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Martin A. Keeley | Hasan Mehedi
23 July 2013, Tuesday Khulna, Bangladesh

0.7% of total tropical forest There is 156,000 km2 of mangroves in the world; 42% of total mangroves are in Asia Sequestrate 125 million ton of Carbon per year; provide nursery ground, shelter and food for fish and aquatic species; So, 75% of all tropical commercial fish species pass part of their lives in the mangroves;

Mangrove and Ecology

Breeding Ground of many fish and other aquatic species
Shelter of river, sea and migratory birds Nutrient Retention and Water Quality improvement

Protection of associated marine ecosystems

Mangrove & Human Being

Protects from cyclones, storm surge and waves Provides honey, fruits, charcoal, firewood, medicine and construction materials Protects soil erosion Provide livelihood options for the forest dependent communities Entertainment

But 12% of mangrove covered area reduced in last 15 years

All naturalists are Anxious!

and Taking several initiatives, including
Awareness Building Research Additional Generating Support to the communities Strengthening institutional capacity Advocacy for Good Governance


Marvelous Mangroves...
Mangrove Action Project (MAP) had taken initiative to aware the children of elementary and junior secondary level.

It is an interactive and hand-on technique to teach the children:

Basic Science Ecology and Habitat Deep knowledge on Mangrove Importance of Mangrove, and Conservation Initiatives

Marvelous Mangroves Curriculum

1990: Started Wetland Education in British Colombia (Canada) Started with
17 teachers Mobile Ecology Centre Eco-Theatre

Now it has:
150 page supplement book 160+ hand-one activities Involved 30,000+ students Many Awards

Cayman Islands
Brazil China Coralina, Guatemala Sri Lanka

San Andres, Colombia

Australia Belize

Parts of Marvelous Mangroves...

All about mangroves

(ecology, species, characteristics)

Mangroves as habitat
(species, behavior, food web)

Human impacts on mangroves

(pollution, extraction)

Exploring mangroves
(field trip, deep knowledge on species)

Making change
(conservation techniques)

Contents of Each Part...

Introduction containing factual and detailed background information
Fact Sheets and accompanying Illustration Supporting hands-on activities with detailed instructions Illustrations to support the activities

Games for Learning...

Hand-On Activities...

Field Trip (exploring)...

Banglafication of the Curriculum

Workshop on Translation and Adaptation of the Curriculum (Khulna, 18-20 July 2013)

Meeting with the Ecologists in Khulna University