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Vol 1 No 257 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2013 | www.dhakatribune.com | SECOND EDITION 16 pages with 8-page business tabloid, plus 8-page Treehouse children’s supplement | Price: Tk10

Quader Molla Three killed in

nocturnal violence

receives last
of Jamaat-Shibir
n Ashif Islam Shaon

minute stay
Jamaat-Shibir activists unleashed a
reign of terror in several districts leav-
ing three people killed following the
news that Abdul Quader Molla would
be executed last night.
Of the three, a mother Sumi Ak-

No state counsel was informed beforehand ter and her daughter seven-year-old
Sanjida were killed when Shibir men
torched a parked covered van at 10pm
n Julfikar Ali Manik Molla’s counsels led by Jamaat-e-Is-
lami Assistant Secretary General Abdur
onthe Bogra By-pass Road of Gazipur,
the place where a teenage boy Monir
In a dramatic development late last Razzak went to the chamber judge’s Hossain was burnt to death. He too was
night, the chamber judge of the Su- residence at the judges’ complex in the in a covered van with his father.
preme Court, Justice Syed Mahmud capital between 8pm and 10pm to seek The incident left two more covered
Hossain stayed the execution of war a stay order on the execution. van passengers – Sadia, 2, sister of San-
criminal and Jamaat-e-Islami leader Ab- Attorney General Mahbubey Alam jida and their father Adam Ali, 40,--
dul Quader Molla until 10:30am today. was not aware of the development. No criticallyburnt.
Justice Mahmud issued the unprec- state counsel was present at the cham-
edented stay order from his house only ber judge’s house when he heard the P16 SAYEDEE WITNESS DIES
couple of hours before the implemen- prayer of Molla’s counsels.
tation of the Appellate Division verdict “We did not receive any notice re- Police Superintendent Abdul Baten
that sentenced war criminal Quader garding the move of the defence coun- said the covered van was heading to-
Molla to death on September 17. sels that they were going to appeal on wards Bogra. The victims were on way
get a stay order on Quader Molla’s ex- Sanowar Jahan, wife of death row convict Abdul Quader Molla, shows victory sign as she leaves Dhaka Central Jail after meeting her husband DHAKA TRIBUNE to their village home at Ullapara in Sira-
P3 MORE TRIBUNAL STORIES ecution,” Additional Attorney Gener- jganj from Rupganj of Narayanganj.

Dialogue ball starts rolling

al MK Rahman told journalist around The family failed to board any bus
Molla’s counsels rushed to the Dhaka midnight after knowing from media and they managed the van of Partex
Central jail between midnight and gave about the order. Group for the journey.
the copy of the stay order to the prison “However, the court can give or- As the driver pulled it up for a short
Following this development, the jail
der on its own and we will fight in the
court,” he said.
n Sheikh Shahariar Zaman and
Mohammad Al-Masum Molla
tight-lipped about the dialogue ini-
tiatives, yesterday evening said the
tary-general, representatives of both
parties have met and engaged in a dia-
break on Pubail Roada group of activ-
ists Jamaat-e-Islami and its student
authorities halted the execution of the It was not clear whether Molla’s government and the opposition were logue,” the UN assistant secretary-gen- wing Islami Chhatra Shibir came in a
Molla, well-known as “Mirpurer Kasai” lawyers went to the chamber judge’s A light can be seen at the end of the engaged in a dialogue to resolve the eral for political affairs said at the sud- flash procession and threw a petrol
(Butcher of Mirpur) for the heinous house only with the plea or with the tunnel, as the process for holding the current conflict at the intervention of den informal press briefing. bomb at the van.
crimes he had committed during the application of reviewing the Appellate long expected dialogue between the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “I have decided to extend my stay As the mother and her seven-year-
War of Independence in 1971. Division verdict. Awami League and BNP finally started He also postponed his departure from here in Bangladesh given the positive old daughter were traveling in the driv-
The government said in the presence Supreme Court Registrar AKM yesterday, at the mediation of UN en- Dhaka for 24 hours. He was schedule to developments that have been taking er’s cabin they could not manage to
of two magistrates, Quader Molla had Shamsul Islam at 10:37pm yesterday voy Oscar Fernandez-Taranco. leave yesterday evening. place,” he said. “Both sides have agreed come out of the vehicle.
not sought the president’s clemency.  PAGE 2 COLUMN 2 Fernandez-Taranco, who had been “At the invitation of the UN secre-  PAGE 2 COLUMN 2  PAGE 2 COLUMN 5
2 DHAKA TRIBUNE News Wednesday, December 11, 2013

His testimony confirmed Six nabbed for killing

Sayedee witness
death for Sayedee n Anisur Rahman Swapan, Barisal
Police arrested six people in connec-
identity of the arrestees, the police
said they had arrested Rumi Talukdar,
of Umedpur, Solaiman of Hoglabuna,
n Udisa Islam Then they crossed the nearby bridge
and ordered to loot the shops and
statement to investigation officer, the
supporters of Sayedee threatened him
tion with killing Mostafa Hawlader, a
prosecution witness for the prosecu-
Boni Amin, Barek, Moslem, Obaidul,
from different parts of the upazila.
Mostafa Hawlader, who died early yes- houses. Some 30-35 shops and houses with life continuously. tion in the case against condemned Victim Mostafa was the eighth
terday after being chopped allegedly by were looted at that time.” Upon Mostafa’s claim, the prosecu- prisoner Jamaat-e-Islami leader Dela- prosecution witness in the war
activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Later the army men had gone to tion claimed that they had informed war Hossain Sayedee. crimes case against Sayedee, the
Chhatra Shibir in Pirojpur two days ago, Manik Poshari’s house and set fire Zianagar police station to give his pro- Mostafa was injured in an attack by Jamaat nayeb-e-ameer (central vice-
was the key witness in the case against to three of the homesteads and one tection. miscreants and succumbed to his inju- president), who was given death
war criminal Delawar Hossain Sayedee. silo. Seeing the fire and smoke, Mofiz On the death of Mostafa, Shahidur ries early yesterday at Dhaka Medical penalty by the zInternational Crimes
Early last year, he gave deposition (another Witness) and Ibrahim Kutti Rahman, conducting prosecutor of the College Hospital. Tribunal on february 28 for committing
at the International Crimes Tribunal 1 ran towards the house from the crop trial against Sayedee, said after this Unidentified miscreants stabbed crimes against humanity in Pirojpur
on charge eight which was related with land. Sayedee grabbed them and took type of incidents, “our work become Mostafa, 58, in his house at Hoglabunia during the 1971 Liberation War.
the murder of Ibrahim Kutti. And on to the army camp. On the way, the more critical. The witnesses will feel village of Parerhut under Indurkani po- Following the news of Mostafa’s
his eye-witness testimony, the tribunal army men killed Ibrahim by shooting insecure to appear before the court.” lice station of Zianagor in Pirojpur early death, business enterprises and markets
gave Sayedee death penalty. near Thana Ghat and kicked him into Helal Uddin, investigation officer Sunday. in Parerhat and the surrounding areas
The verdict said: “In consideration the canal. in Sayedee case, said Mostafa had ar- His wife Hasina Begum also sus- were shut and people wearing black
of the gravity and magnitude of the The witness said he had heard the ranged many witnesses and evidence. tained minor injuries as she tried to badges went to his house.
offences committed particularly in sound of gunshot. “As he told us about the threats, we resist the attackers who entered the Mostafa left behind his wife, three
charge eight, we unanimously hold The prosecution said Mostafa as a arranged some protection for him too. house by digging the earthen floor. sons and two daughters. His eldest son
that the accused deserves the highest freedom fighter had tried to manage But how long we can provide it?” They were first admitted to Pirojpur Monir Hawlader was killed in a road
punishment as provided under section the other witnesses positively. He was He said to protect the witness- General Hospital at night and then accident in December last year.
20(2) of the ICT Act of 1973.” facing threats from the very begin- es, building social awareness was Mostafa was sent to Khulna Medical His youngest daughter Sonia Akter,
Prosecutor Haider Ali said: “Doing ning of the trial process. After giving necessary. l Mostafa Hawlader College Hospital on Monday morning. 14, who is a grade VIII student of
his duty as freedom fighter, he had to After his condition deteriorated, he Parerhut Girls' School, demanded capital
face an unnatural death.” was transferred to the DMCH in a punishment for the killers of her father.
In his deposition, Mostafa said: critical condition. Earlier, Jamaat-Shibir activists on
“Around 3pm on May 8, 1971, the Paki- After the incident, Abdul Majid, the October 28, attacked the house of
stani occupation army under Sayedee’s victim's brother, lodged an attempt- Mahbubul Alam Hawlader, upazila
leadership raided the house of one to-murder case against nine people Muktijoddha Sangsad commander and
Manik Posari at village Chitholia un- persons with Indurkani police, said plaintiff in the case against Sayedee.
der Pirojpur Sadar police station and Qamruzzaman Haoladar, officer-in- Some 200 Jamaat-Shibir support-
caught his servants Mofizuddin Posh- charge of the station. ers ransacked and looted his house in
ari and one Ibrahim Kutti. Instigated Without disclosing any political broad daylight.. l
by Sayedee, the army personnel shot to
dead Ibrahim on way to the local army
camp. Then they dumped the body
near a bridge. Mofiz was taken to the UK expresses concern
over Molla’s execution
camp and was tortured.”
The witness had confirmed that Del-
awar Hossain Shikder, Danesh Molla,
Sekander Shikder, Kalil Moulovi, Mos-
lem Maulana, Mozahar Mollick were
the member of Peace Committee.
n Tribune Report all circumstances as a matter of prin-
ciple and considers that its use under-
Reinforcing the testimonies of the Referring to the execution of war crim- mines human dignity and that there is
previous witnesses, Mostafa told the inal Abdul Qader Molla, Britain has ex- no conclusive evidence of its deterrent
tribunal that he had seen Sayedee pressed concerns over the use of death value.
along with other collaborators loot- penalty in Bangladesh. “We further note that Abdul
ing and burning a number of shops in In a statement issued yesterday eve- Qader Molla was sentenced to death
Parerhat Bazar in 1971. He also said the ning, British Senior Foreign Office Min- following an appeal permitted
death row convict had been with the ister Baroness Warsi said: “I am deeply under retrospectively applied
army all the time. He eye witnessed concerned at reports of plans to exe- legislation, and that he was not
these incidents. cute Abdul Qader Molla in the coming permitted to review his sentence
From the north side of the bazar, the days. before the Supreme Court.”
witness said he had seen 52 Pakistani “The UK calls again for Bangladesh Bangladesh’s commitments under
army men going there on 26 rickshaws. to implement a moratorium on the the International Covenant on Civil
“Sayedee raising his hand showed death penalty leading to the eventual and Political Rights (ICCPR) require
them the houses and shops of the Hin- abolition of the death penalty.” that all citizens be treated equally
dus and the Awami League supporters. Relatives burst into tears in front of the corpse of Mostafa Hawlader at Dhaka Medical College Hospital yesterday Mahmud Hossain Opu Britain opposes the death penalty in before the law. l

Law enforcers Dialogue ball starts rolling

on high alert  PAGE 1 COLUMN 5 Syed Ashraful Islam led the Awami struction of state properties and killing. ter Sheikh Hasina on Saturday, Fer- The two major political parties have
n Kailash Sarkar and Rabiul Islam to continue their dialogue in a spirit of
goodwill and compromise.”
League delegation while BNP acting
secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam
In reply to the BNP’s demand for
the release of detained leaders and
nandez-Taranco inquired if there was
a scope to shift the date of the 10th
been engaged in a conflict over the for-
mation of the polls-time government
Centring the imminent execution of Fernandez-Taranco said: “I want to Alamgir led the BNP side at the meeting. activists, the Awami League said if de- general elections, now scheduled for for a long time; the Election Commis-
convicted war criminal Abdul Quader take this opportunity to applaud the de- The Awami League side also had structive activities stopped, the atmo- January 5, apparently to ensure BNP’s sion meanwhile declared the election
Molla, security was beefed up across cision [of the both parties] to sit down Advisory Council members Amir Hos- sphere for discussing the release of the participation. He is scheduled to meet schedule.
the country yesterday at multiple lev- and seize this important opportunity. sain Amu and Tofail Ahmed, and prime detained leaders and activists would be the PM today again. The BNP and its allies and the Jati-
els to maintain law and order and pre- “This shows political leadership, re- minister’s International Affairs Adviser created. He also had meetings with the Awa- ya Party boycotted the elections while
vent any subversive activities. sponsibility and courage and it is also Gowher Rizvi, while the BNP delegation The atmosphere for holding a con- mi League delegation at the Pan Pacific the Awami League and its allies already
Alongside the regular forces, a signif- an answer to the expectations of the comprised Standing Committee mem- structive dialogue over the polls-time Sonargaon Hotel in the afternoon and submitted nomination papers for the
icant number of BGB troops have been people of Bangladesh.” bers Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, government would never take place if BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia in the polls.
deployed across the country, while po- The BNP, which also refused to talk Abdul Moyeen Khan and Vice-Chair- destructive activities were not stopped, evening. After meeting with the chief elec-
lice, Rab and other security units asked to about the meeting outcome, issued man Shamser Mobin Chowdhury. the Awami League said. On Sunday, he had met the Awami tion officer, Fernandez-Taranco said:
remain on the highest alert. a statement yesterday evening, con- After the meeting, the delegation A rumour had spread since morn- League delegation at the residence of “I do believe there is a possibility of
Kamal Uddin Ahmed, additional firming that leaders from both parties went to their party chiefs to discuss the ing that a highly secret meeting of the Gowher Rizvi and BNP leader Sham- finding a peaceful solution to this cur-
home secretary (political), told the had met at the residence of the UN details of the meeting. Awami League and the BNP had been sher Mobin Chowdhury and Sabi- rent deadlock if you have political will,
Dhaka Tribune that the measures had resident coordinator in the afternoon In a statement, the Awami League going on in a Baridhara house, but the huddin Ahmed at Shamsher’s Banani if you have leadership, if we have an
been taken following reports from dif- and agreed to continue the dialogue on said it had asked the opposition to cre- meeting actually took place at the UN residence. None from the two parties attitude of compromise and, most im-
ferent intelligence agencies. l polls-time government. ate a congenial atmosphere for the di- official’s residence dodging the media. revealed anything to the media about portantly, if you are able to engage in
Awami League General Secretary alogue, stopping hartal, blockade, de- In his meeting with Prime Minis- the meetings. peaceful dialogue.” l

Jamaat: Political Quader Molla receives last minute stay Three killed
killing, if Quader  PAGE 1 COLUMN 2
only confirmed to the Dhaka Tribune
ed to execute the war criminal last night.
State Minister for Law Quamrul Is-
out in accordance with the orders of the
The father with his two-year-old
daughter to Gazipur Police Station.
“The injured have been admitted to
Molla executed over phone that the chamber judge had
stayed the execution and set 10:30am to-
lam at the same press briefing also talk-
ed about the government’s decision. He
Attorney General Mahbubey Alam
told the Dhaka Tribune last night that
daughter jumped out of the van with
little injuries.
Gazipur Hospital,” he told the Dhaka
n Tribune Reports day to hear the review petition.
A defence counsel claimed that they
told journalists that the convict had re-
fused to seek presidential pardon.
according to article 47(3) of the constitu-
tion the defence did not have any right
In another incident a teenage Shi-
bir activist Salman died being hit by
Meanwhile, in Feni apart from hurl-
ing petrol bombs Shibir men tried to
When it was confirmed by the had gone to the chamber judge only According to the prison authorities, of reviewing the judgement. He also said stray bullets during a clash between break in a Sonali Bank branch office.
government that death row convict with a stay petition as the Dhaka Central Quader Molla’s family members went to the jail codes would not be applicable in police and Jamaat-Shibir cadres in Feni But on-duty security police there fired
Abdul Quader Molla would be executed Jail authorities was ready to hang Quad- the Dhaka Central Jail after 8pm to meet the cases for crimes against humanity. around 10pm. shots to disperse them.
last night, Jamaat-e-Islami issued a er Molla around midnight. him for the last time. According to the article, no provision The clash erupted after the Shi- Incidents of violence were also re-
statement saying that it would be a In protest against the execution order The chamber judge, Justice Syed of the ICT law (to try accused for crimes bir men hurled a petrol bomb at the ported from Rajshahi, Joypurhat and
political killing if the government had and demanding release of Quader Molla, Mahmud, was also a member of the against humanity, war crimes, genocide car of Feni Model Police Station Offi- Gaibandha last night. Besides, in Chit-
executed him. Jamaat last night announced a country- five-member Appellate Division bench and others) would be considered un- cer-in-Charge Moazzem Hossain. The tagong Jamaat men torched a number
Jamaat acting ameer Mokbul Ahmed wide daylong shutdown for today. The that sentenced Quader Molla to death. lawful, even if it is inconsistent with, or 15-year-old deceased was a Class X stu- of vehicles and blasted crude bombs.
said: “The government is unwilling to ongoing rail, road and waterway block- The bench was headed by Chief Justice repugnant to any of the provisions of the dent of a Shibir-controlled madrasa. At Binodpur of Rajshahi and in Joy-
provide him [Quader Molla] minimum ade enforced by the 18-party opposition Muzammel Hossain. The other members constitution. Earlier, the government was threat- purhat Jamaat-Shibir men torched the
constitutional and legal rights and alliance would continue simultaneously. are Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, Jus- On these issues, the prosecution ened with dire consequences if the par- Awami League offices.
thus it will be considered as a political The Appellate Division sentenced the tice Wahhab Mia and Justice AHM Sham- lawyers say the constitutional scope for ty’s Assistant Secretary General Quader Police said at Binodpur in Rajshahi city
killing.” Jamaat leader to death overruling the suddin Choudhury Manik. reviewing the apex court’s judgement Moll is executed. Jamaat torched AL office around 10pm.
“The government has snatched verdict of the International Crimes Tri- All the judges but Justice Wahhab would not be applicable for persons con- In a press release last night Jamaat They also burnt a number of shops.
his rights and announced executing bunal 2 that gave him life-term impris- awarded Quader Molla death sentence. victed for crimes against humanity. Even Acting Secretary General Shafiqur Rah- In Joypurhat they torched district
the verdict tonight,” though Quader onment on February 5. The full verdict He awarded the war criminal life-term for the provisions of the jail code for imple- man termed the execution of Quader General Secretary SM Solaiman Ali’s
Molla was supposed to get another 21 was released on Thursday. On receiving the crimes against humanity he had com- menting death penalty would not be ap- Mollah conspiracy adding: “If the gov- residence and the AL office.
days as per the jail code, the statement copy of the full text, the tribunal on Sun- mitted during the 1971 Liberation War. plicable for this case. ernment executes this conspiracy, the In Gaibandha, Jamaat-Shibir on the
reads. day issued death warrant to execute the The scope of the review has been an Meanwhile, hundreds of people, main- consequences will be deadly.” Dhaka-Rangpur Highway torched a
Jamaat claims that the verdict capital punishment. issue of debate for the last couple of days ly youths, started to gather in Shahbagh However, around 10pm the chamber number of vehicles, shops and 12 hous-
was a plan of the government and it In line with the International Crimes as the defence claims it is their constitu- area since last evening when they came judge of the Supreme Court stayed the es of several Al leaders and activists
played both direct and indirect role to (tribunals) Act 1973, the government or- tional right. to know about the decision of executing execution till 10:30am today respond- from 8pm.
affect many verdicts of the war crimes dered to execute Quader Molla last night. After the release of the full judge- Quader Molla to celebrate the long-cher- ing to a petition moved by the defence They blasted more than a hundred
tribunal. As per the government directives, the ment, the defence counsels said they ished moment for which the nation has lawyers. crude bombs to spread panic. Police
The key ally of the BNP-led 18-party prison authorities were all set to imple- would file a review petition with the been waiting for the last 42 years. In the Gazipur incident a trainee fired bullets from shot guns to bring the
alliance, Jamaat through the statement ment the verdict and gallows was ready Supreme Court as per the constitutional But when they came to know about Sub-Inspector Mosarref Hossain sus- situation under control.
urged the international human rights to hang him at 12:01am. provision within 30 days of receiving cer- the stay order, Ganajagaran Mancha or- tained burn injuries as he tried to catch In Chittagong, from a protest pro-
watchdogs, communities and the Unit- Earlier in the evening, State Minis- tified copy of the verdict. ganisers announced a sit-in programme the activists soon after they torched cession against the Jamaat leader’s ex-
ed Nations to raise voice against the ter for Home Shamsul Haque Tuku an- The ICT Act says: “The sentence at Shahbagh intersection until the execu- the covered van. The SP said they had ecution they torched a bus, a CNG-run
“killing.” l nounced that the government had decid- awarded under this Act shall be carried tion of the war criminal. l taken the bodies of the mother and her auto-rickshaw and two tempos. l
DHAKA TRIBUNE News Wednesday, December 11, 2013 3
Two witnesses testify
No headway in probe of Kalpana against Khokon Razakar
Chakma abduction n Udisa Islam
Two prosecution witnesses in the case
law lived. After two days, when they
returned to their own village, they
found it burnt into ashes.
n Muktasree Chakma Sathi Bijoy told the Dhaka Tribune yester-
day: “Kalpana was one of the few wom-
– have been placed before the court.
None of those reports mentioned
entertain the prayer and ordered her to
proceed with her duty.
against absconding Zahid Hossain
Khokon alias Khokon Razakar told the
He met Ramesh Chandra Roy, who
told Hannan that his grandfather Rajen-
The country did not stop observing en at that time who was vocal about names of any accused. Kalpana’s brother Kalindi Kumar war crimes tribunal yesterday about his dranath Roy had been shot to dead by
the Human Rights Day every year after indigenous rights. The abduction could The Criminal Investigation Depart- Chakma, who claimed to be a witness alleged involvement in the killings and Khokon at a jute field near their house.
rights activist Kalpana Chakma disap- have been an attempt to thwart the ment (CID) of police concluded inves- of the alleged abduction, told the Dha- arson at Goaldi village of Nagarkanda Ramesh yesterday gave his depo-
peared 17 years ago; but there has been heated situation before the peace ac- tigation 16 years after the alleged ab- ka Tribune: “It seems they [law enforc- during the 1971 Liberation War. sition as the 13th witness and told the
little progress in investigation into the cord was signed.” duction. The court rejected the report ers] are playing a game with us. I am They said Khokon had been the lead- tribunal about the death of his grand-
alleged abduction. The Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace saying it did not identify the abductors frustrated. All I can do now is call upon er of the collaborators’ group which car- father. He claimed that Khokon had
Police, who were supposed to file a Accord is a political agreement signed and lacked information about Kalpa- the conscious people of the country ried out massacre in their village along- killed many people in Nagarkanda.
fresh investigation report yesterday, between the government and the Par- na’s whereabouts. who believe in humanity to help me side the Pakistani occupation army. Then a 29-year-old businessman,
sought more time from the Rangamati batya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Sami- On January 16 this year, the court ensure justice for my sister, whom we Both the witnesses submitted their Ramesh said Khokon and his accom-
Judicial Court. The court which set yes- ti (United People’s Party of the Chit- appointed Rangamati Police Super lost 17 years ago.” depositions at the International Crimes plices had burnt their village. “When
terday for report submission, extended tagong Hill Tracts) in 1997 that ended Amena Begum for reinvestigating the The slow pace of investigation has Tribunal 1 about the same incident my grandfather tried to hide in a jute
the deadline until January 26. decades-long struggle between the incident. Yesterday, Amena failed to recently triggered a global campaign mentioned in charge five and seven. field, they shot and killed him.”
Kalpana, an indigenous and wom- Shanti Bahini – an insurgent group, submit the investigation report and for ensuring justice for Kalpana and her Twelfth prosecution witness Hannan After the depositions, state defence
en’s rights activist, was allegedly ab- who fought for the rights of ethnic mi- prayed for more time. family. Munshi said Khokon had killed his two counsel Md Abdus Shukur Khan cross
ducted by a group of law enforcers, led norities – and the government forces. Without specifying why it was tak- On November 13, Amnesty Interna- year old sister. “Khokon with his accom- examined the witnesses separately.
by an army personnel of the lieutenant Over the last 17 years, there has nev- ing such a long time, Amena told the tional started a campaign titled “Write plices and the Pakistani army came to After a half-day session, the tribunal
rank, on June 12, 1996 – the day the 7th er been any concrete information avail- Dhaka Tribune that she needed more for Rights” on and requested solidarity our village on May 31, 1971. After seeing fixed today for placing new witness.
parliamentary elections were held. able about the army lieutenant, whom time to finish investigation. letters for Kalindi. Till date, Amnes- them, they tried to flee the village. At that Meanwhile, the same tribunal yes-
Kalpana was reportedly campaign- Kalpana’s close associates have linked On April 24, Amena filed a petition ty received a total of 150 letters from time, Khokon shot my mother. But the terday adjourned the hearing on re-
ing in favour of Bijoy Ketan Chakma, with the alleged abduction. with the court praying for giving the in- around the world. bullet hit my sister’s chest who was on my viewing the indictment order against
then senior presidium member of the So far, three reports – two final re- vestigation duty back to the CID and in- This year’s theme for the Human mother’s lap. My mother was escaped.” ATM Azhar as the defence counsels
Pahari Gana Parisad and an independ- ports including one from CID and one volving the additional superintendent Rights Day is “20 Years Working for Later they had taken shelter at had not appeared at the court because
ent candidate in the 1996 elections. from a judicial inquiry commission of police. The court, however, did not Your Rights.” l Jhaturdia where his brother’s father-in of the blockade programmes. l

Tribunal closes Ganajagoran

cross-examination Mancha sit-in until
of another witness withdrawal of stay
n Udisa Islam n Arif Ahmed
The International Crimes Tribunal 2 Ganajagaran Mancha last night de-
yesterday was irked as the conducting clared to stage a sit-in programme at
defence counsel had been skipping the the Shahbagh intersection in the cap-
court proceedings during the ongoing ital until the stay on the execution of
blockade. war criminal Quader Molla was with-
The tribunal closed the cross-ex- drawn.
amination of 16th prosecution witness Though the government directed
Lutfar Rahman Nakib who testified on the Dhaka Central Jail authority to
Monday as the junior defence lawyers hang the Jamaat-e-Islami assistant sec-
denied to quiz the witness. retary general at 12:01am today, Justice
Senior defence counsel Mizanur Syed Mahmud Hossain last night, in an
Rahman remained absent since unprecedented move, halted the pro-
November 25 when the opposition cess till 10.30am of today, following a
had enforced nationwide blockade defence petition.
programmes protesting the polls The move agitated the platform
schedule declared by the Election fuelled by the spirit of Liberation War.
Commission. Imran H Sarkar, spokesperson of
For this, the tribunal had earlier Ganajagaran Mancha, said: “We were
closed cross-examination of four pros- waiting for the execution of the death
ecution witnesses. penalty. What happened in the dark of
On Monday, the tribunal warned night that the hanging got blocked?”
accused AKM Yusuf and gave him four The platform was organised, when
options to continue the trial process. on February 5, the International Crimes
It fixed today Wednesday for order on Tribunal gave life term imprisonment
this matter. instead of death penalty to Molla.
The tribunal asked Yusuf wheth- The government amended the tri-
er he would question the witness bunal law later that month giving right
himself, order the junior counsel to of appeal to both the sides against the
cross examine, appoint new counsel tribunal verdict.
or else the tribunal can appoint a new On September 17 the Appellate Divi-
lawyer. sion sentenced Molla to death. The full
Yusuf said he would not be able text of the verdict was released follow-
to quiz the witnesses because of his ing which, the death warrant issued on
illness and age. l Activists of Ganajagaran Mancha hold a torch procession in the city yesterday, protesting Mostafa’s killing, a prosecution witness at the trial of Sayedee DHAKA TRIBUNE December 8. l

Appeals of six war criminals Freedom fighters ICT witnesses

protection law
still pending with apex court demand execution demanded

n Nazmus Sakib the Appellate Division within 30 days tober 1 while Abdul Alim, former BNP
of war criminals n Arif Ahmed
Ganajagaran Mancha yesterday demand-
of the verdict pronounced by the tribu- minister, filed an appeal on November ed a new law for the protection of wit-
Appeals of six war criminals are still
pending in the top court with the apex
Death-row convict Jamaat leader
7 against the verdicts that sentenced
him to death.
n Mohammad Atiqur Rahman from Sonaimuri of Noakhali, a far dis-
tant place from the capital, also has
nesses, testifying against war criminals
in the International Crimes Tribunal.
court hearing the case of death-row Mohammad Kamaruzzaman appealed Meanwhile, fugitive Abul Kalam Freedom fighters, yesterday, after hold- been waiting to see the punishment of “The ICT witnesses do not have suf-
convict Delowar Hossain Sayedee who against the verdict on June 6. Azad alias Bachchu Razakar, a former ing a procession titled ‘Bijoy Rally’ de- war criminals. ficient security. We demand a law in
lodged an appeal on March 28 against Former Jamaat Chief Ghulam Azam Jamaat-e-Islami member, did not ap- manded the government to execute the Common people from different age this regard, for the protection of those,
the judgement of February 28 by the was given 90 years’ imprisonment con- peal against the death sentence he was war crime verdicts, and to put an end group who joined at the rally, also ech- who will testify against war criminals,”
war crimes tribunal. sidering his old age and heath though given on January 21 by the tribunal. to the recent mayhem by Jamaat-Shibir oed the demand of freedom fighters. said Convener of Ganajagaran Mancha
There is a little chance for the oth- the tribunal judges said he had de- He has been absconding since the activists. Speakers at the rally claimed that Ja- Imran H Sarkar.
er cases to be heard with the top court served death sentence. issuance of a warrant of arrest against Bijoy Rally’ that started from Mat- maat-Shibir men have been doing the He placed the demand yesterday in the
adopting the policy of disposing of the The convict filed appeal on August 5 him. sha Bhaban intersection marched violence in the country like they did evening after attending a torch procession,
cases one by one. for acquittal while the government also In addition, two absconding al-Badr through the main streets of the during the liberation war. protesting deaths of one of their activist in
Since the inception of war crimes filed an appeal a week later seeking leaders Chowdhury Mueen Uddin city and ended up at the Shaheed Minar Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad’s Bogra and an ICT witness. The procession
trial in January 2010, two tribunals death penalty. and Ashrafuzzaman Khan, who were where they hold a rally and stressed Chairperson Kabir Ahmed, its Vice began from Shahbagh at 6pm. Imran said:
have already delivered verdicts on nine Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed, given death penalty on November 3 that all the criminals who commit Chairperson Dr SM Jahangir Alam, it’s “About 20 Mancha activists have been
cases since January 21 this year. the Jamaat secretary general, filed ap- for killing intellectuals on the eve of crimes against humanity should be ex- former Chairman Abdul Ahad Chow- killed since February 5, but none of those
Excepting two cases the seven oth- peal on August 11 against the capital independence, also did not lodge ecuted. dhury, Kali Narayan Lodh, Brigadier murders saw proper justice.”
ers were challenged in the Appellate punishment handed down to him. appeals. Sahidullah, a freedom fighter who General (retd) Mohiuddin, freedom “The anti-liberation forces continue
Division. Death-row convict Salauddin Quad- The trio could not appeal against the was hurt on his leg during the war, fighters were present at the pro- their killing activities as the law en-
The International Crimes (Tribu- er Chowdhury, member of the BNP death sentence as the stipulated time- joined the rally after coming from gramme. forcement forces have not taken any
nals) Act, 1973 states that the govern- standing committee, lodged an appeal frame is over, and if they are caught Sunamganj, was walking with a flag, Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury, Shahja- appropriate action yet,” Imran added.
ment and the defence can appeal to on October 28 against the verdict of Oc- they have to walk to the gallows. l pleaded to the government to hang the han Khan, Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin Imran criticised the government
war criminals. Rashed Khan Menon, and Hasanul Haq and demanded its immediate steps to
Like Sahidullah, another freedom Inu also joined the rally at the Shaheed make sure punitive actions were taken

‘Razakars killed 21 on Yusuf’s order’ fighter Md Yunus Master, who came Minar. l against the criminals. l

n Udisa Islam of Bangla calendar]. In the evening,

around 50-60 razakars came to the haat
said Taiyab, 85, told the International
Crimes Tribunal 2.
A prosecution witness yesterday told and started confining people. Since, we “I searched for my uncle’s body and
the war crimes tribunal that he had were supporters of the Awami League, found him in a canal. I found Sunil
witnessed the killing of at least 21 Hin- I hid myself in a sugarcane field but breathing when I was looking for my
du and pro-liberation people by the they confined my uncle along with oth- uncle,” he added.
razakar force which was formed and er people. Altogether, the razakar con- Earlier, Taiyab also told the tribu-
led by accused AKM Yusuf in Bhasa vil- fined 22 persons. Among them, 18 were nal that Yusuf had been the chairman
lage of Khulna during the 1971 Libera- Hindus.” of Khulna district Peace Committee in
tion War. Later, the collaborators shot them 1971.
The 17th prosecution witness, Tai- indiscriminately. “Except one, all of Later, he had formed the razakar
yab Ali Khan, said: “I along with my un- them died on the spot. Sunil was the force and instructed them to eliminate
cle Anwar Khan was at the local market only one who survived even after get- the Hindus and the pro-liberation
of Bhasa village on Ashwin 30 [a month ting shot and charged by bayonet,” people. l
4 DHAKA TRIBUNE News Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EC approves 15 candidates EC finalises 37,711

polling centres
for participating in polls n Mohammad Zakaria
The Election Commission has finalised
37,711 polling centres and 189,053 poll-
The polls body also to deliver verdict on another 60 appeals ing booths across the country for the
10th parliamentary elections slated for
n Mohammad Zakaria valid candidate for the Laxmipur-3 par-
liamentary constituency. The constitu-
man of Meherpur-2, Iftekhar Ahmad
Milon of Sylhet-1, Razi Mohammad
January 5.
The EC sent the final list to the Ban-
The Election Commission allowed 15 ency had no valid candidate after the Fakhrul of Comilla-4, Syeda Khurshid gladesh Government Press for printing
candidates to participate in the 10th returning officer had scrutinised the Jahan Haque of Gaibandha-1, Aftab Ud- as a gazette yesterday, officials said.
parliamentary polls after hearing their nominations. din Sarkar of Nilphamari-1, Maktobur The number of polling centres was
appeals yesterday. Kamal is the lone candidate in the Rahman of Gaibandha-2 and Ismail increased by 2,448 from the last gen-
It delivered verdict to 30 appeals after constituency and would likely be elect- Mahmud of Dhaka-8 parliamentary eral elections, considering the higher
hearing 60 of them. Among them, the ed as MP uncontested as there was no constituencies. number of voters this time, they said.
commission approved applications of 15 other valid candidate, EC officials said. About 138 aspirant candidates had All the previous polling centres have
candidates and declared them as valid The 15 approved candidates are filed appeal to the Election Commis- been included in the new list.
for participating in the upcoming polls. AKM Shahjahan Kamal of Laxmipur-3, sion against cancellation of their nomi- In the 9th parliamentary polls, held
The commission would deliver ver- Nayed Ali of Jenaidah-1, Naznin Alam nation by the returning officer during on December 29, 2008, there were
dict on 60 appeals today, rest of the ap- of Mymensingh-3, Amirul Islam of No- the scrutiny. 35,263 polling centres and 177,277
peals would be heard on Thursday, EC akhali-6, Shahriar iqbal of Feni-1, Absar Election Commission cancelled 260 polling booths for about 81 million
officials said. Ali of Rangamati Hilly district, Motalib nominations out of 1107 submitted for voters, whereas nearly 92 million
The EC announced Awami League Hossain of Kurigram-4, AKM Sharif the 10th parliamentary election slated voters are currently listed on the
nominated AKM Shahjahan Kamal as a Uddin of Laxmipur-4, Mokhlesur Rah- for January 5. l electoral roll. l

Vandalism in medical college in Savar, 21 arrested

n Mahadi Al Hasnat Witnesses said agitating students
since Monday night had been storm-
dalised some buildings as the authori-
ties did not pay heed to their demands
saulted the agitators on Dhaka-Aricha
highway while they were demonstrat-
At least 21 students and physicians of ing the entire hospital area vandalis- regarding the death of Dr Murad. ing peacefully.
Ganashasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical ing several departments and looting The agitators demand that the mys- Meanwhile, female students and
College under Gana Bishwabidyalaya in its pharmacy and cash counter of the tery of the doctor’s death be unveiled, doctors claimed that they were threat-
Savar were detained yesterday as they hospital. saying that they would not go to the ened by local terrorists to withdraw the
went on rampage inside the medical Source said the unrest arouse after sub-centres of Gonoshasthaya Kendra movement while policemen assaulted
college and on Dhaka-Aricha highway the death of Md Makhlukur Rahman until proper securities were ensured. them, launching raids in their hostel
following the death of Dr Murad in Pat- Mudad, a doctor of the hospital who was Meanwhile, they also postponed adjacent to the hospital.
uakhali. found dead on Sunday in Patuakhali. the classes and examinations and de- Abu Taher, administrative officer of
Officer-in-Charge of Ashulia police The authorities claimed that agitat- clared work abstention, demanding Dr Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical
station Sheikh Badrul Alam told the ed students forced the patients to flee Murad’s family be provided compensa- College, told the Dhaka Tribune that
Dhaka Tribune: “Some 21 students and the hospital and looted a pharmacy and tion. the authorities had filed a case in this
physicians were held by the police and the cash counter of the hospital. The agitators alleged that authori- regard on Monday night, alleging that The road in front of the National Press Club gets stuck with huge traffic congestion as
steps would be taken following the de- However, the agitators denied the al- ties were blaming them to mislead the valuables worth Tk2 crore were wasted Bangladesh Human Rights Council organised a human chain and mass rally yesterday,
cisions of higher authorities.” legations, claiming that they only van- situation, and claimed that police as- because of the attack. l marking the International Human Rights Day SYED ZAKIR HOSSAIN

Teachers movement cripples JU,

VC’s leave extended
n JU Correspondent that he withdrew the writ petitions filed
against some teachers of the university.
A number of former students al-
leged that they could not issue their
Prof Anwar Hossain, vice-chancellor From November 20, JU teachers certificates and other necessary papers
of Jahangirnagar University (JU) has confined two pro-VCs, Prof MA Matin because of the stalemate.
extended his leave for 10 more days, (education) and Prof Afsar Ahmed (ad- The current students are not being
counting from today, JU Registrar Abu ministration) and released them after able to take admission for the next se-
Bakr Siddique confirmed in a press 12 days of confinement. mester.
briefing yesterday. Members of the JU Teachers-Students At a press conference, United Fo-
Pro VC Prof M A Matin (education) and Officers-Employees United Forum rum’s Secretary Prof Kamrul Ahsan
would assume the duties of the acting had shut the administrative office bring- said they were agitating to execute the
VC till December 20, he said. ing all kinds of administrative activities chancellor’s order.
This is the fourth time the VC had to a standstill, as the authorities alleg- They would not withdraw the move-
extended his leave. He had been on edly had not taken any initiative to hold ment until the VC panel election was
a medical leave since November 20, VC panel elections and withdraw writ declared, he said.
sources said. petitions against the teachers. The university’s admission tests for
Demanding quick execution of the Later, they force-confined Prof An- the academic year 2013-14, hangs in lim-
chancellor’s directives, the agitating war Hossain to his residence since De- bo. The admission test was scheduled
teachers, students, and employees of cember 2. to be held from December 17-29 but it
the ongoing anti-VC movement have After three days of the confinement, might be rescheduled again because of
shut all the administrative activities of the VC left JU for Dhaka under strict lack of preparation, source said.
the university. police security following government Earlier, VC Prof Anwar Hossain was
On November 6, President Abdul decision. determined to hold the admission test
Hamid, also the chancellor of the uni- Although the government has sent from December 2 but his initiative
versity had asked the VC to hold senate the VC on a leave, the forum is yet to failed as a section of teachers denied to
polls immediately and select a VC panel withdraw the movement. They locked cooperate with him.
through the senate in line with the JU and sealed the VC’s residence on the VC Prof Anwar Hossain was not
Two women hold flags during a human chain organised by National Garments Sramik Federation in front of the National Press Club act for resolving the ongoing crisis. campus from Monday that he was pro- available over his cell phone despite
yesterday SYED ZAKIR HOSSAIN The chancellor had also asked the VC hibited on campus, source said. several attempts. l

Drilling at gas fields to be delayed as Election Comission’s polls
Dry weather likely blockades disrupt rig transportation budget may cross Tk 500cr
n UNB n Aminur Rahman Rasel “Projects under Bapex will lag be-
hind in implementation, resulting in
stuck, this might result in suspension
of production at gas fields,” he said.
n Mohammad Zakaria tion budget is likely to cross the limit
after getting proposals from all the law
Light rain is likely to occur at one or Drillings at several sites by Bapex were gas production being delayed and in- “We were scheduled to transfer rig Bangladesh Ansar headquarters has enforcement agencies.
two places over Chittagong, Khulna faced with delays as transportation of creased project cost,” he said. equipment from Begumgonj gas field sent a letter to the Election Commission In the 9th parliament elections, the
and Barisal divisions until 6pm today. necessary equipment was severely dis- “We could not carry goods for the in Noakhali to Semutang gas field in seeking Tk206 crores for maintaining commission’s budget was Tk300 crore.
Weather might remain dry with rupted across the country because of last one month fearing vandalism and Chittagong. But we have failed to do so law and order during general elections. According to EC, Tk49 crore was allo-
partly cloudy sky elsewhere over the the nationwide non-stop blockade pro- hartal related violence,” he said. for one and a half months.” The amount sought by the internal cated for police and Rab, Tk70 crore for
country, Met Office said. gramme enforced by BNP-led 14-party “In this regard, digging wells will be Hossain Monsur, chairman of Petro- security force is likely to exceed the Ansar and Battalion Ansar, Tk10 crore
Night and day temperatures may re- alliance. deferred, consequently gas extractions bangla, said supplying gas to power commission’s Tk500 crore polls budget. each for BGB and the armed forces.
main nearly unchanged over the coun- The political unrest has also in- will also be deferred, and its negative sector will hamper the Boro produc- Earlier, Bangladesh Police asked for EC officials said the budget for
try. terrupted transporting condensates, impact will be felt in the energy sector.” tion. Fertiliser companies will also suf- nearly Tk150 crore from the EC for law conducting the upcoming polls may
The sun sets in the capital at 5:13pm which is likely have negative impacts He said extracted condensates could fer from gas crisis if the present condi- enforcement duties during the polls. decrease as 33 candidates are set to
today and rises at 6:31am tomorrow. at different gas fields. not also be transported for reefing to tion prevails. The commission has earmarked be elected unopposed. If Jatiya Party
Country’s highest temperature 29.8 “Generally it needs about 3-4 refinery centres for the blockades. Ev- He said Petrobangla was now al- Tk175 crores for 29 sectors for conduct- boycotts polls, that number may rise to
degree Celsius was recorded at Sriman- months to shift the equipment, but cur- ery day about 7,000kg of condensate locating 700mmcfd of gas for power ing the elections slated for January 5. over 100.
gal and lowest 12.9 degrees at Sriman- rently we cannot do so. The process has is being produced from 19 gas fields as stations, which would be increased to Border Guard Bangladesh, Coast The commission would allocate
gal yesterday. already been deferred by a month for by-product. 950mmcfd-1000mmcfd against the de- Guard and Armed Force Division were funds constituency-wise, where there
Highest and lowest temperatures re- political unrest,” MA Baki, managing di- “Daily goods for the site officials, mand of 1100mmcfd during the irriga- yet to send in their fund requests. will be more than one candidate after
corded in some major cities yesterday rector of Bapex told the Dhaka Tribune. employees and labourers were also tion period. l A senior official said the EC’s elec- withdrawal of nomination papers. l

Fire critically injures three on an oil tanker
n Tushar Hayat , Chittagong deteriorated.
Jashim Uddin, deputy assistant di-
However, the fuel reserved on the
tanker remained intact, said Jashim.
Khulna 28.0 16.5 Three members of a crew on an oil rector of the Fire Service and Civil De- Mrinal Kanti Das, chief at the burn
Barisal 27.5 15.5 tanker sustained severe burn injuries fence, said the fire originated from a unit of CMCH, said Kamal sustained
Sylhet 29.4 16.8 as a fire broke out on the vessel on Kar- gas cylinder leakage in the kitchen of 100% burn injuries while Azmir and
Cox’s Bazar 28.5 20.5 naphuli river in Chittagong yesterday. the vessel around 9:10am. Imon sustained 80% and 54% injuries
The vessel named OT Kingfisher-1, The three sustained burn injuries respectively.
was laden with 8,650 tonnes of fuel of as the fire rapidly engulfed the kitchen Three of them were in a critical
PRAYER TIMES Jamuna Oil Limited, a state-owned pe- and a cabin adjacent. The three were state, he said.
Fajar 5:10am troleum marketing company. present in the kitchen when the fire Jahirul Islam, in-charge of a police
Sunrise 6:30am The injured are Kamal Uddin, 32, broke out, he added. outpost at CMCH, said the injured were
Zohr 11:51am Azmir Hossain, 35, and Mohammed He said six of their fire-extinguish- shifted to Dhaka around 3pm.
Asr 3:36pm Imon, 25. ing units managed to douse the fire by Sources at the Jamuna Oil Ltd said
Magrib 5:12pm They were admitted to Chittagong 10:10am with the help of a vessel from OT Kingfisher-1 was was scheduled to Maj Gen Chowdhury Hasan Sarwardy addresses a programme announcing an attempt to
Esha 6:32pm Medical College and Hospital and later the Chittagong Port and equipments of sail for Bagabari Depot in the morning form the biggest human flag on the Victory Day this year. The human flag will be organised
Source: IslamicFinder.org shifted to Dhaka as their condition the Jamuna Oil Ltd. today. l by Robi Axiata Limited in partnership with Bangladesh Army MAHMUD HOSSAIN OPU
DHAKA TRIBUNE News Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Railway counts loss of

Tk35 crore in 10 months
n Tribune Desk ised the Sylhet railway station dam-
aging its windows and furniture and
Bangladesh Railway has suffered a loss of exploded crude and petrol bombs,
Tk35 crore in its property and infrastruc- leaving two people injured.
tural damage for subversive activities and Suspected blockade supporters
arson attacks during political shutdowns also set fire to railway tracks in Dhaka
and blockades over the last 10 months. city’s Tejgaon area on Monday morning
“According to our preliminary esti- during the third day of the 18-party’s
mate, recurring attacks on railway sta- 72-hour nationwide transport blockade
tions and bogies and removal of fish- programme, reports UNB.
plates have caused a loss of Tk35 crore Official statistic shows that a total of
in the last 10 months,” said a senior of- 169 acts of sabotage, including arson at-
ficial of the Railways Ministry. tacks, took place in the railway sector from
The official, who preferred not to be February 28, 2013 to November 5, 2013.
named, said the amount of the losses may On March 2, miscreants set fire to a
go up further after the final assessment. number of bogies of an express train,
According to data provided by him, ‘Silk City’, at Rajshahi Railway Station
the railway sector has seen a total of under the West Zone of Bangladesh
57 acts of sabotage, including arson Railway and removed rail tracks from
attacks, removal of rail lines and un- Sonaimuri-Natherpetoa section under
screwing of fishplates, during the coun- the East Zone, causing a loss of over Tk
trywide transport blockade enforced 7.1 crore in damages.
by the BNP-led 18-party alliance. On April 2, about 30 passengers were
Of the total incidents, 29 took place injured as six compartments of a Chit-
in the East Zone of Bangladesh Railway tagong-bound train, ‘Turnanishita’,
while 28 in the West Zone. from Dhaka derailed in Comilla after
In the latest attack, a group of sus- unidentified people removed fishplates
A human chain was formed in front of the National Press Club in the city yesterday, demanding punishment of the killers of Dr Murad SYED ZAKIR HOSSAIN pected blockaders on Monday vandal- from the railway tracks. l

HC ruling halts important city Two people killed by

road development work outlawed operatives
Unhappy locals move Appellate Division for verdict in their favour
in Pabna
n Our Correspondent, Pabna Bazar around 7pm.
n Abu Hayat Mahmud Nowabganj, Keraniganj, Chawk Bazar, gone completely against public inter- for the construction. But it has not given
and New Market area have to face the ests,” he said. the consent yet. What can I do now?” At least two people were killed in sep-
Locals said a gang of outlawed crimi-
nals swooped on Bakul while he was re-
Widening of one of the most import- consequences of this congestion. Another resident of the area, Harun-ur- “However, we have filed an appeal arate incidents allegedly by activists turning home from his shop at Dhulauri
ant and busiest streets at city’s Natun Taking the local residents’ Rashid claimed Zakir Hossain was a former with the Appellate Division of the SC. I of regional outlawed organisations in market, and stabbed him indiscriminate-
Paltan Line area in Azimpur has been long-standing demand in consideration, military personnel and owned a house in hope the court will give a special permis- Pabna on Monday night. ly, leaving him critically injured.
stalled following a High Court ruling, then Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) took the area, but lived in Elephant Road. sion considering the interest of the locals Md Arshed Ali Sardar, 40, who Locals rescued him and rushed him to
which has been observed by the locals initiative to extend the road by eight Authorities concerned, the DSCC and importance of the road,” he said. hailed from Chowbaria village of At- Pabna Medical College Hospital, where
as going against public interest. feet to the east, back in August last year. and the residents of the area, informed DSCC Chief Executive Officer Md ghoria upazila, was gunned down by on duty doctor pronounced him dead.
The locals expressed their discon- Locals said land for the eight feet ex- if the extension work could have been Ansar Ali Khan echoed MP Mostafa Ja- party rivals around 6:15pm, locals said. Officer-in-Charge of Santhia police
tent over the ruling issued against con- tension was supposed to be taken from carried out, only 30 permanent and lal. The court asked for city corporation Officer-in-Charge of Atghoria police station Md Shahed Mahamud said Ba-
struction work for the expansion of an existing roadside free space, swear temporary graves would actually have high-ups presence at the court yesterday. station Md Monirul Islam said a gang kul had a long standing dispute between
existing 10-12 feet wide and 2,200 feet drain and three to four feet from the to be shifted. Asked about the progress of the devel- of criminals on two motorbikes inter- the outlaws of Nokshal Bahini faction in
long public road. western border of Azimpur Graveyard. To resolve the crisis, locals and con- opment work, Ansar Ali said: “We were cepted Arshed near Chak-Chowkibari the village, adding that he might have
Mahbub Hossain Khan Shahdat, Advocate ABM Rafiq Ullah, a resi- cerned persons for the 30 graves sat for forced to stop work due to the HC order, Madrasa while he was returning home. been killed over previous enmity.
President of Natun Paltan Line Devel- dent of the area said: “The develop- a meeting at the Azimpur Graveyard and there have been no progress since.” They fired three shots from a close
opment Committee, told the Dhaka ment work was going on when a High back in August last year. At the meet- In 2006, former BNP MP Nasir Uddin range and fled the scene, leaving Ar- A gang of outlawed criminals
Tribune: “Every day several thousands Court verdict stopped it.” ing, everyone but Zakir had agreed to Ahmed Pintu had taken a decision for shed spot dead, the OC added. swooped on Bakul while he was
of people in and around the Natun Pal- One AKM Kazi Zakir Hossain filed a shift the permanent graves. constructing a link road from south to Saying that the deceased was a fac- returning home from his shop
tan Line area move throw this road. At writ petition (no- 14857 of 2012) with Meanwhile, after hearing the peti- north through the Azimpur Graveyard. tional leader of outlawed party Nakshal at Dhulauri market, and stabbed
peak hours, the road takes the look of a the HC last year, saying, his parents tion, the HC passed its verdict, refer- Later, Advocate Manzil Murshed, Bahini, the OC suspected that he might him indiscriminately
procession or grand rally, creating un- graves were in the space selected for ring to another similar judgment and president at Human Rights and Peace have been killed either by his rivals or
bearable traffic jam,” he added. extension, he said. the City Corporation Ordinance 1983. for Bangladesh had filed a writ petition own party men over intra-party feud. Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police
The traffic gridlock happens regular- Rafiq Ullah, also a respondent of the The HC bench of Justice Mrs Farah (no-6235 of 2006) against the link road. Police recovered the body from the Md Miraz Uddin said district police ad-
ly and prevails for a long time, during petition, said: “In the petition Kazi Za- Mahbub and Justice Mr Abdur Rob de- Contacted, Advocate Murshid told spot and sent to Pabna Medical College ministration was going to launch mas-
that time movement in the area be- kir Hossain had claimed that the eight livered the verdict. the Dhaka Tribune, “I had filed the pe- Hospital morgue for autopsy. sive drives to nab the outlawed opera-
come very difficult. feet extension would see almost 1,000 Contacted, the local MP Mostafa Ja- tition only opposing the new link road, On the other hand, Bakul Hossain, tives soon.
Moreover, not only people from Az- graves demolished, which is not true.” lal Mohiuddin told the Dhaka Tribune: which would have gone through the 32, a local trader who hailed from When asked, the SP said there was
impur Natun Paltan Line, but also from “As the basis of the HC ruling was “I have personally attended the court’s graveyard and demolished hundreds of Paiksha village in Sathia upazila, was nothing to worry as the two murders
Kamrangir Char, Hazaribagh, Lalbagh, Zakir’s exaggerated information, it has hearing three times, seeking permission graves in the process.” l hacked to death by outlaws at Dhulauri were separate incidents. l

Chhatra Dal enforces strike Mass robbery

at Chittagong University in 30 vehicles
in Ramu
n CU Correspondent On the other hand, activists of Jati-

Chittagong University authorities yes-

yatabadi Chhatra Dal of the universi-
ty yesterday put the campus’s Agrani
n Our Correspondent, Cox’s Bazar
terday postponed admission tests of Bank office and university’s administra- Robbers looted passengers’ mobile
“G” unit and “H” unite because of ex- tive building under lock and key during phones, cash taka and other valuables
tension of blockade until Friday 6am a strike imposed by the party. in 30 vehicles at gunpoint, and hurt
imposed by BNP-led 18-party alliance. Rafiqul Islam, in-charge of CU police at least 50 passengers on Cox’s Ba-
The admission tests of the units had outpost, said Chhatra Dal activists put zar-Teknaf highway at Ramu in Cox’s
earlier postponed for four times due the Agrani Bank’s gate and the main Bazar on Monday night.
to blockade and hartal enforced by the gate of the administrative building un- Few passengers, who were hurt in-
opposition. der lock and key around 7:30am. jured, were sent to Cox’s Bazar Sadar
SM Akbar Hossain, deputy regis- Being informed, police went there Hospital, he added.
trar and secretary of admission test and had broken open the gates after Passengers claimed that robbers loot-
committee, said the rescheduled date half an hour, he added. ed money and valuables worth Tk2m.
would be announced later. Anwar Hossain, an assistant proctor Eye-witnesses said people of the
Institute of Marine Science and of CU, said the activists tried to halt the upazila travel on light vehicles such as
Fisheries, and Biological Science Fac- administrative works; however, police rickshaw, van, human haulier at night
ulty’s admission tests were scheduled foiled their attempts. to avoid the attack of pickets during
for December 13. Chhatra Dal, the students front of the blockades and hartal.
A total number of 18733 admission BNP, imposed strike yesterday demand- Md Azad, a victim, who lost his
seekers had sent their applications to ing immediate release of its’ Central Pres- money and mobile phone, said a group
vie for 662 seats at the units, said ad- ident Abdul Kader Bhuiyan Juwel and of 30-40 armed robbers put a barricade
mission committee sources. General Secretary Habibur Rahid Habib. l on street and looted indiscriminately. l
Women entrepreneurs form a human chain in Barisal city yesterday with a call to stop political violence DHAKA TRIBUNE

Women entrepreneurs protest Jica awards Jamilur

Reza Choudhury
political unrest n Tribune Report
n Our Correspondent, Barisal that political parties would do violence to
meet their demands and mass people, in-
They urged the political parties to
keep business sectors out of purview
The Japan International Cooperation
Agency has honoured engineer and ed-
Women entrepreneurs in Barisal cluding businessmen and professionals, of political strikes, saying that frequent ucator Jamilur Reza Choudhury with
formed a human chain and burnt cop- would fall victim to such violence. blockades, shutdowns, vandalism and an award for his longstanding contri-
ies of their trade licenses yesterday, They had been forced to announce arson attacks had almost broken the bution to Jica-funded projects in Ban-
protesting the ongoing political crisis agitation programmes as their busi- supply chain and flow of transaction. gladesh.
and blockades. nesses were at the verge of collapse If their businesses collapsed be- Finance Minister AMA Muhith pre-
They also expressed concerns that because of the current political crisis, cause of the political crisis, livelihood sented the JICA Recognition Award to
they would not be able to pay workers’ the speakers claimed, adding that the of thousands of people directly and Choudhury at a function in the capital
wages, payment of bank loan instal- government failed to ensure security of indirectly involved in the sector would yesterday.
ments and any kind of taxes, if such po- their business. become vulnerable, they said, adding Takao Toda, Jica chief represen-
litical unrest continued in the country. The participants of the programmes that the political parties would have to tative in Bangladesh, acknowledged
The programme was organised by also claimed that their workers were bear the responsibility. Choudhury’s contributions to the Ja-
District Women Business Forum, Barisal starving and they had been incurring They also warned to take to the muna Multipurpose Bridge Project
unit in front of Ashwini Kumar Hall and losses because of limited transactions streets along with their workers and (now Bangabandhu Bridge), Chittagong
was presided over by Dr Banolata Mur- and soaring interests against their employees if major political parties Airport Development Project and Dha-
shida, president of the organisation. loans as miscreants had burnt there failed to reach a consensus within a ka Mass Rapid Transit Development Finance Minister AMA Muhith and Prof Jamilur Reza Chowdhury are at the award giving
The speakers said it was not acceptable business enterprises. short period. l Project. l ceremony DHAKA TRIBUNE
6 DHAKA TRIBUNE Nation Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Char children skips schools to earn living 10 injured in

robbers’ attack
in Gazipur
n Our Correspondent, Lalmonirhat ing the family expense, as a result,

Children of at least 90 chars on the ba-

they send their children out of home to
work, he said.
n Our Correspondent, Gazipur
sin of Teesta and Dharla rivers in five They are ignorant about the impor- At least 10 people, including manger of
upazilas in Lalmonirhat district are tance of education because of lack of a factory, were hurt as a group of armed
more prone to work and earn a living grooming, he added. robbers attacked them at Kudaba in
for their families rather than going to Mostafizur Rahma Kazal, a primary Gazipur city yesterday.
school and pursue education. school teacher in Milonbazar char on Local people managed to catch five
Because of abject poverty and a lack the Teesta river basin said: “I person- robbers and handed them over to police
of awareness raising programmes, the ally go door to door in the area to per- after giving a mob-beat.
parents deprive their children from go- suade the parents to send their chil- They were Oli, 32, Litu, 30, Mukul,
ing to school and engage them in agri- dren to schools but most of them do 30, Shafik, 32, and Hashem, 40. Of them,
culture and cattle rearing. not agree showing poverty as a cause.” critically injured Mukul and Litu were
An inadequate number of schools A guardian in Bowalmari char in admitted to Gazipur sadar hospital.
and poor communication system adds Dharla river basin Barek Miah said he, Mobarak Hossain, in-charge
to the situation by hampering childrens’ and other guardians on the chars were of Pubile police out post under
access to education living on the chars. not willing to send their children to Joydebpur police station, said
Though there are 55 government schools as they knew that ultimately a group of robbers, numbering 8-10, en-
and registered primary schools in they would not be able to continue to tered into the factory Shakti Engineering
these char areas, attendance remains bear the education expenditure of their Ltd by cutting the fence around 3am.
extremely poor in these schools round children. Soon after they entered into factory
the year. Officials of District Primary Educa- the robbers made factory people hos-
Although a few guardians send their tion office in Lalmonirhat said at least tage. As the factory workers resisted
children to schools, they drop out after 9000 children in the chars were enlist- the looting, the robbers beat them in-
a while because of poverty. ed in 55 primary schools this year but discriminately, and at least six of the
Children aged between 8 - 15 usually only 1500 to 2000 of them were regu- workers were hurt. Having heard the
do not go to school but engage in work- lar in attending classes while the rest hue and cry, factory manager Moni Go-
ing on farmlands, as per direction of became irregular as they got engaged pal Basu along with local people rushed
their parents. agriculture. to the spot and made a resistance
Sahidul Islam, executive director of Acknowledging the poor communi- bid. But at one stage, robbers also
Gono Prochar Kalyan Sangstha (GPKS), cation system and lack of awareness chopped the locals, leaving at least four
a Dhaka-based NGO, said the male campaigns in chars, District Primary persons, including the manager, Gopal,
members of the poor families in chars Education Officer Nabez Uddin said injured.
usually go to capital and other districts they had not received any order to con- Later, the mob managed to catch five
in search of work leaving their children duct motivational trainings in the char robbers and beat them indiscriminately
at home. areas to raise awareness among the with sticks. Mostak Mamun, senior ex-
Meanwhile, the female guardians guardians on sending their children to The children living at Sholmari char under Kaligangj upazila could not go to school as their guardians are not aware of the necessity of ecutive of the factory, filed a case with
face untold problems over maintain- schools. l education DHAKA TRIBUNE Joydebpur police station. l

Chhatra Dal president

on remand
Social commitment a must to ‘Smuggler’ shot dead n Tribune Report
combat sexual harassment by BGB in Feni A Dhaka Court yesterday granted six
days police remand against arrested
Chhatra Dal central President Abdul
n Tribune Desk dations on how to expedite the work for
combating sexual harassment against
al harassment.
“We need to establish social net-
n Our Correspondent, Feni leaving two ‘smugglers’ critically in-
Kader Jewel and Dhaka North Senior
Vice-President Sharif Uddin Jwell in
Social commitment alongside forging the schoolgirls, reports BSS. works and alliances involving govern- A suspected smuggler has been The injured were taken to Feni Sadar connection with two cases, where they
resistance have become indispensable During their presentations, Sec- ment and non-government organisa- killed and another pedestrian injured Hospital where Mia died soon after ad- are accused of attempting to kill law en-
to combat sexual harassment against tor Specialists of Brac Mejnin, Sayeeda tions, community people, civil society as Border Guard Bangladesh mission. forcers, provoking violence and torching
the schoolgirls, speakers told a post-ral- Sogra, Kaosar Been Latif and Rezwana and media to reach this goal,” said Naz- personnel opened fire on Hearing the news of his death, lo- and vandalising vehicles.
ly discussion in Rajshahi city yesterday. Afroz, highlighted various aspects of ma Khatun. them in Adalat Math area in Chhagal- cal businessmen put up barricade on Motijhel police produced the duo be-
They said public representatives, collaborative efforts on the issue. She also said sometimes prevention naiya upazila of Noakhali . the Dhaka-Chittagong highway for one fore the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate
parents, civil society members, com- On the occasion, some documentary and protest against sexual harassment The deceased was identified as hour, protesting the incident. Court seeking twenty days remand in the
munity and media people should raise films were also screened to create aware- could not take place due to political in- Mia, 52, son of Ismail Hossain of They businessmen claimed that the two cases. Investigation officers of the
voice and work together for preventing ness among students of the school. fluence and lack of security. Chhagalnaiya municipality. But, the two people were traders in the locality cases mentioned in their remand prayers
sexual harassment. Ward Councilor of Rajshahi City Cor- The meeting constituted a 15-mem- identity of the pedestrian could not be and not involved with any kind of ille- that police need to quiz the duo to find
The meeting styled “Raise voice to poration Nazma Khatun, Brac District ber community watch-group that will known immediately. gal activities. out the motive of the vandalism and oth-
eliminate sexual harassment against Representative Jahidul Islam, Headmas- work for eliminating sexual harassment Local people said two BGB Captain of Feni 4 Border Guard Bang- er allegations. Defence Counsel Md San-
schoolgirls” held at Chhotobangram ter of the school Nasima Khatun and against the schoolgirls at the places personnel had chased a wood-lad- ladesh Lieutenant Cornel Khaled Mah- aullah Miah filed a bail petition with re-
Adarsha (Ideal) Girls High School in the President of School Managing Commit- around the school. en truck which was heading to- mud said: “BGB men chased them be- mand rejection prayer, saying that police
city. tee Sadrul Islam spoke on the occasion. Some other events like human- wards Chhagalnaiya Bazar from cause the victims ignored security signal. had arrested them to harass and suppress
“Meyeder Janya Nirapad Nagarikat- The discussants said unemploy- chain, signature collection and oath- Korerhat area of Chittagong on the He also said the smugglers tried to the opposition’s legal movement.
wa” of Brac organised the programme ment, intrusion of foreign culture and taking were also held on the occasion Dhaka-Chittagong Highway around kill the BGB members, so they were Following the hearing, Metropolitan
under its Gender Justice and Diversity weak family bondage were triggering to drum up support towards the cam- 3pm and opened fire on them as the compelled to fire bullets for self- Magistrate Md Asaduzzaman Noor grant-
project to formulate a set of recommen- various unexpected incidents like sexu- paign. l truck driver did not respond to signal, protection. l ed six days remand against the duo. l

Lack of preservation
facilities hit Jamalpur College teacher hacked identified as Miraj Shekh, 35, son of Gofur
to death in Bogra
General Hospital
Sheikh, a resident of the village. Local peo-
A college teacher was hacked to death by ple said villagers had found the body of
n Tribune Report miscreants in Badurtala area of the dis-
trict town on Monday night. Locals said a
Miraj hanging with rope from a tree in the
morning. They informed police about the
Valuable equipment and medicines in gang of miscreants swooped on Zia Ud- matter and police recovered the body. The
Jamalpur General Hospital cannot be din Babu, 45, professor of Bogra Sherpur reason behind the suicide could not be
preserved properly in the absence of a Degree College, also joint convener of known immediately. An unnatural death
large medical Store room. Sector Commanders’ Forum Bogra unit case was filed in this connection.
Hospital sources said after upgrading Babu blasting five crude bombs in No-1 –Our Correspondent
the hospital to 250 beds, many modern rail gate area around 9:30pm and hacked
medical equipment and medicine are him indiscriminately, leaving him dead on 24 crude bombs recovered
allotted to the hospital, but for adequate the spot. On information, police recovered in Munshiganj
medical storing facilities those cannot the body and sent it to the Shaheed Ziaur Police recovered 24 crude bombs from
be preserved properly. Rahman Medical College Hospital morgue Rajarchar village of Mollarkandi under
Civil Surgeon Dr Mohammad Hafi- for an autopsy. Gaziur Rahman, assistant Munshiganj sadar upazila yesterday.
zur Rahman said more modern equip- superintendent of police (media) of Bogra, Officer-in-Charge of Munshiganj sadar
ment have been installed in the hos- said blockaders might have committed the Thana Shahidul Islam said miscreants
pital including C-ARM x-ray machine, killing. –UNB kept these bombs to conduct destructive
incubator, sucker machine and ultra activities. On information, police
sonogram machine to increase the Youth commits suicide recovered these the bombs from a
health service. in Magura garden, behind the residence of one
Many others equipment and medi- A young man reportedly committed sui- Akter Mondal. Police defused the bombs,
cines have also been allotted but for a cide at Kalanpur village under Sripur upazi- the OC added. None was arrested in this
proper medical storeroom we cannot pre- la in Magura yesterday. The deceased was connection. –BSS
serve those.
Many types of equipment which
Activists of the BNP-led 18-party alliance block Meghna-Dakatia waterway yesterday DHAKA TRIBUNE were allotted for the hospital could not
be received due to lack of medical store-

Trader jailed for selling

room, he added.
International About 300 to 400 patients take treat-
ment facilities every day, reports BSS. l
Day observed in
birds in Rajshahi Bogra fire gutted
26 shops
n Tribune Report Later, the officials released 48
n Our Correspondent, Khagrachhari A mobile court yesterday sentenced a indigenous birds, including six Rose
Ringed Parakeets, 12 spotted doves and
n Our Correspondent, Bogra
Khagrachhari District Corruption Pre- bird trader to a 15-day imprisonment 30 Lonchura at Paba Nursery in the city At least 26 shops were gutted and a fire-
vention Committee has observed Inter- on charge of selling various species of yesterday. fighter was hurt when the fire swept
national Anti-Corruption Day with a call indigenous birds. Deputy Commissioner Mejbah through the market at Rajabazar in
for combating corruption to ensure good Officials of Wildlife Management Uddin Chowdhury, Paba UNO Razzaqul Bogra town on Monday night. The in-
governance. To observe the day, the dis- and Nature Conservation Division Islam, Divisional Forest Officers Azit jured was Shahjahan Molla. Fire Ser-
trict administration also held a discus- jointly conducted the mobile court in Kumar Rudra and Mollah Rejaul vice officials said the fire originated
sion at the auditorium of district scout Rajshahi Railway Station area. Karim, Director of Forestry Science from a short circuit. Witnesses said the
office with Director of Khagrachhari The court led by Executive and Training Institute Sebedar Islam fire originated around 9pm and sud-
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Su- Magistrate Joyshree Rani Roy arrested and Biodiversity Conservation Officers denly raged through the area.
darson Dutta in the chair. Editor of Dainik Shafiqul Islam Bhola, 32, son of Ashraful Islam and Amzad Hossain Delwar Sohel Rana, senior sta-
Aranya Barta Chowdhury Ataur Rahman Lokman Malder, a resident of Seroil were present on the occasion. tion officer of Bogra Fire Service, said
attended the discussion as chief guest. area, red-handed while he was selling As part of their continuous drive they doused the fire after three hours
Speakers at the programme urged peo- 30 birds. against illegal marketing of wildlife, of frantic efforts. Md Anis Mia, presi-
ple to fight against corruption to ensure Subsequently, the court found him hunting and trafficking, the officials dent of Rajabazar Dokan Malik Samity,
corruption-free society as well as to es- guilty of the charge and pronounced rescued the birds after are conducting claimed that the damage caused by the Traders inspect their warehouse after a fire guts at least 26 shops at Rajabazar in Bogra
tablish good governance in the country. l the verdict. drives in different areas of the region. l fire could be more than 115m. l town on Monday night DHAKA TRIBUNE
DHAKA TRIBUNE Long Form Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why we should take risks and make mistakes

n Ruhul Kader vade Greece. Xerxes prepared his army
and fitted out a plan to move on. Once
versity in 1972. She taught at Columbia
University, Harvard University, and the
problem and get moving. As we can
understand – to make mistake is to
lems on their own. In later life these
people will never be afraid to take on a
n about 510 BC Persia was a Xerxes decided to rally his army to- University of Illinois before joining the learn. We need to lay out a very well- bigger risk and achieve greater good.
great kingdom having control wards Greece his counselor Artabanus Stanford faculty in 2004. thought plan to capitalise this very In life the best way to learn any-
over half of the world from Asia came in to intervene. Dweck wondered how some people method of providing education and thing is by doing it. We need to keep
Minor to Indus to Egypt. At that Artabanus was also Xerxes’ uncle. become successful at everything they inspiring action. the windows open so that we don’t
time a king named Darius was He was a wise man. He proposed that do, while others seem destined to a life We should ask how we can create miss life’s opportunities to live it to the
at the helm of the Persian Empire. At there was danger for the Persian army of constant failure. She was obsessed an environment that inspires taking fullest.
about same time, on the other part of in pursuing the conquest of Greece. with failure and determined to com- risk and making mistake with a built- A saying goes: “Not taking risk
the world, Greece was consisted of a He tried to convince his nephew not to prehend why. in aspiration for learning and taking is the greatest risks of all, and not
number of city-states running inde- go into war against Greece. But Xerxes In 1978 Dweck started a study initiative in later life. To understand taking risk worth taking is a total loss.”
pendently. was a great man and himself a man of (Mindset: The New Psychology of Suc- the process we can borrow from the Unfortunately, we seldom know which
Darius’ desire to conquer Greece wisdom. He replied with a wonderful cess [2007]) in collaboration with Carol experiment of Angela Lee Duckworth, risk is worth taking and which is not.
resulted in beautiful descriptions of assertion that remains the source of Diener. She gave kids various puzzles an assistant professor of psychology at We just need to work on it. As Xerxes
famous battles between the Greek and inspiration till today: and recorded how they approached the University of Pennsylvania. said: “Success generally attends those
Darius and his ancestors, which can be “There is reason in what you say, the problem, and what they said and Duckworth claimed that “intelli- who wish to act; and it does not attend
found in the account of Greek histori- but you ought not to see danger did as they tried to solve them. gence is really important, but it’s still those who are timid and balance
an Herodotus. everywhere or to reckon every risk. Dweck’s study shows that kids who not as important as self-control.” After everything.” l
solve tougher puzzle are the kids who finding this out Duckworth goes on
often take risks and make mistakes to devise a plan to teach self-control Ruhul Kader founded www.futurestartup.
and who not only endure failure but among children in schools and educa- com to promote entrepreneurship and
love failure. tional institutions. support entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.
Given with a really tough puzzle to Few years back Duckworth and Future StartUp started the country’s first
We should ask how we can create an solve, one success oriented kid just Walter Michal – the famous Stanford entrepreneurial talk community FS Talk. he is
environment that inspires taking risk and accepts the challenge and says I love
challenge and goes ahead to solve it
professor who introduced marsh-
mallow experiment to test instant
now working to build Good & Green (www.

making mistake with a built-in aspiration for without bothering about what will gratification and self control – went
gng.com.bd), Bangladesh’s eco-ethical brand
for the world, at New Vision Bangladesh Ltd.
learning and taking initiative in later life happen if it goes wrong. on to teach self-control in schools run He can be reached at romel122@gmail.com.
Although sometimes these kids by KIPP, an organisation of 66 public
make mistakes, these are the same charter schools across the USA. But
kids who learn fast and also solve the problem is that measuring math
problems correctly over those who sel- skill is a simple procedure but how do
In late 490 BC Darius attacked Greece. If whatever comes up you are going dom take the risk to go wrong and fail. you measure the skill of self control, or
The battle was called the battle of to weigh everything alike, you will Experiments suggest that taking ability to take risk.
Marathon. The fight was intense and never do anything. It is better to be risks and making mistakes are two Duckworth and Michal ran pilot
difficult. Soldiers of both sides died in always an optimistic and suffer half important ingredients of character that studies to understand the way to deliv-
enormous numbers. At the end Darius the amount of evil, than always to be can lead us to success and develop- er complex psychological messages to
lost the battle and came back to Persia full of gloomy anticipations and never ment. students. And after running a course
with his tattered army. But the desire suffer anything at all. If you attack However, these are not the very of experiments, both are happy that it
to bring Greece under the rule of Persia every proposal made without showing common scene we often see outside. works.
became a permanent aspiration for us the right course to follow, you will In schools, where we ought to teach
Persian emperors. come to grief as much as those whom our kids about values, work ethic,
In about 410 BC another great king you oppose. The scales are evenly bal- character and culture, the system is
of Persia named Xerxes, the successor anced. How can a human being know often rigid than not. It seems that the
of Darius, once again decided to in- certainly which way they will incline? system has gone astray. Instead of
He cannot. But success generally focusing on building capable genera- ‘Not taking risk is the greatest risks of all, and
attends those who wish to act; and it tions the system is more interested in
does not attend those who are timid fulfilling the quota of literacy rate.
not taking risk worth taking is a total loss.’
and balance everything. You see the In schools, as I am essentially a Unfortunately, we seldom know which risk is
great power which Persia has attained. product of this system, we extremely worth taking and which is not
If my predecessors on the throne had discourage taking risks and making
held your views, or without holding mistakes. Making mistakes is often
them had had counsellors like you, seen as a punishable action in our
you would never have seen our king- system even after knowing that “to
dom become so great. It is by taking err is human;” that unless we make
risk they made us what we are. Great mistakes we learn very little; unless we In our case teaching or letting students
things are achieved through great don’t take risks and stand still at the make mistakes and taking risk doesn’t
dangers (Greek historian Herodotus as face of great danger we seldom achieve associate much difficulties like the
cited in Glimpses of world history by great things. experiments of self-control. What we
Jawaharlal Nehru).” The particular act of discouraging need is an open mind and system that
Xerxes took his great army to mistakes has a far-reaching impact inspire taking educated risks and mak-
conquer Greece. Although he lost the in the later life of these kids, making ing constructive mistakes in order to
battle, which is a different story, the them inefficiently and ineffectively learn and discover and solve problems.
most important lesson that jumped comply with the system and society The orientation of the system
out from this conversation between an where situation demands otherwise. should be more of a doing-and-learn-
ancient king and his counsellor is that To tackle critical problems we need ing genre; making mistakes and
we must take risks and make mistakes creativity and courage. But the fear of taking risks as an attempt to learn and
for the sake of achieving great things making mistakes that haunts us from achieve should not be degraded. While
in life. schools and onward keeps our genius students make mistakes they should
Carol S Dweck is a Professor of under control. We feel afraid at the not be punished. Instead they should
Psychology at Stanford University. face of problems. Instead of taking be graded in comparison to purpose.

She was born on October 17, 1946. She responsibility we pass off the respon- The consequences of this approach
graduated from Barnard College in sibility. will be brilliant. Students will take
1967 and earned a PhD from Yale Uni- It’s apparent that we need to fix this more initiative and try to solve prob-
8 DHAKA TRIBUNE International Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two French Somalia jails rape

victim, journalists
soldiers killed n Agencies

in CAR combat
A Somali court has sentenced to jail a
woman who said she was raped and
two journalists who reported her story.
The court passed the verdict on
Monday in the capital Mogadishu, say-
n AP, Paris Le Drian said French forces were con-
ducting patrols by foot and vehicle
ing the journalists were guilty of defa-
mation and insulting state institutions.
Two French soldiers were killed in through the dusty streets of Bangui. The 19-year old woman, who is also
combat in  Central  African  Repub- At one point, they intervened to pull a journalist, was handed a suspended
lic’s  capital, President Francois Hol- away a Muslim man, who claimed to be six-month jail sentence for defamation
lande’s office announced Tuesday, the a merchant, from a mob that accused and lying, during which time she will be
first French casualties since he ordered him of being a rebel leader. confined to her home, said Judge Hashi
a stepped-up military presence in the Muslim rebels known as Seleka over- Elmi Nur. The journalists are to serve
restive former colony to help quell in- threw the government of this majority out their sentences, of one year and six
ter-religious violence. Christian nation nine months ago. months respectively, or pay a fine in
The presidential Elysee Palace, in a Bouts of violence in  Central  Afri- order to win early release. It is the sec-
statement, provided no details about can Republic took an especially bloody ond time this year Somalia has jailed a
the killings in Bangui late Monday oth- turn last week with more than 400 woman for speaking out about rape and
er than that they died during France’s deaths in two days of violence between journalists for interviewing her.
mission to restore security, protect ci- Christians and Muslims. World leaders “The manager of Radio Shabelle,
vilians, and ensure access for human- including US President Barack Obama Abdilmalik Yusuf, was found guilty of
itarian groups in the impoverished have called for calm. offending state institutions, and there-
country. fore will serve a prison term of one
French officials have warned of the French President to visit CAR French troops patrol past two Seleka, the alliance of mostly Muslim rebel groups, vehicles set on fire by Christian mobs in Bangui AP year,” the judge told the court.
dangers of the enhanced military mis- French President Francois Hollande “Journalist Mohamed Bashir was
sion alongside  African  Union troops,
authorized under a muscular man-
date approved last week by the Unit-
will visit the Central African Republic
on Tuesday, according to a statement
issued by his office, after boosting
US to transport African troops to CAR found guilty of defamation and making
false rape accusations, so he is given a
six-month jail term.”
ed Nations Security Council. France’s
defense minister has warned mili-
French troops in order restore stability
in the country.
n AP, Doha iting troops. Le Drian asked the US to
help get African troops quickly into the
Muslim ex-rebels now in charge of the
former French colony.
The alleged victim last month told
the independent Radio Shabelle she was
tia groups to disarm peacefully — or Hollande will visit the country on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has country to prevent the violence there Woog said Hagel directed the US attacked and raped at gunpoint by two
French troops will do it by force. his way back from South Africa, where ordered the US military to transport from spreading, said Pentagon spokes- Africa Command to begin transport- fellow journalists. But it was the journal-
The announcement of the deaths he was due to attend a ceremony to troops from Burundi into the  Cen- man Carl Woog. ing forces in coordination with France ists who listened to her story who were
came shortly after the presidential pal- honor Nelson Mandela. tral  African  Republic  to help quell the There are more than 1,000 French because the US believes immediate ac- jailed. Last month the United Nations
ace said Hollande would travel to Cen- Paris raised its military presence in latest upsurge in violence there. troops in the  Central  African  Repub- tion is needed to avert a humanitarian in Somalia called for a “proper investi-
tral  African  Republic  on Tuesday after the Central African Republic to 1,600 Hagel approved the order after lic, where more than 400 people were catastrophe. And he said the Pentagon gation” into the case, while the United
attending a memorial in South Africa to troops during the weekend as waves of speaking with French Minister of De- killed in two days of violence last week will be evaluating what other US re- States said it was “deeply concerned”.
Nelson Mandela. religious violence swept over its former fense Jean-Yves Le Drian Monday night between Christians and Muslims. sources might be available if additional Neither of the men accused of the
French Defense Minister Jean-Yves colony. l from Afghanistan where he was vis- Christian armed fighters oppose the requests for assistance come in. l rape were arrested. l

Six facts about Mandela that make

him an unlikely icon in the West
labeling of Osama bin Laden as the terrorist
responsible for those acts before he had
been tried and convicted could also be seen
as undermining some of the basic tenets of
the rule of law.”

Mandela called out racism in America

On a trip to New York City in 1990, Mandela
made a point of visiting Harlem and praising
African Americans’ struggles against “the
injustices of racist discrimination and
economic equality.” He reminded a larger
crowd at Yankee Stadium that racism was
not exclusively a South African phenome-
non. “

Mandela embraced some of

America’s biggest political enemies
Mandela incited shock and anger in many
American communities for refusing to South Africans brave the rain as they listen to US President Barack Obama speak during a memorial service for Nelson Mandela at FNB
denounce Cuban dictator Fidel Castro or Stadium in Johannesburg REUTERS
Mandela was a political activist and agitator. a “fundamental human right” Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who had
He did not shy away from controversy and
he did not seek universal approval. As the
Mandela considered poverty one of the
greatest evils in the world, and spoke out
lent their support to Mandela against South
African apartheid. “One of the mistakes Boos, jeers humiliate South Africa’s
Zuma at Mandela memorial
world remembers Mandela, here are some against inequality everywhere. “Massive the Western world makes is to think that
of the things he believed that many will poverty and obscene inequality are such their enemies should be our enemies,” he
gloss over. terrible scourges of our times — times explained to an American TV audience.
in which the world boasts breathtaking “We have our own struggle.” He added that
Mandela blasted the Iraq War and
American imperialism
advances in science, technology, industry
and wealth accumulation — that they have
those leaders “are placing resources at our
disposal to win the struggle.” He also called
n Reuters Zuma, who has ruled Africa’s biggest
economy since 2009, had been hoping
a roaring ovation, and  Zimbabwe’s
Robert Mugabe and UN chief  Ban Ki-
Mandela called Bush “a president who has to rank alongside slavery and apartheid as the controversial Palestinian Liberation Or- South African President  Jacob to get a boost from the wave of national moon were also cheered.
no foresight, who cannot think properly,” social evils,” he said. ganization leader Yasser Arafat “a comrade Zuma  was booed and jeered at a me- emotion triggered by  Mandela’s death Some in the crowd accompanied the
and accused him of “wanting to plunge the in arms.” morial to anti-apartheid legend  Nel- on Thursday, aged 95. boos for Zuma with thumbs-down ges-
world into a holocaust” by going to war in Mandela criticised the “War on son Mandela on Tuesday, a major pub- His  African National Congress tures and rotating hand movements,
Iraq. “All that (Mr. Bush) wants is Iraqi oil,” Terror” and the labeling of individuals Mandela was a die-hard supporter of lic humiliation in front of other world (ANC)  government has been facing vi- the sign for a substitution in a soccer
he said. He saw the Iraq War as a greater as terrorists without due process labor unions leaders six months before national olent labour unrest and protests over match.
problem of American imperialism around On the US terrorist watch list until 2008 Mandela visited the Detroit auto workers elections. persisting poverty, crime and unem- “Mandela  had a
the world. “If there is a country that has himself, Mandela was an outspoken union when touring the US, immediately The hostile reaction from the ployment. But the ANC is still expected vision,  Mandela  lived that vision. But
committed unspeakable atrocities in the critic of President George W. Bush’s war claiming kinship with them. “Sisters and thousands-strong unruly crowd to comfortably win the elections to be what Zuma speaks, he doesn’t live,”
world, it is the United States of America. on terror. He warned against rushing to brothers, friends and comrades, the man erupted as Zuma prepared to held in April or May. said  Funeka Gingcara-Sithole, 31,
They don’t care,” he said. label terrorists without due process. While who is speaking is not a stranger here,” he address the high-profile ceremony Zuma was booed when he first en- reflecting the mood of the Zuma critics
forcefully calling for Osama bin Laden to be said. “The man who is speaking is a member in  Johannesburg’s Soccer City tered the crowded stadium, and again in the stadium.
Mandela called freedom from poverty brought to justice, Mandela remarked, “The of the UAW. I am your flesh and blood. l stadium bringing together leaders from when he prepared to speak. In contrast, “He should do the honourable thing
around 90 countries. US President  Barack Obama  received and resign,” she said. l

Canada to claim North Pole! Jordanian cleric

deported from UK Israeli leaders to miss US calls for release
of Nobel laureate
Canada signalled intentions to claim
“Fundamentally, we are drawing the
last lines of Canada. We are defending
our sovereignty,” added Arctic Minister
n Agencies Mandela funeral Liu Xiaobo 
n AP, Beijing
the North Pole and surrounding Arctic Leona Aglukkaq. Islamist cleric Abu Qatada, deported by
waters while announcing the filing of
a UN application seeking to vastly ex-
Asserting sovereignty over an ex-
pansive Arctic archipelago and sur-
Britain in July after a near decade-long
legal battle, pleaded not guilty as his
n Reuters ed, getting jailed for 27 years on Robben
Island after being convicted of treason
Five years after his detention, the Unit-
ed States is calling for the release of
pand its Atlantic sea boundary. rounding waters has been a key plank trial in Jordan on terrorism charges Israel’s top leaders will be conspicu- for his campaign. Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu
After a decade of surveying the of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen opened. ous  by their absence at Nelson Man- Palestinians, who hail South Afri- Xiaobo and an end to his wife’s unde-
country’s eastern and far north seabeds Harper’s Tories in the past three elec- “You know full well I am not guilty dela’s funeral, skipping a ceremony for ca’s first black leader as an inspiration clared house arrest.
and gathering supporting evidence, a tions since 2006. and that this accusation is false,” Abu the anti-apartheid hero world leaders in a conflict with what they call Israe- Washington remains deeply concerned
claim was submitted to the Commis- But Russia and Denmark are expect- Qatada, in prison overalls, told the are mourning and whom Palestinians li “apartheid”, will be represented by about the couple’s treatment, along with
sion on the Limits of the Continental ed to file overlapping claims, which judge of the state security court in Am- have always viewed as their comrade President Mahmoud Abbas - one of that of other jailed government critics,
Shelf on Friday. could lead to confrontation between man on Tuesday. in the struggle for freedom. about 70 world leaders South Africa ex- Secretary of State John Kerry said.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird the Arctic neighbors. The judge adjourned the case un- Neither Prime Minister Benjamin pects to pay their respects. “We strongly urge Chinese authori-
said the filing mainly concerns the out- Interest in the polar region has til December 24 after a brief hearing Netanyahu nor President Shimon Peres Speaker or minister Netanyahu ties to release Liu Xiaobo, to end (wife)
er limits of Canada’s continental shelf flared up as rising temperatures open which was open to the media but with will attend the event in Johannesburg’s hailed Mandela as “a freedom fighter Liu Xia’s house arrest, and to guarantee
in the Atlantic Ocean. up shipping routes and make hitherto cameras banned. Soccer City stadium on Tuesday, offi- who rejected violence”, although the to Liu Xiaobo and his family members
But it also includes “preliminary in- inaccessible mineral resources easier to After his deportation, Jordanian cials said on Monday, citing costs and African National Congress’s struggle all internationally recognized human
formation concerning the outer limits exploit. military prosecutors charged Abu Qa- health reasons. against apartheid initially proved vio- rights protections and freedoms,” Ker-
of (Canada’s) continental shelf in the The North Pole seabed itself is not tada with conspiracy to carry out ter- Peres, 90, had been advised by his lent, leading Mandela to being labelled ry said in a statement issued Monday in
Arctic Ocean,” he said. believed to hold large reserves but has rorist acts. If convicted he could face a doctors not to make the trip, according a “terrorist” by the US, Israel’s major Washington.
“We have asked our officials and symbolic value for the countries in the minimum of 15 years’ hard labour. to aides. Middle East ally. “As the United States builds a con-
scientists to do additional work and region, which also includes Norway Britain’s expulsion of Abu Qatada “The president is recovering from Mandela was only removed from the structive relationship with  China, U.S.
necessary work to ensure that a sub- and the United States. came after Amman and London ratified flu and doctors advised him not to fly,” US terror list in 2008. leaders will continue to raise concerns
mission for the full extent of the conti- Natural Resources Minister Joe Ol- a treaty guaranteeing that evidence ob- a spokesman for Peres said. A foreign ministry official said the related to respect for the rule of law,
nental shelf in the Arctic includes Can- iver said enlarging Canada’s Arctic tained by torture would not be used Israel was an ally of South Africa’s speaker of parliament or a cabinet human rights, religious freedom, and
ada’s claim to the North Pole,” he told a boundary is important for “Canada’s in his retrial and that the proceedings former apartheid rulers whose racial minister could represent Israel at the democratic principles with their Chi-
press conference. long-term economic prosperity.” l would be transparent. l segregation Mandela fought and resist- funeral. l nese counterparts,” Kerry said. l
DHAKA TRIBUNE International Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tearful Thai PM urges protesters Disarray in India’s ruling

party after poll drubbing
to take part in election n Reuters, New Delhi no-confidence over a decision to split
the southern state of Andhra Pradesh
n Reuters, Bangkok Tuesday was a public holiday in
Thailand and Yingluck attended a cere-
Disarray within India’s ruling Congress
party burst into the open on Tuesday
into two.
If at least 50 members of the lower
Her eyes welling with tears, Thai Prime mony to mark Constitution Day in par- after its stunning defeat in state elec- house back their demand, the stage
Minister Yingluck Shinawatra plead- liament but only about 1,500 protesters tions, with a senior figure saying the would be set for a trial of strength in
ed on Tuesday for anti-government turned up there, police said. party would lose a general election and which Congress would need the sup-
protesters to clear the streets after she Yingluck’s Puea Thai Party enjoys needed time in opposition to reinvent port of several parties to survive.
called a snap election, but protests widespread support in the populous itself. Aiyar’s remarks follow a disastrous
leaders said she should step down north and northeast, Thailand’s poor- Mani Shankar Aiyar - a veteran of the showing for the Congress party in elec-
within 24 hours. est regions. The party said she would party who is close to the Nehru-Gandhi tions held over the last month in three
After weeks of sometimes violent again be its candidate for prime min- family that has run the Congress for de- big states and the capital, Delhi.
street rallies, protesters dismissed her ister. cades - predicted defeat in the national “A break from governance would be
call on Monday for a general election In contrast, the protesters are drawn election due by next May. a welcome break that could be used to
and said she should be replaced by an from Bangkok’s royalist upper and “Who can be even half-way realistic refit the party as the nation’s natural
unelected “people’s council”, which middle classes, including civil servants and expect the Congress to return to party of governance in the 21st centu-
has stoked concern that Southeast and prominent business families, along power?” Aiyar told Reuters. ry,” the upper house lawmaker wrote in
Asia’s second-biggest economy may with people from the south where the In a further signal of uneasiness a column for the Indian Express news-
abandon the democratic process. opposition Democrat Party has long about Congress’ chances in the general paper.
Yingluck insisted on Tuesday she held sway. election, the leader of a key party in the “The current and prospective elec-
would not step down and said she “What we’re seeing is a true power coalition government said on Monday toral reverses for the Congress are thus
would continue her duties as caretak- tussle with both sides, the government the state polls amounted to a rejection Rahul’s golden opportunity,” he said,
er prime minister until the election, premier Thaksin Shinawatra, who was In a speech to supporters late on and the protesters, trying to pull of “weak rulers”. referring to the young scion of the Neh-
which is set for Feb. 2. toppled by the military in 2006 and has Monday, protest leader Suthep Thaug- the country’s two most powerful “People do not want weak rulers,” ru-Gandhi dynasty and potential can-
“Now that the government has dis- chosen to live in exile rather than serve suban gave Yingluck 24 hours to step institutions - the monarchy and the National Congress Party leader Sharad didate for prime minister.
solved parliament, I ask that you stop a jail term for abuse of power. down. military - on their side,” said political Pawar said, according to domestic me- Aiyar’s opinion was personal and
protesting and that all sides work to- Thaksin was convicted in absentia “We want the government to step analyst Kan Yuenyong at the Siam dia reports. “They want decisive and not the party’s view, said Congress
wards elections,” Yingluck told report- of graft in 2008 but he dismissed the aside and create a power vacuum in Intelligence Unit. result-oriented leaders who will for- spokesman Bhakta Charan Das, but
ers as she went into a cabinet meeting charges as politically motivated. He is order to create a people’s council,” said “The best scenario would be if the mulate policies for (the) poor and im- agreed there was a need to analyse
held at an army club. “I have backed widely seen as the power behind Yin- Akanat Promphan, a spokesman for protesters and the opposition accept plement them.” what went wrong.
down to the point where I don’t know gluck’s government, sometimes hold- the protest group. Suthep has said this the election and take part, but anything Manmohan Singh, the taciturn “The party will definitely
how to back down any further.” ing meetings with the cabinet by web- council would be made up of appointed could happen between now and then 81-year-old prime minister, has been introspect and we must come out with
Tears briefly formed in her eyes as cam. “good people”. including intervention from indepen- widely criticised for the government’s a very good approach to revitalise
she spoke, before she quickly com- Yingluck, a 46-year-old former busi- By mid-afternoon on Tuesday, only dent organisations, the judiciary or the policy drift and a sharp economic slow- ourselves.”
posed herself - perhaps a glimpse of nesswoman, had no political experi- 6,000 protesters were in the historic military.” down, and for allowing corruption to The centre-left Congress party’s
the emotional toll of weeks of protests. ence before entering a 2011 election part of Bangkok around Government The politically powerful army, which spin out of control since he was ap- main opponent, the Hindu nationalist
The protesters, a motley collection she won by a landslide thanks to votes House where Yingluck’s office is lo- has staged or attempted 18 coups in the pointed to a second term in 2009. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was the
aligned with Bangkok’s royalist elite, from the countryside, where Thaksin cated, police said, a far cry from the past 80 years, has said it does not want Adding to the Congress party’s trou- clear winner in three states that held
want to oust Yingluck and eradicate built up a devoted following with pol- 160,000 that converged peacefully on to get involved, although it has tried to bles, half a dozen of its own lawmakers assembly elections and left its rival
the influence of her brother, former icies to help the poor. the complex on Monday. mediate. l called for a parliamentary motion of standing in the capital. l

Pakistan to go ahead with Activists seek justice

in Indian Kashmir
Iran gas pipeline n AP, Srinagar
n AP, Islamabad try said. However, no details were giv-
en on how Pakistan plans to overcome
Activists, families staged sit-in protests
in Indian-held Kashmir on Tuesday to
Pakistan will push forward with a con- the numerous problems associated demand justice for torture and rape
troversial pipeline to import natural with the project, such as funding and victims as well as answers about how
gas from neighbouring Iran, Pakistan the risk of sanctions. 8,000 people allegedly disappeared in
said Tuesday, a project opposed by the The ministry said experts from both the conflict-ridden Himalayan territory.
United States. sides would meet soon to accelerate For years, rights groups have ac-
The pipeline will link Iran’s gas work on the pipeline. cused Indian forces of using systematic
fields with energy-starved Pakistan, Pakistani officials in the Tehran abuse and unjustified arrests to intimi-
but by going ahead with the project, meeting also reiterated their govern- date Kashmir residents, many of whom
Pakistan may incur US and interna- ment’s commitment to fulfill its con- oppose  India’s  rule over the territory
tional sanctions imposed on Iran — or tractual obligation to the pipeline and disputed with Pakistan.
anyone doing business with Iran — over stressed that the project is of “immense The regional government says the al-
that country’s nuclear program. importance” to meeting Pakistan’s en- legations are mostly separatist propagan-
The US has opposed the project and ergy needs. da meant to demonize troops. It has ac-
instead supported an alternative pro- Islamabad hopes the pipeline will knowledged that 2,305 people have gone
posal to build a pipeline from the gas help alleviate the country’s energy cri- missing in the past 20 years, but says
fields of Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, sis, especially electricity shortages. Gas most had crossed into neighbouring Pa-
Pakistan and India. is used to fire many of the nation’s pow- kistan for weapons training. In a Srinagar
Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Af- er plants, but insufficient quantities park, more than 100 people sat for hours
fairs said in a statement Tuesday that mean rolling blackouts are common. Tuesday with placards reading “Jus-
petroleum ministers of the two coun- The agreement with Iran stipulates tice denied” and “Supreme Court: Does
tries met in Tehran on Monday to dis- that Pakistan must construct its side of 8,000 disappearances concern you?”
cuss the project, which has been beset the pipeline by December 2014 but the Another four dozen or so people
by repeated delays. project has met repeated delays. If Pa- gathered in another Srinagar park with
The two countries decided to fast kistan fails to meet this deadline, it will photos of family members who they
track the pipeline and formulate a road be liable to pay fines that could run into say have vanished at the hands of Indi-
map to work out challenges, the minis- the millions of dollars per day. l A relative of a disappeared youth sits near a banner showing sketches of disappeared people during a protest in Srinagar AP an troops since 1989. l

Rare Singapore
riot forces soul
China concerned about A case of exploding urbanisation!
searching over N Korea politics n AP, United Nations
foreign workers n AP, Beijing regularly scheduled briefing.
The number of city dwellers is at an all-time
high of about 3.5 billion and will nearly dou-
n Reuters, Singapore China, North Korea’s most important
Jang’s dismissal deprives Beijing
of its most important connection to
ble in the next 30 to 40 years, with almost
all the growth in developing countries, the
Singapore’s first major riot in four de- ally, said Tuesday it wants friendly the North Korean leadership, further head of the UN agency focusing on cities
cades is forcing the wealthy island to relations and hopes for stability in its diminishing  China’s  thin influence said Monday.
confront a stubborn but vexing ques- neighbour following the purging of a with its isolated, hard-line Communist Joan Clos said even though the rate of
tion: how to treat low-paid foreign top official considered close to Beijing. neighbour. population growth is decreasing,
workers whose muscle underpins Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong In 2012, Jang led a large delegation The UN projects that in the next 30
much of the economy but whose pres- Lei said Jang Song Thaek’s ouster was to China to discuss construction of spe- years the global population will increase
ence increasingly riles its citizens. an internal affair, but his comments cial economic zones. from 7 billion to 9 billion — and the urban
Images of rioters overturning po- point to Beijing’s concerns that the China  is North Korea’s only signifi- population will grow between 2.5 billion
lice cars, throwing garbage bins and North’s opaque politics may have en- cant ally and a key source of trade and and 3 billion people.
burning an ambulance in Singapore’s tered a more unpredictable stage. aid. Despite such apparent influence, “In all human history we have reached
Little India on Sunday night shocked “We hope North Korea can maintain Beijing has been unsuccessful in coax- 3.5 billion of urban settlers and in the next
the orderly Southeast Asian nation and national stability, the people’s well-be- ing North Korea back to six-nation nu- 30 years we are going to have 3 billion
stirred debate over whether foreign ing and economic growth.  China  will clear disarmament talks, while its need more,” Clos said. “Imagine the changing rate
workers should be better integrated or remain committed to developing the for stability along its northeastern bor- — what we have done in all human history,
see their numbers reduced. friendly relationship between  Chi- der keeps it from getting overly tough we nearly will do in the next 30 to 40 years
“This is just a tip of the iceberg,” said na  and North Korea,” Hong said at a on its neighbour. l of history.”
Gayathiri, 30, an engineer who lives With 96 percent of the growth of cities
near the scene of the riots and goes by expected in poorer developing countries,
one name. “I hope the government will he said, there are going to be huge de-
take it as a wake-up call. We need for- mands on land, resources and services for governments don’t have the capacity to erty goal before the 2015 target date, Clos
eigners to boost our economy, but not urban residents. address key issues including organisation, said.
at the expense of our security,” she add- Clos, a former mayor of Barcelona who governance, finance and the provision of At the same time, however, UN-Habitat
ed, echoing a widely held sentiment. is now executive director of the UN Human services. said the world’s slum population rose from
Police charged 24 Indian nationals Settlements Program known as UN-Habi- In recent decades, he said, inequalities 650 million in 1990 to 767 million in 2000,
with rioting, which carries a maximum tat, spoke at a news conference promoting in urban areas have led to protests and and to 828 million in 2010 and an estimat-
penalty of seven years’ prison and the agency’s upcoming World Urban Forum unrest as cities have faced difficulties inte- ed 863 million in 2012.
caning. They were among an estimat- from April 5-11 in Medellin, Colombia, which grating a big influx of migrants. Clos said the cities of the world will have
ed 400 people who rampaged after a will focus on growing inequalities in urbani- “This is why we are very worried, be- to handle millions of new arrivals “because
private bus fatally struck construction sation worldwide. cause the number of people living in slums they cannot hide — they cannot go away.”
worker Sakthivel Kumaravelu, 33. The He said 10,000 participants are expect- is increasing,” Clos said. The challenge is whether the growth
number of arrests could rise. ed including ministers, mayors, academ- UN-Habitat said it estimates that of cities can be done “in a planned and
The government has urged people ics and representatives from business, between 2000 and 2010 a total of 227 designed manner, in order to provide some
not to jump to conclusions but many non-governmental organisations and local million people in the developing world basic services at affordable costs for the
Singaporeans blame an overabundance authorities. experienced improvements in their living citizen,” he said.
of migrant workers and could use the Currently, Clos said, the world is expe- conditions, with China and India alone Otherwise, they will grow spontaneous-
riots to intensify a push for tighter im- riencing “the highest rate of urbanisation accounting for 166 million, or 55.5 percent ly without any planning and the number of
migration curbs - a step that could hurt A man reads a newspaper reporting North Korea confirmed downfall of Jang Song Thaek, in human history,” and national and local of the global effort. This met a UN anti-pov- slum dwellers will keep rising, Clos said. l
the economy. l uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un AP
10 DHAKA TRIBUNE Editorial Wednesday, December 11, 2013

www.dhakatribune.com Letters to the Editor


Why we need war Either Hasina-Ershad or Khaleda is responsible

December 7
A made-up arson story that

crimes trials
almost worked
While people are anxious about their daily lives, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia are exchang- December 4
ing taunts about BNP’s engagement in street agitation.

Actually, Hasina doubts her party members could do well in the next parliamentary election against the Saadman Salahuddin
olam Mostafa Hawlader, a witness whose evidence to the BNP candidates, due to some veteran AL leaders failing in the five city corporation polls held recently. The nation has gone morally corrupt!
International Crimes Tribunal helped to convict Jamaat Also, people have not forgotten Ershad’s role as an autocrat, and the loss of lives and limbs then, and, now,
Rose-Ruzana Samdani
leader, Delawar Hossain Sayedee, has died after being his betrayal for declaring he would attend the one-sided election, despite the agitation claiming more limbs
Cooking up stories like this is no less a crime than
attacked inside his home. and lives. We, the people, can only keep praying to Allah to save us.
setting fire on people inside running buses. These
His attackers reportedly made clear that he was targeted Sheuly Haque
people are making fun of actual arson victims!
because of his role as a witness. Sirajgonj
It is deplorable that Mr Hawlader was not provided with bet- Meherun Faruque
ter police protection. Threats have been repeatedly made against Hmm. The BD police are so smart that they can
all prosecution witnesses and other witnesses and their families find this story so quickly. Then why on earth can’t
have had to flee from physical attacks. The risk to their safety they find the picketers?
was well known due to the high Complicitious Zen
profile of debates around the December 4 Zyma Islam
ICT. Crocodile tears are not In today’s conflicting Bangladesh there is no We live in a country where people must lie to get
The government must im- flag large enough to cover the shame of killing emergency treatment when they’re dying. To
plement better protection of all
enough innocent civilians. The conflict is a reality not everyone who thinks of booing down the girl, try
witnesses to prevent this type of All political parties December 4 because there is a mass movement, but a result being six months pregnant and close to death
incident. As we have opined be- should make clear that of the government and the opposition’s failure without having a tuppence in your pocket. She
fore, enacting the draft Witness no tribunal witness nds to have a talk about the upcoming election. was barely hanging on to consciousness.
Protection Act prepared in 2011 should be threatened Absolutely correct. Her statement is nothing The current political situation is inflicting Get pissed at the government for not being
would send an important signal or attacked but an embodiment of absolute hypocrisy abuse on the weak, and hurting the innocent. able to manage mandatory health insurance for
to law enforcers to be more which is evidenced by 9 deaths caused by her The perpetrators are carrying on violence which everyone. Remember Obamacare anyone?
pro-active in ensuring protection party workers just on the day following the date is not tempered by righteous ideals. They are
for witnesses. of statement. As a matter of fact hypocrisy, also not fighting in self defence, nor standing Nadir Nibras
We must also reflect on the falsehood, pretensions, and chicanery have up for what’s right. Zyma Islam: I get your point at first, but you have
long chain of impunity which become the major tools to run the politics The culprits have no understanding of to be joking if you are thinking about jumping
helped create the context in and state machinery being freely used by the strength, not negotiation, reason, or goodwill. to nationalised health insurance for 150 million
which this brutal murder could take place. leaders belonging to whatever party it may be. The victims of political violence include individ- people in a country where even a big portion of
Whatever criticisms may be made about the ICT process, the uals who are innocent. Why do they have to pay the rich don’t have health insurance. LOL.
fact remains it was set up with widespread electoral support to WaliulHaqueKhondker the ultimate price because two leaders failed to Muntasir N Chowdhury
end the impunity which allowed war criminals to get away with Madame, may I have the honour to request come to any compromise? What kind of mes- Zyma Islam: I would love to hear your side of things!
heinous crimes. you to please visit the Burn Unit of DMCH and sage are they sending to the future generation?
The judicial process set up to try crimes from 1971 needs to be see for yourself, what “blockade” means to an Z Nadir Nibras
respected and remain above politics. The atmosphere of violent average citizen? You can’t blame them too much. Garments workers
rhetoric and threats to witnesses by Jamaat leaders has undoubt- make far below the living wage in Bangladesh and
edly created a climate of fear for actual and potential witnesses. they were just trying to save their child.
All political parties, whatever their views on the ICT, should Existing law & order status
make clear that no tribunal witness should be threatened or Rahul Malik
attacked. Rule of law must be respected and better protection Be Heard better, Amu claims Zyma: I do agree with you. The government has
afforded to all witnesses. December 5 got the bigger pot of responsibility here. But it’s
Write to us at: still not as black and white as it seems. If the sense
He is right. The situation now is better than in
Dhaka Tribune 2006, when AL staged non-stop blockades against of fairness is in question, it has definitely been
FR Tower, 8/C Panthapath pinched.

Lend a helping hand

the caretaker government of Iajuddin Ahmed.
Sukrabad, Dhaka-1207 ruwa
GreyGoddess Farzan Mitu
Email us at: letters@dhakatribune.com

to the RMG sector

They lied because they are deprived of the right
Send us your Op-Ed articles: to get better treatment; they lied because they
Khoka arrested couldn’t afford better treatment on their own. I

Visit our website: www.dhakatribune.com don’t blame them. It’s the system, and poverty.
December 5
he statement by Mosharraf Hussain, managing director of Come join our Facebook community: They are foolish if they want to hold credible polls
the Standard Group, that he plans to rebuild its gutted fac- Abdullah Saquib
https://www.facebook.com/DhakaTribune by arresting opposition leaders.
tory at Gazipur so that the company, which is a respected Now, even the so-called victims are culpable!
supplier to leading RMG retailers such as Gap and Zara, can rise
from the ashes, is an inspiring one.
For the company’s thousands of workers, reports that the
company has swiftly been able to secure $50m funding towards
its rehabilitation via a five-year-loan rescheduling, comes as CALVIN AND HOBBES
good news.
The Bangladesh Bank has rightly acted quickly to help the
We recognise that other
RMG factory owners also have
pressing financing needs. There
is a strong case for similar The Bangladesh
policy measures to alleviate the Bank has rightly
pressure on factory owners and acted quickly to help
workers, caused by the ongoing the company. Other
political turmoil. RMG factory owners
Presently around 40% of also have pressing
garment production is hampered
financing needs
due to shortage of raw materials.
Blockades and hartals have also
hugely diminished the ability
to ship finished goods outside
of the country. BGMEA has
appealed to the Bangladesh Bank for interest waivers on existing
loans until the end of the current political turmoil. Many individ-
ual factory owners have been also trying to reschedule their loan
While it is ultimately up to individual commercial banks to
grant any such arrangements, the urgency of the circumstances
suggests the central bank should undertake special measures
on a wider scale. The Bangladesh Bank should consider further
similar special initiatives to help the garment sector weather the
current storm.


1 Table-shaped hill (4) 1 Unassuming (6)
6 Flightless bird (3) 2 Sailor (6)
7 Bill of fare (4) 3 Early Christian
9 Cheerless (4) pulpit (4)
10 Person under age (5) 4 Marsh (3)
11 Grinding tooth (5) 5 Worthless dog (3)
12 Mineral spring (3) 7 Deep mud (4)
14 Postpone (5) 8 Musical sounds (5)
17 Looks after (5) 10 Insane (3)
20 Employ (3) 13 Relating to Sudoku
21 Family members (5) punishment (5)
23 Army chaplain (5) 15 Bothered (6)
25 Egyptian goddess (4) 16 Sanity (6)
26 Drug-yielding 18 Venture (4)
plant (4) 19 Prosecute (3)
27 Land measure (3) 22 Weary (4)
28 Paradise (4) 23 Kitchen utensil (3)
24 Morse element (3)
DHAKA TRIBUNE Op-Ed Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Third act in a problem play Victims of fire

n MAB Siddique turmoil.

We didn’t have any faith in the
hose who were burnt to democratic process. We haven’t
death, we shall never get learnt from better democracies of
back. We can never overcome the world, at least when it comes to
this melancholy, this grief that has saving lives, even though we have
engulfed us. We couldn’t overcome been through the same horror so
it in the case of so many others many times.
who had been killed in political We failed to distinguish between
calamities before. responsibility and terrorism. We
We shed tears, we mourn for failed to establish a just system.
them. We bear enormous grief, we We failed to resist the forces that
pay our tributes. They are simply tear down our achievements, just
taken away. Sometimes we call them as we miserably failed to realise
martyrs, sometimes we just ignore the potential of our fellow human
them. We try to lead the same lives beings.
we had been living. But they are We failed to measure losses by
forgotten after some time, martyrs anything other than the death toll.
or not. This always happens, as if We have to acknowledge our own
history throws them into oblivion, guilt, otherwise we will continue to
inevitably. disgrace our existence. Things must
be set right, and someone must be
held accountable at the end of the
We know this is the outcome of
so many failures. It was a failure
of transforming the state into
We were burnt under one which could deal with things
colonial invasions, and objectively. We need a state which
we were burnt after could ensure the right penalty for
independence. Bangladesh crimes, especially for those who
has not been able to find a killed us.
way out of this cycle We need incentives for the people
to do good. We haven’t learnt to
preserve anything that could be
used for the betterment of society.
We never reached a consensus
about standing together to fight the
forces of evil against us. We haven’t
Now, after scores of people have figured out a common path for
succumbed to their burn injuries ourselves.
in the latest violence, we are also We never stopped being naïve.
getting burned. It is not the same We destroyed anything good we
kind of burn. We know that we have produced or imported or learnt. But
been burnt like this throughout our the time has come to join hands on
Comedy or tragedy? RAJIB DHAR entire history. We find ourselves still issues we could settle if we were just
alive while political turmoil claims a bit more generous than we are.

n Shawkat Hussain was unacceptable to all except BNP
people, and acceptable to Dr Yunus
leaders in his hotel, and other very
important people. The god-from-the-
night, I sit riveted and cannot turn the
mute on.
many lives.
We were burnt under colonial
The time has come to look forward.
The time has come to leave this
f we were to see the last five (this I cannot forget) who came back machine is a very busy-body indeed Just over two decades back when invasions, and we were burnt after narrow outlook behind.
years of AL rule as a five-act play, from a foreign trip and gave an A+ to but it is not yet clear if he will succeed he was still in power, I couldn’t stand independence. Bangladesh has
then we could say that we are Professor Iajuddin’s government. to move mountains. to watch him whenever he appeared not been able to find a way out of
now in the third act. The plot is Like Mr Micawber in “Pickwick There are two-bit players as well on TV. Ershad is now the comic relief this cycle to facilitate a peaceful
beginning to unravel and we are Papers” I can only say “something who have suddenly, unexpectedly, in this “problem play” which is our transition of power. Mistrust was
heading fast towards a denouement. will turn up.” Only application of the emerged from the wings and taken life, and also amazingly, a factor brewed. There was corruption and Sometimes we call them
Are we shooting headlong down the Micawber Principle makes it possible centre-stage. Like a character in that simply can’t be written off from criminalisation of society and the martyrs, sometimes we
Niagara towards a resounding crash, to go on from day to day. a cartoon I saw recently, I usually electoral equations. economy, and the chance for more just ignore them. We try to
or can we manage to keep our heads Reasonable people like Dr Kamal deaths. lead the same lives we had
up somehow and survive? Nobody Hossain, or Sultana Kamal, or Dr Many of these deaths would been living. But they are
knows for sure, but everybody has an Shahdin Malik say reasonable things be unnatural deaths. Many of the forgotten after some time
opinion. and ask reasonable questions about deceased would be victims of fire
The play – that is, our politics – is what should or should not be done. and vengeance between the political
problematic in the first place because
Ershad is now the comic relief in this ‘problem play’ which is our When they met the president some parties. We have failed to learn to
of difficulties in characterising it. Let’s
life, and also amazingly, a factor that simply can’t be written days back, they presumably conveyed preserve democracy for ourselves.
call it a “problem play” first (as many off from electoral equations some of their reasonable concerns Greed, lust, or hunger has come in The time has come to stand
of Shakespeare’s plays are called), to the president with the reasonable the way. together to fight terrorism, to
because we are not quite sure whether expectations of a solution. Nothing Common people, who are now stand for democracy, and to make
it is a pure tragedy or a comedy, or happened. The god-from-the-machine getting burnt and killed, were efforts towards a better version of
absurd drama, or a melodrama, or is also having reasonable discussions supposed to be the jury. Political democracy. We can’t just let this
something else. The prime minister refuses to budge watch talk shows on mute, except with different people and something parties were supposed to try and death toll add up every day.
Then again, it is a “problem play” in from her position and so does when the un-redoubtable old dictator eventually will turn up. gain support of the common people. As the state has something to
the sense that there is a real problem the leader of the opposition. In a Ershad pops up on TV. Then I turn the I find it difficult to ask reasonable To the deceased, the yearning for do with it, with all its existing
every five years about how exactly the “problem” situation such as this, only mute off. questions. The question that came to democracy has no meaning. capability, so do its people. We can
elections should be conducted. We some sort of divine intervention can Ershad’s antics and his utterances my mind is this: How many bullets They were attacked by fire, they resist the harmful political culture
faced this problem in 1996 when BNP take the play towards a resolution. (“I’m all-in-all of JP”), beginning with does one need to kill oneself? What were caught by surprise. When that leaves no room for democracy.
first held elections without AL and Perhaps not one god but many gods a half-dozen of his men and women would have happened if Ershad had petrol or bombs were thrown at We must leave no room for violence,
that had to be cancelled for a second may be necessary to start the process joining the interim government and actually pulled the trigger of one of his them, they were probably going terrorism, and muscle power. The
round in July the same year; there of disentangling the knot that we are now the on-going drama with their four pistols (or is it one pistol with four home, or to work. Falling victim to time has come to revitalise our
were problems again in 2001 tied up in. resignations, are hilariously farcical. bullets?) after he threatened to commit political hooliganism and atrocities, thoughts, to distinguish between
for reasons which I have forgotten Even as I write, the deus ex When Ershad appears in hastily- suicide when RAB had surrounded we have nothing to confess, other non-democratic elements and
but are discussed endlessly in talk machina (god-from-the-machine, for called press-conferences with his his house? Now we will never know than that we failed to put a stop to democratic ones, and to decide
shows. the non-literary) has descended on us. furrowed brows and pain-etched because the DMP is considering taking many things. which of them can take the system
And finally, there was the grave He is the UN Assistant Under-Secretary wrinkled face (but always nattily his toys away. l We let this happen to them. We further so that we may save some
situation in 2006 when the late Oscar Fernandez-Taranco who has dressed), when he pleads to young never became conscious of how to lives. l
Professor Iajuddin doubled up both been shuttling between visits to the journalists that they shouldn’t satirise Shawkat Hussain, former Professor and Chair create a culture where the language
as head of the caretaker government prime minister and visits to the leader him, when he promises to do one thing of English, University of Dhaka, now teaches of politics would be democracy. MAB Siddique is a Staff Reporter at the
and president of the republic. That of the opposition, meeting Jamaat one morning and changes his mind at at State University of Bangladesh. We never prepared to tackle this Dhaka Tribune.

A letter to Bangladeshis abroad

n Maimuna N Ahmad because we do not think our teach- cally abroad as well. gram). Come home because you want build something, change something,

ers deserve to be paid (or, for that So many of us in this country live to be personally and professionally say something.
ome home, now. Come home to matter trained) more than the factory lives so well-insulated that we might challenged in a way you never have be- Just come home. Now. l
a place where scores are dying workers. Come home to a nation that as well be somewhere else altogether. fore. Come home because you choose
each week because we are play- is deeply entangled in existential To us all, I entreat, come home, now. to be a part of the solution. Maimuna N Ahmad is Founder and CEO,
ing a farcical game of political chicken. angst and the search for its soul. Come Come home to a country which Come home, then start something, Teach for Bangladesh.
(Farcical because the basic premise of home, now, to a country that will needs your skills, your experience, and
using terrorism as a tool of political break your heart, every day. most significantly, your voice. History
manipulation is that one side cares Before going further, let me apolo- and narrative in Bangladesh have been
enough about the damage to cave to gise for the assumptions I have made hijacked by corrupt megalomaniacs,
the other’s demands. In our case, not about who you are and what/where their thugs and their sycophants – they
true.) you consider “home.” Bangladesh- are ours to reclaim.
Come home to a place which
proves itself, time and again, shock-
ingly resilient in the face of tragedy;
to a nation held together by the kind-
Come home because you want to be personally and professionally ness of strangers. Come home to a
challenged in a way you never have before. Come home because country where brilliant young people
you choose to be a part of the solution are starting incredible organisations
and leading unprecedented move-
ments, where hope and opportunity
abound in unlikely places. Come
home to a country that will inspire
Come home to a place where men and is – both in the country and outside you, every day.
women are buried alive in rubble of of it – have complex, multi-faceted Come home; get your hands dirty.
concrete and steel, because we value identities. Leave Wall Street, become a teach-
human bodies only as much as the But if you thought for any brief er. Leave Capitol Hill, become an
labour that can be wrung out of them. moment that this letter was addressed entrepreneur. Come home, but – and
Come home to a place where our to you, then it is. This letter is not here’s the important part – come home
children graduate from primary school even just for those who live physically because you want and choose to (and
without being able to read or add, abroad, but those who live metaphysi- not because slums look cool on Insta- Let’s build the place we call home DHAKA TRIBUNE
12 DHAKA TRIBUNE Entertainment Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ekattorer Ma Jononi The Ten Commandments

screens at BSA today
recognises the Birongonas n Entertainment Desk

as freedom fighters
A film festival featuring Oscar award winning films, going on at
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy from December 7 till December
International Digital Film Archive of Academy’s National
Theatre organises the weeklong festival. William Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet (1968), directed by Franco Zeffirelli has been
screened on the opening day of the film festival.
Today, The Ten Commandments (1956), produced and directed
by Cecil B DeMille will screen at 6pm at the screening room of In-
ternational Digital Film Archive of BSA. This film is a American
religious historical epic film. It dramatizes the biblical story of the
life of Moses, an adopted Egyptian prince who becomes the de-
liverer of his real brethren, the enslaved Hebrews, and therefore
leads the Exodus to Mount Sinai, where he receives, from God,
the Ten Commandments. It stars Charlton Heston in the lead role,
Yul Brynner as Rameses, Anne Baxter as Nefretiri, Edward G Rob-
inson as Dathan, Yvonne De Carlo as Sephora, Debra Paget as Lil-
ia, and John Derek as Joshua; and features Sir Cedric Hardwicke
as Sethi, Nina Foch as Bithiah, Martha Scott as Yochabel, Judith
Anderson as Memnet, and Vincent Price as Baka, among others. l

Film Exhibition Quest for Reality City of Rhythm
Pacific Rim in 3D Solo Painting Exhibition Rafiqun Nabi Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed
Purno dhorgho prem kahini By Nurun Naher Supti Time: 12pm-8pm Time: 12pm to 8pm
Riddick, The Conjuring Time: 3pm – 9pm Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts Institute of Asian Creatives
Titanic (3D) Alliance Francaise de Dhaka House No 42, Road No 16 House 9
Level 8, Bashundhara City 26 Mirpur Road Sheik Kamal Sarani Road 36
Panthapath Dhanmondi Dhanmondi, Gulshan 2

MM Morshed (left) and Nipun in a scene of Ekattorer Ma Jononi

n Shadma Malik part in the noble cause of liberating the “My film differs from other libera-

The film Ekattorer Ma Jononi will be

out on the cinemas sometime in March
But lady luck was not with Jami-
la, she was abducted and taken to the
tion war movies as it focuses on the war
heroines, the Birongonas, it highlights
the crucial role played by these wom-
New pair hits silver screen
next year. As its title suggests, the story
of the movie is about the glorious lib-
Pakistani army camp as her husband’s
involvement in the uprise was evident.
en, who paid for freedom with their
dignity and self-respect. Ekattorer Ma
n Entertainment Desk
eration war of Bangladesh. The script There she meets many women who are Jononi pays tribute to the women free- Two thriving stars of Dhallywood, Saimon and Amrita, will be seen as a pair
is influenced by the novel Jononi Sha- brutally tortured and abused by the Pa- dom fighters of Bangladesh and recog- on the silver screen with their upcoming film Ojante Bhalobasha.
hoshini 1971, written by Anisul Hoque. kistani army. In captivity, Jamila realis- nises their true worth and sacrifices.” Written by Komol Sarker and directed by A J Rana, the shooting of the
The film directed by Shah Alam es the need for a free country and the When asked about the challenges he film will start from January 20.
Kiron features popular actors of the spirit of liberation war. faced, Kiron said: “It was a challeng- Saimon has already made a mark in the hearts of cinema lovers with his
silver screen: Nipun, Agun, Shakil She and her fellow women captives ing task to establish the womenfolk as acting skills and glamorous appearance. He made his debut in the 2012 with
Ahmed, MM Morshed and Chitrolekha start to work against the soldiers in freedom fighters and convey the mes- the movie Ji Huzur.
Guho. Uttom gave the art direction and the camp. At one point, Jamila and her sage to people that they identify them Recently Dhallywood’s new sensation Mahiya Mahi and Saimon have
a theatre troupe also worked in the husband Hashem succeed to invade as what they really were instead of emerged on the silver screen together in Poramon which made a good busi-
making of the film. the camp. It was a small step, but it viewing them as victims only. Another ness while his third film Er Beshi Bhalobasha Jai Na attracted mixed reactions.
The plot is a collection of scattered shows the role of every small step in challenging aspect was to portray the On the other hand, Amrita, a relatively new face in Dhallywood, made
stories that revolve around 1971 and the liberation of the country. past in the present.” her mark by acting in Royel Anik’s Game and Atik Rahman’s Ontore Ontore.
the nine months of war. But, the main In an interview with the Dhaka Shah Alam Kiron started his career About Ojante Bhalobasha, Saimon said: “The position I currently own in
focus is on one of the stories that have a Tribune at the shooting of the film, the as a director in the early ‘80s. His sig- the media is because of Jakir Hossain Raju and Jazz Multimedia. He has in-
significant role in the success of the lib- director shares: “I am happy direct a nificant movies are Niyoti Til Khela, spired me from the very beginning of my career. I am grateful to them for
eration war. Jamila (Nipun) and Hash- film which portrays the glorious liber- Jibon Diya Bhalobashi, Bichhar Hobey, making me what I am today.”
em (Agun) are residents of a village and ation war that sets us apart from oth- Ghor Jamai, Ami Ek o Manush, Churi- Amrita said: “Though none of my films has ben released yet, I am hope-
when the war broke out, Jamila en- er countries and makes us proud to be wala, Matir Thikana, Bidrohi and many ful that audience will love my films and accept me.” l
courages her husband Hashem to take Bangladeshis” more. l

Amar Shopno Grosto Adam Sandler tops Forbes’ list of

Shomoy Tumi Nayeeka
Hoye Utho on Channel 9 most-overpaid actors
n Entertainment Desk n Entertainment Desk
The single-episode drama titled Amar Shopno Gros- American actor Adam Sandler topped Forbes’
to Shomoy Tumi Nayeeka Hoye Utho will air tonight at list of Hollywood’s most-overpaid actors, com-
9:10pm on Channel 9. Written and directed by Mahmud manding a high up-front fee while delivering
Didar, the drama features Ahona, Bhabna, Bidya Sinha middling returns..
Mim, Zahir Uddin Piyar and many more. Sandler, 47, the star of recent comedies Jack
The story is about a young producer willing to make & Jill and That’s My Boy, dethroned Eddie Mur-
a film. He believes that it casting a woman in the role of phy for the dubious distinction. Forbes esti-
the protagonist would bring fortune for him. He goes to mated that Sandler’s last three films returned
a legend to listen stories on women. The storyteller nar- an average of $3.40 for every dollar he was paid.
rates stories of three women: a dancer, a sex worker and Murphy topped last year’s list, returning an
a mother. These characters ultimately become different average of $2.30 at the box office for each dollar
elements in his film. l earned.
Katherine Heigl, who starred in the poorly
performing films Killers and One for the Money,
placed slightly behind Sandler, returning an av-

ON TV erage of $3.50 per every dollar she earned.

The list, compiled annually by Forbes, counts
the last three films an actor has starred in over
was one of the few movie stars who could still
command more than $15 million per film, on an
erage return an actor brings per dollar paid.
Reese Witherspoon, the star of recent films
DRAMA COMEDY MIXED the past three years. This year’s list was cut off “up front” arrangement. Hollywood studios in Water for Elephants and This Means War, was
at June 1, and so it excluded Sandler’s buddy recent years have shifted to paying smaller up- third on this list, with an average return of
10:30pm Colors 12:00pm FX 12:30pm AXN
comedy Grown Ups 2, which was released in front fees and tie actors’ pay with the film’s box $3.90 for every dollar she was paid.
Uttaran The Simpsons So You Think You Can Dance
July and performed well at the box office. office performance. Nicholas Cage was fourth, with a $6 average
11:00pm Star Plus 8:30pm Star World 9:30pm FTV Forbes did not say how much Sandler earned The magazine said it examined actors’ pay, return, and comedian Kevin James was fifth,
Veera The Neighbors Fashion Divas on his last three films. But the magazine said he film budgets and expenses to calculate the av- returning an average of $6.10. l

SRK: Aamir finest actor, always inspiring Deepika receives ‘big’

n Entertainment Desk compliment
Superstar Shah Rukh Khan feels Aamir
Khan is the finest actor and an inspira-
n Entertainment Desk
tion for the kind of work he has done While the audiences feel that Deepika is the biggest take
in Dhoom 3. away from the film and she has done a phenomenal act por-
“He is the finest actor the country traying her character in the film Goliyon Raasleela Ram-Leela
has. For his role (in Dhoom 3) he , the best compliment came to her from Bollywood megastar
required that kind of body. He Amitabh Bachchan.
does some trapeze work in the film. Big B has sent Deepika a personalised hand written note
For him to work out that way (to have along with her favorite flowers to appreciate her performance
a perfect body) it is fantastic and in the movie. Obviously, Deepika was very delighted by his
inspiring,” Shah Rukh said at an event gesture and feels it is one of the best gifts she has received.
recently. He expressed his view about the film on his blog and
“Aamir leads the way and is always posted, “There is a certain joy in acknowledging the
an inspiration like this not only accomplishments of another, I did so for Ram-Leela, the film
physically and mentally but with the and its glorious cast and crew. With Sanjay Leela Bhansali,
kind of job and work he does. I really Deepika, Ranveer, Supriya and Richa, all that have made this
appreciate it,” he said. film a most memorable experience for me. I have watched it
In Dhoom 3, Aamir plays the role of a three times over in the last 24 hours and still desire for more.”
baddie. Shah Rukh is also ready to play and Anjaam. though it may not be commercially Deepika has looked breathtaking and brings a lot of
a negative role again on screen. He had “It is long time I haven’t played very befitting. It may not get into club energy to the screen. Deepika in Goliyon Raasleela Ram-Leela
played negative roles in the beginning such a role, I will like to do it. If I am of Rs100crore or Rs200crore.” Shah has done it all this year, making it her 4th successful hit in
of his career in films like Darr, Baazigar offered (anti-hero role) I will do it Rukh added. l the year.l Deepika and Big B greet each other at a programme recently
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 DHAKA TRIBUNE 13

Did you know?
After 1626 minutes
without a Premier
League goal, Danny
Graham on Monday
scored the opener
for Hull City against
0 9 5
DAYS TO GO 14 Milan, Dortmund 15 Bolt, Fraser-Pryce
look to reach crowned top
CL last 16 athletes

Faruk new Nasir raring

chief selector to go
n Minhaz Uddin Khan
The Bangladesh Cricket Board presi-
n Mazhar Uddin
dent Nazmul Hasan yesterday an- National all-rounder Nasir Hossain said
nounced that former national skipper yesterday that the Challenge series will
Faruk Ahmed to be the new chief of the help the Tigers prepare for the upcom-
national selection panel. The tenure as ing T20 World Championship, at the
the chief selector will be the second for MirpurSher-e-Bangla National stadium
Faruk, who left the post after the ICC yesterday.
World Cup 2007. “Of course, we have a T20World
Championship next year and the most
I got the important thing is every match prepa-
assignment for ration is always good for us and I think
the next two this preparation will help us for the up-
years and thus coming mega event,” said Nasir.
would like to However the 22- year old agreed
make the best that the amount of preparationwas not
use of the time enough, “I don’t think the preparations
for executing are enough for us before the World
strategies Championship because playing these
three-four matches will certainly not
fulfill the amount of practice we need
“We had two options for the post. before such tournament. I think the
Most of the directors agreed Faruk was board will think about these things,”
the right contender and so we have he said.
termed him as the chief selector for He also informed that it will be bet-
next two years,” Nazmul told the media ter if there was a T20 tournament like
at Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium the Bangladesh Premier League for
yesterday. preparation purposes.
Faruk, successor to former chief se- National skipper Mushfiqur Rahim
lector Akram Khan, was thrilled at the will lead a side against the A team
news and looked forward to perform in today and the captain of the A team
the best way possible. Nasir thought that the second eleven’s
“Akram has taken the national team players were keen to demonstrate their
to a very good position. Both Minhazul worth and hence, the series would
Abedin Nannu and Habibul Bashar be highly competitive. “There will
(members of the selection) accompa- be competition in the series, as the
nied Akram very well in the last few The leading names of Bangladesh ‘A’ team skipper Nasir Hossain, Mominul Haque share a light moment in the practice session at the SBNS yesterday MUMIT M cricketers from the A side will always
years. My challenge will be to take the try to prove their talents to get into

Departure unjustified: Nazmul

level of performance higher and hope the national side, where they take the
Bashar and Nannu will help me the matches seriously,” said Nasir.
way they did Akram,” said Faruk. Bangladesh team will face the A
Faruk further informed that his im- team in the remaining two matches on
mediate task will be to form the best December 12 and 13 at the Sher-e-Ban-
possible team for the ICC World Twen- gla National Stadium.
ty20 2014.
“I got the assignment for the next
n Minhaz Uddin Khan cause of the letter from WICB (West
Indies Cricket Board) asking them to
unrest in the country is due political
disputes, not terrorist activities. 
loves the game a lot. BNP (Bangladesh
Nationalist Party) declared that cricket
Nasir, who has captained both the
U-13 and U-15 sides,said he had en-
two years and thus would like to make Bangladesh Cricket Board president leave. Our CEO (Ziamuddin Chowd- “Political unrest can happen in will be exempted from their activities, joyed the leadership role. Nonetheless,
the best use of the time for executing Nazmul Hasan told the media yester- hury, BCB acting CEO) had sent a letter many countries where people can get so there is a clear message. So there when asked if he was ready to take the
strategies. My first task is to get the day that the departure of the West In- explaining everything to them yester- scared. This is not a terrorist activity, is no reason to be scared. We had vacant vice captain’s post, he said that
strongest team for the World Twenty20 dies U19 team was unjustified and that day (Monday) evening, but got no re- rather a political one and is not linked arranged the best security for West he is not thinking about the issue at the
and then work for a good ODI team for the situation in Bangladesh is not seri- sponse,” Nazmul said.  to terrorism. The strikes and blockades Indies U-19 and there was nothing to moment.
the World Cup 2015,” he said. l ous enough to justify a team leaving in Nazmul speculated that it might did not start today or yesterday, it has worry about but they left. We are sad Bangladesh has a very busy sched-
that manner.  have been the parents of the cricket- been going on for a while. The New about it, but we are not worried,” said ule for the next couple of months – and
Zia wins in “A team from the ICC (International
Cricket Council) was in Bangladesh a
ers who pressured the WICB into with-
drawing the team. 
Zealand team played during a strike,
they didn’t find it to be an issue,” said
WICB’s decision will not harm the
the possibility of players getting in-
jured is a relevant one.

London few days ago for an inspection. They

saw the security arrangement and were
“The cricketers were never the tar-
get of the crude bomb explosion near
The BCB boss added that he had
future of the game in Bangladesh,
believes Nazmul. Political unrest is a
Nasir, however, remained calm over
the prospect, “You never know when a
n Raihan Mahmood happy with it. 
“They (WI U-19) were supposed to
the team hotel in Chittagong. As said
before, it was an isolated incident,”
contacted the relevant political parties
and requested that cricket be kept off
common scene after the election. 
The Bangladesh election is
cricketer gets injured, it’s totally about
luck. But as we are professional crick-
Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman beat play the second game on the resched- clarified Nazmul.  their violent agendas.  scheduled to be held on January 5, eters, we know how to keep fit and take
FM Berry Neil of Scotland in the 3rd uled date but later, they refused be- The BCB boss mentioned that the “Our country is crazy for cricket and 2014.l proper rest.” l
round of the 5th London Chess Classic

West Indies U-19 team depart 7th

FIDE Open at the Olympia Conference
Center, Kensington London yesterday.
The result saw Zia take his tally
to 2.5 points. In the 4th round, he is
BPL from Dec 27
pitted against IM Houska Jovanka of
n Raihan Mahmood BFF has designated the stadiums of Feni
Meanwhile GM Niaz Murshed lost
n Mazhar Uddin after concerns were raised following an
explosion outside the team’s hotel.
and calls for countrywide dawn-to-
dusk protest.  The 7th edition of Bangladesh Premier
and Gopalganj, the home of Feni Soccer
and Muktijoddha respectively, as being
to M. Kunal of India in the 6th round The Bangladesh Cricket Board made a The touring West Indies U-19 side “Travel arrangements are being League will begin at two venues in Dha- outside the capital venues for the profes-
of the SREI International Grandmaster last-ditch attempt on Monday to sal- had been scheduled to play seven made to allow for the team’s return to ka - the Bangabandhu National Stadium sional league of the country.
Chess at Kolkata. vage the Under-19 series against the youth ODI matches but only played the Caribbean as quickly as possible. and the Kamalapur Mostafa Kamal Sta- “We have no alternatives apart from it;
Of the other Bangladesh players, touring West Indies U-19 side after the the first match before the incident The team will remain safely accom- dium - on December 27. we have to start the professional league
Debaraj Chatterjee lost to FM Matta West Indies Cricket Board decided pull occurred near the team’s hotel in modated at the team hotel’s was under The decision was taken at the meeting as soon as possible as already we have
Vinoy Kumar of India, Zoar Haque their team out citing due to security Chittagong, forcing the visiting side to adequate security protection until its of the Professional League Committee of failed to maintain the calendar. We are
Prodhan lost to Pradeep Kumar of concerns, but the touring side finally leave Bangladesh in the middle of the departure from Bangladesh.” the Bangladesh Football Federation at focused on starting the league and hope
India, Sharif Hossain lost to Rajdeep left Bangladesh yesterday morning. series. This is the first time any internation- the BFF House yesterday. Representa- the political situation cools down and
Sarker of India, Saidul Islam Mamun The WI U-19 team flew to Dhaka The WICB’s decision was taken on al side has pulled out of a tour of Ban- tives of all 10 premier league clubs were then we can look after other aspects,”
drew with Godbole Atharva of India yesterday morning and they returned the basis of a report on the situation in gladesh for security reasons and will present at the meeting. said Salam Murshedy, the senior vice
and Saimon Siddikur Rahman lost to to the Caribbean immediately after- Bangladesh by WICB security manager surely tarnish the image of the country However, due to the prevailing po- president of BFF. There will be at least
Shetye Siddali of India. ewards from the Hazrat Shah Jalal In- Paul Slowe. before the T20 World Championship in litical turmoil in the country, BFF has three match days per week and maybe
At the end of the 3rd round, Debaraj ternational airport. The statement read: “The report March next year. The Asia Cup, sched- decided to start the premier league with more. “We are yet to finalise the fixture
has 2.5 points, Zoar Haque Prodhan 2 Earlier on Monday, the WICB’s an- emphasised that the current security uled to take place before that, is also the third phase, which had previously as we are still thinking of match days. At
points, Sharif Hossain 1.5 points, while nouncement came as a body blow for environment in Bangladesh is not con- now in the shade of the darkness as the been planned to be held at a neutral ven- least three match days is the plan, with
Saimon Siddiqur Rahman, Saidul Islam the BCB, who had earlier tried to con- ducive to the playing of cricket in light ICC earlier asked BCB to report on the ue, while the first and second phases are two matches per day.” said Abu Naeem
Masum have one point each. l vince the visitors to continue the series of the 72-hour nationwide blockade security situation of the country. l to be held on a home-and-away basis. Shohag, the general secretary of BFF. l

Hemanta’s final report on cards

n Shishir Hoque If he fails this time, there is a chance
they could call him back and give him
the national team.
“There are not enough options in
The final report of Bangladesh U-19 another trial later. the number 9, 10 and wing positions
skipper Hemanta Vincent Biswas re- “The coaching staffs will analyze his and I have planned to a hold talent
garding his trial at FC Twente is time overall performance and they told me hunt program across the country to
consuming, said national team’s Dutch they will call me for any information search for players in those respective
head coach Lodewijk de Kruif yester- regarding Hemanta.” positions. But I can’t go on with my
day. Meanwhile, Kruif’s family left Dha- plan due to the financial crisis and the
Hemanta had his final trial game ka for Netherlands earlier but the coach political unrest in the country,” he said.
and practice session for the Dutch club will leave on December 18 and return Kruif praised Nahid, Tapu Barmon,
yesterday and is expected to fly back on January 12. Kruif was supposed to Yeasin, Meshu, Sajib’s performance in
to Nepal tomorrow. After dropping Bi- leave on Tuesday but Kazi Salahuddin the ongoing Federation Cup but he is
mal Gharti Magar there, he will return requested him to stay for few more also searching for more young talented
to Dhaka along with Dutch assistant days to be present at the World Cup players for the national team. He is
coach Rene Koster on Friday. Trophy program, which begins on De- expected to sit with the BFF coaches
Asked about the final report of cember 17. soon and give them some assignments
Hemanta, Kruif replied, “It wouldn’t be The Dutch coach went on to towards this end.
in one or two days. We have to wait for blame the country’s current political The Dutch coach is also planning to
a while for the final report on Heman- unrest and financial crisis for the tour Australia, England, Canada, Amer-
ta. There’s nothing to be worried, as if Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) ica and Germany in search of non-resi- Officials of sports and youth ministry accorded a warm welcome to the Bangladesh Special Olympics contingent who won 77 gold medals
it will be negative or positive for him. not moving forward with its plans for dent Bangladeshi footballers. l in the Asia-Pacific Special Olympics upon their arrival at the Dhaka airport yesterday COURTESY
14 DHAKA TRIBUNE Sport Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I’d rather play

Spain than Chile
in last 16: Scolari
n Reuters, Sao Paulo
Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari would
rather play Spain or the Netherlands if
the hosts make the last 16 of the World
Cup than South American rivals Chile.
Chile are “a pain” to play against be-
cause their system is in direct contrast
to Brazil’s, Scolari said on TV Globo’s
Esporte Espetacular program.
“I hope Chile don’t qualify. “I’d rath-
er play any of the others. They’re a pain
to play against. They’re well organised,
they’re intelligent, they have a good
side. It’s better to play against a Euro-
pean team,” he added.
Brazil are in Group A with Croatia,
Mexico and Cameroon and the winners
face the runners-up in Group B featuring
Chile, world and European champions
Spain, the Netherlands and Australia.
The winners of Group B face the
runners-up in Group A in the last 16.
Scolari may have been employing
early psychology. Brazil beat Chile 2-1
in a friendly last month and have lost
only seven times in 67 matches against
the South Americans.
The former Chelsea boss said he was
not concerned that Brazil were in the
toughest half of the draw with five of
the eight former World Cup winners.
“We’re ready for whatever hap-
pens,” he said. “I just don’t want to play
Uruguay famously won the World
Cup in 1950 by beating Brazil at the Ma-
racana stadium. l

Barcelona could
leave Nou Camp
n Agencies Chelsea's Spanish midfielder Juan Mata (L), Brazilian midfielder Oscar (C) and Spanish striker Fernando Torres (R) attend a training session at the club's training ground in Cobham, Surrey, south of London, yesterday on the eve of
their Uefa Champions League match against Steaua Bucharest AFP

Milan, Dortmund look to reach last 16

The Spanish champions have com-
missioned a report over the viability
of both projects with the objective to
increase the capacity of their home
ground to 105,000.
Although progress was made at a
meeting on Monday, the Barca direc-
tors will not announce their preferred
n Agencies With Ajax conceding only three
defeats on their way to second place
ic to the Camp Nou still needing a point
to mathematically ensure they finish
in their last European outing leaves
them just two points clear of Milan.
win, they will finish level with Arse-
nal on 12 points and the qualifiers will
option until early in 2014. Former champions in the Dutch top flight, Allegri says it top of Champions League Group H. Defeat in Amsterdam was followed be decided by the results between the
Board spokesman Toni Freixa ex- AC Milan and Borus- would be a mistake to underestimate The Catalans appeared to be cruis- by another loss, this time on the do- three teams.
plained on the club’s official website sia Dortmund go Frank De Boer’s side, who, with a win, ing to first place and the benefit of hav- mestic front, as Athletic Bilbao ended Group E will also have a dramatic
it had two choices: “The construction into their final group would qualify. Barca’s 26-game unbeaten run in La finish when habitual over-achievers
of a new stadium on the land on Di- matches needing “Ajax have shown some great form FIXTURES Liga five days later. Basel (8 points) visit spectacularly in-
agonal, property which belongs to the a result in their re- of late and they have great technique Schalke 04 (GER) v Basel (SUI) Despite the group stage’s predict- consistent Schalke (7) needing a point
University of Barcelona, or a profound spective games to throughout the team. We have to have able nature, this season has at least to join Chelsea in the last 16.
Chelsea (ENG) v Steaua (ROM)
remodelling project that would consti- ensure they continue their campaign the right attitude against them and, proved more competitive than last Despite their dismal domestic form,
Marseille (FRA) v Dortmund (GER)
tute a new stadium keeping the current for the trophy in the New Year. above all, score goals,” said the Italian. term when 13 of the 16 knockout stage seven-times champions AC Milan (8)
structure of the Camp Nou. AC Milan need only a point against Milan’s 3-0 rout of Celtic in Scotland Napoli (ITA) v Arsenal (ENG) places had been booked before the fi- should get the point they need at home
Despite the sizeable financial outlay Ajax today to secure entry to the last a fortnight ago, when Ajax stunned Vienna (AUT) v Zenit (RUS) nal round of group matches. to Ajax Amsterdam (7) and follow Bar-
that would be involved, Freixa insisted 16 of the Champions League, but em- Barcelona 2-1 in Amsterdam to stay in Madrid (ESP) v FC Porto (POR) As expected, Group F has turned out celona through from Group H.
any project would not harm the club, battled coach Massimiliano Allegri is contention, kept the Italian giants in AC Milan (ITA) v Ajax (NED) to be by far the toughest. “The Dutch have achieved great
“It needs to be viable from a technical taking nothing for granted. second place in Group H with a one- Barcelona (ESP) v Celtic (SCO) Leaders Arsenal (12 points) travel to results and have good technique and
perspective, urbanist and economic. We For the second consecutive season point lead on the Dutchmen. Napoli (9) needing a draw, or a defeat we must take all the necessary precau-
would never submit a project that would Milan’s run-in to Christmas is anything It means the seven-time European by less than three goals, while Borussia tions,” said Milan’s unflappable coach
endanger the sustainability of the club.” but festive: they currently sit ninth in champions need just a point at the San ing the second-leg of their last 16 tie at Dortmund (9), will go through if they Massimiliano Allegri whose future is
The Nou Camp is already the larg- Serie A, 22 points behind leaders Ju- Siro to join leaders Barcelona in the home having beaten AC Milan 3-1 to beat pointless Olympique Marseille the source of constant speculation.
est ground in Europe with a capacity of ventus and 14 adrift of the first Cham- knockout phase. qualify on matchday four. away, regardless of the other result. “We have to score a goal, we cannot
99,354. l pions League qualifying spot. Meanwhile, Barcelona welcome Celt- However, a 2-1 defeat away to Ajax Should Napoli and Dortmund both think of playing for the 0-0.” l

Brazil vows to act after Ribery named

French player
hooliganism outbreak of the year
n AFP, Rio De Janeiro hour as order was belatedly restored.
The violence continued unabated
n Reuters, Paris
Brazil pledged to stamp as the hooligans ran amok, clashing in Franck Ribery, who has been shortlist-
out stadium violence several sections of the stands. ed for the prestigious FIFA-Ballon d’Or
Monday after hooligan- At least three fans were hurt with award, was named French Player of
ism marred a weekend one, believed to have suffered a the Year yesterday by France Football
first division league fractured skull airlifted to safety by magazine.
game, raising fresh helicopter. The Bayern Munich winger beat mid-
doubts about its ability to stage a trou- There was further controversy field duo Paul Pogba of Juventus and
ble-free World Cup. after police failed to intervene and it Paris St Germain’s Blaise Matuidi in a
President Dilma Rousseff said Brazil later transpired that Atletico had only poll of past and present French players.
Greenpeace could not and would not tolerate soc-
cer violence after fans of Atletico Pa-
drafted private security personnel to
‘police’ a “private event.”
“I now have to go get Thierry Hen-
ry’s record,” Ribery, who has now won
banner interrupts ranaense and Vasco Da Gama fought
pitched battles in the southern city of
Rousseff was energetic in her
condemnation. “A footballing country
the prize three times to Henry’s five,
told France Football.
Madrid press meet Joinville. cannot live with violence in its AS Roma’s Rudi Garcia, who joined
Graphic television footage showed stadiums. This violence goes against the Serie A club from Lille during the
n AFP, Copenhagen hundreds of fans of both sides kicking
and punching for several minutes
all that we associate with football,” the
president said.
close season and is unbeaten in 15
league matches, was named the best
A banner from environmental activ- with the game only a few minutes old, “The presence of police is necessary French coach for 2013 in a poll of cur-
ists Greenpeace protesting at Russian forcing the referee to call a halt for an in stadiums,” she added. l rent and former managers. l
oil giant Gazprom’s exploration in the
Arctic interrupted a Real Madrid press
conference ahead of their Champions
League clash away to FC Copenhagen
Moyes admits life tough at United Unlikely scorers as
Swansea draw with Hull
on Monday.
Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti and
defender Pepe had just begun the press
n AFP, Manchester ons League, not so well in the Premier
League,” he said.
Moyes revealed the shock defeat by
Newcastle on Saturday - the Magpies’
conference in the Danish capital when Manchester United manager David “We’ve maybe lacked a bit of for- first league win at Old Trafford since
a banner was lowered behind them
which read “Save the arctic, show Gaz-
Moyes admitted it is “tough” at Old
Trafford as he endures a difficult start
tune in some of the games.
“It’s tough because the expectancy is
1972 - has only given the United manager
more drive to turn their season around.
n Reuters goal in 28 matches - the last one scored
for Swansea in January.
prom the red card.” to life with the club. to win all the games. I think there’s a bit “No I did not need to lift my spirits Two unlikely goalscorers Hull had a goal disallowed when Da-
The banner was quickly removed The Premier League champions sit of everything we can improve - general- after Newcastle - that raised my spir- lifted a largely dull mid- vid Meyler was adjudged offside, then
by officials before the press conference ninth in the table after 15 games and ly play better, pass better, defend better. its,” he said. “It just made me more de- table Premier League clash
continued. a massive 13 points off leaders Arsenal “It is not any one thing. It is all round termined to make sure we improve and between Swansea City and RESULT
Gazprom is an official sponsor of after back-to-back defeats at home to we have to improve. It was only recent get better. I agree in recent games we Hull City who shared the points in a 1-1 Swansea 1-1 Hull
the Champions League and it is not the Everton and Newcastle in the space of when we had beaten Arsenal here and have not finished games in the way we draw at the Liberty Stadium on Monday. Flores 60 Graham 9)
first time Greenpeace has launched a four days. then Leverkusen (that) we were speak- would have liked to. I’ve tried to make Hull striker Danny Graham’s first
protest of this type this season. But he revealed he is taking full re- ing very well about the team. changes but it hasn’t quite happened.” goal in almost a year put the visitors Yannick Sagbo’s shot from distance
Once the press conference restarted, sponsibility for their poor start in the “I take complete responsibility for The United boss revealed the play- ahead after nine minutes, the former was saved at full stretch by Swansea
though, normal service was resumed Premier League in their first season the results. Fortunately they’ve been ers are hurting but still has full belief Swansea player side-footing home goalkeeper Gerhard Tremmel.
as Pepe backed teammate and compa- since Alex Ferguson retired. good in the Champions League but not that they will turn their season around from close range following a right-wing The point moved both teams up one
triot Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Bal- “We’ve been inconsistent at times in the Premier League. Hopefully they and that he has a squad big enough for cross by Ahmed Elmohamady. place in the table, Swansea to 10th and
lon d’Or for the second time. l but played well in some of the Champi- will get better.” the challenge. l It was Graham’s first Premier League Hull 12th. l
DHAKA TRIBUNE Sport Wednesday, December 11, 2013 15
QUICK BYTES 'Pakistan players
Guardiola laughs off suffering from
Neuer to City reports home exclusion'
Bayern coach Pep Guardiola has laughed
off reports Manchester City have tabled
a 48 million euros bid (£40m) for Ger-
n Reuters, Karachi
many goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, ahead Playing matches constantly away from
of Tuesday’s Champions League clash. home is taking a psychological toll on
Bayern host Manchester City at Munich’s Pakistan’s players, captain Misbah-ul-
Allianz Arena with the Premier League Haq said on Monday in urging cricket’s
side needing to win at least 3-0 to knock governing body (ICC) to reinstate inter-
the hosts from first place in Group D nationals in his country.
with both sides already through to the No international teams have toured
knock-out stages. Guardiola has said he Pakistan since the 2009 attack by mili-
is deadly serious about the Bavarians’ in- tants on the Sri Lanka team bus in La-
tentions of beating City to become only hore, leaving Pakistan to host all their
the sixth team in Champions League home matches at neutral countries.
history to emerge from the group stages “You look at the example of Eng-
with a 100 per cent record from the land batsman Jonathan Trott recently
six games. But the Spaniard laughed and you can imagine what our players
off British media reports that City have are going through... playing away from
tabled a huge bid for Neuer, the rock in home constantly for the last five years
the Bayern defence which has leaked is taking its toll on the players,” he said
just nine goals in 20 Bundesliga and on a television talk show.
Champions League games this season. Trott is on an indefinite break from
–AFP cricket after ruling himself out of the
ongoing Ashes series in Australia with
South Africa name stress-related issues.
unchanged squad Misbah pointed out that many play-
ers struggled to be away from home
for India Tests and their families for long periods of
South Africa on Monday named an time.
unchanged 15-man squad for two Test “It is not easy for the players to be
matches against India later this month. playing away from home for the last
South Africa, the leading team on the five years and it has got its psycho-
International Cricket Council rankings, logical consequences and it has also
have not been beaten in a series since stopped the growth of our cricket,”
2009. Both their last two series against South Africa's players celebrate after winning the Final match against New Zealand in IRB Sevens rugby tournament at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth on Sunday AFP Misbah added. l
India, away in 2009/10 and at home the
following season, were drawn. In their

Pakistan, Sri Lanka tune Bolt, Fraser-Pryce

most recent series, against Pakistan in
the United Arab Emirates in October,
South Africa lost the first Test in Abu

crowned top athletes

Dhabi but bounced back with an innings

up for World Twenty20

win in the second and final Test in Dubai
to share the series. “We were very happy
with the performance of the Proteas in
the second Test match at Dubai,” said
Cricket South Africa selection convener
n AFP, Kingston retained the titles they won last year.
Bolt won the 100 metre-200 metre
Andrew Hudson, “and we see no need to
change something that is operating well.”
n AFP, Dubai tween the two countries.
Pakistan will be at full strength and
Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangak-
kara providing a contrast to Pakistan’s
Jamaica’s double World Champion-
ships sprint gold medalists Usain Bolt
double at the IAAF World Champion-
ships in Moscow earlier this year, and
–AFP Sri Lanka and Pakistan will use their boosted by the return of magician off- fragile and unpredictable batsmen. and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce were on led the 4x100m relay teams to victory
two-match series in Dubai starting spinner Saeed Ajmal, who skipped Ajantha Mendis and Sachithra Sena- Monday named the Jamaica Athletics as well. Fraser-Pryce also won the dou-
Israel midfielder on Wednesday to size each other up
ahead of the World Twenty20 in three
Sunday’s game to rest back home.
“We leaked quite a few runs against
nayake are the two specialist spinners in
the bowling department which is spear-
Administrative Association’s male and
female athletes of 2013. Bolt, who was
ble in the 100m and 200m.
Bolt and Fraser-Pryce were earlier
Benayoun signs for QPR months’ time. Afghanistan so we will have to be at headed by paceman Lasith Malinga. absent due to sponsorship commit- this year named the IAAF male and fe-
Israel midfielder Yossi Benayoun has Pakistan, fourth in the Twenty20 our best to beat Sri Lanka and Ajmal’s Pakistan finished runners-up in the ments off the island, and Fraser-Pryce, male athletes of the year. l
signed a short-term contract with rankings, are also aiming to topple Sri return will help that,” said Hafeez, who first World Twenty20 held in South Af-
English Championship club Queen’s Lanka from the top of the standings by was man of the match against Afghani- rica in 2007 before winning the title in
Park Rangers. The promotion-chasing winning both matches, the second of stan for his 42 not out. England two years later.
London club confirmed on Tuesday that which takes place on Friday. Sri Lanka, led by Dinesh Chandimal, Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka in the fi-
the former West Ham United, Liverpool “Sri Lanka are a top side so this is in will have to overcome rustiness after nal at Lord’s – a defeat which Sri Lanka
and Chelsea player, who had been on itself a motivation to beat the number most of their recent matches at home avenged by winning the semi-final in
trial, had joined the second tier side one side and if we win both it will lift us were ruined by rain. Last month they Colombo on their way to finishing run-
until the end of the season. “Yossi is a to the top of the world,” Pakistan cap- beat New Zealand 1-0 with the other ners-up in the fourth edition last year.
good footballer, a top-class player,” QPR tain Mohammad Hafeez said. match abandoned because of inclem- The fifth edition will be held in Ban-
manager Harry Redknapp said. “He’s If the series is a 1-1 draw the teams will ent weather. gladesh from March 16 to April 6.
got great ability and is someone I have maintain their current rankings while a “The advantage Pakistan’s got is Pakistan’s selectors added 19 year-
always liked. I actually tried to take him 2-0 loss would push Hafeez’s team down that they have played a lot of inter- old left-arm paceman Usman Shinwari
to Tottenham at one time. “I think he will to fifth. Pakistan go into the matches well national cricket in the last six-eight to the squad after his impressive per-
be a fantastic addition to the squad.” prepared after playing four Twenty20 months whereas unfortunately we formance at domestic level.
–Reuters games against South Africa last month. haven’t played nearly as much because Shinwari took 5-9 in National Twen-
They also overcame tough resis- of weather and various other things,” ty20 championship final on December
Turkey minister slams tance from minnows Afghanistan by
six wickets in a last ball thriller in Shar-
said coach Graham Ford.
Sri Lanka are hoping their batting will
3 in Lahore, which also included Paki-
stan’s one-day and Test captain Mis-
Mandela T-shirt action jah on Sunday – the first Twenty20 be- see them through with the experienced bah-ul Haq’s scalp. l
Turkey’s sports minister lashed out

England rest senior trio for ODIs

on Monday at moves by the football
authorities to punish two top Ivorian
club players for paying homage to Double points to go to
winner of final Grand Prix
Nelson Mandela. Didier Drogba and
Emmanuel Eboue have been threatened
with disciplinary action by the Turkish
Football Federation for violating a ban
n Reuters dian Premier League begins and while
that’s on, the English season starts. Our
“Guys like Anderson and Pietersen are
in their early 30s now and they are prize
on wearing political slogans on T-shirts
– triggering outrage on Twitter. Turkish
n AFP, Paris 2014 F1 CALENDAR England have rested batsman Kevin
Pietersen and bowling pair Graeme
players who play all three forms cannot
play 12 months a year.
assets and we need to look after them.
“From a physical perspective,
Sports Minister Suat Kilic called on the Formula One’s governing body has an- March 16 : Australia (Melbourne) Swann and James Anderson from their they’re always dealing with various
federation to review its decision against nounced a series of changes aimed at March 30 : Malaysia (Sepang) limited-overs squads for the series in SQUAD niggles and sometimes they need to be
April 6 : Bahrain (Sakhir)
the two star players with Istanbul giant making the motor sport more competi- Australia starting next month. ODI taken out of competition. That is not
April 20 : China (Shanghai)
Galatasaray. Drogba removed his club tive and crowd-pleasing. May 11 : Spain (Barcelona) Test captain Alastair Cook will lead Alastair Cook (captain), Gary Ballance, for them just to rest, it’s so we can max-
shirt after a match Friday against SB These include awarding double May 25 : Monaco (Monte Carlo) the 16-man squad in the one-day inter- Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Tim Bresnan, imise their skills when they do play.”
Elazigspor to reveal a T-shirt that read points for the final Grand Prix of the June 8 : Canada (Montreal) national series, while paceman Stuart Danny Briggs, Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler, With the Twenty20 World Cup next
“Thank You Madiba”, using Mandela’s season, which next year takes place in June 22 : Austria (Red Bull Ring) Broad will be in charge of the 15-man Michael Carberry, Steven Finn, Chris year followed by the 50-over World
clan name. Abu Dhabi on Nov 23, and a numbers July 6 : Great Britain (Silverstone) Twenty20 squad named on Tuesday. Cup in 2015, the selection will provide
Jordan, Eoin Morgan, Boyd Rankin, Joe
July 20 : Germany (Hockenheim)
–AFP identification system for drivers which England will play five ODIs and Root, Ben Stokes, James Tredwell. opportunities for youngsters to stake
July 27 : Hungary (Budapest)
they will retain throughout their career. August 24 : Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps) three T20 matches following the five- T20 their claim.
The decision to award double Sep 7 : Italy (Monza) test Ashes series which they trail 2-0. “We have an important period of
Stuart Broad (captain), Ravi Bopara, Tim
DAY’S WATCH points, counting towards the drivers’ Sep 21 : Singapore (Marina Bay) “This is going to be another month
Bresnan, Danny Briggs, Jos Buttler, Jade
limited overs cricket coming up with
and constructors’ championships, at Oct 5 : Japan (Suzuka) of tough cricket and then a heavy an ICC World T20 in Bangladesh in
Ten Cricket Oct 12 : Russia (Sochi) Dernbach, Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Mi-
the final race of the season was made schedule from the West Indies tour March and we are just over a year away
Nov 2 : United States (Austin) chael Lumb, Eoin Morgan, Boyd Rankin,
4:30PM “to maximise focus on the champion- onwards,” England coach Andy Flower from the... World Cup in New Zealand
Nov 9 : Brazil (Interlagos, Sao Paulo) Joe Root, Ben Stokes, James Tredwell,
South Africa v India ship until the end of the campaign”, ac- Nov 23 : Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina) told reporters on Tuesday. and Australia,” national selector Geoff
Luke Wright.
3rd ODI cording to a statement from FIA. l “Straight after the World T20, the In- Miller said in a statement. l
Ten Golf

'Johnson can go faster'

06:00 PM
Nelson Mandela Championship
Day 1
Sony Six
7:00AM n AFP, Adelaide has bowled at speeds above 150 kph
(93 mph) and playing in his home Test
loss in England earlier this year, said
his key task was to keep the 32-year-old
Chicago vs Milwaukee
Australian bowling coach Craig should provide even more pace, Mc- firing on all cylinders.
LA Lakers vs Phoenix McDermott had a chilling warning for Dermott said. “He’s been impressive. He’s confi-
England Tuesday – Mitchell Johnson “I’d like to see – at his home ground, dent. Our challenge is to keep him go-
UEFA Champions League can go even faster on his home ground being in front of his adopted state, ing and bowling that way. It’s exciting
Ten Sports in Perth. Western Australia – what the adrena- for Test match cricket,” Lehmann said.
The fearsome left-arm paceman line does to his pace,” McDermott told “It’s exciting to see bowlers bowl
1:45AM reporters. fast, or spinners turn it square. You’ve
grabbed his second consecutive man-
Chelsea v Steaua Bucharest
of-the-match award after a thump- “Not forgetting that it’s not all about got to adapt and improve your tech-
Ten Action
ing win in Adelaide on Monday as the speed. It’s about making sure that the nique. It’s always exciting to see guys
1:45AM home side took a 2-0 lead in the five- ball is in the right spot and that is what bowl at those speeds.”
Napoli v Arsenal Test series. Mitchell has done since his return to in- With momentum on their side,
Ten HD If Australia win the third Test start- ternational cricket, both in the shorter Lehmann wants his team to keep on
1:45AM ing in Perth on Friday, they will reclaim form and in Test match cricket. doing what they’ve been doing in
Barcelona v Celtic the Ashes they lost in 2009 with John- “He has been able to bowl good line Perth.
Neo Prime son tipped to take it to another level or length, mixed up with some very Lehmann said he expected all-
at a ground where he has claimed 36 good short-pitched bowling.” rounder Shane Watson to bowl more
3:00AM (Thursday)
wickets at an average of under 20. Australia coach Darren Lehmann, in Perth after being used sparingly in
West Indies Tour of New Zealand
Australia pacer Mitchell Johnson celebrates their victory over England in the second The imposing quick, who already who has helped mastermind Austra- Brisbane and Adelaide, where his focus
2nd Test, Day 2
Ashes Test in Adelaide on Monday AFP has 17 wickets in this series at 12.70, lia’s turnaround after their 3-0 series was on his batting. l
16 DHAKA TRIBUNE Back Page Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Key Sayedee witness dies Now Molla’s wife

shows victory sign
n Mohammad
Udisa Islam
Jamil Khan and brother of the victim filed a case with Zi-
anagar police on Monday accusing some

A key prosecution witness against war

unidentified people.
Contacted, Pirojpur Police Superin-
n Udisa Islam Jail. Please come with your family by
8pm to meet him,” read the letter that
crimes convict Delawar Hossain Sayedee tendent Akhteruzzaman told the Dhaka The time by the clock on the outer wall was marked “very urgent.”
succumbed to injuries at Dhaka Medical Tribune that the police had already raid- of the Dhaka Central Jail was exactly Molla’s Son Hasan Jamil confirmed
College Hospital early yesterday, two ed several areas of the district and arrest- 7:51pm, when death row war crimi- receiving the letter.
days after he had received stab injuries ed six persons. nal Quader Molla’s family members A total of 23 members of the war
allegedly by some Jamaat-Shibir activists Asked if the incident took place be- stepped through the gates of jail. criminal’s family including his son,
at his Pirojpur home. cause of police’s negligence, he said: Apart from only the children, every- four daughters, their husbands and
“Victim Mostafa Hawlader died “We are also investigation this issue. If one knew that it could be the last time his brother-in-law entered the prison,
around 12:10am at the intensive care we find any irregularities, we will take they were going to meet Molla. They where they stayed for an hour or so.
unit,” Dr M Abdur Rahman, professor stern action.” knew that he was going to be hanged in When they came out of the jail
and head of ICU, told the Dhaka Tribune. Yesterday, the International Crimes just a few hours. around 8:56pm, Jamil termed the exe-
About the injury, Prof Md Zillur Rah- Tribunal 1 expressed concerns over the But a “victory sign” came from vir- cution “political killing.”
man of neurosurgery department at the killing of witness Mostafa. It ordered tually nowhere as Molla’s wife Sanoara He also said his father’s physical
DMCH said Mostafa had been suffering necessary steps to protect the witnesses. Jahan used the index and the middle and mental conditions were complete-
from sharp cutting injuries. Some bones “Every in the world, there is witness pro- fingers on her right hand to make a ges- ly stable and he had told them to not
of his head were broken due to the hit by tection law and for this type of special ture that is generally made when some- worry.
sharp weapons while the brain damaged court, it is very much necessary,” said one wins something.
causing bleeding. Wife of Mostafa Hawlader, who succumbed to his injuries after being hacked allegedly by the tribunal headed by Justice ATM Fa- She made the gesture before she
“We conducted a surgery on his head Jamaat activists on Sunday, bursts into tears at Dhaka Medical College Hospital yesterday. zle Kabir. even met her husband.
Ten months ago, Molla, also
for three hours at noon to stop the bleed- Mostafa was a witness against Delawar Hossain Sayedee MAHMUD HOSSAIN OPU The tribunal then enquired the pros- Her son Hasan Jamil explained: “Of known as the “Butcher of
ing and remove the broken pieces of ecution about the steps the government course we have won. My father did not Mirpur,” made the very same
bones,” he told the Dhaka tribune. “Lat- stafa was later sent to the DMCH as his deposition against Sayedee. had taken in this connection. harm people and he was not served jus- gesture for victory
er, we shifted him immediately to the condition deteriorated. She demanded execution of the war Prosecutor Mokhlesur Rahman said tice. So, my mother showed this sign.”
ICU.” The attack came within a week of criminal , punishment of her husband’s the team had talks with the home min- “If we do not, then who will show According to Jamil, Molla also told
Contacted, Dr Kazi Abu Sama, assis- withdrawing police protection from Mo- killers and security of her family and oth- istry, the tribunal’s investigation agency this?” was his rhetoric question. them: “I was your guardian until today.
tant professor of the forensic depart- stafa’s house. er witnesses. and other relevant ministries. “We will After Molla’s execution was stayed Now God will take over the duty. This is
ment, who prepared the autopsy report, Similarly, over 200 Jamaat-Shibir ac- Hasina made the appeals before State arrange another meeting with them.” by the chamber judge around 10:30pm, your good fortune. I am facing this des-
cut off the phone when the Dhaka Tri- tivists vandalised the house of plaintiff Minister for Law Quamrul Islam, who He then pleaded to the tribunal seek- Jamil told the Dhaka Tribune that it tiny only because of my involvement
bune enquired her about the death. of the Sayedee case and witness Mah- visited the morgue yesterday noon. ing a suo moto order on the matter. The was a signal from Allah. with Islamic movement.”
A source at the department confirmed bubul Alam Hawlader in Pirojpur on Oc- Quamrul later told reporters that it tribunal said it could not do so as a trial Ten months ago, Molla, also known Jamil quoted his father as saying he
that the victim had died following a hit tober 28. was not possible to ensure round-the- court. “If you [prosecution] submit any as the “Butcher of Mirpur,” made the would not have been hanged had he
by something heavy on the head. Kuddus Hawlader, brother of Mosta- clock security to protect the witnesses petition, then we can go issue an order.” very same gesture for victory, when not been involved with the movement
Eighth witness in the Sayedee, Mosta- fa, told the Dhaka Tribune that it had from the attacks of Jamaat-Shibir men as In a statement yesterday, rights group the International Crimes Tribunal and those who had been trying to hand
fa, 58, and his wife came under attack by been a pre-planned attack perpetrated “they usually conduct secret attacks. Ev- Ain o Salish Kendra demanded that the pronounced lifetime imprisonment for him by force would have to suffer. The
some miscreants at his resident in Hogla- by some Jamaat-Shibir men who earlier eryone should come forward and stand government bring attackers to justice the crimes against humanity that he “Islamic revolution” would take the
bunia area of Zianagar in Pirojpur around threatened his brother with dire conse- against them.” and ensure security of all witnesses of committed during the 1971 Liberation “revenge.”
3am on Sunday. quences. Hafiz Hawlader, son of the victim, the war crimes cases. War. When asked about seeking presiden-
Early last year, he gave deposition He alleged that the police had played suspected that it was an act of Sayedee Abdur Razzak, chief counsel for The Jamaat leader’s family members tial clemency, Molla said he thought he
at the International Crimes Tribunal 1 mysterious role on the day of incident followers who earlier had issued threats Sayedee and also Jamaat assistant sec- entered the prison only half an hour would get more time to think, said his
on charge eight which was related with police. They reached the house late and several times. “We also filed several gen- retary general, yesterday condemned after State Minister for Home Shamsul daughter Parvin.
the murder of Ibrahim Kutti. And on his mentioned the incident a burglary at- eral diaries with Zianagar police station.” the attack. “This is a cowardly attack on Haque Tuku said Molla would be “But suddenly at night, the govern-
eye-witness testimony, the tribunal gave tempt. After the attack, Hafiz told another a witness which will be detrimental to executed by last night. They were told ment decided to hang him. Now it does
Sayedee the death penalty. Victim’s wife Hasina Begum also held Sayedee witness Ruhul Amin Nobin that the rule of law. It is the duty of the state by the prison authorities in a letter to not mean anything to us. Father’s last
After the attack, they were taken to the Jamaat supporters responsible for he had recognised two of the three at- to ensure security of all prosecution and come and visit him by 8pm. word was: ‘by establishing an Islamic
Pirojpur General Hospital and then to the “planned” attack, which she said tackers to be BNP and Jamaat activists. defence witnesses who depose before “Your husband has been given death state, we will take revenge someday’,”
Khulna Medical College Hospital. Mo- was launched as her husband had given Abdul Mazid Hawlader, younger the tribunal,” he said in a statement. l penalty. He is now in the Dhaka Central Parvin said. l

Hartal: Jamaat activist killed in Naogaon Another Padma

bridge deal signed
n Tribune Report n Mohosinul Karim
A Jamaat-e-Islami activist was killed The government yesterday signed a
and 20 injured in a clash with lo- contract with the construction firm Ab-
cal businessmen, backed by Awami dul Monem Limited for the construc-
League men, in Raninagar upazila of tion of the service area-2 at Jajira point
Naogaon yesterday. of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge
The skirmish broke out when local Construction Project.
businessmen and Awami League ac- The firm will construct resort,
tivists tried to prevent the Jamaat men reception buildings, supervision offices,
The birth of our from vandalising shops and vehicles
from a procession which was brought
30 duplex houses, health centre, power
sub-station etc under the project.
banner out against the death warrant issued
against their leader and war criminal
The construction work of the main
bridge will start by next May or June,
n Sharafat Hussain Quader Mollah
Five vehicles, including a motorcy-
Communication Minister Obaidul
Quader said at the contract signing.
For this Victory Day, Bangladesh prepares cle, and seven shops were vandalised “The government has already taken
to break the world record for the largest by the Jamaat men during the clash preparation to start the construction
human flag at the Army Parade Grounds, at Abadpukur intersection around A passerby helps a policeman, left, injured in a sudden attack by Jamaat-Shibir activists in Rajshahi yesterday; Jamaat-Shibir activists work. The tender documents will be
where more than 30,000 volunteers will 4:30pm and lasted for over an hour. swoop on two policemen, right, in Rajshahi during yesterday’s hartal in the district DHAKA TRIBUNE received on December 19.”
stand and hold red or green placards. Injured jamaat activist Shukbar Ali, 60, The programme was held at Setu
We all know our beloved red and green. died on his way to the Rajshahi Medical The incident happened when the In Natore, BNP-Jamaat men vandal- a list of financers of subversive activ- Bhabanin the city.
But how many of us know the story? College Hospital. police team went to the Binodpur Ba- ised eight trucks on the Natore-Dhaka ities after raiding a mess of Shibir at Project Director of the Padma Mul-
On June 7, 1970, Bangabandhu OC of Raninagar police station Ab- zar area to bar a procession. The Shibir highway when they were passing the Dharshandewri in Sylhet city. A huge tipurpose Bridge Construction Project
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was scheduled dullah Al Masud said both groups used men snatched a shotgun from a consta- area under police protection. The ma- stack of jihadi books and leaflets were Shafiqul Islam and Director of the Ab-
to attend a march past at the Paltan lethal weapons. ble and beat up the cops leaving one of rauding men also attacked police, van- recovered from the place. dul Monem Limited Abid Habib signed
Maidan for election campaign. Apart from the Naogaon clash, the Majid’s legs broken. dalised a police van and injured a consta- In Khulna, a BNP activist named He- the contract on behalf of their respec-
The day before, student leaders gath- Jamaat enforced hartal and the fourth Later additional police rushed to the ble. The incident that took place around lal, 47, died in cardiac arrest while tak- tive organisations.
ered at the Zohurul Haque Hall of Dhaka day of the BNP-led 18-party opposition scene and rescued their injured col- 12am, also left nine blockaders injured. ing part in a procession at Khalishpur. According to the contract, the con-
University and decided to make a flag combine’s countrywide blockade were leagues. The firearm was found aban- Almost at the same time, blockaders In Satkhira, a crude bomb blast on struction firm will complete their work
for him. Kazi Aref Ahmed proposed re- marked by incidents such as attack on doned beside a road. A total of 19 Shibir vandalised 22 fertilizer-laden trucks at the house of union parishad level BNP at the expense of TK2.09b by 912 days.
moving the crescent and star from the police and ambulance, arson, vandal- men were picked in raids at different Sheikh Para bazar under Shailkupa up- leader Nur Mohammad left him injured Bridge Division Secretary Khanda-
Pakistan flag, and replacing it with the ism and clashes. A few incidents were places in connection with the attack. azila of Jhenaidah. late Monday night. karAnwarul Islam and other high offi-
red circle. He also suggested a yellow reported in the capital as well. In Chapainawabganj, pickets van- In Sylhet, Shibir activists torched a In the capital, two Sewachchasebok cials attended the programme. l
map of East Pakistan in the centre. Our correspondent in Rajshahi re- dalised an ambulance and beat up the CNG-run auto-rickshaw in Shah-e Ei- Dal men were arrested and awarded six
The idea was enthusiastically em-
braced by those present at the historic
ported that Shibir men beat up three
policemen including Motihar police
patient and his relatives in the Koila-
bari area. Local people rescued them
dgah area and vandalised a truck and
four auto-rickshaws in Majumdari and
months jail after they had been caught
red handed with bombs soon after they
‘No promotion
meeting, including ASM Abdur Rob,
Shahjahan Siraj, Marshal Manirul Islam
station OC Abdul Majid and constables
Miraz and Rezaul in the morning.
and took them to the Rajshahi Medical
College Hospital in critical conditions.
Police, meanwhile, have acquired
blasted seven bombs at Armanitola in
old Dhaka. l
without exams’
and Swapan Kumar Choudhury from
n Rabiul Islam and Mushfique Wadud
Government to please public servants after polls
Dhaka University; Nazrul Islam from Ja-
gannath College; Comilla Chhatra League The government has no plan to give au-
General Secretary and central leader Shib tomatic promotion to school students
Narayan Das, Buet’s Chhatra League’s without taking annual examinations
Hasanul Haq Inu and Yusuf Salauddin.
With a matchstick and yellow paint,
Newly formed pay commission meets Muhith today despite the volatile political situation
in the country, the education minister
Shib Narayan Das sketched the map on
to the green and red.
n Asif Showkat Kallol Bank and four state-run banks was of the salaries along with 20%
not possible under the polls-time dearness allowance for public servants
secretary and commission will start its
operation from December 17 as per the
said yesterday. “Despite hurdles, we
are determined to take all annual ex-
Deep into the night, master tailor The government is mulling over a plan government. a year. circular. aminations and the students, guard-
Khalek Mohammadi sewed the flag in to satisfy 13 lakh public servants after “It will violate the electoral code of But the allocation will go beyond On October 30, Finance Minister ians and teachers should not have any
his shop, located next to the Chhatra the general election as it has failed to conduct if the government announces Tk20, 000 crore if the newly formed AMA Muhith said the Pay and Services confusion,” Nurul Islam Nahid told re-
League office on the third floor of the announce a permanent pay scale. the separate pay scale this time,” the commission gives any allowance to Commission (PSC) would examine the porters at his secretariat office. l
Balaka Tower in the New Market area. Finance Minister AMA Muhith will minister also said. the public servants, according to the wage disparities and suggest ways to
By dawn, the new flag was complete. hold a meeting with the newly formed The implementation wing of the finance division. remove them.
After independence, Quamrul Has- pay and service commission today finance ministry issued a circular Former governor of Bangladesh On October 6, Prime Minister
san redesigned it. The basic design re- at his secretariat office to review the on November 24 that said the newly Bank Dr Mohammad Farashuddin, also Sheikh Hasina announced a 20%
mained the same, but the red circle took salaries of public servants within a formed pay and service commission the chairman of the pay commission, increase in dearness allowance at flat
on a deeper significance as a representa- short time, a senior official of the would prepare a recommendation yesterday said the finance minister rate for government employees which
tion of the bloody Liberation War. l finance division said yesterday. within six months. wanted to meet the chairman and is an extra burden of Tk5000 crore in
The official also said the government Sources in the finance division said member of newly formed commission current fiscal year budget.
Do you know: Who first hoisted the wants to give the public servants some as the government is now in fund crisis today at his secretariat office as he gave The government issued a gazette
Bangladesh flag? kinds of assurance of implementing with foreign assistances declining and some directives on recommendations notification the next day granting the
the new pay scale after the general revenue earning drying out due to of the new pay scale. dearness allowance with retrospective
Email your answer to info@dhakatri- election scheduled to be held on hartal and back-to-back blockades it A 17-member commission was effect from July 1.
bune.com for a chance to win passes to January 5. cannot provide maximum fund for the formed on November 24 comprised The Seventh Pay Commission was
the World’s Largest Human Flag on De- The finance minister two days back new pay scale. of three permanent and 12 temporary formed in 2007 during the caretaker
cember 16, and see history in the making said an announcement of separate pay The finance division has now members. A joint secretary will regime and public servants got a hike
scale for the employees of Bangladesh allocated Tk17, 000 crore for payment act as the commission member on July 1, 2009. l

Editor: Zafar Sobhan, Published and Printed by Kazi Anis Ahmed on behalf of 2A Media Limited at Dainik Shakaler Khabar Publications Limited, 153/7, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208. Editorial, News & Commercial Office: FR Tower, 8/C Panthapath, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207.
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B2 IMF: FY14 tax collection
to remain flat at 10.5%
of GDP
B3 Stocks rally on hope for
political solution

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2013 www.dhakatribune.com/business

BTRC to sue six IGWs for dues Cabinet body okays

imports of wheat
Criminal cases will be filed against the operators which have ceased to and fertiliser
operate and pay Tk613 crore n Tribune report
n Muhammad Zahidul Islam Cabinet committee on public purchase ap-
proved proposals to import wheat and fer-
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory tiliser.
Commission is going to sue six international In the meeting held yesterday, it also
gateway operators which have ceased to op- okayed a proposal of appointing a consultant
erate and pay their outstanding Tk613 crore for a railway project.
as revenue sharing amount plus annual li- Finance Minister AMA Muhith chaired
cence fee. the meeting, also attended by Minister for
Of the amount, the outstanding licence Land, Relief and Disaster Management Amir
fees of these six operators total Tk45 crore. wants to sue the IGW companies under Pub- shares. Hossain Amu and Minister for Industries,
Launched in October 2012, the six IGW lic Demands Recovery Act (PDRA). Former telecom minister Advocate Sha- Housing and Public Works Tofail Ahmed.
operators have shared only Tk71.5 crore rev- But the official said case under PDRA hara Khatun “permitted” the operator to pay Food Ministry made the proposal of im-
enue with BTRC. would be a lengthy process and that’s why dues in instalments although the minister porting 50,000 tonnes of wheat.
Since October this year, the six IGW com- the regulator would also file criminal cases. had no such authority. Vitol Asia (pvt) Ltd will supply the bulk
panies are not in operation. Among the IGW operators, Vision Tel Ltd The deadline of first instalment expired wheat at a cost of around Tk124 crore as the
According to IGW guideline, the operators is the highest defaulter with Tk146.5 crore. on November 30. BTRC allowed them anoth- price was set at US$313.92 per tonne.
are required to pay 51.75% of revenue to the BTRC sends a recommendation today to er 25 days. Industries Ministry proposed to import
telecom regulator. The guideline says the the government to cancel licence of Vision Ratul Telecom paid a total of Tk19 crore 50,000 tonnes of prilled urea fertiliser.
IGWs can earn 3 US cents per minute in in- Tel Ltd which didn’t pay Tk146.5 crore. during past 15 months. Of the bulk import, Desh Trading Corpo-
coming international calls. Earlier, the regulator also recommended Kay Telecommunications Ltd, fully ration will supply 25,000 tonnes of fertiliser
BTRC said the total outstanding revenue cancelling licences of another two IGW com- owned by ruling party leader Shamim Osman through Chittagong Port at a cost of Tk75.14
sharing amount plus annual licence fees of panies. They are Telex Ltd and Ratul Tele- of Narayanganj, only paid Tk9 crore. crore as the price was set at $383.40 per tonne.
all 29 IGW operators stand at Tk1,115 crore. com Ltd. The company didn’t pay Tk91.5 crore. The same company will supply the rest
“We are preparing to file criminal cases Telex Ltd had not paid even a penny since Few days back, Shamim Osman reported- 25,000 tonnes of fertiliser through Mongla
against the directors and the owners of those its operation. The operators’ dues amount to ly managed to transfer his shares to anoth- Port at a cost of Tk75.91 crore. The price of
six IGWs,” a high official of BTRC told the Tk92.5 crore. er person. Bestec Telecom Ltd and Apple per tonne urea fertiliser was fixed at $387.30.
Dhaka Tribune yesterday. Ratul Telecom Ltd owes Tk96.5 crore GlobalTel Com Ltd owe respectively Tk127.5 Railways Ministry made a proposal to
He added BTRC’s legal consultant firms to BTRC. Syeda Amrin Rakhi, daughter of crore and Tk58.5 crore to BTRC. appoint SMEC in joint venture Canrail as su-
have already given a report recommending former LGRD state minister Jahangir Kabir They paid only Tk6 crore and Tk9.5 crore pervision consultant for Asian Development
to file criminal cases against the operators. Nanak, has 50% stakes in Ratul Telecom. respectively under revenue sharing guide- Bank-financed Railway Sector Development
Apart from criminal cases, BTRC also Her mother Syeda Arzuman Banu has 20% line in last 15 months. l Project. l

RMG sector wants low cost loan to pay workers

Prolonged political unrest sends them to the verge of becoming sick industry
n Tribune Report owned commercial banks and insurance the sake of the RMG sector, even making low BGMEA President.
companies in Dhaka yesterday, aimed at dis- profits. He said: “We will sit with the propos- “If the businessmen took to the streets,
Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Ex- cussing the current scenario of RMG sector. al and try to do our best.” you (the politicians) would not get the
porters Association (BGMEA) has demanded “Their demands are not unrealistic. If “The problem is political unrest, which is chance to sit in the parliament,” said AKM
low cost loans to pay wages for next four possible, I would do this for the sector,” said going on since last year and it left everyone Salim Osman, BKMEA President.
months as they were facing fund shortage Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB) Pres- in trouble. It would be very tough to over- A garment owner demanded Bangladesh
due to failure of shipment caused by the po- ident Nazrul Islam Mazumder. “But there are come the deadlock if we do not work togeth- Bank to relax the guideline of loan classifica-
litical unrest. limitations as the bankers cannot do, what er,” said former BGMEA President Anwarul tion for a certain period to give a cushion to
The loans could be given through creating they want.” Alam Chowdhury Parvez. the country’s readymade garment sector.
a special packing credit (PC), they said. The banks’ managing directors have lots Urging his fellow Parvez said “Come for- The apex trade body for the apparel sec-
BGMEA President M Atiqul Islam de- of limitations as they cannot waive interest ward and give tremendous pressures to the tor also demanded insurance coverage from
manded the loan for a period between No- of a person or can make a person classified as political parties. We need political stability factory to Chittagong port and also urged the
vember and February next to be adjusted by there are some guidelines under which they to do businesses,” he advised Atiq to mount insurers to set a little charge as premium.
next two years. are controlled, he added. pressure from the BGMEA. Meanwhile, a delegation from BGMEA,
He said textile, garments and backward The BGMEA president said they would “We cannot negotiate prices with buyers BKMEA and BTMA is scheduled to meet Fi-
linkage industry should not be classified in take decision after having meeting with the and cannot produce products in the factory, nance Minister AMA Muhith today to place
next two years from Q4 of 2013. He also ap- MDs and chairmen and if the finance minis- but wages has been increased. How we pay their demands.
pealed to block the term loan, project loan, try and Bangladesh Bank allow us to do that. the wages of the workers?” Earlier on Monday, Muhith sat with lead-
loan against trustee receipt, Murabah Post “We are becoming sick because of sick The businessmen sought pledges from the ers of Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB)
Import (MPI) and installment without any politics. Please, shun the confrontational political parties that they would avoid con- to be informed about the banking sector
interest for next two years. politics and let us do business for the sake of frontational politics in future and the prom- and what the government banks could do to
Atiq made the appeal at a views exchange the country.” FBCCI President Kazi Akramud- ise should be made in their election manifes- solve the RMG sector problems created due
meeting with owners of private and state- din Ahmed urged banks to do everything for toes, said Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin, former to the political unrest. l

IMF: FY14 tax collection to Oil prices rise

in Asian trade
remain flat at 10.5% of GDP n AFP, Singapore

Oil prices rebounded in Asian trade yester-

day, with strong US economic data lifting in-
Slow economic activities due to hartals and blockades may vestor sentiment, analysts said.
New York’s main contract, West Texas In-
cause revenue shortfall termediate (WTI) for January delivery, was
up 32 cents at $97.66 a barrel in afternoon
n Asif Showkat Kallol The IMF report says the ratio is projected
to remain flat at about 10.5% between fiscal
blockade and normalcy returns to power the
trade, while Brent North Sea crude for Janu-
ary rose 45 cents to $109.84.
International Monetary Fund has projected year 2011-12 and 2013-14, with a decline of The gloomy outlook on revenue earnings “Crude oil continued to rally due
the tax-to-GDP ratio of Bangladesh would re- revenue from import taxes of 0.4% of GDP for whole of 2013-14 fiscal has recently been to optimistic US economic data, which
main flat at about 10.50% in the current fiscal offset by gains in income taxes, boosted by apprised of the finance ministry by the NBR lifted markets,” Phillip Futures said in a com-
year due to slowing economy amidst hartal automation. after the main revenue generator falling mentary.
and ongoing back to back blockades for last short of target by about Tk3,120 crore during The US jobless rate fell sharply to a five-
couple of months. July-October period, they said . year-low of 7% in November and the econ-
We will estimate the actual
“A slowing economy in hartal-related dis- NBR Chairman Md Ghulam Hussain told omy generated 203,000 jobs - well above
revenue earnings situation after
ruptions and political uncertainly contribut- Dhaka Tribune they would not be able to expectations - providing further evidence of
December to see the magnitude maintain the revenue growth at 16% from
ed to lower than programmed tax revenue the gathering strength of the world’s biggest
outturns for fiscal year 2012-2013. The tax
of shortfall in the slow down the last fiscal year due to political unrest and economy.
revenues will be downward in relation to
economic activities during hartals uncertainty. Those upbeat numbers followed
GDP despite these influences expected to and blockades “We will estimate the actual revenue data showing the US economy grew
unwind gradually,” according to a latest IMF earnings situation after December to see at a speedy annual rate of 3.6% in the third
review. The revenue ratio is projected to increase the magnitude of shortfall in the slow down quarter.
IMF released the report on safeguarding slightly in 2014-15 fiscal and then more de- economic activities during hartals and block- Phillip Futures said the results indicate
fiscal sustainability, marking the approval of cisively beyond the program period with the ades,” he said. demand in the world’s largest consumer of
the fourth instalment of Extended Credit Fa- launch of VAT, it said. The government set a revenue collec- crude oil will lead to a pick-up in prices.
cility loans recently. National Board of Revenue (NBR) officials tion target of Tk136,090 crore for the cur- Other analysts said bargain-hunting had
The government set a target to achieve a said the revenue board risks falling short of rent fiscal year from the NBR portion with also helped bolster prices, which tumbled
tax-GDP ratio of 14.2 % of GDP in the current Tk10,000 crore to Tk13,000 crore from its highest Tk51,000 crore envisaged to be col- sharply the previous day.
fiscal year despite having the challenges of revenue collection target set for the current lected from VAT, Tk48,300 crore in income Brent crude declined $2.22 in London
the political unrest and apparel factory col- fiscal year if the prevailing business situa- tax, Tk35,790 crore in customs duties and trade Monday, weighed by weaker German
lapse at Savar. tion does not improve due to back to back Tk1,000 crore in other taxes. l industrial output. l

JBL Recruitment test Nesar Uddin passes away

has been adjourned Islami Bank Bangla-
desh Limited (IBBL)
Recruitment test of Probationary officer of Assistant Vice Pres-
Jamuna Bank Limited has been adjourned ident Nesar Uddin
due to unavoidable circumstances. Exami- Ahmad died of liver
nation date and time will be notified later. l cirrhosis and cancer
on Monday (Inna

Standard Bank Ltd Lillahi Wa Inna Il-

aihe Raziun). He

holds EC meeting Joined IBBL in 1985

and was 53 at the
The 1111th Meeting of the Executive Com-
mittee (EC) of the Board of Directors (BOD)
Airtel and Golden Harvest sign agreement time of departure. He left behind his wife, a
son, a dauger and well wishers.
of Standard Bank Ltd (SBL) was held in the Airtel Bangladesh Limited has signed an Samad Choudhury, Vice President Finance IBBL Chairman Prof Abu Nasser Muham-
board room at the head office on December agreement with Golden Harvest Group. Dur- Nirmal Chandra Sardar, HR Manager Nusrat mad Abduz Zaher and Managing Director
7. The EC Chairman Alhaj Mohammad Sham- ing the signing ceremony, Chief Operating Rabbani and Head of Corporate and SME Mohammad Abdul Mannan expressed deep
sul Alam presided over the meeting. It was Officer of Airtel Bangladesh Limited Rajnish Sales of Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. Md. Adil Hos- sorrow at his death. They also condoled the
attended by Committee Members Kamal Kaul exchanged documents with Managing sain, Manager Corporate Sales Md. Touhidul bereaved family of the deceased. Doa Mu-
Mostafa Chowdhury, Ferozur Rahman, S A Director of Golden Harvest Group Ahmed Islam, Key Account Manager Md. Tanvir Sad- nazat was conducted at the head office and
M Hossain, Mohammed Abdul Aziz & Gulzar Rajeeb Samdani. eque were also present during the signing branches of the Bank praying for salvation of
Ahmed. Among others Managing Director Director of Golden Harvest Group Mohius ceremony. l his departed soul. l
Md Nazmus Salehin, DMD & Group Company
Secretary A F M Nizamul Islam Chowdhury
and DMD Mamun-Ur Rashid were also pres-
ent in the meeting. l

Mercantile Bank Limited (MBL) signed a ‘Term Sheet’ with IDLC Finance Limited Recently. Under the
15th meeting of SIBL Securities Ltd (SIBLSL) was agreement, IDLC Finance Limited will act as ‘Arranger’ for issuing ‘Coupon Bearing Subordinated Bond’
held at the board room of the bank recently. worth Tk 3 Bn by MBL. MBL Managing Director & CEO M Ehsanul Haque and IDLC Finance Limited CEO &
SIBLSL chairman Abdul Awal Patwary Chaired the Managing Director Selim R F Hussain signed the Term Sheet on behalf of their respective organisations.
meeting. Board of directors were also present in Among others, MBL AMD Monindra Kumar Nath, DMD M A Yousuf Khan, Md Quamrul Islam Chowdhury,
the meeting Mohammad Masoom and IDLC Finance Ltd DGM Mesbah Uddin Ahmed were present on the occasion

Stocks rally on hope for BSEC okays IPO,

rights offer

political solution n Tribune Report

Matin Spinning Mills Ltd has got green signal
from the securities regulator to raise Tk126
crore from the stock market.
n Tribune Report ing sector in the last hour of trading session
has led the market to register positive return,
71 declined and 8 remained unchanged on
the prime bourse.
Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Com-
mission (BSEC) approved the textile compa-
Stocks rose yesterday on growing hope for a said Lanka Bangla Securities in its analysis. Heavy weight banks and non-banking fi- ny’s IPO (initial public offering) to expand its
political solution amid an initiative taken by First two hours of trading was quite vol- nancial institutions ended 1.55% and 2.51% business and to meet expenses of IPO process,
the United Nations. atile as investors lacked direction of the higher respectively. The largest exporting said the regulator in a statement yesterday.
The rally was led by financial stocks that per- market, but later jumped in the last hour of sector textile showed much enthusiasm, It will issue Tk3.41 crore ordinary shares val-
formed well than any other sectors on the day. trading, it said. “Investors get queued up in gaining more than 1%. ued Tk37 each, including premium of Tk27. The
The benchmark DSEX rallied almost 40 buy side whenever there is a probability of a The other major sectors – pharmaceuti- company’s earnings per share stood at Tk3.43
points or 1% to close at 4,329, after edging peaceful resolution between the two major cals, telecommunications, life insurance and and net asset value of Tk35.73, according to its
lower over the previous session. The blue political parties in near future.” power – closed in red. financial statement as of June 30, 2013. IDLC
chip index DS30 added nearly 5 points or The visiting UN assistant secretary general Generation Next Fashions was the most Investment is serving as the issue manager.
0.4% to settle at 1,500. for political affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco traded stock of the session with a turnover of It will be 33rd textile company to be listed
The Chittagong Stock Exchange Selec- is trying to pursue political parties to reach in Tk400m changing hands. with the Dhaka Stock Exchange.
tive Categories Index, CSCX, also gained 86 consensus over the national election sched- Other turnover leaders were Paramount The commission also approved a rights of-
points to 8,500. uled for early January. Textile, Golden Son, Golden Harvest Agro fer by Aramit Cement Ltd to issue more than
Trading activities continued to increase Positive export performance in spite of Industries Ltd, Delta Life Insurance, Lanka 1.7 crore ordinary shares of Tk15 each, in-
with total DSE turnover hitting Tk746 crore, political turmoil fueled confidence among Bangla Finance, Central Pharmaceuticals, cluding Tk5, to raise over Tk25.5 crore from
highest in last two weeks and 15.2% higher investors, according to IDLC Investment. Argon Denim and RN Spinning. its investors. It offers one rights share for
over the previous session. The market breadth also remained posi- The top three accounted for 13.4% of the one existing share.
Soaring market capitalisation in the bank- tive as out of 289 issues traded, 210 gained, total market turnover. l The raised money will be used for procure-
ment of local spares, accessories, civil work,
erection and commissioning, and repayment
Banks asked to
maintain CRR,
Dollar up in Asia after Fed of bank’s term loan and other liabilities. l

3 companies fined for

SLR separately official’s stimulus hint price manipulation
n Tribune Report n AFP, Tokyo assets,” Credit Agricole said, adding that Fed
officials’ comments have “on balance sup-
n Tribune Report
Bangladesh Bank has asked the scheduled The dollar edged up in Asia yesterday, after ported the view of beginning tapering sooner The securities regulator has fined three com-
banks to maintain cash reserve requirement big gains in New York as a Federal Reserve rather than later”. panies Tk23,00,000 for manipulating CVO
(CRR) and statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) sep- official hinted that the US central bank could Strong Chinese economic data has helped Petro Chemical Refinery Limited scrips.
arately. announce a winding down of its stimulus boost confidence among investors who are The scrips have been manipulated be-
The banks will now have to report in a programme as early as next week. looking to US retail sales report for Novem- tween April and August last when prices of
new prescribed format with effect from Feb- The greenback turned up to 103.30 yen in ber. those jumped by more than 100% to over
ruary 1 next year, said a circular. afternoon trading, against 103.28 yen in New The yen has been under pressure after Tk634 per share.
The conventional banks have to maintain York and well up from the levels around 103 weak Japanese growth data on Monday Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Com-
CRR at 13% on daily basis and for the Shari- yen earlier Monday in Tokyo. boosted expectations that the Bank of Japan mission (BSEC) has found a bank, an issue
ah-based Islamic banks at 5.5%. The euro gained to $1.3756 from $1.3737 will launch another round of monetary eas- management company and a brokerage firm
Currently, the conventional banks main- while it also rose to 142.08 yen from 141.89 ing to prop up the economy. indulged in influencing price hike of the scrips,
tain the SLR at 19%, including the CRR. yen in US trading. The euro has been notching up gains after said the regulator in a statement yesterday.
On the other hand, the Shariah-based Is- the European Central Bank last week held off It said for playing role in abnormal share
lamic banks maintain 11.50% SLR including any new interest rate cuts despite prolonged price hike of CVO Petro Chemical, Bangladesh
the CRR, as they cannot purchase any bonds low inflation. Development Bank was fined Tk10,00,000,
and government-approved securities that in- ‘Markets are becoming increasingly That followed the ECB’s surprise cut last Prime Finance Capital Management Ltd
volve receipt of interest. l accustomed to the idea of an month of its central refinancing rate by a Tk7,00,000 and PFI Securities Tk5,00,000.
imminent Fed tapering as reflected quarter-point to counter the threat of defla- The commission has also decided to ap-
Banks asked to report in ongoing gains in risk assets’ tion.
“The euro has gained a reputation as an
point a chartered accountant firm to carry
out a special audit of the company.
forex online unsellable currency, with the currency con-
tinuing to hold its ‘Teflon’ coating,” Credit
Share trading of the CVO Petro Chemi-
cal remained suspended since September
n Tribune Report On Monday, James Bullard, the president of
the Fed’s St. Louis branch, said in a speech
Agricole said.
However, it said an easier monetary poli-
24 when the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)
opened probe into the abnormal price hike
Bangladesh Bank has asked all authorised that “a small taper” of the $85bn a month as- cy at the ECB and soft economic growth com- in the low cap company’s stock.
dealer banks in Bangladesh to report all set-purchase programme might be a possibil- pared with the United States suggested there The company reported a net profit after
types of their foreign exchange transactions ity as policymakers wrestle with how to re- would be some depreciation in the euro. tax of Tk47,40,000 with earnings per share
on daily basis through web portal. spond to signs of improvement in the world’s The dollar was mixed against other of Tk0.26 during January-March period.
The central bank issued a circular yester- biggest economy. Asia-Pacific currencies. On September 15, the BSEC had launched
day, saying it has decided to incorporate two A strong third-quarter growth report and It weakened to 32.10 Thai baht from 32.14 a probe against CVO Petrochemical and other
new fields namely fright charges and insur- surprisingly upbeat November jobs data last baht the previous day, to 1,052.60 South low cap companies, including Mithun Knit-
ance expenses in the existing online import week boosted speculation the Fed may start Korean won from 1,053.35 won, and to ting, Tallu Spinning, JMI Syringes and Med-
reporting module. The banks have been ad- reeling in the scheme after a policy meeting Sg$1.2494 from Sg$1.2510. ical Devices, Alhaj Textiles, Bangas, Modern
vised to report import transactions specify- that ends next Wednesday. The greenback strengthened to 61.22 In- Dyeing and Anawar Galvanising for the unu-
ing FOB value, freight and insurance charg- The US unit has been rising for weeks on dian rupees from 61.04 rupees, to 11,990 In- sual hike of their share prices.
es, if applicable, for import settlement from expectations of a pullback, which would re- donesian rupiah from 11,980 rupiah, to 44.29 The BSEC investigative team has recently
January 1, 2014 and onward. duce the number of dollars in the financial Philippines pesos from 43.97 pesos, and to submitted their probe reports against those
This reporting procedure will be applica- system, boosting demand. Tw$29.56 from Tw$29.55. low cap companies’ unusual share price rise.
ble against on CFR or other permissible terms “Markets are becoming increasingly ac- The Australian dollar was unchanged An official said the team found some institu-
requiring payment for goods together with customed to the idea of an imminent Fed at 91.07 US cents, while the Chinese yuan tion involved with the price manipulation of
freight and applicable insurance charges. l tapering as reflected in ongoing gains in risk bought 17.01 yen from 16.93 yen. l the low cap companies. l

Chinese investors look to mine Bitcoin volatility

n AFP, Shanghai transactions are publicly logged in what is
known as the “block chain”, with those who
Chinese speculators have seen Bitcoin val- maintain it being paid in new units, a pro-
ues plunge, soar and plunge again within cess known as “mining”.
days, but say the virtual currency’s extreme Bitcoin has become a global phenome-
volatility is a profit opportunity despite the non, with the price rising so much that a
white-knuckle ride. Norwegian man was able to buy an apart-
China is the world’s biggest market for ment with some of the 5,000 Bitcoins he
trading Bitcoins, but around $5bn was wiped bought for just $24 in 2009.
off the value of the currency’s global stock The explosive growth has raised alarm
within an hour of an announcement from bells, with analysts warning of a potential
Beijing’s central bank in early December, crash due to a lack of fundamental under-
banning financial institutions from dealing pinning.
in it. “The trading of Bitcoin has already
Exchange rates on BTCChina, the coun- formed a bubble,” Ding Zhaoyong, a finance
try’s biggest Bitcoin trading platform, professor at Jilin University, told AFP.
slumped more than 35% from a recent high “The inventor did not pledge any assets
of 7,050 yuan (around $1,150), almost as to guarantee Bitcoin’s value, so when the
much as an ounce of gold. bubble bursts, all you have left is just a string
They climbed back above 6,000 yuan, of useless numbers,” he said.
until one of Chinese Internet giant Baidu’s But Chinese buyers have piled into
websites said it would no longer accept the Bitcoins this year, driving the BTCChina
virtual currency as payment. price up from 82.29 yuan on January 1 to a
The following day Bitcoins were down high of 7,588.88 yuan on Nov 30, a 9,122%
to 3,821 yuan - before rising again to nudge increase.
6,000 yuan yesterday. Chinese investors have a limited range of
“Prices are certainly volatile when it’s in options for their money, with the authorities
the teeth of the storm, but such volatility imposing restrictions on property purchas-
will create short-term arbitrage opportuni- es, historically poor returns from the do-
ties,” Wei Zhicheng, a 27-year old Shanghai mestic stock market, and low interest rates Bobby Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of BTC China, China’s bitcoin exchange at his office in Shanghai AFP
based investor, told AFP. offered to savers.
He bought more of the virtual currency At the same time the authorities re- Bitcoin as a “virtual commodity”, ruling out Nonetheless, BTCChina CEO Bobby Lee
when the price fell. “Risks are peer to peer tain significant control over the economy, the possibility that it will gain legal status as says that the e-money offers a new twist on
with opportunities,” he said. and are unlikely to welcome the prospect currency. investing for Chinese, known for conserva-
Bitcoin was invented in the wake of of that being diluted by an independent It ordered financial institutions not to tively investing their assets.
the global financial crisis by a computer currency. provide services and products related to “China has been known as a nation of sav-
scientist using the pseudonym Satoshi Na- Although the ruling Communist Party re- Bitcoin - although it allowed individuals to ers, people save for a rainy day,” the ex-Ya-
kamoto. cently vowed that market forces will be al- trade it at their own risk. hoo engineer told AFP.
It is based on cryptography and only 21 lowed to “play a decisive role” in the future, The central bank also warned of dangers Bitcoin is “a global asset class” equal to
million units can ever be created, which can tight capital controls remain in place, with associated with Bitcoin trading, especially common investment choices including gold,
be stored either virtually or on a user’s hard the yuan currency not allowed to float freely after media reported that three people had shares and real estate, he said.
drive. against global counterparts. been detained for allegedly defrauding Bit- “Bitcoin will go mainstream, I have full
It offers a largely anonymous payment In its announcement the People’s Bank coin investors, leaving hundreds with more confidence. We hope to push this forward in
system with no centralised structure and of China (PBoC), the central bank, defined than 20m yuan in combined losses. China.” l

Bitcoin trade
Closing prices for the virtual currency
US dollars 1,238 Chinese yuan 7,395
1 YEAR Dec 4 2 MONTHS Nov 30
Nov 18
Nov 18
Oct 13 2,388
Nov 9 5,665
230 1,307 Dec 10*
Apr 9 69 140 Oct 23
13 Oct 1 920 *As of
Jul 5
Dec 16, 2012 Dec 9 0400 GMT
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Oct Nov Dec
Source: Bitcoincharts.com, AFP
WIPO: Global
patent growth
hits 18-year high
n AFP, Geneva
Global patent filings grew at their fastest
pace in almost two decades in 2012, with
China the driving force, the UN’s intellectual
property agency said Monday.
In its annual report on patents, the
World Intellectual Property Organisa-
tion (WIPO) said the patent filings rose by
9.2% last year, representing the fastest
growth in 18 years, reaching an estimated
2.35 million.
Filings had contracted by 3.9% in 2009,
at the height of the financial crisis, but have
been picking up pace since then, rising by
7.6% in 2010 and 8.1% in 2011.
“These are well in excess of the rate of
growth worldwide of the global economy,
A man walks past a light rail station under construction at the Orile-Iganmu district in Lagos REUTERS and well in excess of most economies’ indi-

Big banks see rich opportunities

vidual performances,” WIPO head Francis
Gurry told reporters.
For the first time, residents of China ac-
counted for the largest number of patents

in world’s poorest
filed throughout the world, hitting a total of
Residents of Japan ranked next, with
480,000 filings, followed by US residents,
n Reuters cording to data provider MIX Market, but it
has come under fire for high interest rates
Banks also need mobile network opera-
who filed 460,000.
“As a broad generalisation, patent applica-
When the Afghan government used mobile and excessive credit expansion during the tors to allow their payment systems to work tions tend to track economic performance,”
phones instead of cash to pay some of its po- financial crisis. across rivals’ systems - a commonplace in Gurry explained.
licemen, the officers thought they’d just had Big banks, which suffered more than a lit- developed banking markets - if they are to “More specifically, China is still very
a 30% pay rise. In truth, they had just been tle reputational damage of their own during achieve scale. much in a development mode, it is still
paid the full amount, with nothing skimmed the crisis, realized they needed to go beyond M-Pesa, Safaricom’s successful mobile developing its expertise in this area,” he
off by middlemen, for the first time. branch-based models to profitably reach payment system in Kenya, benefited from said.
This anecdote from the US Agency for such customers in a market traditionally re- the telecoms operator’s hefty market share “So enormous investment in research
International Development shows how tech- liant on cash. to roll out its service, so it had an in-built ad- and development, enormous investment in
nological innovations such as mobile bank- “The competition and the saturation in vantage. But that doesn’t apply everywhere, education, and investment in knowledge
ing and biometrics have helped integrate those (developed) markets are getting high- Schlein said. infrastructure are also being reflected in the
more people in emerging markets into the er and higher, so they have to look for the Bob Annibale, Global Director of Commu- take-up in the use of the intellectual proper-
formal financial system, opening up oppor- next wave, the next area of possible profit- nity Development and Microfinance at Cit- ty system,” he added.
tunities for banks willing to take a chance. able ventures,” said Gerhard Coetzee, Senior igroup, also highlighted the importance of With 652,777 filings, China’s State In-
While the market for more affluent and Financial Sector Specialist at the Consulta- integrating different payment systems. tellectual Property Office (SIPO) last year
business clients becomes saturated, pro- tive Group to Assist the Poor, a think-tank “It is about that financial architecture logged the largest number of applications re-
viding the world’s poorest with access to housed at the World Bank. ... The bank payment system also connects ceived by any single office, a position it first
financial products is an unmatched growth Citigroup (CN) launched a mobile pay- to the mobile payments system. If that be- reached in 2011.
opportunity. ments scheme called Mobile Collect for comes the norm, it’s a lot easier for us.” The figure included filings by Chinese
Half the world’s adults, over 2.5 billion small stores in the Dominican Republic ear- But getting competitors to collaborate is residents as well as those by foreign
people, do not have a formal bank account, lier this year, while MasterCard teamed up not easy. firms and individuals seeking protection in
according to the World Bank. In low-income with the Nigerian government in May to roll “If you’re waiting for the industry to come China.
economies it can be less than a quarter. out 13 million national identity cards that together and collaborate, it’s like asking the While two-thirds of the globe’s patent fil-
Many developing countries also offer double as electronic payment cards. turkeys to vote for Christmas,” a participant ings were made in high-income countries,
banks the allure of a growing working-age Compete or collaborate said at the conference. China’s share of the total was almost 28% in
population and an emerging middle class. Tapping the potential in the market of the Clearing such obstacles could unlock 2012.
“Twenty years ago we spoke about the unbanked requires alternative business huge rewards. The US and Japan followed, with 23% and
poor with a sense of futility, and I think models. Fragmentation makes it harder to Barclays, which teamed up with NGOs almost 15% respectively.
now when you talk about the base of the achieve economies of scale, and banks also Care International and Plan UK to form the Overall, filings at China’s SIPO rose 24%
pyramid, more often than not you’re talk- have to overcome the hurdles of poor com- Banking on Change partnership, connecting in 2012, followed by New Zealand, where the
ing about markets and opportunities,” said munications infrastructure and the often village savings groups with the formal finan- growth rate was 14.3%.
Michael Schlein, chief executive of Accion, non-existent credit history of many poten- cial system, estimated that $145bn - about a Next came Mexico, with nine percent, the
a non-profit organization that invests in mi- tial customers. quarter of the Nigerian economy - could be United States, on 7.8%, and Russia, which
crofinance institutions and companies ad- “Many banks think of the digitization op- injected into the global economy each year if saw growth of 6.8%.
vancing financial inclusion. portunity around the world. There is, how- all 2.5 billion of the unbanked were included Brazil also posted solid patent filing
Between 2010 and 2020, the world’s poor- ever, a constraint, which is the whole issue in the scheme. growth, logging a five-percent increase, with
est 40% will nearly double their spending of infrastructure,” Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, Tapping in to existing networks could be fellow BRICS members India showing 3.9%
power to $5.8tn from $3tn, according to Ac- chief executive of Nigeria’s Access Bank, told the key. growth and South Africa 2.7%.
cion’s Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI). a recent conference organized by the CFI. “Coca-Cola is consumed by everybody Fortunes were mixed in Europe.
The idea of providing the world’s poorest Another issue is competition. Banks’ big- ... How difficult is it going to be for us to tag Filings grew by four% at the European
with small loans was pioneered 30 years ago gest rivals are not their peers but rather mo- on payments, savings and so on around the Patent Office. The national offices of Germa-
by Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad bile network operators and large retailers. value chain by which Coke is sold?” Aig-Im- ny and Britain also posted an expansion, of
Yunus and Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Coetzee says they face a difficult balancing oukhuede said. 3.2% and 4.4% respectively.
Microfinance grew into a global industry act of rolling out competing products and “Once you have scale ... I think it’s easy.” l In contrast, filings in France fell by 0.7%
with a loan portfolio of $78bn in 2011, ac- collaborating to serve a bigger chunk of the and those in Italy by 4.2%. l

DSEBroadIndex:4329.54⇑0.93%,Turnover:7460.54M.Tk⇑15.24%,PE:13.23 Turnover 8,307.00MTk.⇑14.83% 10 December2013 MarketCap.2,085.11BTk.⇑0.59% CSEAllShareIndex:13447⇑1.01%,Turnover:846.46MTk.⇑11.32%,PE:13.07

Combined Turnover TO M. % of DSE Gainer C% A% CP DSE Loser C% A% CP

Vol. Avg. P
Leader Tk. TTL
Samata Leather-Z 10.00 10.00 22.00 Pharma Aids-A -4.78 -4.05 171.40
Generation Next
12409040 437.90 5.27 35.29 Progressive
Fashions-A Delta Spinners-A 9.91 10.86 36.60 -4.37 -4.33 115.90
Paramount Textile Ltd.-N 4793500 333.15 4.01 69.50 BD Building
Monno Ceramic -B 9.88 9.14 37.80 -4.13 -2.28 74.20
Golden Son -A 5556926 309.87 3.73 55.76 Systems -N

G Harvest Agro-N 5609080 283.10 3.41 50.47 Rahima Food -A 9.87 13.51 84.60 3rd ICB M F-A -3.95 -3.95 192.10

Delta Life Insu. -A 895510 250.06 3.01 279.24 Salvo Chemicals-B 9.83 7.91 25.70 EBL NRB M.F.-A -3.80 -4.28 7.60

CompanyCode | EPS | BV | Volume Traded (Share) TRUSTBANK | 0.50 | 18.00 | Vol. 1258915 AIMS1STMF | 3.02 | 15.70 | Vol. 379050 ICBSONALI1 | 0.00 | 10.39 | Vol. 373500 GEMINISEA | -15.39 | -5.70 | Vol. 2800
DSE/CSE: ClosePrice ⇓/⇑ Chn % | Avg.Price | Hi / Lo D: 22.20 ⇑ 5.71% | 22.07 | 22.80 / 20.00 D: 39.50 ⇑ 1.80% | 39.70 | 40.00 / 38.80 D: 8.10 ⇑ 0.00% | 8.22 | 8.40 / 8.10 D: 153.9 ⇓ 0.90% | 153.93 | 157.0 / 152.5
C: 22.50 ⇑ 7.14% | 22.04 | 22.90 / 21.40 C: 39.40 ⇑ 2.34% | 39.53 | 40.00 / 39.10 C: 8.10 ⇑ 1.25% | 8.18 | 8.30 / 8.00 NTC | 29.88 | 110.05 | Vol. 500
BANK FIRSTSBANK | 1.85 | 13.89 | Vol. 2057150 D: 815.0 ⇑ 0.00% | 815.00 | 815.0 / 815.0
ABBANK | 2.95 | 32.60 | Vol. 650912 ICBISLAMIC | 2.21 | 26.81 | Vol. 56000
D: 16.00 ⇑ 3.23% | 15.86 | 16.50 / 14.00 D: 18.40 ⇑ 2.22% | 18.43 | 18.80 / 18.10 ENGINEERING AMCL(PRAN) | 6.85 | 57.14 | Vol. 64800
D: 27.70 ⇑ 1.47% | 27.24 | 28.50 / 25.80 AFTABAUTO | 3.60 | 50.81 | Vol. 584032 D: 191.1 ⇓ 1.80% | 192.50 | 196.7 / 190.0
C: 16.30 ⇑ 6.54% | 15.99 | 16.70 / 15.10 GRAMEEN1 | 6.26 | 33.23 | Vol. 537000
C: 27.60 ⇑ 1.47% | 27.37 | 27.80 / 27.00 D: 93.80 ⇑ 0.11% | 94.28 | 95.30 / 90.00 C: 191.1 ⇓ 0.98% | 192.83 | 197.9 / 190.5
CITYBANK | 1.15 | 25.97 | Vol. 1015933 D: 44.90 ⇑ 2.28% | 45.02 | 45.60 / 42.00
NON BANKING F I C: 45.10 ⇑ 2.27% | 45.41 | 46.30 / 44.50 C: 93.80 ⇓ 0.64% | 94.01 | 95.40 / 93.00 SHYAMPSUG | -45.77 | -396.49 | Vol. 1700
D: 21.10 ⇑ 1.93% | 20.96 | 22.00 / 19.00 IDLC | 4.43 | 29.18 | Vol. 309360 AZIZPIPES | 0.39 | -42.04 | Vol. 57000 D: 7.40 ⇑ 7.25% | 7.65 | 7.50 / 7.40
ICB1STNRB | 4.06 | 35.31 | Vol. 13000
C: 21.10 ⇑ 2.43% | 21.05 | 21.50 / 20.50 D: 62.30 ⇑ 2.13% | 62.32 | 65.00 / 56.00 D: 22.90 ⇑ 9.57% | 22.85 | 22.90 / 21.40 RAHIMAFOOD | 0.52 | 4.45 | Vol. 662870
IFIC | 1.10 | 18.34 | Vol. 2255367 D: 25.30 ⇓ 0.39% | 25.28 | 25.50 / 25.20
C: 62.90 ⇑ 2.44% | 62.03 | 63.00 / 60.80 C: 25.00 ⇓ 6.72% | 25.00 | 25.00 / 25.00 C: 23.50 ⇑ 9.81% | 23.49 | 23.50 / 23.40 D: 84.60 ⇑ 9.87% | 83.17 | 84.70 / 79.50
D: 34.80 ⇑ 4.19% | 34.29 | 35.30 / 31.00 ULC | 1.80 | 14.90 | Vol. 281591 ICB2NDNRB | 2.49 | 16.24 | Vol. 229500 OLYMPIC | 5.23 | 14.73 | Vol. 420195 C: 85.00 ⇑ 9.82% | 83.46 | 85.10 / 80.00
C: 34.90 ⇑ 3.25% | 34.52 | 35.50 / 33.40 D: 30.20 ⇑ 3.78% | 30.03 | 30.40 / 27.50 D: 9.90 ⇑ 1.02% | 9.96 | 10.10 / 9.90 D: 157.3 ⇑ 3.35% | 156.63 | 159.5 / 148.0 FUWANGFOOD | 0.94 | 12.28 | Vol. 1453690
ISLAMIBANK | 3.78 | 27.16 | Vol. 444627 UTTARAFIN | 7.16 | 41.54 | Vol. 146304 GRAMEENS2 | 2.17 | 16.41 | Vol. 2045000 D: 24.30 ⇑ 3.40% | 24.36 | 24.80 / 23.00
C: 155.7 ⇑ 1.70% | 155.74 | 158.0 / 152.5
D: 35.20 ⇑ 0.00% | 35.18 | 36.50 / 33.00 D: 81.50 ⇑ 1.24% | 81.28 | 84.00 / 76.00 D: 17.00 ⇑ 3.03% | 17.10 | 17.30 / 15.00 BDLAMPS | -5.31 | 37.07 | Vol. 16950 C: 24.70 ⇑ 4.22% | 24.50 | 24.80 / 24.00
C: 35.00 ⇑ 0.00% | 35.00 | 35.50 / 34.90 C: 81.90 ⇑ 1.99% | 81.29 | 82.00 / 80.00 C: 17.10 ⇑ 3.64% | 17.08 | 17.40 / 15.00 D: 133.3 ⇓ 1.11% | 134.11 | 136.2 / 132.4 MEGHNAPET | -0.50 | -1.52 | Vol. 51000
NBL | 1.05 | 15.76 | Vol. 2070666 MIDASFIN | 0.16 | 10.21 | Vol. 13500 D: 6.90 ⇑ 2.99% | 6.92 | 7.10 / 6.50
1STPRIMFMF | 0.64 | 11.63 | Vol. 2347500 C: 133.0 ⇓ 2.71% | 133.35 | 134.1 / 132.5
D: 12.30 ⇑ 1.65% | 12.22 | 13.00 / 11.10 D: 29.30 ⇓ 1.35% | 29.41 | 30.00 / 29.00 ECABLES | 6.10 | 23.97 | Vol. 10900 MEGCONMILK | -7.48 | -23.70 | Vol. 117500
FLEASEINT | 2.34 | 13.93 | Vol. 3612368 D: 26.40 ⇑ 9.54% | 26.18 | 26.50 / 24.50
C: 12.30 ⇑ 1.65% | 12.23 | 12.50 / 12.00 D: 99.40 ⇓ 0.50% | 100.14 | 104.8 / 99.00 D: 7.60 ⇑ 8.57% | 7.57 | 7.70 / 7.00
D: 33.30 ⇑ 7.77% | 32.61 | 33.50 / 28.70 C: 26.00 ⇑ 7.88% | 26.04 | 26.50 / 25.50 BEACHHATCH | 1.01 | 12.48 | Vol. 3255263
PUBALIBANK | 1.92 | 21.18 | Vol. 200512 EBL1STMF | 0.55 | 12.62 | Vol. 435871 C: 92.60 ⇓ 7.31% | 96.47 | 99.90 / 100.0 D: 27.10 ⇑ 9.72% | 26.72 | 27.10 / 23.00
D: 32.20 ⇑ 0.00% | 32.22 | 33.20 / 30.00 C: 33.40 ⇑ 7.74% | 32.57 | 33.50 / 31.50 MONNOSTAF | 5.31 | 44.78 | Vol. 3900
PLFSL | 1.37 | 17.48 | Vol. 1474068 D: 7.10 ⇑ 0.00% | 7.22 | 7.30 / 6.90
C: 32.00 ⇑ 0.63% | 31.96 | 32.50 / 28.80 D: 330.4 ⇑ 7.24% | 327.69 | 333.9 / 318.0 C: 27.50 ⇑ 10.00% | 27.15 | 27.50 / 22.60
D: 24.80 ⇑ 5.08% | 24.57 | 25.00 / 22.00 C: 7.20 ⇑ 1.41% | 7.13 | 7.30 / 6.60 FINEFOODS | 0.05 | 10.63 | Vol. 1048028
RUPALIBANK | 6.70 | 64.27 | Vol. 45200 ICBAMCL2ND | 0.60 | 12.12 | Vol. 55000 SINGERBD | 9.99 | 45.74 | Vol. 94436
D: 66.70 ⇑ 2.14% | 65.98 | 67.20 / 65.10 C: 24.80 ⇑ 5.08% | 24.46 | 24.90 / 23.80 D: 25.40 ⇑ 9.48% | 24.80 | 25.50 / 22.20
PRIMEFIN | 0.87 | 17.88 | Vol. 629089 D: 6.00 ⇑ 1.69% | 6.00 | 6.10 / 6.00 D: 194.9 ⇓ 0.56% | 195.21 | 196.4 / 185.0
C: 68.00 ⇑ 1.34% | 66.37 | 69.00 / 65.00 C: 25.40 ⇑ 9.96% | 24.93 | 25.40 / 23.40
D: 25.70 ⇑ 4.47% | 25.58 | 27.00 / 22.60 C: 6.00 ⇑ 0.00% | 5.98 | 6.00 / 5.80 C: 193.4 ⇓ 1.18% | 193.72 | 195.0 / 193.0 RDFOOD | 0.91 | 16.84 | Vol. 3299321
UCBL | 1.90 | 21.72 | Vol. 4669289 ICBEPMF1S1 | 0.52 | 11.32 | Vol. 42500 ATLASBANG | 9.14 | 222.05 | Vol. 21450
D: 25.00 ⇑ 2.04% | 24.86 | 25.60 / 22.50 C: 25.80 ⇑ 4.88% | 25.55 | 26.00 / 24.90 D: 26.50 ⇑ 3.92% | 26.19 | 27.00 / 24.00
PREMIERLEA | 0.10 | 11.37 | Vol. 384500 D: 6.00 ⇑ 1.69% | 6.06 | 6.20 / 6.00 D: 162.5 ⇓ 0.06% | 162.00 | 164.0 / 161.4
C: 25.20 ⇑ 2.44% | 24.99 | 25.50 / 24.50 BDAUTOCA | -0.43 | 5.68 | Vol. 142754 C: 26.90 ⇑ 5.49% | 26.51 | 27.00 / 25.50
D: 10.10 ⇑ 1.00% | 10.22 | 10.40 / 10.00 C: 6.20 ⇑ 5.08% | 6.11 | 6.20 / 5.90 GHAIL | 2.31 | 24.36 | Vol. 5609080
UTTARABANK | 3.42 | 26.97 | Vol. 542205 TRUSTB1MF | 0.75 | 11.65 | Vol. 843217 D: 38.30 ⇑ 4.36% | 38.21 | 39.50 / 35.00
D: 32.30 ⇑ 2.54% | 31.94 | 32.70 / 28.50 C: 10.10 ⇑ 1.00% | 10.15 | 10.40 / 10.00 D: 50.20 ⇑ 3.29% | 50.45 | 51.80 / 45.00
D: 7.50 ⇑ 2.74% | 7.50 | 7.70 / 6.90 QSMDRYCELL | 1.06 | 52.31 | Vol. 726645
C: 32.00 ⇑ 2.24% | 31.87 | 32.60 / 31.00 ISLAMICFIN | 1.03 | 15.48 | Vol. 1058273 C: 50.90 ⇑ 3.46% | 50.69 | 51.80 / 49.80
C: 7.60 ⇑ 2.70% | 7.56 | 7.60 / 7.40 D: 37.00 ⇑ 2.78% | 37.09 | 37.70 / 32.50
ICBIBANK | -1.60 | -13.03 | Vol. 171000 D: 17.50 ⇑ 4.79% | 17.44 | 17.70 / 15.50
PRIME1ICBA | 0.42 | 11.18 | Vol. 881500 C: 37.00 ⇑ 2.78% | 37.24 | 37.90 / 36.80 FUEL & POWER
D: 6.80 ⇑ 0.00% | 6.78 | 6.90 / 6.70 C: 17.50 ⇑ 4.17% | 17.47 | 17.70 / 17.00 RENWICKJA | 5.77 | -31.13 | Vol. 15300
LANKABAFIN | 1.61 | 31.07 | Vol. 3058813 D: 5.80 ⇑ 7.41% | 5.75 | 5.90 / 5.50 LINDEBD | 31.71 | 144.00 | Vol. 10350
EBL | 3.91 | 28.22 | Vol. 64180 C: 5.90 ⇑ 5.36% | 5.85 | 5.90 / 5.80 D: 145.6 ⇓ 0.21% | 145.56 | 149.0 / 144.0
D: 61.50 ⇑ 7.89% | 60.09 | 62.10 / 52.00 D: 638.1 ⇑ 0.28% | 637.87 | 644.9 / 635.5
D: 28.90 ⇑ 1.05% | 28.90 | 29.00 / 26.00 DBH1STMF | -1.12 | 10.15 | Vol. 830500 NTLTUBES | 0.67 | 311.00 | Vol. 49300 PADMAOIL | 27.62 | 79.74 | Vol. 160753
C: 29.00 ⇑ 0.00% | 28.80 | 29.00 / 28.40 C: 61.20 ⇑ 7.18% | 59.87 | 61.50 / 58.40 D: 75.00 ⇓ 0.79% | 74.77 | 76.40 / 74.00
BIFC | 0.15 | 18.58 | Vol. 392016 D: 5.90 ⇑ 5.36% | 5.91 | 6.00 / 5.60 D: 315.9 ⇓ 0.69% | 317.59 | 322.3 / 305.0
ALARABANK | 2.03 | 14.91 | Vol. 3826352 C: 5.90 ⇑ 3.51% | 5.81 | 5.90 / 5.60 BDTHAI | 0.43 | 39.35 | Vol. 1421285 C: 316.7 ⇓ 0.38% | 317.75 | 320.0 / 314.1
D: 20.30 ⇑ 3.57% | 20.04 | 21.00 / 18.00 D: 17.20 ⇑ 6.83% | 17.02 | 17.50 / 15.10 D: 32.20 ⇑ 4.89% | 31.90 | 32.50 / 28.70
IFIC1STMF | 0.83 | 11.88 | Vol. 626587 EASTRNLUB | 5.33 | 71.01 | Vol. 450
C: 20.40 ⇑ 3.55% | 20.16 | 20.80 / 19.40 C: 17.50 ⇑ 9.38% | 17.13 | 17.50 / 16.30 C: 32.70 ⇑ 5.83% | 32.20 | 33.00 / 30.90
IPDC | 1.23 | 19.43 | Vol. 171295 D: 6.80 ⇑ 3.03% | 6.77 | 7.00 / 6.20 D: 331.8 ⇑ 1.62% | 331.11 | 335.0 / 330.0
PRIMEBANK | 2.89 | 22.40 | Vol. 118121 C: 6.80 ⇑ 1.49% | 6.73 | 6.80 / 6.70 ANWARGALV | 0.52 | 8.10 | Vol. 461000 BDWELDING | 0.33 | 16.82 | Vol. 2068473
D: 24.30 ⇑ 1.25% | 24.22 | 24.80 / 23.00 D: 19.00 ⇑ 3.26% | 18.95 | 19.20 / 18.00 D: 32.40 ⇓ 2.70% | 34.11 | 35.30 / 32.00
PF1STMF | 0.51 | 11.11 | Vol. 282000 D: 24.60 ⇑ 5.58% | 24.85 | 25.50 / 22.30
C: 23.90 ⇓ 0.42% | 23.82 | 24.50 / 23.70 C: 19.30 ⇑ 4.89% | 18.89 | 19.30 / 18.40 C: 32.90 ⇓ 1.20% | 33.82 | 35.00 / 32.80
UNIONCAP | 0.54 | 17.85 | Vol. 88647 D: 5.70 ⇑ 3.64% | 5.74 | 5.80 / 5.60 C: 24.80 ⇑ 5.53% | 24.87 | 25.40 / 23.90
SOUTHEASTB | 1.89 | 22.66 | Vol. 1128262 C: 5.60 ⇑ 1.82% | 5.63 | 5.70 / 5.50 KAY&QUE | -3.89 | 6.03 | Vol. 66600 SUMITPOWER | 3.17 | 19.26 | Vol. 964715
D: 18.60 ⇑ 2.20% | 18.31 | 20.00 / 16.50 D: 29.00 ⇑ 3.57% | 28.77 | 29.40 / 27.00 D: 19.20 ⇑ 9.09% | 19.23 | 19.30 / 18.30
ICB3RDNRB | 0.00 | 10.60 | Vol. 196000 D: 38.50 ⇑ 0.26% | 38.80 | 41.90 / 35.00
C: 18.40 ⇑ 0.55% | 18.34 | 18.80 / 18.00 C: 29.00 ⇑ 5.45% | 29.06 | 29.30 / 27.60 C: 19.10 ⇑ 9.77% | 19.10 | 19.10 / 19.10
BDFINANCE | 0.57 | 14.77 | Vol. 407472 D: 5.40 ⇑ 3.85% | 5.40 | 5.50 / 5.30 C: 38.60 ⇓ 0.26% | 38.85 | 39.40 / 38.50
DHAKABANK | 1.46 | 18.08 | Vol. 148916 C: 5.40 ⇑ 1.89% | 5.38 | 5.40 / 5.20 RANFOUNDRY | 2.84 | 18.62 | Vol. 82000 DESCO | 2.34 | 31.27 | Vol. 245100
D: 19.40 ⇑ 2.11% | 19.30 | 19.50 / 18.00 D: 19.50 ⇑ 3.17% | 19.32 | 19.60 / 18.00 D: 93.90 ⇓ 2.29% | 96.14 | 99.50 / 92.00
1JANATAMF | 0.78 | 10.68 | Vol. 362500 D: 59.80 ⇑ 0.34% | 59.77 | 60.10 / 58.00
C: 18.90 ⇑ 0.53% | 18.92 | 19.30 / 18.70 C: 19.50 ⇑ 4.84% | 19.26 | 19.50 / 18.60 C: 94.30 ⇓ 3.48% | 96.72 | 98.00 / 100.9
ILFSL | 0.35 | 12.19 | Vol. 1070530 D: 6.10 ⇓ 1.61% | 6.19 | 6.40 / 6.10 C: 59.80 ⇓ 0.17% | 60.68 | 63.30 / 59.30
NCCBANK | 1.90 | 15.88 | Vol. 1209077 C: 6.20 ⇑ 1.64% | 6.12 | 6.20 / 6.00 SALAMCRST | 3.31 | 20.00 | Vol. 1015040 POWERGRID | 2.19 | 63.69 | Vol. 160454
D: 13.90 ⇑ 1.46% | 13.86 | 14.10 / 13.00 D: 15.40 ⇑ 6.21% | 15.16 | 15.50 / 13.10 D: 54.40 ⇓ 0.55% | 54.60 | 55.50 / 52.00
GREENDELMF | -0.82 | 9.72 | Vol. 189500 D: 46.40 ⇑ 4.50% | 45.48 | 47.00 / 44.00
C: 14.00 ⇑ 1.45% | 13.91 | 14.20 / 13.70 C: 15.50 ⇑ 6.16% | 15.22 | 15.70 / 14.70 C: 53.40 ⇓ 0.56% | 53.42 | 54.00 / 53.00
PHOENIXFIN | 2.46 | 19.39 | Vol. 798432 D: 5.50 ⇑ 1.85% | 5.50 | 5.60 / 5.40 C: 46.30 ⇑ 3.81% | 45.66 | 47.00 / 44.90
SIBL | 2.05 | 14.47 | Vol. 1213191 C: 5.50 ⇑ 1.85% | 5.50 | 5.50 / 5.40 GOLDENSON | 3.70 | 28.70 | Vol. 5556926 JAMUNAOIL | 19.83 | 57.32 | Vol. 390080
D: 13.50 ⇑ 2.27% | 13.49 | 14.00 / 12.00 D: 34.80 ⇑ 3.88% | 34.54 | 35.10 / 30.20 D: 205.0 ⇓ 1.16% | 206.21 | 209.5 / 201.0
POPULAR1MF | 0.77 | 11.38 | Vol. 989971 D: 56.70 ⇑ 7.18% | 55.75 | 56.90 / 50.00
C: 13.60 ⇑ 0.74% | 13.52 | 13.90 / 12.50 C: 35.00 ⇑ 5.42% | 34.65 | 35.00 / 33.00 C: 205.9 ⇓ 0.39% | 205.97 | 209.9 / 204.0
FASFIN | 0.19 | 13.56 | Vol. 1168501 D: 6.30 ⇑ 3.28% | 6.29 | 6.40 / 5.70 C: 56.90 ⇑ 7.16% | 55.91 | 57.30 / 53.50
DUTCHBANGL | 11.57 | 54.27 | Vol. 44000 C: 6.40 ⇑ 4.92% | 6.32 | 6.50 / 6.10 BSRMSTEEL | 3.06 | 19.53 | Vol. 386064 MPETROLEUM | 21.34 | 59.26 | Vol. 425807
D: 99.60 ⇑ 0.00% | 99.43 | 100.0 / 99.00 D: 14.50 ⇑ 5.07% | 14.31 | 14.60 / 13.00 D: 220.9 ⇓ 0.81% | 222.46 | 225.3 / 215.0
IFILISLMF1 | 0.00 | 10.45 | Vol. 281000 D: 72.10 ⇓ 0.83% | 72.70 | 75.00 / 68.00
MTBL | 1.17 | 17.27 | Vol. 217550 C: 14.70 ⇑ 5.76% | 14.43 | 14.80 / 13.90 C: 221.5 ⇓ 0.63% | 223.57 | 232.0 / 220.0
DBH | 4.47 | 21.27 | Vol. 58540 D: 5.80 ⇑ 1.75% | 5.85 | 5.90 / 5.80 C: 72.30 ⇓ 0.82% | 72.68 | 74.00 / 72.00
D: 16.20 ⇑ 0.62% | 16.30 | 16.50 / 15.10 C: 5.70 ⇑ 0.00% | 5.75 | 5.80 / 5.70 NAVANACNG | 4.09 | 27.04 | Vol. 304299 TITASGAS | 9.20 | 46.26 | Vol. 335125
C: 16.60 ⇑ 7.10% | 16.37 | 16.60 / 15.60 D: 55.80 ⇑ 1.82% | 55.57 | 56.10 / 52.00 D: 73.90 ⇓ 0.14% | 74.01 | 74.60 / 70.00
PHPMF1 | 0.63 | 10.92 | Vol. 1385500 D: 65.90 ⇑ 0.15% | 65.40 | 66.50 / 60.00
STANDBANKL | 2.33 | 14.41 | Vol. 682332 C: 56.50 ⇑ 1.07% | 56.17 | 56.50 / 56.50 C: 74.10 ⇑ 0.14% | 74.17 | 75.70 / 73.60
NHFIL | 0.57 | 12.70 | Vol. 363623 D: 5.80 ⇑ 5.45% | 5.72 | 5.90 / 5.60 C: 65.90 ⇓ 0.60% | 66.01 | 67.00 / 65.50
D: 15.30 ⇑ 2.00% | 15.33 | 16.00 / 13.50 C: 5.70 ⇑ 1.79% | 5.72 | 5.80 / 5.60 DESHBANDHU | 0.26 | 10.67 | Vol. 2062261 KPCL | 4.73 | 15.86 | Vol. 238952
C: 15.20 ⇑ 1.33% | 15.20 | 15.50 / 14.90 D: 30.90 ⇑ 1.31% | 31.08 | 31.50 / 30.00 D: 50.10 ⇑ 1.42% | 50.14 | 50.70 / 47.00
AIBL1STIMF | -0.07 | 9.25 | Vol. 32000 D: 22.80 ⇑ 9.62% | 22.17 | 22.80 / 20.00
ONEBANKLTD | 2.35 | 15.34 | Vol. 2105312 C: 31.40 ⇑ 1.62% | 31.19 | 31.50 / 30.10 C: 49.70 ⇑ 0.40% | 49.80 | 50.20 / 49.50
BAYLEASING | 0.72 | 25.55 | Vol. 571328 D: 7.00 ⇑ 0.00% | 7.10 | 7.20 / 7.00 C: 22.90 ⇑ 9.57% | 22.31 | 22.90 / 21.00
D: 16.90 ⇑ 3.05% | 16.82 | 17.20 / 15.00 GPHISPAT | 2.11 | 15.27 | Vol. 1165150 BEDL | 1.48 | 19.43 | Vol. 3575857
D: 30.10 ⇑ 5.24% | 29.82 | 30.50 / 26.00 C: 7.00 ⇓ 1.41% | 7.00 | 7.00 / 7.00
C: 17.00 ⇑ 3.66% | 16.89 | 17.20 / 16.50 MBL1STMF | -0.16 | 9.08 | Vol. 80500 D: 59.40 ⇑ 2.95% | 60.18 | 61.80 / 53.00 D: 34.60 ⇑ 4.85% | 34.12 | 36.00 / 30.00
BANKASIA | 1.35 | 20.80 | Vol. 784952 C: 30.30 ⇑ 5.57% | 30.00 | 30.50 / 29.30 C: 34.70 ⇑ 5.15% | 34.50 | 35.00 / 33.10
ICB | 89.23 | 607.74 | Vol. 10050 D: 6.30 ⇑ 1.61% | 6.30 | 6.40 / 6.20 C: 59.00 ⇑ 1.20% | 60.07 | 61.90 / 58.70
D: 19.60 ⇑ 2.08% | 19.53 | 20.00 / 17.30 BENGALWTL | 3.85 | 24.30 | Vol. 1589400 MJLBD | 2.73 | 30.24 | Vol. 180401
D: 1537 ⇑ 0.23% | 1535 | 1550 / 1520 C: 6.30 ⇑ 3.28% | 6.30 | 6.30 / 6.30
C: 19.40 ⇑ 2.65% | 19.27 | 19.70 / 18.90 SEBL1STMF | 0.94 | 11.85 | Vol. 635300 D: 64.60 ⇓ 3.58% | 66.47 | 68.60 / 64.20 D: 75.90 ⇑ 0.40% | 75.72 | 76.20 / 70.00
MERCANBANK | 2.07 | 16.59 | Vol. 3081735 C: 1550 ⇓ 0.64% | 1550 | 1550 / 1550 C: 75.70 ⇑ 0.80% | 75.27 | 76.00 / 73.10
GSPFINANCE | 1.63 | 22.23 | Vol. 361817 D: 8.10 ⇑ 2.53% | 8.11 | 8.20 / 7.70 C: 64.70 ⇓ 3.14% | 66.26 | 69.40 / 64.00
D: 16.60 ⇑ 2.47% | 16.53 | 17.00 / 15.00 BDBUILDING | 1.33 | 12.70 | Vol. 1819500 GBBPOWER | 1.86 | 22.63 | Vol. 2339053
D: 27.00 ⇑ 3.45% | 26.89 | 27.40 / 24.00 C: 8.00 ⇑ 1.27% | 8.08 | 8.20 / 8.00
C: 16.80 ⇑ 2.44% | 16.76 | 17.10 / 16.20 EBLNRBMF | 1.07 | 10.88 | Vol. 2500 D: 74.20 ⇓ 4.13% | 76.75 | 79.20 / 73.00 D: 31.10 ⇑ 3.67% | 31.03 | 32.00 / 27.00
EXIMBANK | 1.80 | 14.31 | Vol. 1233626 C: 27.20 ⇑ 3.82% | 27.00 | 27.50 / 26.50 C: 31.20 ⇑ 5.41% | 31.07 | 31.80 / 29.90
FAREASTFIN | 0.68 | 13.64 | Vol. 3973000 D: 7.60 ⇓ 3.80% | 7.60 | 7.60 / 7.60 C: 74.10 ⇓ 4.63% | 76.91 | 79.90 / 72.00
D: 12.70 ⇑ 0.79% | 12.60 | 13.00 / 11.50 RELIANCE1 | 0.95 | 10.33 | Vol. 721850 NPOLYMAR | 2.38 | 32.89 | Vol. 316200 SPPCL | 3.81 | 23.34 | Vol. 1426450
D: 15.30 ⇑ 9.29% | 14.93 | 15.40 / 14.10 D: 62.50 ⇓ 0.79% | 63.11 | 64.50 / 59.00
C: 12.80 ⇑ 1.59% | 12.71 | 13.00 / 12.40 D: 8.70 ⇑ 3.57% | 8.69 | 8.90 / 8.00 D: 60.40 ⇑ 0.00% | 61.26 | 62.40 / 59.60
JAMUNABANK | 2.47 | 18.56 | Vol. 340037 C: 15.50 ⇑ 9.93% | 14.98 | 15.50 / 14.20 C: 62.70 ⇑ 0.00% | 63.29 | 64.50 / 62.10
C: 8.80 ⇑ 3.53% | 8.70 | 8.80 / 8.60 C: 59.10 ⇓ 2.31% | 60.07 | 61.30 / 58.50
D: 16.70 ⇑ 0.00% | 16.66 | 17.00 / 15.20 INVESTMENT LRGLOBMF1 | 0.45 | 10.78 | Vol. 157134
C: 16.50 ⇑ 1.23% | 16.45 | 16.80 / 16.20 2NDICB | 44.10 | 253.11 | Vol. 350 D: 6.70 ⇑ 0.00% | 6.80 | 7.00 / 6.70 JUTESPINN | -48.14 | -39.89 | Vol. 10950
BRACBANK | 1.51 | 24.87 | Vol. 646464 D: 261.3 ⇓ 1.62% | 260.00 | 262.0 / 260.1 ABB1STMF | 0.92 | 10.63 | Vol. 802500 APEXFOODS | 2.54 | 90.81 | Vol. 55800
D: 91.90 ⇓ 0.22% | 91.67 | 93.50 / 91.00 D: 83.30 ⇓ 1.30% | 84.47 | 86.90 / 83.00
D: 32.00 ⇑ 1.27% | 31.97 | 33.00 / 29.00 3RDICB | 26.16 | 235.16 | Vol. 250 D: 7.20 ⇓ 1.37% | 7.33 | 7.50 / 7.20 SONALIANSH | 2.65 | 226.00 | Vol. 50850
C: 31.60 ⇑ 0.32% | 32.20 | 32.60 / 31.60 D: 192.1 ⇓ 3.95% | 192.10 | 192.1 / 192.1 NLI1STMF | 1.17 | 12.22 | Vol. 566500 C: 91.30 ⇓ 1.40% | 92.98 | 96.00 / 91.00 D: 151.5 ⇓ 3.01% | 153.24 | 156.5 / 151.0
SHAHJABANK | 2.61 | 14.47 | Vol. 1187090 4THICB | 29.24 | 229.24 | Vol. 100 D: 9.20 ⇑ 1.10% | 9.26 | 9.50 / 9.10 BANGAS | 7.20 | 50.27 | Vol. 65526
D: 17.30 ⇑ 1.76% | 17.11 | 18.10 / 15.50 D: 186.5 ⇓ 0.90% | 186.50 | 186.5 / 186.5 C: 9.20 ⇑ 1.10% | 9.15 | 9.30 / 8.50 D: 466.0 ⇓ 1.67% | 468.12 | 475.0 / 438.0 TEXTILE
C: 17.40 ⇑ 1.16% | 17.29 | 17.60 / 17.00 6THICB | 10.99 | 60.14 | Vol. 11000 FBFIF | 1.30 | 10.27 | Vol. 5000 C: 466.3 ⇓ 2.35% | 468.02 | 477.0 / 465.5 AL-HAJTEX | 2.22 | 16.53 | Vol. 91645
PREMIERBAN | 1.18 | 13.95 | Vol. 791023 D: 53.30 ⇑ 0.19% | 53.36 | 53.80 / 53.20 D: 9.10 ⇑ 1.11% | 9.20 | 9.20 / 9.10 BATBC | 65.69 | 117.22 | Vol. 600 D: 76.00 ⇓ 0.65% | 76.85 | 78.80 / 73.00
D: 11.80 ⇑ 2.61% | 11.74 | 12.00 / 10.50 8THICB | 12.47 | 70.07 | Vol. 2500 NCCBLMF1 | 1.16 | 10.48 | Vol. 22000 D: 1662 ⇓ 0.02% | 1662 | 1670 / 1658 RAHIMTEXT | 4.65 | 56.68 | Vol. 8900
C: 11.80 ⇑ 2.61% | 11.72 | 11.90 / 11.50 D: 53.20 ⇓ 0.37% | 53.20 | 53.30 / 53.20 D: 8.30 ⇑ 2.47% | 8.32 | 8.40 / 8.20 C: 1700 ⇑ 3.03% | 1700 | 1700 / 1700 D: 260.5 ⇓ 3.38% | 261.35 | 270.2 / 252.3
December 10, 2013 Sectotal Index: BANK: 38,010.66 ⇑ 1.52% NBFI: 21,608.49 ⇑ 4.75% INVS: 4,884.18 ⇑ 1.64% ENGG: 6,613.87 ⇑ 0.77% FOOD: 10,470.78 ⇑ 1.75% F&P: 10,306.90 ⇑ 0.13% TEXT: 3,704.13 ⇑ 0.85% PHAR: 18,367.42 ⇓ 0.17% PAPR:
1,286.05 ⇑ 4.89% SERV: 3,031.69 ⇑ 0.42% LEAT: 5,431.52 ⇑ 1.31% CERA: 547.08 ⇑ 1.69% CMNT: 4,323.42 ⇓ 0.98% INFO: 8,297.54 ⇑ 5.71% GINS: 9,138.49 ⇓ 0.02% LINS: 124,368.62 ⇓ 0.69% TELC: 1,350.81 ⇓ 0.33% MISC: 6,644.80 ⇑ 1.64%

SAIHAMTEX | 2.75 | 29.50 | Vol. 633500 GENERAL INSURANCE DHAKAINS | 2.84 | 18.02 | Vol. 92125
D: 28.70 ⇑ 1.41% | 28.80 | 29.20 / 28.40 BGIC | 1.65 | 20.33 | Vol. 33154 D: 41.00 ⇑ 0.24% | 41.14 | 41.50 / 37.00
C: 28.40 ⇑ 0.00% | 28.56 | 29.00 / 28.20 D: 29.60 ⇑ 0.68% | 29.60 | 30.00 / 28.00 C: 41.50 ⇑ 1.72% | 41.35 | 41.70 / 40.90
MODERNDYE | 0.91 | 10.37 | Vol. 1850 C: 30.00 ⇑ 1.35% | 29.85 | 30.20 / 29.60
D: 104.5 ⇑ 2.75% | 104.32 | 106.0 / 101.1 GREENDELT | 4.05 | 64.44 | Vol. 72602 LIFE INSURANCE
DSHGARME | 0.88 | 12.12 | Vol. 58100 D: 86.50 ⇓ 1.14% | 86.42 | 90.00 / 81.50 NATLIFEINS | 12.34 | 80.99 | Vol. 78211
D: 74.00 ⇑ 2.64% | 75.71 | 77.30 / 73.20 C: 87.50 ⇑ 0.34% | 86.81 | 88.00 / 86.20 D: 283.3 ⇑ 0.78% | 281.26 | 286.5 / 274.0
DULAMIACOT | -1.90 | -29.70 | Vol. 23300 UNITEDINS | 2.47 | 21.04 | Vol. 6900 C: 276.5 ⇓ 1.25% | 277.40 | 282.0 / 270.0
D: 7.90 ⇑ 3.95% | 7.90 | 8.10 / 7.70 D: 44.00 ⇑ 1.85% | 43.91 | 44.30 / 43.60 DELTALIFE | 38.53 | 189.40 | Vol. 895510
TALLUSPIN | 1.75 | 16.17 | Vol. 2126980 PEOPLESINS | 2.05 | 20.72 | Vol. 174200 D: 277.5 ⇓ 1.67% | 279.19 | 284.8 / 260.0
D: 37.60 ⇑ 0.53% | 37.71 | 38.40 / 34.50 D: 34.60 ⇓ 1.70% | 34.91 | 36.40 / 34.50 C: 277.5 ⇓ 2.05% | 279.53 | 285.8 / 276.3
C: 37.60 ⇓ 0.27% | 37.78 | 38.30 / 36.00 C: 35.00 ⇓ 2.78% | 35.00 | 35.00 / 35.00 SANDHANINS | 2.39 | 28.22 | Vol. 77419
APEXSPINN | 2.01 | 49.32 | Vol. 14000 EASTERNINS | 2.22 | 35.88 | Vol. 29800
D: 72.60 ⇓ 2.02% | 72.86 | 74.40 / 70.30 D: 73.60 ⇓ 0.94% | 73.84 | 76.00 / 70.00
D: 37.50 ⇑ 0.00% | 37.72 | 38.20 / 37.50 C: 74.30 ⇑ 0.41% | 74.26 | 74.60 / 74.10
MITHUNKNIT | 2.87 | 20.53 | Vol. 153800 JANATAINS | 0.78 | 17.07 | Vol. 134910
D: 79.10 ⇓ 0.75% | 79.54 | 83.00 / 73.50 POPULARLIF | 3.70 | 715.41 | Vol. 17000
GLAXOSMITH | 20.25 | 123.32 | Vol. 1500 LEATHER D: 27.50 ⇑ 0.73% | 27.52 | 27.70 / 25.20 D: 228.4 ⇓ 2.64% | 228.24 | 231.7 / 222.0
C: 79.00 ⇓ 1.86% | 79.71 | 81.00 / 78.50 APEXTANRY | 6.57 | 69.38 | Vol. 143200 C: 27.60 ⇓ 0.36% | 27.48 | 28.00 / 27.20
DELTASPINN | 3.06 | 26.84 | Vol. 953400 D: 990.3 ⇑ 0.95% | 986.00 | 1009 / 966.0 FAREASTLIF | 9.21 | 60.79 | Vol. 49059
ACI | -5.82 | 126.42 | Vol. 18116 D: 126.9 ⇓ 1.63% | 127.56 | 131.7 / 126.5 PHENIXINS | 2.70 | 20.96 | Vol. 43156 D: 101.5 ⇓ 1.74% | 101.64 | 105.0 / 100.0
D: 36.60 ⇑ 9.91% | 36.33 | 36.60 / 33.00
D: 174.4 ⇓ 1.52% | 175.35 | 177.5 / 170.0 C: 126.9 ⇓ 2.31% | 127.87 | 129.8 / 125.2 D: 42.20 ⇑ 0.72% | 42.29 | 43.00 / 39.50 C: 102.0 ⇓ 0.29% | 101.96 | 103.0 / 101.5
C: 36.50 ⇑ 9.94% | 36.12 | 36.50 / 34.60 BATASHOE | 49.12 | 135.53 | Vol. 22700 EASTLAND | 4.06 | 23.29 | Vol. 143943
SONARGAON | 0.27 | 34.50 | Vol. 751584 C: 171.2 ⇓ 1.89% | 172.20 | 172.7 / 171.1 MEGHNALIFE | 10.82 | 48.87 | Vol. 215600
RENATA | 33.57 | 138.83 | Vol. 17065 D: 695.0 ⇓ 0.33% | 695.36 | 697.5 / 695.0 D: 48.10 ⇑ 1.05% | 48.02 | 48.70 / 47.00 D: 114.2 ⇑ 0.71% | 115.73 | 117.6 / 105.7
D: 21.30 ⇑ 4.93% | 21.35 | 22.00 / 18.30
D: 744.3 ⇓ 1.46% | 746.96 | 752.0 / 720.0 C: 694.0 ⇓ 0.44% | 695.67 | 699.0 / 692.0 C: 48.30 ⇑ 1.26% | 47.97 | 48.30 / 47.50 C: 112.2 ⇓ 3.94% | 112.20 | 112.3 / 112.2
C: 21.10 ⇑ 3.43% | 21.47 | 22.10 / 20.50 RECKITTBEN | 27.16 | 78.89 | Vol. 200 APEXADELFT | 23.01 | 203.26 | Vol. 86200 CENTRALINS | 1.54 | 19.04 | Vol. 64415
PRIMETEX | 1.21 | 59.34 | Vol. 498500 PROGRESLIF | 2.30 | 31.45 | Vol. 7500
D: 873.2 ⇓ 2.11% | 875.00 | 892.0 / 867.0 D: 397.7 ⇓ 0.58% | 395.98 | 402.0 / 392.3 D: 29.40 ⇓ 0.68% | 29.55 | 29.90 / 29.30
D: 26.60 ⇑ 1.14% | 26.86 | 27.40 / 26.40 PHARMAID | 1.39 | 26.19 | Vol. 70250 D: 115.9 ⇓ 4.37% | 115.87 | 117.2 / 115.5
C: 419.0 ⇑ 4.75% | 419.00 | 419.0 / 419.0 KARNAPHULI | 1.56 | 19.42 | Vol. 100860 PRAGATILIF | 0.60 | 30.15 | Vol. 20165
C: 26.70 ⇑ 2.30% | 27.09 | 27.70 / 26.40 D: 171.4 ⇓ 4.78% | 173.25 | 180.3 / 170.0 SAMATALETH | 0.22 | 12.93 | Vol. 8500
ALLTEX | -1.26 | 8.10 | Vol. 152000 D: 24.80 ⇑ 2.06% | 24.61 | 25.00 / 23.50 D: 160.0 ⇓ 1.96% | 160.53 | 162.0 / 158.0
KOHINOOR | 11.46 | 15.99 | Vol. 2500 D: 22.00 ⇑ 10.00% | 22.00 | 22.00 / 22.00 RUPALIINS | 2.76 | 23.38 | Vol. 183400
D: 7.40 ⇑ 0.00% | 7.45 | 7.50 / 7.40 D: 361.9 ⇓ 2.11% | 362.00 | 363.0 / 360.0 LEGACYFOOT | 0.63 | 17.19 | Vol. 702509 PRIMELIFE | 5.51 | 27.10 | Vol. 8750
D: 33.80 ⇑ 1.20% | 33.83 | 34.30 / 30.30 D: 101.6 ⇓ 0.68% | 101.49 | 102.0 / 100.0
C: 7.50 ⇑ 0.00% | 7.52 | 7.60 / 7.50 IBNSINA | 3.44 | 34.02 | Vol. 116644 D: 46.80 ⇓ 0.21% | 48.01 | 50.00 / 42.90
ANLIMAYARN | 1.36 | 11.99 | Vol. 782500 C: 33.70 ⇑ 0.30% | 33.79 | 34.00 / 33.70 C: 100.0 ⇑ 1.83% | 100.00 | 100.0 / 100.0
D: 104.4 ⇓ 0.29% | 104.57 | 107.4 / 102.0 C: 46.50 ⇓ 0.85% | 47.69 | 49.80 / 45.30 FEDERALINS | 1.10 | 10.98 | Vol. 249544
D: 30.40 ⇑ 9.35% | 29.73 | 30.50 / 27.80 C: 105.8 ⇑ 1.05% | 105.66 | 107.0 / 104.0 RUPALILIFE | 3.75 | 31.25 | Vol. 143444
C: 31.00 ⇑ 9.93% | 30.47 | 31.00 / 28.00 D: 24.90 ⇑ 2.47% | 24.63 | 25.20 / 22.00
LIBRAINFU | 4.21 | 1567.59 | Vol. 1200 CERAMIC D: 121.2 ⇑ 0.75% | 120.92 | 125.0 / 115.0
HRTEX | 2.08 | 14.92 | Vol. 877165 MONNOCERA | 0.35 | 95.30 | Vol. 327200 C: 24.60 ⇑ 1.23% | 24.45 | 24.80 / 24.20
D: 406.8 ⇓ 3.37% | 406.67 | 411.0 / 390.0 RELIANCINS | 3.93 | 61.52 | Vol. 3500 C: 128.0 ⇑ 3.56% | 128.00 | 128.0 / 128.0
D: 47.00 ⇑ 6.58% | 46.30 | 48.50 / 43.60 ORIONINFU | 1.27 | 7.00 | Vol. 323300 D: 37.80 ⇑ 9.88% | 37.60 | 37.80 / 35.00 PADMALIFE | 1.63 | 25.76 | Vol. 514880
C: 47.40 ⇑ 7.00% | 47.45 | 48.60 / 44.40 D: 72.50 ⇑ 0.14% | 72.57 | 73.00 / 71.70
D: 43.80 ⇑ 3.30% | 43.85 | 44.90 / 40.00 C: 37.60 ⇑ 9.62% | 37.57 | 37.70 / 37.00 PURABIGEN | 1.05 | 18.71 | Vol. 329587 D: 71.10 ⇑ 3.34% | 69.69 | 71.90 / 64.00
CMCKAMAL | 1.37 | 19.31 | Vol. 2660480 C: 43.60 ⇑ 2.59% | 43.51 | 44.40 / 43.00 STANCERAM | 1.12 | 15.49 | Vol. 14000 C: 70.90 ⇑ 2.01% | 70.41 | 71.40 / 68.40
D: 33.00 ⇑ 1.54% | 33.25 | 34.00 / 29.90 SQURPHARMA | 6.93 | 37.18 | Vol. 344822 D: 39.40 ⇑ 3.41% | 39.46 | 40.50 / 38.30 D: 23.90 ⇑ 1.70% | 23.81 | 24.40 / 22.00
PRAGATIINS | 2.01 | 50.30 | Vol. 17154 SUNLIFEINS | 0.00 | 0.00 | Vol. 250575
SAFKOSPINN | 0.95 | 21.78 | Vol. 1134450 D: 193.4 ⇓ 0.82% | 193.39 | 201.1 / 183.0 C: 38.30 ⇑ 2.13% | 38.65 | 39.00 / 38.30 D: 63.10 ⇓ 0.47% | 63.18 | 64.20 / 58.00
D: 28.80 ⇑ 5.11% | 29.02 | 30.10 / 25.50 FUWANGCER | 0.65 | 12.70 | Vol. 3029459 D: 58.00 ⇑ 0.52% | 57.87 | 58.70 / 55.00
C: 192.9 ⇓ 0.98% | 193.35 | 195.0 / 192.5 C: 63.10 ⇓ 0.32% | 62.76 | 64.00 / 62.10
C: 28.70 ⇑ 4.36% | 28.74 | 30.00 / 27.90 IMAMBUTTON | -1.51 | 4.16 | Vol. 77500 D: 22.50 ⇑ 4.65% | 22.47 | 23.00 / 21.00 C: 57.00 ⇑ 1.79% | 57.02 | 57.10 / 57.00
SQUARETEXT | 4.32 | 31.82 | Vol. 89217 D: 8.00 ⇑ 9.59% | 7.96 | 8.00 / 7.50 C: 22.30 ⇑ 3.24% | 22.46 | 23.00 / 22.10 PRIMEINSUR | 2.14 | 14.14 | Vol. 111385
D: 32.90 ⇓ 2.95% | 33.38 | 34.00 / 31.00 TELECOM
D: 92.70 ⇑ 0.22% | 92.62 | 93.50 / 92.20 C: 8.50 ⇑ 8.97% | 8.48 | 8.50 / 8.10 SPCERAMICS | 0.62 | 30.92 | Vol. 790689 GP | 12.96 | 26.26 | Vol. 399100
C: 92.90 ⇓ 0.96% | 93.01 | 93.70 / 92.90 KEYACOSMET | 1.55 | 21.54 | Vol. 2511317 D: 18.80 ⇑ 2.17% | 18.98 | 19.50 / 17.00 PIONEERINS | 3.11 | 23.84 | Vol. 118247
D: 67.50 ⇑ 0.00% | 67.64 | 69.00 / 66.00 D: 204.6 ⇓ 0.05% | 204.39 | 206.0 / 200.0
METROSPIN | 0.56 | 17.71 | Vol. 1050973 D: 28.00 ⇑ 2.94% | 27.88 | 29.00 / 24.50 C: 19.00 ⇑ 2.70% | 19.07 | 19.40 / 17.50
MERCINS | 1.53 | 14.50 | Vol. 99924 C: 204.2 ⇓ 0.34% | 204.33 | 205.6 / 203.2
D: 21.60 ⇑ 0.93% | 21.86 | 22.40 / 20.00 C: 28.10 ⇑ 3.31% | 27.95 | 28.30 / 25.00 RAKCERAMIC | 1.98 | 16.76 | Vol. 211449
D: 27.40 ⇑ 0.74% | 27.39 | 27.60 / 26.00 BSCCL | 5.82 | 26.38 | Vol. 272634
C: 21.80 ⇑ 0.93% | 21.78 | 22.20 / 20.00 BERGERPBL | 32.46 | 100.20 | Vol. 550 D: 53.10 ⇑ 1.14% | 53.35 | 53.90 / 47.30
MAKSONSPIN | 0.16 | 20.55 | Vol. 5672800 C: 25.90 ⇓ 6.16% | 25.90 | 26.20 / 25.60 D: 171.3 ⇓ 0.29% | 171.71 | 175.0 / 160.0
D: 857.2 ⇓ 0.56% | 858.18 | 869.7 / 835.0 C: 53.20 ⇑ 0.38% | 53.18 | 53.80 / 50.00 C: 171.1 ⇓ 0.29% | 171.42 | 172.7 / 170.7
D: 20.40 ⇑ 0.49% | 20.61 | 21.00 / 18.50 ACIFORMULA | 3.33 | 38.08 | Vol. 65300 AGRANINS | 1.73 | 14.39 | Vol. 108217
C: 20.60 ⇑ 0.98% | 20.67 | 21.30 / 20.20 D: 80.10 ⇓ 0.62% | 80.36 | 82.00 / 79.70 CEMENT D: 27.80 ⇑ 1.83% | 27.64 | 28.50 / 25.00
DACCADYE | 0.93 | 25.85 | Vol. 961044 HEIDELBCEM | 22.85 | 111.50 | Vol. 34400 GLOBALINS | 1.09 | 11.78 | Vol. 45342 TRAVEL & LEISURE
C: 80.10 ⇓ 1.23% | 80.08 | 80.20 / 80.00 UNITEDAIR | 1.10 | 12.87 | Vol. 6391913
D: 25.60 ⇑ 2.81% | 25.48 | 25.80 / 23.00 MARICO | 27.53 | 62.47 | Vol. 4450 D: 380.1 ⇓ 1.45% | 381.71 | 387.7 / 379.0 D: 28.90 ⇑ 2.12% | 28.89 | 29.00 / 27.70
C: 25.70 ⇑ 2.80% | 25.58 | 26.10 / 24.80 C: 377.0 ⇓ 3.33% | 379.76 | 381.5 / 377.0 NITOLINS | 2.59 | 15.41 | Vol. 27000 D: 16.70 ⇑ 0.60% | 16.82 | 17.10 / 15.50
D: 753.0 ⇓ 0.91% | 752.95 | 755.0 / 752.1
RNSPIN | 2.80 | 16.58 | Vol. 4560074 CONFIDCEM | 6.23 | 90.76 | Vol. 169024 D: 34.80 ⇑ 0.58% | 34.75 | 35.20 / 34.50 C: 16.80 ⇑ 0.60% | 16.85 | 17.00 / 16.00
C: 769.0 ⇑ 3.22% | 769.00 | 769.0 / 769.0 UNIQUEHRL | 4.02 | 86.29 | Vol. 501875
D: 36.30 ⇑ 0.28% | 36.45 | 36.90 / 33.00 BEACONPHAR | 0.04 | 12.01 | Vol. 529725 D: 123.8 ⇑ 0.16% | 123.99 | 124.9 / 120.0 C: 34.00 ⇓ 8.11% | 34.50 | 35.50 / 34.00
C: 36.40 ⇑ 0.28% | 36.50 | 37.00 / 36.00 C: 123.6 ⇑ 0.00% | 123.93 | 125.0 / 123.2 ASIAPACINS | 1.84 | 13.76 | Vol. 25000 D: 81.50 ⇑ 0.25% | 81.65 | 82.60 / 75.00
D: 13.50 ⇑ 3.85% | 13.62 | 13.90 / 12.50
BXSYNTH | 0.93 | 25.42 | Vol. 753710 MEGHNACEM | 6.28 | 33.81 | Vol. 123000 D: 30.10 ⇑ 1.01% | 30.29 | 31.00 / 30.00 C: 81.70 ⇑ 0.25% | 81.68 | 83.30 / 81.30
C: 13.60 ⇑ 3.82% | 13.68 | 13.90 / 13.20
D: 17.20 ⇑ 2.38% | 17.21 | 17.50 / 15.50 ACTIVEFINE | 3.23 | 13.89 | Vol. 717986 D: 132.1 ⇓ 0.15% | 132.48 | 134.5 / 130.0 C: 29.50 ⇓ 1.67% | 29.50 | 29.50 / 29.50
C: 17.30 ⇑ 2.37% | 17.24 | 17.50 / 17.00 D: 88.70 ⇓ 0.22% | 88.74 | 90.30 / 82.00 C: 132.0 ⇓ 2.58% | 133.36 | 135.0 / 132.0 SONARBAINS | 1.68 | 13.38 | Vol. 149712 MISCELLANEOUS
MALEKSPIN | 2.81 | 43.48 | Vol. 2342495 ARAMITCEM | 3.03 | 14.65 | Vol. 251500 D: 25.20 ⇑ 2.44% | 25.35 | 26.00 / 22.50 ARAMIT | 16.07 | 99.93 | Vol. 10950
C: 88.40 ⇓ 1.34% | 88.53 | 89.50 / 87.70
D: 28.30 ⇑ 0.35% | 28.64 | 30.00 / 26.00 SALVOCHEM | 0.68 | 10.57 | Vol. 4258436 D: 89.10 ⇑ 2.77% | 89.00 | 91.70 / 84.00 C: 25.50 ⇑ 2.41% | 25.50 | 25.50 / 25.50 D: 336.1 ⇓ 1.47% | 343.35 | 354.5 / 331.3
C: 28.40 ⇑ 0.35% | 28.43 | 29.00 / 28.10 D: 25.70 ⇑ 9.83% | 25.50 | 25.70 / 21.90 C: 88.00 ⇑ 0.23% | 89.07 | 91.00 / 85.00 PARAMOUNT | 1.26 | 13.19 | Vol. 137000 C: 337.1 ⇓ 3.55% | 337.05 | 344.0 / 330.1
ZAHINTEX | 1.20 | 31.07 | Vol. 826100 C: 25.60 ⇑ 9.87% | 25.41 | 25.60 / 23.00 LAFSURCEML | 1.60 | 7.22 | Vol. 684500 D: 24.80 ⇑ 0.81% | 24.63 | 25.00 / 24.40 BSC | 1.77 | 565.82 | Vol. 72260
D: 28.80 ⇑ 1.77% | 28.79 | 29.20 / 28.10 GHCL | 2.14 | 57.31 | Vol. 1472250 D: 32.90 ⇑ 0.61% | 32.82 | 33.00 / 32.70 C: 25.00 ⇑ 1.63% | 24.69 | 25.00 / 24.50 D: 435.5 ⇓ 0.40% | 436.59 | 441.5 / 434.5
C: 28.50 ⇑ 0.71% | 28.81 | 29.20 / 28.20 D: 62.50 ⇓ 1.88% | 64.06 | 65.50 / 61.90 C: 32.70 ⇑ 0.00% | 32.68 | 32.80 / 32.60 CITYGENINS | 1.65 | 14.26 | Vol. 151083 C: 434.8 ⇓ 0.23% | 435.88 | 440.0 / 433.0
SAIHAMCOT | 1.92 | 23.62 | Vol. 1370250 C: 62.90 ⇓ 1.41% | 63.86 | 65.50 / 62.10 MICEMENT | 4.48 | 37.67 | Vol. 178922 D: 28.00 ⇑ 2.94% | 27.84 | 28.50 / 26.00 GQBALLPEN | 6.55 | 250.45 | Vol. 91170
D: 24.60 ⇑ 1.65% | 24.76 | 25.00 / 24.50 ORIONPHARM | 5.02 | 68.68 | Vol. 2028900 D: 83.50 ⇑ 0.72% | 83.21 | 84.00 / 78.00 C: 28.00 ⇑ 2.56% | 27.69 | 28.00 / 27.50 D: 147.7 ⇓ 2.64% | 149.41 | 152.5 / 139.0
C: 24.80 ⇑ 1.22% | 24.79 | 25.10 / 24.30 D: 63.00 ⇓ 0.16% | 63.51 | 65.00 / 57.00 C: 83.40 ⇑ 0.12% | 83.04 | 83.70 / 82.50 CONTININS | 1.41 | 15.68 | Vol. 139012 C: 147.6 ⇓ 3.21% | 149.82 | 152.5 / 147.1
GENNEXT | 1.68 | 15.15 | Vol. 12409040 C: 62.90 ⇓ 0.47% | 63.55 | 64.40 / 62.70 PREMIERCEM | 5.00 | 32.60 | Vol. 370800 D: 30.10 ⇑ 0.67% | 30.01 | 30.30 / 28.20 USMANIAGL | 3.45 | 27.20 | Vol. 181850
D: 35.50 ⇑ 1.72% | 35.27 | 36.20 / 32.00 JMISMDL | 1.12 | 12.83 | Vol. 258000 D: 106.0 ⇑ 1.73% | 106.75 | 110.0 / 104.4 C: 30.10 ⇑ 0.67% | 30.20 | 30.60 / 30.10 D: 142.5 ⇑ 2.67% | 143.10 | 147.6 / 139.0
C: 35.90 ⇑ 2.57% | 35.52 | 36.20 / 32.20 D: 204.5 ⇓ 3.76% | 209.93 | 217.9 / 202.3 C: 104.1 ⇓ 0.57% | 105.86 | 107.5 / 104.0 TAKAFULINS | 2.19 | 15.17 | Vol. 226437 C: 143.2 ⇑ 3.39% | 144.26 | 147.0 / 140.5
ENVOYTEX | 3.10 | 37.86 | Vol. 1668660 C: 206.0 ⇓ 2.88% | 209.75 | 219.4 / 204.0 D: 38.70 ⇑ 0.26% | 38.80 | 41.00 / 36.00 SAVAREFR | 0.14 | 10.57 | Vol. 1150
D: 56.20 ⇓ 0.18% | 56.38 | 58.50 / 51.00 CENTRALPHL | 1.62 | 12.24 | Vol. 3637775 IT IINDUSTRIES D: 62.10 ⇑ 0.81% | 62.61 | 63.70 / 61.00
ISNLTD | 0.28 | 17.31 | Vol. 627293 C: 38.40 ⇓ 0.26% | 38.40 | 38.50 / 38.00
C: 56.20 ⇓ 0.88% | 56.46 | 57.40 / 55.60 D: 51.30 ⇑ 6.43% | 51.98 | 53.00 / 43.40 STANDARINS | 2.58 | 13.99 | Vol. 46063 BEXIMCO | 3.24 | 86.74 | Vol. 2269105
ARGONDENIM | 1.89 | 38.86 | Vol. 1994980 D: 21.60 ⇑ 9.64% | 21.28 | 21.60 / 19.70
C: 51.10 ⇑ 5.58% | 51.99 | 53.00 / 49.10 D: 39.40 ⇑ 0.25% | 39.67 | 42.00 / 38.00 D: 33.60 ⇑ 0.30% | 33.93 | 34.50 / 30.30
D: 86.50 ⇑ 2.73% | 85.28 | 87.80 / 76.00 C: 22.00 ⇑ 10.00% | 21.44 | 22.00 / 20.40
BDCOM | 1.40 | 14.41 | Vol. 721020 C: 39.00 ⇓ 2.74% | 39.00 | 39.00 / 39.00 C: 33.80 ⇑ 0.90% | 33.96 | 34.40 / 31.00
C: 85.70 ⇑ 1.18% | 84.12 | 86.90 / 83.90 PAPER & PACKAGING NORTHRNINS | 1.77 | 11.15 | Vol. 98012 SINOBANGLA | 1.75 | 21.01 | Vol. 857500
FAMILYTEX | 3.72 | 14.68 | Vol. 545500 HAKKANIPUL | 0.51 | 31.01 | Vol. 211000 D: 27.60 ⇑ 3.76% | 27.60 | 28.10 / 24.00
C: 27.70 ⇑ 2.21% | 27.36 | 28.90 / 26.60 D: 40.90 ⇓ 0.97% | 41.27 | 42.10 / 40.80 D: 25.80 ⇑ 7.95% | 25.18 | 26.10 / 24.30
D: 62.20 ⇑ 4.19% | 61.90 | 62.80 / 60.70 D: 39.60 ⇑ 1.28% | 41.27 | 43.00 / 38.80 C: 26.00 ⇑ 8.33% | 25.31 | 26.30 / 24.70
C: 39.30 ⇓ 2.24% | 41.26 | 43.00 / 38.00 INTECH | 0.94 | 10.08 | Vol. 1162501 C: 40.70 ⇓ 1.45% | 40.69 | 41.60 / 38.60
C: 62.30 ⇑ 2.13% | 61.97 | 64.00 / 61.00 REPUBLIC | 2.14 | 12.42 | Vol. 123657 MIRACLEIND | 0.09 | 14.41 | Vol. 1079031
PTL | 2.12 | 20.06 | Vol. 4793500 D: 18.20 ⇑ 8.98% | 17.91 | 18.30 / 16.00
SERVICE C: 18.30 ⇑ 8.28% | 18.01 | 18.40 / 17.30 D: 42.90 ⇑ 0.47% | 42.85 | 43.20 / 38.50 D: 19.10 ⇑ 9.14% | 18.99 | 19.20 / 17.50
D: 67.60 ⇓ 2.59% | 69.53 | 72.00 / 67.00 C: 19.00 ⇑ 6.74% | 19.15 | 19.50 / 18.20
C: 67.50 ⇓ 2.46% | 69.22 | 72.00 / 66.20 SAMORITA | 2.49 | 57.42 | Vol. 89001 AGNISYSL | 0.96 | 14.90 | Vol. 1460582 C: 42.50 ⇑ 0.00% | 42.39 | 43.60 / 42.00
D: 92.50 ⇓ 1.07% | 93.32 | 94.90 / 92.00 D: 24.20 ⇑ 6.14% | 24.01 | 24.50 / 21.30 ASIAINS | 1.56 | 17.34 | Vol. 57066
PHARMACEUTICAL & CHEMICAL C: 94.00 ⇓ 0.95% | 93.78 | 94.00 / 93.50 C: 24.30 ⇑ 6.58% | 24.03 | 24.60 / 22.80 D: 27.50 ⇑ 0.00% | 27.48 | 28.00 / 25.00 BOND
AMBEEPHA | 3.94 | 26.15 | Vol. 11802 SAPORTL | 1.23 | 38.39 | Vol. 437918 DAFODILCOM | 0.85 | 10.99 | Vol. 1302960 C: 27.70 ⇑ 1.47% | 27.52 | 27.70 / 27.40 IBBLPBOND | 0.00 | 1000.00 | Vol. 290
D: 275.3 ⇓ 0.04% | 272.49 | 279.7 / 270.1 D: 30.20 ⇑ 1.34% | 30.29 | 30.60 / 27.50 D: 15.70 ⇑ 9.79% | 15.44 | 15.70 / 14.00 ISLAMIINS | 1.29 | 11.96 | Vol. 32252 D: 987.5 ⇓ 0.08% | 989.29 | 990.0 / 980.0
C: 270.0 ⇓ 2.95% | 271.23 | 275.0 / 260.0 C: 30.30 ⇑ 1.34% | 30.44 | 30.80 / 30.10 C: 15.80 ⇑ 9.72% | 15.49 | 15.80 / 14.70 D: 33.50 ⇑ 0.00% | 33.52 | 34.50 / 31.00 C: 973.5 ⇓ 0.26% | 973.25 | 974.0 / 972.5
BXPHARMA | 3.77 | 52.55 | Vol. 245067 EHL | 2.81 | 18.44 | Vol. 1352560 AAMRATECH | 1.33 | 19.91 | Vol. 2665450 PROVATIINS | 1.90 | 14.30 | Vol. 88920 ACIZCBOND | 0.00 | 1000.00 | Vol. 22
D: 47.00 ⇑ 0.43% | 47.04 | 48.00 / 43.00 D: 53.20 ⇓ 0.93% | 53.32 | 54.20 / 51.00 D: 37.40 ⇑ 3.89% | 37.51 | 38.40 / 33.00 D: 28.40 ⇑ 0.00% | 28.44 | 29.10 / 27.00 D: 891.0 ⇑ 0.11% | 888.89 | 891.5 / 890.5
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H&M may raise prices to pay workers more

The decision will help the workers in countries like Bangladesh to earn a living wage
n AFP, Stockholm H&M first announced its Fair Living Wage
policy in November and said in a statement
The Swedish fashion giant H&M said Mon- that “all textile workers should be able to live
day that it could raise retail prices in the fu- on their wage” but that progress towards that
ture in order to pay better wages to some of was too slow in some countries where many
the world’s poorest textile workers. workers still live below the poverty line.
The announcement came at a meeting Helmersson said the company would use
with pressure groups in Stockholm where its size and influence with suppliers to push
H&M unveiled plans to improve pay rates for for fairer wages, training for workers and
textile workers in countries such as Bangla- recognition of the role of trade unions in pay
desh where the minimum wage is less than negotiations.
$70 (50 euros) a month. She added that H&M was also lobbying
Helena Helmersson, head of sustainabili- governments to raise minimum wage levels,
ty at H&M, told AFP that higher retail prices and introduce annual reviews, pointing to
“might be a possibility” in the long term but the recent hike to $67 per month introduced
that customers should not expect any price by the Bangladeshi government as one sign
hikes in the near future. of improvement.
Some corporate watchdogs saw the However, pay hikes alone may not be
acknowledgement as a significant break- enough to raise some workers out of poverty.
through. “We can set goals to make sure the right
“It’s the first time ever they have said they pay structures are in place with our suppli-
were willing to raise prices and that consum- ers,” said Helmersson.
ers were now ready for that,” said Viveka “But when it comes to the result ... one of
Risberg from Swedwatch, which monitors the challenges is that when you raise wages -
Swedish multinational corporations. we’ve seen this in Bangladesh - rents are also
“It’s going to take years to get to a living raised and food prices go up. So they have to
wage in Bangladesh but I’m more hopeful find a way to continuously review wages.”
now they have opened up to involving all The company has set a goal of raising the
the stakeholders - the unions, the workers wages of 850,000 textile workers worldwide
the suppliers and the government.” by 2018. l Workers are seen busy at a garment factory DHAKA TRIBUNE

Fitch says electoral setback to test fiscal discipline Ministers miss

n Reuters am has repeatedly pledged the country will against the Congress could mean an increas- 2013 deadline for
The setback for ruling Congress Party in re-
meet its fiscal deficit target of 4.8% of gross
domestic product for the year ending in
ing likelihood of political pressure to limit
expenditure cut-backs,” Fitch said in its note. US-led trade pact
cent state elections could imperil the coun- March, investors now fear the government “This would help support economic re-
try’s fiscal deficit target by tempting the gov-
ernment to have less restraint on spending,
could crank up spending in a bid to boost its
electoral standing.
covery in the run-up to the national elec-
tions which must be held by May 2014. But
n AFP, Singapore
Fitch Ratings warned yesterday. Fitch said yesterday the likelihood of that it may raise some doubt about the govern- Trade ministers meeting in Singapore said
The party, which rules India through a happening was increasing, but said the gov- ment’s ability to meet its stated near-term yesterday that talks on a huge US-led Pacific
minority coalition, lost three of four key ernment has little room to manoeuvre on fiscal goals.” trade pact will resume in January, missing a
state polls held since last month, according spending, given that India’s fiscal deficit has Fitch noted that unless revenue unex- deadline to agree a deal this year. “We have
to results unveiled on Sunday, in a major set- already reached 84% of its target in the first pectedly surged, India would ultimately decided to continue our intensive work in the
back ahead of general elections due by May. seven months of the year. need to cut spending if it wanted to meet its coming weeks toward such an agreement,”
Although Finance Minister P. Chidambar- “An evident anti-incumbency trend fiscal deficit target. the 12 ministers said in a joint statement on
Investors are increasingly betting the the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party and “Following additional work by negotia-
its prime minister candidate Narendra Modi tors, we intend to meet again next month,”
could win general elections next year after they added after four days of secretive talks
its strong showing in state elections. denounced by activists as a US attempt to
Although Indian shares hit a record high railroad a deal. The TPP is being negotiated
on Monday after the state results because of by Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan,
widespread perceptions of the BJP as a more Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singa-
business-friendly party, bonds have strug- pore, the United States and Vietnam.
gled, partly due to fear of less spending re- They make up 40% of the global economy
straint by the government. and other countries may join the pact later.
The new benchmark 10-year bond yield The ministers had arrived in Singapore
is up 2 basis points at 8.87% this week. Still, from the just-concluded World Trade Organ-
analysts said markets were willing to give the isation talks in the Indonesian island of Bali.
government the benefit of the doubt for now. President Barack Obama has hailed the TPP
“The growth in the planned expenditure as a centrepiece of renewed US engagement in
gives a lot of scope to cut back. So we have Asia, saying it contains market-opening com-
to give benefit of doubt to the finance min- mitments that go well beyond those in other
ister,” said A Prasanna, an economist at ICICI free-trade accords. But the complexity of the
Securities Primary Dealership Ltd. issues already caused negotiators to miss the
Fitch returned India’s outlook to “stable” original 2012 deadline set by Obama to reach
in June, a year after it had downgraded it to a deal. TPP negotiators have been divided
“negative”, citing the government’s efforts over a number of issues, including opening
to contain the fiscal deficit and revive eco- up Japan’s auto and farm markets and patent
A private money trader counts rupee notes at a shop in Mumbai REUTERS nomic growth. l issues - in particular on medicines. l