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how Brain waves fluctuate by Meditation


Our brain is a wonderful tool which makes us to use different parts of our body, different conscious states and experiences in this physical world. In each and every moment of "waken state", our brain constantly processes many thousands of cells, which leads to a tremendous stress.

Functionality of brain at four different frequencies of waves

Most of the people are in "Beta state" of the brain function, in which they think that their brain is the whole. We can be aware of next levels of the states through certain practices like meditation etc. Neuroscientists have proved by observing MRI scans that, the strength of the brain increases through the meditation practice, as the connection between the cells of the brain becomes strong.

Image courtesy: Lightchannelsworldmovement.blogspot.com

The recent study has proved that meditators exhibit higher levels of Gyrification, which refers to the "process and fold" the "cerebral cortex" as a result of brain growth. Thus, the scientists doubt that, this Gyrification process is responsible for the better performance of the brain for storing information, decisions making and alertness. And also confirmed that meditation is an absolute stress buster. Meditation is not a way of making the mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the silence that is already present and buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day - Deepack Chopra When studying the normal activity of the "brain wave" function, during meditation, the results have shown the enormous and positive changes in the electrical activity of the brain, i.e; increased Alpha and Theta EEG activity, connected with relaxed and wakeful attention. These two states are hard to achieve, because of the noise created by the mind. But once we learn to master it, then we can achieve Theta and Delta waves with the stillness.

Recently, very interesting study from earlier this year proved that meditators have a different "brain metabolites" expression than healthy non-meditators. Especially in the case of those metabolites which are connected to anxiety and depression. Hence the drug industry fades away, if everyone starts sitting in silence and do meditation, at least for 30 minutes daily. As we sit in silence, our brain activity will start to calm down. As it calms down, our level of the operating brain wave will shift to lower and lower, according to the intensity of the practice. So that we experience the stillness and a feeling of being centered.

Image courtesy: Enlightenmenteverywhere.org - PSSM MOVEMENT

Since the lowering of the brain waves, allows the brain to function with less fluctuations, we feel relaxed and balanced through meditation. This state keeps us to be up all the day. Many have claimed after the meditation session that, they are experiencing great energy and a feel as though they have slept for many hours. This is why practicing meditation makes us feel SO GOOD! Hence, daily take time to try to reach the state of the "Alpha brain wave" through meditation. You can come to know that, you have reached it, when the fluctuations of your mind has lowered. But never try to control the thoughts forcefully, just let your thoughts be as it is. Because the more you try to pop out, the more they pop in. And also never try to analyze them. Just allow your thoughts to come and go to establish a root in stillness.

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