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COA"# G$A%!

E&CE''E # O((O%#$ I#) *O% +E A ! ,O+E #O BECO+E O**ICE% I I !IA COA"# G$A%! - ./0/.12 BA#C3

1. The Indian Coast Guard, an Armed Force of the Union, offers a challenging and inspiring career in various branches as a Group A Gazetted Officer in the rank of Assistant Commandant at pa scale of !s.1"#$$%&'1$$ (ith Grade )a !s "*$$. +. Branch and Eligibility. Unmarried Indian citi,ens having follo(ing minimum -ualifications are eligible to appl .
"l /a0 Branch General 1ut Educational 4ualification 2achelor3s degree 6ith minimum 8.9 mar:s in aggregate of a universit recognised b the Central4 5tate Govt.4UGC. 5hould have -ualified 1+th standard (ith aggregate of #$6 marks in )h sics and 7aths. 2.5c (ith 7aths < )h sics (ith 8.9 mar:s in aggregate. /)h sics or 7aths should be one of the sub=ect in final ear of 2.5c 1egree0. 5hould have -ualified 1+th standard (ith an aggregate of #$6 marks in )h sics and 7aths. /i0 ?ngineering degree 6ith 8.9 mar:s in aggregate or 5hould have passed sections A and 2 of Institute of ?ngineers /India0 e@amination in an of the discipline listed belo( (ith #$6 marks. /a0 Engineering Branch 7echanical4 :aval architecture4 7arine4 Industrial and )roduction4 7etallurg 4 7echatronics4 Aeronautical4 Aerospace ?ngg. /b0 Electrical Branch ?lectrical4?lectronics4)o(er ?ngg4?lectronics and Communication4Instrumentation and Controls4)o(er ?lectronics4 Instrumentation ?ngg. ; All the abo<e streams of Engg. must be recognised by All India Council of #echnical Education 5AIC#E7. /ii0 #$6 marks in aggregate in )h sics and 7aths in 1+th class. or Three ear diploma course (ith an aggregate of #$6 Gender 7en Age 5Born bet6een7 $1 8ul 9' to &$ 8un '& /both dates inclusive0.



General 1ut /i0 )ilot /ii0 :avigator or ;bserver Technical branch /7echanical and ?lectrical0


$1 8ul 9> to &$ 8un '" /both dates inclusive0.


$1 8ul 9* to &$ 8un '& /both dates inclusive0.

"hort "er<ice Appointments. 5hort 5ervice Appointments as Assistant Commandant for a

period of $9 ears, (hich /d0 )ilots /Eelicopter and fi@ed (ing0 Commercial )ilot Aicense holders /e0 General 1ut /Fomen0 ma be e@tended to 1$ ears and further 1+th class pass 6ith 8.9 mar:s in aggregate and should possess current 4 valid Commercial )ilot license /C)A0 approved b 1GCA on the date of )reliminar 5election. 2achelor3s degree 6ith minimum 8.9 mar:s in aggregate of a universit recognised b the Central4 5tate Govt.4UGC. 5hould have -ualified 1+th standard (ith aggregate of #$6 marks in )h sics and 7aths. e@tendable 7en and Fomen upto 1* ears. $1 8ul 9> to &$ 8un '" /both dates inclusive0. $1 8ul 9' to &$ 8un '& /both dates inclusive0.


ote.5i7 +a=imum >9 rela=ation in aggregate in the degree certificate only for
"C0 "# candidates? CC C certificate 5 @A@ grade7 holders? "ports person of ational le<el 5Inter "tate A abo<e7 and ,ards of Coast Guard uniform personnel deceased 6hile in ser<ice. o rela=ation for 1/ th class mar:s. 5ii7 ,hile short listing applications for callBup? priority 6ill be gi<en to candidates 6ith higher percentage of mar:s. &. Additional Eligibility criteria /a0 The candidates failed in )ilot Aptitude 2atter Test /)A2T0 or suspended from fl ing training at Air Force Academ are not eligible for )ilot branch ho(ever ma appl for :avigator /;bserver0. /b0 The upper age limit for ;2C45C45T is rela@able as per Govt. of India rules in vogue. /c0 Candidates (ithdra(n on disciplinar grounds from an other service training academ are not eligible to appear. /d0 Candidates should not have been arrested, convicted or prosecuted on criminal charges. /e0 Candidates appeared in the final ear4 final semester e@am and a(aiting result ma also appl provided the should not ha<e any present bac: papers. 5uch candidates should be able to submit pro<isional 0 original degree certificate issued by the $ni<ersity only by +ay /.12. "uch candidates e<en if recommended by the *inal "election Board 6ill not be gi<en appointment until they submit final mar: sheet and (ro<isional0 *inal degree. (ro<isional degree issued by the college 6ill not be accepted. /f0 Candidates holding five ears AA2 integrated degree after passing BIIth (ith 7aths and )h sics or three ears AA2 (ith )h sicsC7aths as sub=ects in 1$C+ can also appl in G1 branch. The aggregate of 7aths and )h sics should be #$6 and above in 1+th standard. *. 3o6 to apply. /a0 Applications (ill be accepted onl @Online@ from ./ !ec /.1C to 1/ !ec /.1C. The important instructions for filling of online application are. /i0 The name of the candidate, father4motherDs name and date of birth should be same mentioned as in the 1$th class pass certificate. /ii0 Indicate e@act percentage of 1+th and Graduation upto t(o decimals and this is not to be rounded off. /iii0 Candidates to choose any one <enue out of the options displa ed. /iv0 Filling up of information like personal email I! and +obile number of the candidate is compulsory. The date, time and venue of the test and other information (ill be informed through personal email I1 and applicants can take printout of the filled application form (ith date and time of e@amination through U!A httpD00Eoinindiancoastguard.go<.in0reprint.asp= .

/b0 To fill up FOnlineF application the candidates need to logon to the Febsite 666.Eoinindiancoastguard.go<.in and click on opportunities button. !ead the instruction carefull and proceed as given belo(.% /i0 5elect the advertisement for CommandantB 5./0/.12 Batch7. %ecruitment of Assistant

/ii0 5elect the post applied from an one of the follo(ing. % /aa0 Asst. Commandant General 1ut /ab0 Asst. Commandant General 1ut /)ilot0 /ac0 Asst. Commandant /Commercial )ilot Aicense%55A0 /ad0 Asst. Commandant General 1ut /Fomen%55A0 /ae0 Asst. Commandant Technical /?lectrical4?lectronics0 /af0 Asst. Commandant General 1ut /:avigator4;bserver0 /ag0 Asst. Commandant Technical /7echanical4Aeronautical0 /iii0 Click on the @I Agree@ button and the @Online Application@ (ill be displa ed. /iv0 )roceed to fill the application /All "tar 5;7 marked entries are compulsor and to be filled0 /v0 ;n completion of filling application, recheck our date entr carefull once again prior clicking on the "ubmit button. details

/vi0 ;n successful submission of the online application a uni-ue Application0%egistration number 6ill be pro<ided to the candidate. For candidates O# meeting the eligibilit criteria, a G!e=ection 5lip, giving the cause of re=ection (ith the Application :umber3 (ill be displa ed. Applicants to take print out of the filled application form through U!A http.44=oinindiancoastguard.gov.in4reprint.asp@ from 18 !ec to /2 !ec /.1C post short listing of the online application. 5hort%listing criteria (ill be based on higher percentage of marks for a particular e@amination centre. 5C and 5T candidates (ill be given due (eightage (hile short listing. /vii0 Candidates are re-uired to print t6o copies of the application (ith number generated b the s stem. 2oth copies of the print out of application dul signed (ith photograph are to be carried b the applicant to the recruitment centre. ;ut of the above t(o copies, one cop enclosed (ith photocopies of all re-uired documents i.e. class 1$th certificate4mark sheet sho(ing date of birth, 1+th class certificate along (ith mark sheet sho(ing sub=ects, 1egree certificate sho(ing percentage of marks, caste certificate (herever re-uired and :CC DCD certificate4games certificate dul attested b the Ga,etted ;fficer shall be carried b the candidate and submitted at the e@amination centre. 5econd cop (ithout an enclosure is to be kept (ith the candidate as an identit proof during the selection procedure. An candidate (ho does not carr all these documents at the time of )52 shall not be permitted to appear in the e@am. ote. Filling of multiple applications (ill result in cancellation of all applications of such candidates. ; 'ast date for applying onlineD 1/ !ec /.1C ". "chedule for (reliminary "election E=amination. Candidates to reach the given venue at least &$ minutes prior to the starting of ?@am. The date and time of the e@amination (ill be intimated through candidates e%mail I1 and Coast Guard (ebsite 666.Eoinindiancoastguard.go<.in The )reliminar 5election (ill be conducted in 8an +$1* at follo(ing centres or an other centre promulgated b Coast Guard.% /a0 /b0 Coast Guard !egional Eead-uarters /Fest0, Forli 5ea Face, );% Forli Colon , +umbai - &$ Indian Coast Guard 5tore 1epot, CG Comple@ :ear Halmandapam )olice 5tation, G7 )ettai !oad, !o apuram, Chennai %1&


Coast Guard !egional Eead-uarters /:orth ?ast0 5 nthesis 2usiness )ark #th floor shrachi 2uilding, :e( To(n !a=arhat Holkata I >$$ 1"> Indian Coast Guard 5election 2oard, A%1, 5ector %+*, oida, ;pposite ECA Technologies, 1ist Gautam 2udh :agar, U) % +$1 &$1



"election (rocedure. /a0 "hort listing of Applications. 5hort listing criteria (ill be based on higher percentage of marks in the -ualif ing e@amination and the -ualif ing cut off for a particular branch or centre ma be increased more than #$6 if more applications (ith higher 6are received. /b0 (reliminary "election. 5hortlisted candidates (ill be called for )reliminar 5election at given date and time (hich (ill consist of 7ental Abilit Test4 Cognitive Aptitude Test and )icture )erception < 1iscussion Test. The aptitude test (ill be in ?nglish onl and (ill be ob=ective t pe. 1uring ))<1T the candidates are e@pected to speak and discuss in ?nglish, ho(ever the are free to speak in Eindi if the (ish to do so. !ate0 time and <enue of (reliminary "election once allotted 6ill not be changed at any stage. Candidates are re-uired to appear at the Jenue (ith the follo(ing documents. /i0 T(o cop of computer generated pre%filled online application. /ii0 ;riginal passing certificate and mark sheet of tenth class for date of birth verification. /iii0 ;riginal mark sheet and certificates of 1$C+ e@amination. /iv0 ;riginal certificate and mark sheets /all semesters and ears0 of 2?42 Tech 4Graduation as the case ma be. /v0 )roof of identit such as passport, driving license, voter I card, college I1 card or an other photo identit proof. /vi0 Caste Certificate /if applicable0 in original as per Govt of India format. /vii0 Current and Jalid Commercial )ilot Aicense /approved b 1GCA0 in original for Asst Comdt C)A entr onl . /c0 *inal "election. The candidates -ualif ing above )reliminar 5election (ill be called for Final 5election. The date and venue for Final 5election 2oard (ill be uploaded on Indian Coast Guard (ebsite 666.Eoinindiancoastguard.go<.in The Final 5election (ill consist of )s chologist test, Group Tasking and Intervie( /)ersonalit test0. /d0 +edical. All candidates recommended b Final 5election 2oard (ill undergo 7edical e@amination at nearest 7ilitar Eospital. Candidates for G1/)4:0 and C)A (ill undergo medical at AFC7?, 1elhi4 IA7 2engaluru. /e0 (AB#. G1/)ilot0 candidates on -ualif ing F52 (ill be re-uired to appear for )A2T at 1ehradun47 sore AF52s. Those alread -ualified )A2T are to provide details of batch, Chest number and place (hile filling up )IK forms. /f0 Galidity of "election. The candidateDs selection pertaining to a particular batch is valid for that batch onl . Kualified candidates (hose names do not appear in the final select list (ill have no rights for automatic selection for the ne@t batch. 5uch candidates (ill have to undergo the selection procedure afresh provided that the meet the eligibilit criteria for the fresh batch. /g0 %easons for %eEection. The Candidature of a candidate can be re=ected at an time during the process of selection if /i0 Eaving detected not meeting an of the above laid do(n criteria4 conditions of educational -ualification, age, submission of (rong information in the application or false certificates etc. /ii0 Act of indiscipline activities including cop ing etc. during an of the testing procedures.

/h0 +erit 'ist. Kualif ing F524 !ecommendation in F52 does not confirm final selection. A merit list is prepared for the medicall fit candidates on the basis of marks obtained b the candidates at F52 and depending on the availabilit of vacancies. 7edicall fit candidates as per position in merit list (ill be issued appointment letter and =oining instruction for training. The number of vacancies ma var from branch to branch and (ill be decided at a later date depending on the number of training vacancies available at the training establishments. The details regarding availabilit of vacancies (ill be promulgated through Coast Guard 666.Eoinindiancoastguard.go<.in during the month of Apr4 7a +$1* prior to preparation of merit list. >. +edical "tandards /a0 Eeight in Cms /i0 Asst Commandant /G10 and Technical. 1"> cm minimum. !eduction in height for candidates from hill areas and tribal areas (ill be in accordance (ith the Central Govt. regulations. /ii0 Asst Commandant General dut /Fomen0 . 1"+ cm.

/iii0 Asst Commandant /)ilot0 and Asst Commandant Commercial )ilot Aicense /C)A0 holders for 5hort 5ervice Appointment /+0*0. 7in 1#+." cm and ma@imum 1'> cm, leg length '' cms /b0 /c0 /d0 ,eight )roportionate to the Eeight and Age, C 1$ 6 acceptable. Chest Eye "ight /i0 Asst Commandant /G10 % and Asst Comdt G1/Fomen0 Asst Commandant G1/)4:0 4C)A Eolders 55A Asst Commandant /Tech0 #4# #4' I Uncorrected (ithout Glass. #4# #4# % Corrected (ith Glass. #4# in one e e and #4' in other correctable to #4#. #4&# #4&#IUncorrected (ithout Glass. #4# #4# % Corrected (ith Glass. Fell proportionate, minimum e@pansion " cms.



oteD Candidates (ith above broad medical guidelines4 standards onl to appear for the selection. :o (aiver (ill be considered for the above standards. The Coast Guard order on medical standards of the officers (ill be the final authorit in case of an dispute. 9. #ra<el Allo6ance Travel e@penditure for 5C45T candidates (ho are not emplo ed in the central4state govt. and if the home station is be ond &$ kms from the place of selection (ill be reimbursed second class rail fare, on production of original tickets. '. General Guidelines /a0 Candidates should be prepared to sta for $+4$& da s for the )reliminar 5election for (hich the have to make their o(n arrangement. /b0 Candidates to regularl visit the CG Febsite 666.Eoinindiancoastguard.go<.in for latest updates regarding change in e@amination dates, venues and an other information. /c0 1ue limited vacancies Indian Coast Guard reserves the right to fi@ cut off marks of the -ualif ing e@amination for appl ing and issue of call letters. :o communication (ill be entertained on this account. /d0 7obile phones or an other electronic gadgets are not permitted during an e@amination4 group discussion4intervie(s.

/e0 An change in the postal address after submission of application must be communicated b post dul -uoting our !egistration number, name and course opted for. /f0 ;riginal certificates should not be attached (ith the application form. Indian Coast Guard (ill not take responsibilit for loss of original certificates, if attached (ith application. )hoto should be pasted and not stapled. All certificates and relevant documents Bero@ed for verification along (ith original for )524 F52, must be dul attested b Ga,,etted ;fficer /Govt of India0. /g0 In case of more number of candidates appl ing for one centre, a fe( candidates ma be allotted other centre. /h0 The application and the original documents (ill be further scrutinised for eligibilit prior to each test and enrolment, and the candidature ma be cancelled if not found eligible in an respect. /=0 o enHuiry 6ill be entertained regarding recruitment0enrolment after a period of si= months. 1$. I !IA COA"# G$A%! O**E%" )O$. (ay. % Assistant Commandant % !s. 1"#$$%&'1$$ (ith Grade )a !s "*$$4%. The further promotions to the ranks (ill be as per the laid do(n promotion criteria. The pa scales for the various ranks (ill be as follo(s.% %an: Asst Comdt 1 Comdt Comdt/8G0 Comdt 1IG IG (ay "cale !s !s !s !s !s !s 1"#$$%&'1$$ 1"#$$%&'1$$ 1"#$$%&'1$$ &>*$$%#>$$$ &>*$$%#>$$$ &>*$$%#>$$$ Grade (ay !s !s !s !s !s !s "*$$ ##$$ >#$$ 9>$$ 9'$$ 1$$$$

/a0 In addition to the pa there (ill be 1earness allo(ance, Hit 7aintenance allo(ance and Transport allo(ance. ;ther allo(ances such as fl ing allo(ance, diving allo(ance, hard area, sea dut allo(ance, house rent etc. (ill be admissible based on nature of dut 4place of posting. The CTC for an Assistant Commandant (ould be appro@ !s. >"$$$4% per month. Other benefits. L ?ntitled rations, medical cover for self and famil including dependent parents. L Government accommodation for self < famil on nominal licence fee. L *" da s ?arned leave and $9 da s Casual leave ever ear (ith Aeave Travel Concession /ATC0 for self, famil and dependent parents as per Govt. rules. L Insurance cover of !s.*$ lakhs at a premium of !s.*$$$4% per month as Group insurance. L Contributor )ension 5cheme and Gratuit on retirement. L Canteen and various loan facilities. L )articipation in various sports and adventure activities.

11. !I"C'AI+E%. Information given in the advertisement and on the (ebsite is guidelines onl . In case of an ambiguit the e@isting rules and regulations of Indian Coast Guard4Govt. of India (ill be final.
; Candidates to see Coast 666.Eoinindiancoastguard.go<.in Guard ,ebsite for updates.

CA$#IO . 5?A?CTI;: I: C;A5T GUA!1 I5 FAI! A:1 ;: 7?!IT ;:AM. CA:1I1AT? 5E;UA1 :;T FAAA )!?M T; U:5C!U)UA;U5 )?!5;:5 );5I:G A5 !?C!UIT7?:T AG?:T5. F;! C;7)AAI:T AGAI:5T 5UCE )?!5;:5, CA:1I1AT? 7U5T A))!;ACE TE? 1I!?CT;! /!?C!UIT7?:T0 C;A5T GUA!1 EK, 5?A?CTI;: 2;A!1, :;I1A ;: T?A?)E;:? I $1+$%+*1*&'"4 +*11>"+.

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