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CIV PRO BarEssays.com #1.

. JURISDICTION (1) Personal Jur Traditional bases Domicile (present + intent) Presence (not by fraud/force) Consent (appearing in action, k, implied) Constitutional bases ong arm statute ! totality of circs (C") #in contacts 1$ purposeful a%ailment &$ foreseeability 'airness 1$ relatedness bt(n claim and contact, &$ systematic and continuous acti%ity )$ con%enience *$ forum+s leg in pro%iding redress for residents, ,$ P+s interest in con%enient/effecti%e relief -otice/ser%ice of process (&) .ub/ect #atter Jur 'ed 0 Di%ersity Complete di%ersity 1uman (domicile) Corp 1$ all states of incorp and &$ PP2 (muscle or ner%e/3ead4uarters)$ Class action (rep) "mt in contro%ersy 5ood fait3 o%er 67,k "ggregate 8n/unction 9:ceptions .upp Jur 1$ initially 3a%e '0 (P) or di%ersity (all) &$ and &nd claim no '0 or di% )$ if common nucleus of operati%e fact$ ;emo%al ()) <enue Di%ersity cases 1$ (3ere all Ds reside or &$ (3ere substantial part of claim arose$ )$ if none, (3ere all Ds sub/ect to PJ$ "ll ot3er cases 1$ (3ere all Ds reside or &$ (3ere substantial part of claim arose$ )$ if none, (3ere any D can be found$ ;esidence 1uman (domicile) Corp (any place PJ) Transfer 'orum noncon%eniens #2. CHOICE OF LAW (1) 9rie doctrine ;ule 9stablis3ed use of state la(s 1$ .= &$ rules for tolling of .= )$ c3oice of la( rules

#3. (1) (&) ())


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PLEADINGS -otice pleading Complaint D+s response "ns(er ;ule 1&b defenses 1$ lack of PJ &$ improper %enue )$ insuff process *$ insuff ser%ice of process (waived if not raised by motion/answer) ,$ lack of .#J (raised anytime, e%en on appeal) >$ failure to state claim upon (3ic3 relief may be granted 7$ failure to /oin indispensable party Counterclaim =ffensi%e claims against opposing party Compulsory "rises from same T/= as P+s claim$ D+s ans(er or else (ai%es$ Permissi%e Doesn+t arise from same T/= as P+s claim$ Cross claims "mendments and supp pleadings ;elation back 1$ amendment concerns same conduct, T/= as orig, &$ ne( party kne( of t3e action (/in 1&? days of filing and (on+t be pre/udiced in defending t3e action, and )$ ne( party kne( @but forA t3e mistake, it (ould+%e been named originally$ ;ule 11 1$ paper not for improper purpose, &$ legal contentions are (arranted by la(, )$ factual contentions 3a%e e%identiary support (or likely after in%estigation), and *$ denials of factual contentions 3a%e e%id support$ .afe 3arbor

#5. DISCOVERY (1) Types Depos 8nterrogatories ;e4uests to produce P3ysical/mental e:ams ;e4uired disclosures =at3 (&) .cope Cork product, trial prep material ()) 9nforcement .anctions #6. RESOLVING W/OUT TRIAL (1) ;ule 1&b> #otion for /udgment on t3e pleadings (&) <oluntary dismissal ()) .ummary /udgment # . JURY (1) 7t3 "mendment egal actions 94uitable actions 2ot3 (&) Disregarding /ury J#= ;ene(ed J#= #otion for ne( trial #!. APPEAL (1) 'inal /udgment rule 9:ceptions #". SU#SE$UENT PROCEEDINGS (1) ;es Judicata (claim preclusion) 1$ .ame parties &$ <alid final /udgment on merits )$ .ame claim #a/ #in (&) Collateral estoppel (issue preclusion) 1$ .ame parties &$ <alid final /udgment on merits )$ 8ssue essential to Case 1 *$ "gainst (3om assertedD Case 1 party ,$ 2y (3om assertD TradB #odern -onmutual defensi%e C9 (s3ield by D) 1$ full fair opp to litigate Case 1 -onmutual offensi%e C9 (s(ord by P) 1$ full fair opp to litigate Case 1 &$ could foresee multiple suits )$ P couldn+t 3a%e been /oined easily *$ -o inconsistent /udgments on record

#4. JOINDER OF PARTIES AND CLAIMS (1) Joinder of parties Compulsory /oinder 8f /oinder not feasible Permissi%e /oinder (&) Joinder of claims Class actions 8nitial re4s 1$ class so numerous /oinder impracticable, &$ 4s of la( and fact common to class, )$ claims of rep typical, *$ rep (ill fairly/ade4uately protect interests of class$ Types 1$ pre/udice &$ in/unction/declaratory /udgment )$ damages (common 4s predominate and class action is superior met3od to 3andle dispute)$ 8nter%ention 8nter%ention as of rig3t Permissi%e 8mpleader (usu %icariously liability) 8nterpleader ;ule &&B .tatutory