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Recommended Reading For All Filipinos Here And Abroad
By Quirico M. Gorpido, Jr.

Maasin City, Southern Leyte-I have been reading essays published in the
Philippines Daily Inquirer’s Youngblood section in several occasions. Plenty of
the articles are good essays contributed from different types of writers who
expressed their feelings and ideas on what they were thinking of in various issues
affecting the everyday lives of the Filipino generations.
Some essays are stimulating, others are thought-provoking and still others
are spiced with humors and some are sentimental.However, in any essay, there’s
always this prevailing emotion and passion that touches the reader’s soul. This is
regardless of the kind of essay that a young writer has set forth.
Moreover, there’s one of a rare kind of essay entitled “Race and
Destination”(PDI’s Youngblood section, June 4,2008 issue) written by Ms. Betheena
C. Dizon,23 years old, a third year student of San Beda College of Law. I say
“rare”, for the reason that this writer has a deep perception and has a profound
observation in the attitudes, characters, idiosyncrasies and peculiarities of the
I was deeply touched and captivated by the way she expressed her thoughts,
ideas and feelings in the English Language, which others have a hard time doing
and conveying it in this medium. The touching message in her piece is clearly
understandable to the readers if they will focus their minds in reading her
Her essay is one of a kind that every Filipino here and abroad should read to
get a glimpse and a perception of his/her race and distinct identity. Most
particularly a serious reading piece for Filipinos who have tried to forget
his/her being a Filipino by trying to change his origin, figure and complexion.
This is by undergoing cosmetic surgery like facelifting or noselifting or any
means or medium to achieve such changes. To adopt a new culture and try to
acclimate himself/herself to the surroundings of a new place in a foreign land
where they have chosen to work and live.
I hope that there are still other Filipino writers, young and old, out there
who will be writing essays and continue submitting them to PDI’s Youngblood and
Highblood sections (the latter needs to be revived). Pieces that are full of
dreams, inspiration, passion, fervour and aspirations.

Computer-Internet Connections
Thru Modern Science and Advanced Technology the emergence of computer-
internet connections responsible in the creation of websites and internet links
are now the trend and passion of the day. Almost all newspapers-local, regional,
national and foreign-have now online editions in the cyberspace. Daily and weekly
issues of online newspapers are now accessible in the globalscale.Thus searching
for any popular newspaper is no longer a problem despite the distant. It is just
waiting under one’s fingertips to type and click to any chosen website.
Searching for any type of article will now be easy also for the readers as
long as he/she is interested to go online. This is especially true even if a
certain newspaper, broadsheet or tabloid, is not available in his place or
With the expressiveness and articulateness of Ms. Dizon as a gifted writer,
it would be much better for her to continue writing essays and other articles of
various issues and topics. Like a painter and other artist, it is only by
producing more works that a writer’s life existence will become meaningfully
productive, useful and recognizable to the society. Thus providing inspiration and
conviction to other aspiring writers and artists to also reach their goal.
Another essay that is worth and a must for reading to all Filipinos-here and
abroad-is entitled “Filipinos Abroad: An Article Worth Reading”. This article
which appears in the Philippine Times-Australia online edition (dated March 10,
2008-www.philippinetimes.au.com) is written by Krisanne Alcantara, 21 years old, a
journalism student at the University of Sydney.She won the Myer and AKF journalism
scholarship and is currently an intern at the Philippines Daily Inquirer. May the
likes of Ms. Betheena C. Dizon and Krisanne Alcantara will continue to thrive in
our country.
(Copyright 2008 by Quirico M. Gorpido, Jr.)