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3 oz.

1/2 cup 2 1/4 cups 3 1 1/2 tsp 2 tsp 1/2 tsp 2 1/4 cups 1 cup 1 cup

Baking chocolate (melted squares) Butter or margarine Light bro n sugar! lightl" packed #ggs $anilla Baking soda %alt %i&ted cake &lour 'air" sour cream Boiling ater

Oven Temp ~ 350 Baking Time ~ 35 Min. Pan Type ~ two 9 inch round pans (reheat o)en! *rease and &lour pans. +n a large mi,er bo l! cream butter until smooth. -dd bro n sugar and eggs. Beat ith mi,er until light and &lu&&" . about / min. 0ith mi,er on lo speed! beat in )anilla and chocolate! then baking soda and salt. -dd &lour alternatel" ith sour cream! beating on lo speed until smooth. (our in boiling ater1 stir ith spoon until blended. (our into prepared pans. Bake until done.


#n$r%di%nts& ' ((5 $)s Maida *a++,purpos% -+our. ' /00 $)s w%%t%n%d Cond%ns%d Mi+0 ' (,3 t1sp Cocoa 2owd%r ' 3 tsp Ba0in$ 2owd%r ' 3 tsp Coo0in$ oda ' 3(5 $)s Butt%r ' (00 )+ A%rat%d Co+a 4rin0 ' A pinch o- a+t ' 3(5$)s 4air5 Mi+0 Choco+at% ' (50 $)s Fr%sh 6hipp%d Cr%a) ' 30 Ch%rri%s "ow to )a0% B+ac0 For%st Ca0%& ' 2+ac% a thic0 1otto)%d pan on 7%r5 +ow -+a)% and )%+t 1utt%r in it. ' R%)o7% -ro) th% -+a)% and +%t th% 1utt%r coo+. ' Add cond%ns%d )i+0 and )i8 w%++. ' i-t )aida9 cocoa powd%r9 1a0in$ powd%r9 coo0in$ soda and sa+t to$%th%r. Ma0% sur% th%r% ar% no +u)ps in th% )i8tur%. ' :r%as% a 1a0in$ tra5 with +itt+% 1utt%r. ' 4ust it with )aida and 0%%p it asid%. ' !a0% a pan with +itt+% 1utt%r and put th% )aida )i8tur% with th% cond%ns%d )i+0,1utt%r )i8tur%. ' ;ow add a%rat%d co+a and )i8 it w%++. ' 2our th% 1att%r into th% $r%as%d 1a0in$ tra5 and 1a0% -or 30 to /0 )inut%s at 3<5 d%$r%%s C *350 d%$r%% -.. ' 6h%n it is don%9 +%t it coo+ and th%n s+it it hori=onta++5 into two. ' 6hip th% cr%a) ti++ +i$ht and -+u--5. ' andwich th% two +a5%rs o- ca0% with whipp%d cr%a) and ch%rri%s. ' !op with whipp%d cr%a) and ch%rri%s. ' :rat% dair5 )i+0 choco+at% 1ar and sprin0+% o7%r th% ca0%. ' %r7% it chi++%d.


#n$r%di%nts& ' 3>/ cup ?nsw%%t%n%d Cocoa 2owd%r ' 3,3>( cup A++,2urpos% F+our ' 3 t1sp @in%$ar ' 3 tsp @ani++a ' 3 cup u$ar ' 3 tsp Ba0in$ oda ' 3>( tsp a+t ' 3>3 cup Oi+ ' 3 cup 6at%r "ow to )a0% Choco+at% Ca0%& ' Mi8 to$%th%r a++ th% dr5 in$r%di%nts in a 1ow+. ' Mi8 +iAuid in$r%di%nts in a s%parat% 1ow+ and co)1in% it with dr5 in$r%di%nts. ' tir th% )i8tur% with a wir% whis0 unti+ w%++ )i8%d. ' :r%as% an %i$ht,inch 1a0in$ pan. ' 2our th% pr%par%d )i8tur% into th% pan. ' Ba0% -or a1out /5 )inut%s at 350 d%$r%% F. ' !op with ic% cr%a) and s%r7%.

2lour 3/4 cup %ugar 1/2 cup 3il 1/4 cup #ggs 2 Baking (o der 1 1/2 4bsp $anilla #ssense 1 tsp 5ocoa po der 1 1/2 4bsp 0arm ater 1/4 cup - pinch o& %alt 6ethod 1. %i&t the 'r" +ngredients (maida and baking po der). 2. 'issol)e the cocoa in the arm ater. 3. Beat the eggs and sugar until ell blended and creamed. 4. -dd the oil! )anilla essense and arm ater (mi,ed ith cocoa po der) and mi, ell. 2inall" add the &lour and &old into the egg mi,ture. /. *rease a cake tin and pour this batter into it. 7. 6icro a)e this cake &or / minutes on high. 8. 5ool it and decorate ith co&ee icing or "our choice.