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Word formation: nouns

Collocation: adjectives + nouns

2 a Match the sentence halves. 1 The public seems to have an 'nsatlable 2 There is now a vast ~ 1 a Read these extracts from the text on pages 40-41. 3 Each tries to show a different \l What are the verb forms of the highlighted nouns? 4 Some like to focus on their religious e, 1 David Gritten reveals the bizarre contradictions of life in the fierce glare of the limelight ~ \,l~"'c...~ ~~~ \\\ 5 Other magazines just like to catch them in casu 6 A picture of a star in a bad 6 (subheading) . " 7 And a story about their lack of social \:J 2 As a result, fame can engender distrust and 8. The favourite target is a household .e,. isolation, ... (para. 3) 9 Magazine editors believe that public ~ . b Write the nouns of the following verbs and 10 However, many of the stories in the popular l adiectives. Check Dur spelling in the te CJ...\tX \\.~ cS\.~ :Il... 'a, convictions or political beliefs. 1 scrutunse .) (pa1a. 3) 6. J fYlJ \ skills is worth a fortune. 2 arrogant (adj.) (para. 4) ~ ... array of magazines that focus on celebrities. 3 rude (adj.) (para. 4) .JLll.~.~? . ti" tem per is more valuable than a studio shot. 4 inconvenient (adj.) (para. 4) ~~ .. \~l\ ~ name behaving badly. 5 attend (v.) (para. 5) ~,~.~ / o,:tt~\iOSi) '{ appetite for stories about celebrities. 6 devote (v.) (para. 5) ~.t ... h<\')..... '8.. clothes and without make-up. 7 imagine (v.) (para. 5) IC'<'<lGi01 *1 l; perspective on celebrity Iife. 8 neutral (adj.) (para. 6) . 'i, press later turn out to be untrue. 9 innocent (adj.) (para. 6) ...l. !!'Y:!. . '-' i.. scrutiny is the price of fame. >x C Mark the stressed syllable in each word in Use each collocation in a sentence of your own, Exercise 1b. What patterns do you notice? For based on your opinion or experience. which words does the stress change according to . EXAMPLE: People have an insatiable appetite for the word class? Listen and check.


gossip. 1 suppose it's human nature.

d Complete these sentences using nouns from Exercise 1b.

o. ~ .

Idiomatic expressions
3 a Complete the expressions with words from the box.

Two years ago, a friend of mine 1 ded a role in a popular TV soap opera. In a relatively short time, she has risen from unemployed actress to minor celebrity. The public's identification with the character she plays has been amazing; it's not unusual for people to come up to her in the street and address her as 'Susie', her ~haracter'~u. name. She says she doesn't mind the (1).\ o regularly being stopped when she is out, butjokes that she now has to pay more (2)C\.~\~0 her appearance! She has never experienced any (3)~~~from members of the public, but it's been a different story with joumalists. There is no (4)~\. J.i..~as far as the.press is concemed; they either love you or hate you. Either way, they take pleasure in subjecting every aspect of a star's private life to public (5) ..~t.\Wd My friend doesn't (yet!) have the (6)~~ .... ssociated with some celebrities, but she has certainly lost the naive (7)i . she once had.

I face






1 To play a .............. ~ o n 5 omeone ..1S to d o somet hi mg ta them for a laugh. 2 To get on the.. .... 0::~1 side of someone is to do something that gives them a bad opinion of you. 3 To take someone/thing at value is ta accept it as it is, without looking for hidden meaning. 4 To feel $. for someone is ta feel sympathy for them because something bad has happened. 5 To have~. over someone is ta have influence ar authority over them. 6 To take someone .~~!L .... is ta help them ta be successful.


e Discuss these questions. 1 What are the most popular 'soaps' in your country? Why are they popular? 2 How well known are the actors? Would you recognise any of them on the street? What would you do if you did?
p28 )

b ComRlete these sentences with a suitable phrase. 1 Hard work, talent and bition can .1k.c~.\11 . 2 Be careful not ta IltJ:~.ny, Sh~ manager; he could make life difficult for you. ~ 3 Remember that they . .Mf.Yl: ..~~~dyou; they can affect whether ar not you get promoted. 4 Not everything they say can ocs.. (lJ~ 5 My manager promised me a bigger oftice, ~ut he was just .. J~.\'1.r ..... ~~~ 'l ""\ 6 I1'simpossible not ta the people who work hard, but ~on't make it ta the tap.


\0..~ ... ~.'?.~.


Language development 1
~ Writing reference page 201

Commas (,)
a Read these sentences and work out the rules for commas. Then check in the Writing reference. 1 Madonna has homes in London, Los Angeles and New York. 2 If you have the right attitude, you'll make it. 3 Winning an Oscar is an impressive achievement, isn't it? ax
4 Unfortunately,

Capitals and full stops (.)

1 a Decide where capitals and full stops are needed in
this text. ~eople interested in celebrity should visit the popular 19ndon attraction iQ1adamelussaud's i\useum on fi\arylebone road.jt features wax images of people from all walks of life: from modern music superstars (egrrlliss~ynamite) and hb11ywood legends to scientists such as British astrophysicist fro{~even Hawking.~void ~turdays inJuly and ~ugust1he winter months are much quieter, b What other uses can you think of for capital letters?

lasting relationships

are rare in

show business. 5 Iulia Roberts, whose best known film is Pretty Woman, has been married twice. b Add commas to these sentences where necessary. 1 1'11ask Robbie to give you a ring if 1 see him. 2 An autograph co11ector needs a notebooka 3 4 5 6 couple of pens:l camera and a lot of patience. Te11meywhat are you going to do next? What's the film that got ten Oscars last year? 1 managed to get a ticket)believe it or not. Pierce Brosnan he actor who p~ayed Iames Bond is Irish.

Apostrophes (')
2 a Read the sentences (a-e) and answer the questions
(1-5) below. a We can stay in either Tom's house or Charles' flat. b My sister's room is on the left and my brothers' room is on the right. c I'd like to go to Prague - it's famous for its architecture. d Most actors know that an actor's life is hard. e That's agreat idea; let's hope it'Il work. 1 What are the main uses of apostrophes??O"h
. tCh\~

Speech marks (' ')

4 a Read the examples. What do you notice about the
use of capitals, commas and full stops with direct speech? 1 Fred Allen once said, 'A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognised.'

2 '1 don't know who he is,' she said, 'but he loofs

great!' b Add quotation marks and appropriate punctuation

2 How do we show possession when a word ends in -s? 3 In sentence b, how many sisters and brothers does the speaker have? 4 In sentence c, what's the difference between it's and its? 5 In sentence d, what's the difference between actors and actor' b Add apostrophes to the text where necessary. is one of Londons oldest

,to this dialogue. , A table for tw<)'hid the celebrity, in a quiet corner ,preferably,' ) Sorry , sir'replied the waiter.we're 3
rDo you know who 1 a~jasked'the

') full,

surprised celebrity

No sir raid the waiter)but if you ask your mother, I'rn sure she'll tell you,'

Other punctuation
/5 a Find examples of the fo11owing items in Exercises 1
and 2 above. What do you think is their function? colon (:) semi-colon (;) dash (-)

Madame Tussau~

attractions. One of its most popular displays is the Chamber of Horrors. The co11ection was started in Paris by Marie Tussaud~ mother's employer, a Dr Curtius. Marie brought Dr Curtius'original co11ection of heads to London in the early 1800s, and it's been constantly updated ever since. Its only two minutes walk from Baker treet tube station. But dont forget tha e

b Punctuate these sentences using each form of the punctuation in Exercise Sa once. 1 To be successful, you need three thinz deterrnination and good luck, I'd Iike to see the talent

ov - zam-m




1 The "() eople in the photo are married, Do you know who they are? 2 What difficulties do you think celebrity couples face?

Error correction
- -. strategies page 169

2 a Read the title and the text below.

(Ignore the mistakes at this stage.) 1 Why is it harder being a celebrity today than 50 years ago? 2 Why was it difficult for Ioanne Woodward? b Read the instructions. correction task? What do you have to do in this type of error

c Look at the examples (00) and (000). What kind of errors are shown? d Do the task. Read the task strategies on page 169 before you start and use the Help dues below if necessary. Note that in the exam, there is a maximum of one mistake in a line.
In most lines of the following text, there is either a speli ing ar a punctuation error. For each numbered correct punctuation. ___ "-' \ V"'~'" tick (v'). The exercise line, write the correctly spelt word or show the (O), (00) and (000).

Same lines are correct. Indicate these lines with a

begins with three examples


Unfortunately, partners lasting relationships are rare in Hollywood. If both are well-known film stars in the public eye the hole stable A show-business

time, it is difficult to keep a marriage career is very unpredictable, difficult.


10 1 1001 whole. 0001 etabie.


and this makes a steady home life


Now, with celebrity gossip readily availble on the Internet, have become even more intense. However, one Joanne Woodward, who

the presures film-star

3 4

couple, Paul Newrnarj.and

first met each other in)1952 have survived ali the difficulties. Woodward, though, confesses she found cornbineing family life and her husbands" popularity hard, particularly when the smash-hit

movie The Hustler opened three


they wed. These


days people are lovely and gracious and tend to tret me and Paul

ion -- -- word needs a double -- nant? ion 7 this sentence make sense? :- - many husbands has she got? estion 10 - . h rule about punctuating peech is being broken here?

like elder statesmen~she

said recently. 'But when I was young

and we had young children, it was dreadful. I hated it when photographers would shov.e me aside to ap oach Paul whi le I


was trying to protect the children. She also admits to being




with some of Paul's acheivements.

But despite the

sacrifices the couple, especi~y Woodward, have made, their partnership has endured and is an example for others to follow.

Task analysis

Discuss these questions

about the task.

1 How many mistakes did you identify correctly? 2 What are the most difficult types of mistakes to spot?


What do you think is the secret of a lasting relationship?

- C~''-t~\'~f'\
_oi . ~":(~

- \e ~c. ~<...\

- ~ \