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Resolution: Be it resolved that the US government will institute tighter gun regulations on civilians, including meticulous background checks,

a ban on assault weapons, and high capacity magazines Weve already tried this before and it doesnt work Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 o essentially did what this resolution is attempting to do by limiting civilian use of certain assault weapons and by banning large capacity ammunition feeding devices o the gun industry dodged the regulations made by this ban by creating new, slightly different weapons that werent classified as assault weapons under the law but served the same purpose o Also, the National Institute of Justice stated that that, At best, the assault weapons ban can have only a limited effect on total gun murders, because the banned weapons and magazines were never involved in more than a modest fraction of all gun murders. If our opponent is trying to reduce the number of gun deaths by implementing this resolution, they are targeting the wrong weapon type Assault weapons will still be available even if this resolution is passed o Our opponents havent been clear on how they expect to implement this policy. It could be enforced one of two ways: 1. take away currently existing assault weapons and high capacity magazines that would be made illegal under this resolution 2. ban the future manufacturing of assault weapons and high capacity magazines o Neither of these solutions would work taking away weapons would be giving the US government the right to seize private property only banning future manufacturing of these weapons would mean that people would still have access to weapons that have already been bought and sold o Even if the government somehow managed to take away all currently owned assault weapons and enforce this ban on gun manufacturers, criminals will still be able to illegally obtain these guns take, for example, current drug usage among our teens Although recreational marijuana usage is currently illegal in the United States, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 800,000 high school seniors have smoked marijuana in the last 30 days If a bunch of 18 year olds can find a way to possess this illegal drug, it is safe to assume that criminals will find a way to obtain guns

Banning high capacity magazines doesnt make a major change in the number of bullets that can be fired in a certain amount of time o According to the Military Arms channel, the difference between using a high capacity magazine and switching between multiple low capacity magazines is as small as half a second o In the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings, the shooter was able to carry multiple magazines and still fire the same amount of bullets as would be possible to be fired with a larger magazine o Limiting high capacity magazines wouldnt impact mass shootings because multiple low capacity magazines work the same Guns arent the biggest problem here, mental health is o Were attacking the result of the problem, not trying to cure it from its roots o Over 1 million Americans suffer from significant mental health disorders, so we need to be focused on earlier treatment for mental illness rather than limiting our citizens rights o A study done by the National Institute of Mental Health states that 16 percent of people with serious mental illnesses commit a violent act during their life o As stated by the Pacific Standard Magazine, There were two gun massacres in the two decades before Ronald Reagan took officethen there were, by some estimates, more than 30 mass killings during Reagan's time in office alone. What happened? Well, with the 1981 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, Washington cut federal mental health funding and converted the remaining money into block grants to the states. Mental Health (cont.) o In the recent Navy Yard shooting, as well as the Columbine and Sandy Hook shootings, the shooter suffered from significant mental health issues In the case of Navy Yard, the shooter, Aaron Alexis, suffered from paranoia, sleep disorders, anger management, post-traumatic stress disorder, and reported hearing voices Other community members were aware of this, but Alexis wasnt given help We need to focus on putting more funding into mental health programs in order to prevent negative gun usage in the future

The Second Amendment states, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, o this plainly says that the government does not have the right to interfere with citizens rights to possess firearms o If its intent was to protect the people from government powers, we are violating the Second Amendment by allow government to have too much power over gun laws o gun ownership is just as much of a right as freedom of the press or freedom of speech

The gun industry is important to our struggling economy o Firearms industry contributes more than than $33 billion to the US economy (National Shooting Sports Foundation) o Gun production supports 680,000 jobs (NSSF) o The gun industry is an indisputably important part of our economy o Economic value of the industry increased from 19.2 billion in 2008 to 33 billion last year o Industry provides 5 billion in tax revenues (NSSF) o In 2011, 38 billion was spent on gun equipment, licenses, trips, etc. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) o 11.8 billion dollars generated in taxes by gun industry (NSSF) o Small rural communities depend on dollars spent by hunters to stay afloat o Hunter spending is the lifeblood of countless small businesses in rural communities nationwide, and hunters make up the main source of wildlife conservation funding through their purchases of licenses, firearms and ammunition" - NSSF Senior VP Chris Dolnack o Pathos argument - Imagine if you were an owner of a gun shop

The most important use for guns is self defense o Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008, (report done by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council) o Over 57% of US citizens believe that stricter gun regulations would give the government too much power and would make it more difficult for people to protect their homes and families (Pew Research Center) o Nikki Goeser was forced to leave her concealed weapon in her car when entering a restaurant, and her husband was stabbed to death inside by her stalker. o Firearms are used roughly 2.5 million times every year in self defense, more than 4 times than criminal use.

Cross Exam Questions Isnt it true that youre focusing on banning assault weapons while they only account for a small and unimportant fraction of gun violence? Are you aware that over the period of time in which the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was in place, 14 mass shootings occurred, including the Columbine shooting? (Yes-Then why do you assume that if a similar policy was implemented today, there would be a radically different impact?) What are you planning to do about the over 1 million assault weapons that are currently in the hands of our citizens? (How do you expect the government to find the money to buy these guns back if they cant even agree on a budget?) Wouldnt the money spent on this be better put toward mental health education and treatment? Are you aware that a study done by the National Research Council on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, did not reveal any clear impacts on gun violence outcomes, although assault weapons were banned, as stated in your resolution?

Mass shootings rebuttal - Small percentage o Mass shootings arent the main problem (facts according to Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council) 18 people per year die from mass shootings 40,000 people die every year in car accidents, even with the ban on texting 9,200 people die due to a text-induced crash. Texting while driving makes a driver 23 times more likely to crash better chance of being hit by lightning than being killed in a mass shooting

Question answers o Second Amendment - The Constitution is a living document and its meant to change as society changes. The court has ruled time and time again in the favor of gun rights. A primary example of this is the 2008 Supreme Court case District of Columbia vs. Heller in which the court ruled to protect individual citizens rights to possess firearms for traditional lawful purposes. Our Founding Fathers knew society was ever changing and they meant for the Constitution to change as society changes. o Fewer guns mean less need for self defense - Less guns means less tools for either defense or violence. Guns are 4 times more likely to be used in selfdefense than in violence. o There will be less guns available Thats exactly right: there will be less guns available to perfectly sane citizens while criminals will still be able to buy guns illegally. We banned drugs such as marijuana, crack, cocaine and heroin, but every year kids become addicted. Expecting the problem to go away just by taking away guns is foolish, as they arent the main problem. Final rebuttal speech points o Our opponents are proposing an unnecessary resolution. It would do the same thing that was already done 20 years ago in the Federal Ban on Assault Weapons. Its already been proven that the ban had a minor effect on violent crimes. So why are we still discussing it? o We need to direct more focus toward our countrys significant mental health problem. Attacking the problem from the roots will create a much larger change than the complicated process that our opponents are proposing. o Additionally, we were guaranteed the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment, and if we start to pick and choose which rights to honor and which ones to omit, no civil rights are sacred. For over 200 years, the Constitution has been the highest law of the land, and implementing the ideas of this resolution violates it. As Americans, we must ask ourselves today they want to take away our Second Amendment rights, tomorrow will it be our first? When will they stop will it be after we dont have freedom of speech, religion, or the freedom to voice our opinions? We cannot let the government infringe upon what our Founding Fathers wrote. Final sentences of rebuttal o This resolution doesnt address the one thing that we agree upon: that we do not want people to be killed. The majority of gun crimes are not committed with assault weapons, so proposing to ban them is unnecessary. Background checks would be extremely costly, and that money would be better spent on improving mental health treatment. Eliminating high capacity magazines wouldnt change the rate of mass shootings, as multiple low capacity magazines are just as effective. It is extremely important that this resolution is not implemented.