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Dear This letter confirms our agreement that you will take the part a character in the film Anomie (henceforth referred to as the Film). I am letting you know in advance that the title of the film may change, but if it does, I will let you know by sending a letting to this address, making clear that the name change will not affect our agreement. I am writing to everyone taking part in this production to make clear to everyone, including you, the basis upon which the film is being made. If anything is unclear, or if you would like further discussion, please contact RoeFilms. Once you have read the entire letter, and agree to it, please sign both copies, retain a copy for your records and return a copy to me. 1. I will make myself available for the shoot dates of 16.12.2013 to 15.01.2014. 2. I will attend the locations for the shoot. 3. I will agree to give over any rights I may have in the finished film to RoeFilms. 4. RoeFilms will use our best efforts to ensure your health, safety and welfare during the shoot. 5. RoeFilms will provide you with food and refreshments through the shoot. 6. RoeFilms will ensure that your working days are not longer than ten hours. 7. RoeFilms will provide you with food and refreshments throughout the shoot. 8. RoeFilms will either provide transport or pay travel expenses to and from the location of the shoot. These expenses will be agreed between us in advance. 9. RoeFilms will provide you with a copy of the finished Film within 3 days of the completion of all post-production. Sign by Actor Signed on behalf of RoeFilms