5es will be 7> + 64> resolution at 344 pi+el*inch$ .tudents need to be smart about what t&pes o' images the& are using$ 2' the students are having a hard time choose what genre to ma%e a poster 'or have them ta%e a poll 0&ou can use a google spreadsheet or an e+cel 'ile1$ #he t&pes o' genres the& can choose 'rom are Action*Adventure, -omance, .uspense, Comed&, rama, ocumentar& or 8orror$ A'ter the&/ve all voted the top ? genres will be what the& can choose 'rom 0the& can also mesh one o' the genres with another -omantic Comed&, .uspense rama, etc$1 Closure: #he students should save their wor% and log o'' their computers$ .ave wor% into the 8 drives 0the ones with the student 2 numbers1$ @e+t class 0Monda&1 the& will continue to wor% on these assignments$ 2' the students want to wor% on their thumbnail s%etches over the wee%end the& ma& but the& need to ma%e sure that the& bring them bac% 'or the ne+t class$ #hese thumbnail s%etches will be collected 'or a grade so the students need to ma%e sure that the& complete them$ Day 5 Warm(up Activit& Continue to wor% on &our #humbnail .%etches 0=!9 M9.# 8AAE #8E.E !@E BE:!-E M!A2@G !@1 Activit&: #he students will continue wor%ing on the thumbnail s%etches 'or their pro"ect$ #he& must 'inish these be'ore actuall& moving on to starting their pro"ect$ !nce the& 'inish ma%ing all < the& will decide which one the& want to use 'or their actual pro"ect$ #he students can start loo%ing 'or images that the& will use 'or their pro"ects using Morgue:ile$ #he& shouldn/t be loo%ing 'or images on Google 2mages unless the& cannot 'ind one suitable on Morgue:ile$ #he reason wh& is because we don/t want to run into an& problems with cop&right when using Google 2mages$ 0Morgue:ile provides 'ree images that an&one can use1 #he pro"ect si5e that the& are wor%ing with is 7> + 64> at 344 resolution$ When the& 'ind the images that the& want to use the& should not "ust be moving entire images onto their 'inal piece, instead the& should be using the tools 0,uic% selection, lasso tools1 to select speci'ic parts o' the image to use on their pro"ect$ #he students will wor% on their pro"ect throughout the remainder o' class$ #he& need to ma%e sure that the& are naming their la&ers and wor%ing on the correct 'ile$ Closure: #he students will need to save their wor% and start logging o''$ -emind the students that their grade is dependant on cra'tsmanship, la&ers being named, si5e, use o' cliche and originalit&$ #he& should also be using multiple images$ 2' there is time as% some o' the students to share what the& are ma%ing and how the& are doing it$ Day 6-8: #he students will continue to wor% on the pro"ect$ Warm 9p: )oo% 'or images that &ou can use 'or &our pro"ects$ 0morgue'ile$com1 =our thumbnails should be 'inishedB

Activit&: #he students are to be wor%ing on their pro"ects$ #heir thumbnail s%etches should be done b& now$ 2' the& are still wor%ing on them during class in'orm the student that the& need to move on$ An&thing that the& didn/t 'inish should be completed 'or homewor%$ When the students are loo%ing 'or images the& should 'irst loo% at morgue'ile$com 2' the& cannot 'ind a good image the& can use google images$ At the beginning o' class show the students a ,uic% movie poster that &ou made so that the& can have and idea o' what to create when wor%ing$ A'terwards instruct the students the students that the& should wor% on their posters$ Go around student to student to see how ever&one is doing$ Give them suggestions and 'eedbac% on their pro"ect and help them to move in the right direction$ Closure: .tudents should save their wor% and log o''$ Ma%e sure to 'inish an& un'inished thumbnails 'or homewor%$ #ell the students to constantl& loo% at other movie posters and images that &ou li%e so that &ou can draw inspiration 'rom them$ Day 9 Warm 9p: #his will be &our last da& to wor% on these pro"ects$ Ma%e sure the& are 'inished and turned b& the end o' class toda& Activit&: #he students will wor% on their pro"ects 'or one last da&$ #he& will wor% throughout the class toda&$ At the end o' class the& will need to ma%e sure that the& turn their pro"ects in 'or a grade$